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Childrens Majick
9 years ago
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Children's Charges of the God and Goddess
Written and submitted by Holiday
I am the Earth
I am the Moon
I am the Goddess, and I love you
I love you like a sister
I love you like a mother
I love you like a grandmother
Talk to Me
When you are mad, or sad, or scared
Think of Me, and thank Me,
When you are happy
You can find me on the wind
You can find me in the water
You can find me in your heart
And remember....
Whatever you look like,
If you are girl,
You look just like Me

I am the Sun I am the Stars
I am the God, and I love you
I love you like a brother
I love you like a father
I love you like a grandfather
Talk to Me
When you are mad, or sad, or scared
Think of Me, and thank Me
When you are happy
You can find me in the forest
You can find me in a fire
You can find me in your heart
And remember....
Whatever you look like,
If you are a boy,
You look just like Me.


Adults often imagine that they have a monopoly on worry and
that children are (or should be) completely carefree. Examination
nerves,performance- related stress in sport, bogey men, over-stimulating movies,peer group pressure, acne and puppy fat, along with many more real or imagined fears can make life very difficult for young people.

Try to make the last half hour before bedtime as calm as possible
with maybe a warm bath, a glass of warm milk or chamomile tea, and a cuddle while reading a bedtime story. Children need a feeling of security and privacy in their bedrooms.


Children's Prayer

Children's Prayer
By : Unknown

From my head to my feet I am the image of the Goddess,

From my heart to my hands I feel the breath of the Goddess,

When I speak with my mouth I will follow the Goddess' will.

When I see the Goddess in my Mother and in my Father,

In all dear people,

In animals and in flowers,

In trees and in stones,

No fear shall I feel,

But love will fill me

For everything around me.


Child's Altar By DragonFire

This is a great way to let your child express him / herself and learn about the Craft. For safety's sake I strongly discourage candles and sharp objects Begin with simple things - feathers, crystals, a wand, any special God(ess) figurines, etc. It's also an excellent spot for any special gifts your child finds on walks through Gaia's paradise.

Let your child(ren) decorate the altar for special occasions such as
the Sabbats. Make sure your child(ren) also help with decorating and upkeeping your family's main altar. The Goddess loves children and their laughter.

Teach your child(ren) simple prayers (devotions) that they can say in front of their altar before bed and upon waking such as

Gentle Goddess and peaceful God
Thank you for helping me today
Watch over me as I sleep
And send your love my way
Keep me safe through the night
So I may rest peacefully
And be ready to learn and play tomorrow.
Blessed Be.

Morning Prayer

Goddess and God I greet you this morning
Fill me with your wisdom, love and laughter
So that I may learn and grow in your way.
Blessed Be!

I grabbed these from the Witches Hotline, an online forum I visit outside the care2 network.They just seem perfect for little guys to use and understand.

9 years ago
Those are wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
9 years ago
These are so great! thank you for sharing them
8 years ago

I Love These! Thank you!

Heres a few from the book I'm reading now...

I am Goddess this is true, Theres something good in all I do. If I make mistakes today..Goddess will love me anyway!

To Heal a Friend~

Ground and Flame..Wind and Rain, Help (My Friend) be well again. With Harm to None Let this Be Done!

For Self Doubt~

Double Double fear and doubt...Storms within and storms without. Let the tempest quiet I can get in touch with me.

Double double calm and peace...let the toil and trouble cease! Let me find the place within...where love and trust and growth begin.

With Harm to None My Will Be Done! 

I Think this is a Great Idea~ :)
8 years ago
Watchtowers, Candles and Children

We are always looking for ways to engage and interest our children in what we think is important to us. Family rituals can be something very moving and effective, or just something that must be endured before TV viewing is permitted. It all depends on the moods of the individuals, and whether participation is voluntary or mandatory. Yes, even Pagans can be tyrants in their own homes at times.

One thing that helps to engage a child's attention is being able to actively participate in an activity.

This introduction is a long-winded and roundabout way for me to share something I found in my own stockpile of camping equipment. Something that I had in the house for at least 6 months before I realized its significance. Here it is: lightsticks

I bought this 4-pack at a nearby camping equipment store. Take a good look at this picture. There are 4 lightsticks in there. And they're not all the same color. They are Red, and Yellow, and Blue, and Green. This amazed me when the significance finally reached my brain. Who decided to pack these 4 colors in this assortment? Are there Pagans out there working in subtle and mysterious ways? I have no doubts about it at this point.

Not only is this perfectly safe for rituals inside tents or in very dry campsites, but these are completely childsafe! An infant could likely use these with no harm (except I guess for using it as a teething ring - something I don't recommend). But a 2 or 3-year old can "break and shake" and call a quarter with no problem whatsoever.

Older kids love these things as well. My child constantly asks me if she can light up a lightstick and do things with it.

These particular lightsticks are not cheap ($9.00 US for 4), but they last for 12 hours (blue lasts for 8), and they are very bright. These are distributed by Goghlan's.

Oh, yeah. These will also work in the rain and in high winds. 

By~ MamaWitch~

8 years ago
Keep your eyes open for lightsticks at dollar stores.We have a dollar store near us,where they sell these light sticks 2 for a dollar.Some places may only have them around Halloween,but it's always worth a look.
lilritual things my kids do
8 years ago

 this was part of my post in another forum on the same topic

I teach them to search from the inside out.. to "Know thy self". To learn
there energy currents of there own body and feel when there are blocks and how
to remove them.and to ask for help if they need it.
In the mornings we do some breathing meditations and light yoga type stretches
together and get our minds together on having a good day.

From there they have each developed small ritual things they do every day that
helps them be in touch with there own Devine spark within. Some may pull a card
from a favored deck of say tarot or Healing with Fairies ect. asking "what do
I need to know today?" and then use that cards words on what aspect to work on
personally for that day.One of them even recites he Reiki principles because it
moves her to do so. Most of this has come from just living with me and taking
aspects of things I do daily and adapting them to there own needs.

Once a week we do a mass house cleansing together which is fun. I'll give them
each a job to-do and they go salt the window sills and sweep the rooms out..
replace any of the window cling pentacles we have on the windows.and the house
gets dusted!

It can also be fun to help them memorize words of power for when they need a
small bit of help.
For instance when they where younger I used the nursery rhyme Hickory Dickory
Doc,they visualized they where the clock.. the mice as negativity that ran up
the clock,that clock struck one and down they come..was the negativity running
away from them.
Now it is usually some song lyrics that they adopted to do the same sort of in public it looks like they are being typical teens singing to

funny thing about daily devotions it all moves us so differently.

good luck in developing your own unique family bond

Love and Blessing's

light sticks
8 years ago

 there is a company called oriental trading  that has battery operated tealight candles... A bit of glass paint to the flames andthey make most excellent teaching tools for learning the quarters.and they are safe. candles

8 years ago
I am amazed at what is now available for kids. I just there were more community events for wiccan,pagan,etc.Especially since I am living in what a lot of political people are calling the buckle of the bible belt.But my kids love having a place to plant herbs and let there spirits soar.Peace
8 years ago
I feel very isloated here too...My kids LOVE going to The Wiccan Store..its a chance for them..and see and visit with People similar to us..
8 years ago
Childhood should be full of peace and love and of course rainbows.Teaching our kids about our beliefs is the most important "Job" we can do.
8 years ago

Monster Repellent

If you have a child that is scared of the dark or that cannot sleep because of the scary monsters under their bed or inside of their closet, then try this trick to empower your child and to make them overcome their fears.


1 spray bottle, water, 1 marker, 1 label,  essential oil of geranium, essential oil of peppermint, thyme and black pepper.


Add to the spray bottle, enough water to fill the bottle. 1 tiny pinch of thyme for courage.  1 tiny pinch of black pepper for power, a few drops of the geranium oil for protection.  A few drops of the peppermint oil for purification.  Make sure you only put a tiny amount of the herbs in as not to clog the nozzle.  Then mark on the label something along the lines of "Magickal Monster Repellent", or something simular and paste the label onto the bottle.  Make sure to only use tiny amounts of the oils and herbs as to keep the liquid safe and non-toxic.  Do not ingest.


Give the spray bottle to your child and tell them that it is magick monster repellent.  Tell them that if they get scared to spray the bottle at the monsters or at the scary dark spot and the scary thing will disappear.  This should help your little one to become a little more brave and feel like they have the power to stand up for themselves and become a little more confident.

8 years ago
No More Nightmares Spell

Amethyst belongs in every night-time crystal collection. Many parents have found that amethyst helps to prevent their children from having nightmares, and it also works for us older folks. This stone, whose color represents the transition from day to night, can also be very helpful in helping one to relax and go to sleep. 


Conjure circle round the bed 
Where I lay my weary head. 
That in it's gold and silver light, 
I will spend a peaceful night.


8 years ago
 A Childs Owie Fix Spell

Hold your hand over the afflicted area

And say:  

Owie – Fix, owie – Fix
You’re the fairy that I pick
Bring the healing
Come right quick

Keep repeating this spell until the pain goes away

8 years ago
These are great! I'm snagging a bunch for my daughter's BOS. Something we do: Jenna is only 2.5, but she collects her own stones at the beach, as well as shells. She will fill her bucket, then go thru them and put a bunch back. She does this all on her own, without me telling her to. Some days she puts everything back, sometimes she takes a few home. I let her decorate her space with them (but only large ones that can't be swallowed are allowed in reaching distance!). She also picks her own crystals at the store. For her 2nd birthdday, I got her a little broom of her own. If she ever has nightmares or is scared in her room, I plan on using her broom to protect her. I read somewhere that laying the broom in front of the door keeps 'monsters' out. Empowering a 'lovey' is also a good way to alleviate fears and build confidence. It's amazing what even young children can come up with!!! BB, Stephanie and Jenna
8 years ago

Both the glow sticks and the battery tealights can be found at 'Dollar Tree', '.99 cents Only' stores.

Kali, we use a 'monster' repellant too! Just own own little homemade concoction, plus the dream catchers, makes for a peaceful nights sleep.

ALL of us are born filled with MAGICK. Most of us UNlearned or lost it as children by being admonished or discouraged by our elders. It is SO very important for us to encourage our children to keep their natural magick and learn to use it wisely and well.

I find too, that we each have our own special 'type' of magick, so that takes a bit of individual attention and teaching. But that is a great opportunity for one on one time.

2 of my children are gifted with healing.  

2 are, like myself, Universal Empaths (which is both a Blessing and somewhat of a 'curse'.) My older empathic daughter gets very overwhelmed by it and finds it rather distressing at times.

1 is very into ceremonial magick and spellcrafting. She loves the 'drama' and complexity of it all. Plus, she's a bit of a 'fire bug', so she adores the candles and charcoal rounds, etc...

1 seems to attract 'spirits' or otherworldly beings. She sees and can communicate with them, but she is 16 and doesn't wish to be 'bothered' and chooses at this point to ignore them for the most part.

They all love our local 'Witchy' store, which is also where we go for gatherings and festivals and such as they have a huge and beautiful 'back yard' there. My kids can quite easily in a matter of minutes drain my wallet.

8 years ago

Make sure you have the volume up on your computer when you click here.  You'll enjoy it and I bet if your kids are around they will be right over to check it out too!

8 years ago
Jer, How awesome! We explored the whole web site. I remember my english grandmother reading me pooh stories, and now Jenna's grandma reads them to her! She also has my original pooh and eeyore as well as many of her own. And her nursery is done with pooh prints I have collected all my life. like me, here fave is Tigger . BB, Stephanie
8 years ago

Stephanie, I'm glad you liked it and explored it all too.  I also explored it all. 
It's good for the "kid" in all of us!

Pooh hugs for everybody.  Click HERE 

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Bedtime Prayer~By FireWind
8 years ago

Lady and Lord,
Please guide me,
and protect me,
and keep me safe,
from all harm.

Please watch over Mommy,
and Daddy,
and me,
and all my family.

Blessed Be.

Food Blessing~By FireWind
8 years ago
Lady and Lord,
Thank you for this food which we're going to eat.
Thank you for the Earth in which it grew,
the rain that watered it,
the wind which gave it breath
and the sun which gave it life

Thank you for the life which was given so we can eat

We are grateful for all the Blessings we have in our lives and for the unknown Blessings already on the way

May we coninue to live in health,
and prosperity

Blessed Be. 
8 years ago
that is all I can say! I really wished I lived closer to my grandsons so I could share this stuff with them but then I don't know what their mother would make of it all. MOTHERS what would we do without them but then you could say the same with daughters.
Thank you all for sharing