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FREE SEEDS! Help save the endangered Monarch Butterfly
9 years ago
| Blue Label
I'm not sure if everyone knows about this site but check it out and get your FREE seeds for spring.   It will help save the endangered Monarch Butterfly as milkweed is the ONLY flower they lay their eggs on.   And be sure to see what the caterpillar looks like or you may inadvertently pull it off the plant thinking it is a bad caterpillar.  I made that mistake ONCE.   The good caterpillar looks like this:
9 years ago

This is a cool site Vicky.  I filled out the info to adopt a free monarch online. And I've written down the address to send off for free milkweed seeds.  Thank you for posting this.  So awesome.

9 years ago

Thanks Kathryn...I usually order these every year.   Actually you may be able to order online now.   One year I adopted a butterfly is so much fun.      You may want to forward the site/link to others as the Monarchs need all the Milkweed plants they can find to lay their eggs!

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8 years ago

Come on's time to request your FREE Milkweed seeds to help the Monarch Butterflies with their egg laying.   Remember, without the Milkweed the butterflies will not lay eggs! I can't picture our world without Monarchs....can you?

butterfly2.jpg picture by CajunAngelEyez

Hi Vicky...very interesting subject and great find for the Monarchs and us! Thank You
8 years ago

Milkweed grows in abundance around me and I thought to Wikipedia it and this is what I found and thought some of you may be interested to. Here's the link

This is what I also found fascinating about milkweed.

Asclepias syriaca seed podsBaldwinsville, New York
A species of Mexican milkweed - note the specialized flower structure
Example of the chemical structure of one of the cardiac glycosides.The milkweed filaments from the follicles are hollow and coated with wax, and have good insulation qualities. Tests have shown them to be superior to down feathers for insulation. During World War II, over 11 million pounds (5000 t) of milkweed floss were collected in the United States as a substitute for kapok. As of 2007, milkweed is grown commercially as a hypoallergenic filling for pillows.[2]

Seeds.In the past, the high dextrose content of the nectar led to milkweed's use as a source of sweetener for Native Americans and voyageurs.

The bast fibers of some species were also used for cordage.

Milkweed latex contains about 1 to 2% caoutchouc, and was attempted as a natural source for rubber by both Germany and the United States during World War II. No record has been found of large-scale success.

Milkweed is a common folk remedy used for removing warts. Milkweed sap is applied directly to the wart several times daily until the wart falls off. Dandelion sap is often used in the same manner.

Milkweed is beneficial to nearby plants, repelling some pests, especially wireworms.

Milkweed also contains cardiac glycoside poisons which inhibit animal cells from maintaining a proper K+, Ca+ concentration gradient. As a result many natives of South America and Africa used arrows poisoned with these glycosides to fight and hunt more effectively. Milkweed is toxic and may cause death when animals consume 1/10 its body weight in any part of the plant. Milkweed also causes mild dermatitis in some who come in contact with it.

Milkweed sap is also externally used as a natural remedy for Poison Ivy.

Being the sole food source of Monarch Butterfly larva, the plant is often used in Butterfly gardening.

8 years ago

Pam, thank you so much for posting all that info about the Milkweed...I had no idea!   The link you posted showing the various species of the Milkweed is great.   The one (I think) the sends in plant form is the Fire one (red and orange).   I ordered 5 plants this year but I have a bunch of stuff coming up (volunteer plants from last year) that is either Mexican Petunias (which butterflies love), Milkweed or weeds (hopefully not the latter).

8 years ago

Stupid Care2 again...I tried to edit my post but of course it wouldn't let me.

I named the Milkweed they send me is Scarlet something or other.   I ordered the 5 plants and I think I have seed around here from last year, too.   I'll plant them and see if they come up.    I think all seeds purchased in a packet should be soaked in water first to melt the coating on them.   At least that's what I was told. 

8 years ago


I never would have known all of this if you had not posted first about the seeds Vicky so a big thanks! Your certainly welcome for the info I keened.

FREE SEEDS! Help save the endangered Monarch Butterfly
8 years ago
I would love to receive seeds that would help save my beautiful flutterby friends!!!

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