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7 years ago

Hi Agnes, Lily, and Vicky,

Agnes, it may be very different where you are, but almost all of my babies are rescues.  If I hadn't given them a home, they would be dead!  And I won't stop helping them til my very last breath.  Giving a lifetime of happiness (for them) is worth a few selfish tears (I'm only crying for myself because I miss them.) for me when their life ends.  They give me so much joy every minute of every day.

When I have to worry about something happening to me, I'll adopt senior animals so they can have a happy end of life.  If it gets worse than that for me, I'll foster for shelters.  That frees up room at the shelter so there will be less killing there.  If something does happen to me the animal will go back to the shelter and be no worse off than at the beginning.

People who have pets are healthier, are happier, handle stress better, get more exercise and much, much more so they more than repay everything I do for them.  They've saved my life as much as I've saved theirs.


7 years ago

It is not slow to me but it is long over 200 posts!!!!!!!!

7 years ago

Hi to all Friends...happy weekend..

 hi Vicky..I feel..this thread too's slow to open now

7 years ago


Friday cat.jpg
Hello there,
                  weekend again!
It's been raining here again and more expected the next days too.
I saw  a robin today Vicky but dont know if it was the same one.Didn't see the squirrels, maybe they got fed up with the rain.The rain is going to bring the weeds up as fast as I remove them.
Never going to get enough sun it seems to get that fountain going.
The apple tree shades the garden a good bit too.
It's a bit wild out there but thats how the wildlife like it anyway.
I wish the fox would show itself again it has been a long time since I saw one out there.

7 years ago

Good evening ladies!   Well I heard thunder a little while ago but the skies were clear.   I was being greedy and prayed for a little more rain. 

Lee!   There you are!    I was getting concerned; I'm glad you're okay.   Are your hands bothering you or are you all having more storms which knock out your internet? 

Agnes, my poor Mr. Rabbit looks so lonely in his hutch.   It breaks my heart but I don't want more pets to keep him company.   I wish I had room in my trailer for him....well maybe I'll try to think of something.   At least he will have a change of scenery and it will be cooler inside.

Lily, I'm sorry that Fatty and Baby haven't made their appearance and that Whitey2, the robin and the other little bird have not been around.   I sure hope they are all okay.

Fullmoon, what a lovely graphic...all starry.      Do you have any plans this weekend?

Well I have a couple more groups to visit so I will sign off for now.   Have a nice weekend.

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7 years ago

7 years ago



7 years ago


lily says good morning.jpg  Hi all, well Lee is having problems with the internet, I expect it is the storms she is still having so hopefully they will stop soon and it will be back to normal.
My brother has had the bed moved into the other room after all so it is much better for him now as it is bigger and brighter and also he has his big TV again.
He phoned my sister in law to make sure I knew he was home in case I went all that way to the hospital for nothing.
She said he sounded quite cheerful anyway.
Been raining  a bit   here again but not much.
Still no sign of the hedgehogs, not seen Whitey any more either or the robin come to that, nor buzz!
Where have they all gone?

7 years ago

Have a Beautiful Day !carebear1.jpg

7 years ago
Good Night..!! Dear friends..
sweet dreams, take care

Hi Vicky...feed pets can make us broken heart...
just for us to have learn a life time
if we don't feed them...we'll not broken heart from them again..
only in our life with family and friends that enough for broken heart
after I have learned about pets..I getting to don't like pet shop that give birth more and more to sale....
some people isn't good enough for them ..can't feed well
make them turn to be adopt pets..and make more problem in society

everyone..enjoy life...
7 years ago
Glad you had some more rain Vicky to cool you down a bit too.It has been dry again here but cooler.
Rang the hospital to see how my brother was and they said he  went home yesterday (Wednesday)]
They said they kept trying to phone me all day to let me know (some hopes!!) I said you couldnt be because you haven't got my number!


They must have phoned my sister in law but she has been away at her sisters
So doesnt look as if they have had time to move his bed after all.
Will phone there later to find out as I wont be going over there until next week.

good morning -pig in bath.gif

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7 years ago

Gee, I thought I visited here earlier...must have been the squirrel group. I am soooo happy....we got another 1-2 hours of a good rain today. Thank you, Lord! If we don't get more rain for another 2 weeks I won't complain. It had been about 2 months since we had had rain and with our HOT temps you can just imagine the need we had.

Lily, I'm glad you have lots of water places for the birds and other animals.    I see cats and squirrels drink out of my bird baths sometimes.   So cute.

I hope Lee is okay....I haven't seen her in the other groups today unless I missed her somehow.   I gotta work early tomorrow so it will be in the afternoon or evening before I get here.

7 years ago


hello_animated_23.gifHi all,
                                                      glad you got some rain at last Vicky, hopefully you will get some more.
I cleaned all the bird baths out , they get messy with the pigeons going on them.I dont mind them drinking there but they always seem to poo there too.
What with the water getting a bit of algae quick it is a never ending job.Especially as I have 10 drinking places!!!!!

7 years ago

Good evening Lily and Fullmoon.   Well we got some rain yesterday (thank you Jesus) but we could use some more.   I think I hear some thunder tonight so just maybe.....   I saw Lee in the other group so I guess she is okay.   Where ya at, Agnes?   I'm glad the sun is shining for you Lily and Fullmoon I love your graphic.   Yours, too Lily....adorable squirrel.

Good night ladies.

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7 years ago


squirrel_eating_berries --edited.bmp
Good morning all,
                             Well the rain has stopped and the sun is out.I suppose it has done some good out there although the apple tree branches are still hanging lower.
i was indoors yesterday looking on the cctt camera that overlooks part of the garden and there was a bird on one of my hanging baskets pinching some of the lining!!
So it is nesting somwhere, I think it was a jay.
No wonder some of the plants in that one arent doing well!!!!

7 years ago

Good Evening / Good Night  Friends !
I hope you had a nice day.

7 years ago

Good morning Agnes, Lily, Lee and Fullmoon.   Gotta run to the store shortly so this will be short and sweet.   Lily and Agnes I love your pretty graphics.   My dog looked liked the one you posted Lily when he was a pup.

Agnes, yes I would appreciate your rain.       Losing pets can be very painful; I love them dearly but my heart breaks when they die.

Lily, I wonder why they can't diagnose what's wrong with your brother?   It is hard to understand in this day and age why so many people are either misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.   I don't have much faith in the medical field.    I did see the squirrel video and I thought I commented on it.   It is so cute.

Where is our Fullmoon and Lee?   I hope they both are okay and will stop in later.

7 years ago
Good Morning..!! Lily, Lee, Vicky and friends
have a happy Monday and take care

Hi Vicky..sorry you lost your pet...
I love to feed rabbits too....they're smell natural
good..! that you decided to have not pet again

as like me and my hubby after lost our last cat and we agree that we never have pet again...
Hi can cheer friend here...
sound you better in your way
7 years ago

Hi Good Morning


7 years ago


paintpupwk  edited.gif
Hi all (where are the others?)
Sorry Vicky I meant Mrs Rabbit, I knew that but I guess I couldn't have been awake!
Well you would think by now the hospital would have found something to stop it but I dont know what is causing it for him though.I mean he is 83 so there are a number of possibilities I guess.
it is raining here Vicky,wish I could send you some!
The garden needs it as my apple tree branches are hanging low, although there are lots of apples growing fairly fast.
it is warm today apart from that anyway but I dont think the rain is going to last long.
Lee how is it there is it drying out now?
Dont forget to go and look at my new squirrel video, it is a good one and looks good on full screen.

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7 years ago

Hi Lily and Lee.   It was sooooo hot again today.   We thought rain was coming but alas we never got it.   We keep getting bypassed.  

Lily, I forgot to tell you in the other group about what we used to give our babies for diarrhea (since your brother has it).   We used to take coke syrup (we bought from the drug stores) and pour some over crushed ice and had them drink it.   It worked really good!   Oh, it was Mrs. Rabbit that passed away this time...not Mrs. Chicken.

Lee, thanks on the kind words about the animals but I am like Lily.   After mine leave me I think I will just take care of the strays and/or birds and squirrels that I feed daily.   Actually I wish I could open a sanctuary big enough to hold ALL homeless animals and I would have LOTS of animal lovers to help me take care of them. 

Good night ladies!  

7 years ago

Well now I have got back into AOL strange going ons!!!!

7 years ago
MintGood Morningyes Firefox definately better.

But I need to get into AOL because my e-mails are in there as well as everything else.
will try again later if I cant get in there I willl have to phone them to see whats up.
Vicky if mrs chicken kept drinking its possible it was kidney trouble as that is how  Maurice was.

Lee I wont have any more animals because of my age and if you are not well you cant look after them, also they might outlive me and I would be worrying what would become of them.
So I get my pleasure from the wild ones outside and anyone else's pets.
7 years ago

Hi friends, I am posting in google chrome too at the moment Vicky. I cannot get on line with my server for some reason or other at the moment. I tried for about half an hour. Dont care for this one as the grey box doesnt change! will go in firefox instead

7 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Vicky, it's okay to cry and I know you'll see them again.  Are you saying you won't have any more pets?  Please don't say that.  They need nice people like us to give them good lives.  And the good, happy times are worth it all, aren't they?  She had shade and water so you did all you could do for her.

Lily, please, please send me some of your cool.  I'm melting!  I love "Gorillas in the Mist".


7 years ago

Hi Lily and Lee. I am posting this in Google Chrome so no graphic. Today was another scorcher....102 degrees with a heat index of probably 112. I cannot believe it is sooo hot in June. I dread July and August. I fear there will be lots of deaths this year. And with no rain our poor plants, animals, vegetables are suffering so bad. Lily, I'm sorry you lost your bus pass. At least you'll get another one soon. I wish I had your cool weather.... Mrs. Rabbit was an older rabbit but she had withstood these temps (or almost this hot) for years. Both her and Mr. Rabbit were drinking out of a pan I had put in there to cool them off. She drank and drank even though her water bottle was full and working. I just can't imagine what took her so quickly and a couple of times she would zoom around like she was crazy. I never saw her do that. Mr. Rabbit seems okay but lonely. I cry for him but I do not want another rabbit. I cry when my pets die. Lee, I know you are suffering with the heat also. This is a year like no other I've experienced with the heat this bad and all the storms. Scary. Good night ladies.

7 years ago
Hi all,
         it has been nice here today ,sunny and a nice breeze.
But I still haven't seen the fountain working as my apple tree seems to shade a lot of the sun off.
When it is in a different postion I might be lucky as I cant keep moving the bath.
The apple tree is loaded by the look of it so should get a good batch again this year if the squirrels dont knock them off again.
They dont go on the line so much now since I removed the other feeder.
'Gorillas in the Mist'  film is on TV now I have seen it a couple of times but it is good.
7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,


What is happening with the weather?


7 years ago



Hi all, Good morning,
                                  Vicky I am sorry you lost the rabbit, I did mention it in another group.It may not have been the heat though as I think 5 years is average for a niece used to keep them.
I couldn't stand that heat you have although I guess would have no choice.
It has been quite cool here.
It has been getting light here before 4.30 AM!
Lost my bus pass, dont know where, now have to wait until the end of next week before a new one arrives.
It would cost me a lot to travel as far as where my brother is.Still haven't heard when he is going home.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Agnes, Lee, Jill and Fullmoon.   Sorry I haven't been around much in the  last couple of days but between the heat and losing my rabbit (she died) yesterday I haven't been very happy.   Lee, our temps yesterday (the hottest in years) was 102 degrees NOT counting the heat index.   It was probably around 115 degrees heat index.  

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that if you don't see me for a day or so then you'll know why.   I'll try to stop in though.

Have a good evening everybody.

7 years ago

Hi FullMoon, Agnes, and Lily,

I just got internet back and now I'm out of time.  See you tomorrow.


7 years ago
Hello Friends !

Have a day  with ...

7 years ago
Good day..Dear friends
7 years ago


have a wonderful day _kitten_.gif
Hi all,
         Yes Lee I reckon the electricity running the fans
help keep it warmer!
The temperature has gone up in my fish tank and that is hard to keep down once it starts.
i dont know how I would cope with your temperatures.
My brother did not go home after all, I rang where he lives and they said he is still in hospital.
So I will have to ring there again to find out what is happening.
I had a message left on my phone for me to call doctors surgery to speak to the nurse.
They want a urine test and another blood test so they must have found something wrong on the other ones.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Jill,

I just don't know what's happening with the weather.  Lily I have fans all over the house and 2 small window air conditioners in a couple of rooms, but you would not believe how little help they are when the heat index is 104.  They just move around hot air it seems! 


7 years ago
7 years ago


Blingee dog_2_ edited.gif

7 years ago

Oh that's unbearably hot! have you got an electric fan Lee?
I dont even like it in the 8o's so dont know how I would cope.Thats a bit too much!!
glad the storms have stopped though.
My brother might be going home tomorrow, hope so anyway.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Agnes,

No...the storms are over.  But now the heat is unbelievable.  I am sick from it now.  Sunday I don't know the high, but yesterday the heat index got up to 97 and today 104.  This is August weather in May!  I'm so sick I can bearly hold my head up.  


7 years ago


good morning-Bugs Bunny.gif
Good morning friends,
It is looking brighter this morning here, the sun is out
The rain although not a lot I guess has helped the garden.
Vicky that bird bath, I put seed in the little pot in the top(I guess yours is the same) but i wont any more because I found it on the grass!
The squirrels I guess found it ,there were seeds in the water so I changed it all.
wont put any food there at all.
they have plenty elsewhere anyway.
There are at least 10 drinking places
out there now!!!
I must take a photo of the plants in greenhouse as there are more flowers now on the black eyed Susan.
I hope Lee isn't still having storms there.

7 years ago

Dear Friends..

have a peaceful night and good dream

Hi Vicky..thanks for be there...
wishes the best to USA

everyone..!!! take good care yourself for all of us ...

Much love..Agnes

7 years ago

Thank you Agnes on the links....I offered prayers to all the victims.  

For those that celebrate Memorial Day, I hope you have a good one.   Prayers for our soldiers past and present.

7 years ago

Hello Lily, Agnes and Lee.   I worked out in 100 degree heat yesterday (at work) for 4 hours and was bushed when I got home.   Today I also worked outside in the garden at work and it was hot but nicer than out in the lumberyard where I was yesterday.

Agnes, I will check out your links tomorrow.   Again, I am soooo tired and hot tonight.    I love your graphics.

Lee, I know you will be glad when storm season is over.   So many deaths and destruction this year.    I wonder if each year will get worse?   I hope not.

Lily, me and my mom have a bird bath exactly like that one!  lol   Actually mine is just like mom's is almost like it except she has a bird in the top part.   Real cute.    I hope your brother is okay and that it is only the medicine that is bothering him and nothing more serious.   Wow, it doesn't seem like it's been 7 months since you've seen Fatty and Baby (that's if they hibernated in October).

Well I will be here tomorrow.   I'm off to snooze land.

7 years ago

Dear friends ...if you've a free time..

write somethings?? here

thanks a lot to all

7 years ago
Hi Friends...have a peaceful evening and night
Hi Lee...cheer and have a happy mind always..
warm wishes and hugs to you

here is link for USA tornado(relief)

7 years ago

Just put together my new bird bath, dont know where I am going to put it out there with all the others!! lol
probably on the grass so I can see it from indoors then I can take photos when it has visitors.

new bird bath -edited.jpg

7 years ago

Hi all, Lee I think up North have had a small one but here I haven't  and I hope never do.They are terrible.

It is bad enough when they have storms here and floods  and they are usually further north too but cause plenty of damage especially trees falling on cars etc.
Had  a phone call earlier, my brother taken to hospital again.
I had a job to get through to the hospital on the phone but did in the end.He was admitted with nausea and pain and when I phoned still waiting to see a specialist>
They keep them there in the emergency wards before going to a proper one.
I wonder if the antibiotics they put him on recently may be the cause as you know how they
 affected me recently.
I hope it isn't anything worse as he has had enough to put up with already.
I will ring back tomorrow unless I hear first as I gave them my details.

7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Agnes,

Yes, Agnes, the tornados are horrible here in the US this year.  And they just keep coming!  I heard on the news that there are over 400 deaths from tornados so far this year.  It's never been anything like this before.  It's no wonder I get soooo scared every time there's a thunderstorm here.

Vicky, I'm so glad you're further south so that they're missing you.

Lily, do you have tornados there or are they just here?  I'm being curious again.


7 years ago
Good Morning...Dear friends..
have a happy weekend and take good care

Hi Lee...when I saw news about USA tornado..always missed you
Peace of mind be with us.... turn cold..must heater on...
raining that make me happy..I don't want fire forest around area this year
7 years ago


hello_animated_35--uk.gifHi all, not had much rain here but it is windy and looks as if it might.
Probably saving it up until I go out!
I haven't seen Whitey or any of the hedgehogs, or even buzz come to that unless hes grown his feathers back and I haven't recognised him!
No not late for the hedghogs but its been cold hasn't it well here anyway and they come out when it is warm and stay out usually until about October.
Depends on the weather really but they could be out just travelling around different areas.

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lee, Lily, Agnes and Fullmoon.   Well we got a little rain last night (thank you Jesus) but we could have used a lot more.   But I will not complain...I am grateful.

Agnes, you're still having cold weather?   Oh  my goodness.   I tell you what, I'll send you some 'warm temps' if you send me some rain.  

Lee, I hope your nerves settle down and I pray your ankle is better.

Fullmoon, what are your plans for this weekend?

Lily, I hope Fatty and Baby and Whitey 2 are okay.   Isn't it getting kind of late for the hedgehogs?  

I love all the graphics...I am off to view your hair cut Lily.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, Agnes, and FullMoon,

All the storms are gone today.  Yesterday was not fun.  I'm just so afraid of storms now.  

All the graphics are lovely and so cheering.

No, Vicky, they haven't caught him.  I guess the victim is okay since I've heard no more about her.


7 years ago

Hello !   I hope you are having a great day ! Wishing you a wonderful weekend !  

7 years ago


good morning dog wagging tail.gifHi Agnes ,first here today.Yes rain here too , we need it though gardens dry.
But Lee has been having thunderstorms so may not be here today.
And  Vicky was so hot there I guess she's exhausted.
The gardens are blooming now though.
I have many apples starting to appear on the tree.

7 years ago
Hi to all Dear Friends...
I just came back
today raining here..outside coldddd....
Lilac bloom..smell lovely around
hope all my friends doing well around..take good care...

7 years ago


Have a great day _white horse_.gif
Hello there friends,
                                 Well we have no sign of any heatwave yet Vicky,It is breezy at the moment.
Guess you would like some of that.
I put all those freesia's in containers so they will be alright for some time.
Dont know where I will put them after.
The last lot are n't all that good out there , I suppose with the squirrels messing about round them.
Got flowers starting to open on some in the greenhouse.
Never did get that new vent put in, I am propping it
open with a stick every day!!
N o haven't seen any sign of the hedgehogs, nor Whitey any more.
The fountain still trickling on and off.
Lee hope your ankle is better, you shouldn't have to carry things like that around.Hope they catch him. soon.
Have you seen my haircut in members photos  lol  feeling the draught!!
I find it hard to do up when it is short but it grows fast anyway.

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lee, Jill, Fullmoon and Linda.   Plus anyone else who stops in.    I just got through throwing a little water on the plants/flowers closed to my trailer.    Again, it was 90 or over which is bad enough but the humidity is killer and it's not even June yet.  

Lee, you're right....that is ironic not only how you sprained your ankle but why....'trying' to protect yourself if necessary.  I hope it isn't hurting.   Did they catch that guy yet and how is the victim doing?

Jill, there you are!!!   Lee was asking about you and I was becoming concerned as well.   It's so good to see you today.  What a pretty rose you posted.

Fullmoon, I love your pretty sparkly kitty graphic.   How is the weather where you live?

Lily, I don't guess you've seen Fatty or Baby yet, as you haven't mentioned them.  I'm glad your trees are starting to flower and/or produce; let's hope your temps don't get as high as ours although your apple trees would probably love it.    You will have plenty of apples and I'll have plenty of satsumas (seedless oranges and very sweet) this year.   Hopefully lemons, too.

Linda, maybe you'll stop in later....

Well, again I'm tired so I will sign off for now.   I had to run errands this morning and I went to 9 places.   EEKS!

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7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, FullMoon, and Jill,

Well, I sprained my ankle because I somehow got my feet tangled up in the baseball bat I was carrying around with me to fend off that criminal that was running loose here.  How's that for irony?  All my bad luck is beginning to overlap, I guess!


7 years ago
7 years ago
On my feeling ...
7 years ago
Hello !
Have a nice day, everyone !

7 years ago


Have a great Day _tigers_.gif
Hi all, I am finding it so slow on here at the moment.
Dont know if it is Care2 or my computer.
The grey boxes are care2 though, alright to type in them but cant put graphics on when it is grey.
Vicky I would fade away at 90!!!  although it has been said we might just get that next month but I cant say I believe it,not with English weather!!!!
I dont want it anyway.
Not been too bad today but cool.
I was in greenhouse putting the freesias in containers.
And started tidying up in there.
I can see loads of apples appearing on my tree, I had a bumper crop last year.
My eucalyptus is so tall , high as the roof!!!
Hope it stands up to any winds.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee, Fullmoon and Linda!  I'm finally back online but am so tired from working in the heat today (90 degrees) that this will be real short.

Linda!!!   So good to see you're back!   You know the routine so post away!      We'd like to hear about where you've been and what you have been up to.   We missed you!

Fullmoon!   Good to see you, too.   I know how it is to be busy and try to make all the groups but not always succeeding.   At least you stop and say 'hi' when you can.

Lily and Lee I will chat with you both tomorrow.   Lee I'm sorry about your broken ankle.   How did that happen?

Anybody seen Jill?   Good night ladies.

7 years ago


good morning fox cub edited.jpg

Good morning friends (or evening or whatever)
went for my blood tests, they took 5 phials!, must be vampires  Vampire  lol
Didn't get anything to eat until noon so about 14 hours without!!  I have been making up for it since lol.
Oh dear Lee has sprained her ankle again, hope it's soon better.
Vicky those plants in grenhouse seem to be doing well, the ones called 'Black eyed Susan has quite a few buds and one flower was open today.
I shall take photos of them in there soon.
It has been very windy and cool here although the sun was in and out and my water fountain was trickling on and off.Guess it will take some hot continuous sun to get it going properly.
I saw a fountain on the way home today of course that one was run by electrics and it was pretty high up, looked good.
The birds have been bathing in mine too so I will have to change the water later, it has to be kept topped up.

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7 years ago

Hello ! Have a Great day !


7 years ago


oh no it__039_s Monday_001.gif
good morning friends wherever you are!!!!
Not writing much going to have blood tests early.
hate these fasting ones , I miss my food!!!! too many hours going without.
I probably wont get anything to eat before noon,
So nothing for about 14 hours!!!!

7 years ago

95Hi all, hello again Linda!

No Vicky sent it to the seal one.It is easier to put stuff on that one.Oh just seen in my mail you have got it.
Thanks Lee I'm sure it will cheer him up a bit.
Well Vicky the carers are from social security too but it is other things which included physio and the moving him into other room etc.
they have stopped bothering about that over the fact he was supposed to have refused physio.
Well they are just going to have to do something, I dont want him to spend the rest of his days in that small room.
Vicky my Jasmine flowers are white, I dont know what colour the old one has because it hasn't flowered yet but it is climbing up the fence, where as the new one is slow.
The Queen of Lemon plants  are not flowering yet  but when they do they are supposed to keep gnats and mosquitos away.

The Bougainvillea is supposed to be smothered with masses of tropical flowers.
It has flowers on it already so hopefully It will get lots more as it gets bigger and will need to go in a tub.
As for those Freesias I shall plant them in containers first in the greenhouse like I did with the others.
Now they say it ig going to be very hot here in June--in the 90s perhaps, eek I dont want it that hot!
you are used to it I am not!
Still cant rely on their forecasts.

7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi Lily and Lee!   Boy it was a scorcher out there today...well the humidity was HIGH so it seemed really hot.  I couldn't breathe good at all but they put me out in garden at work for 3 hours.  I love the garden though.

Lee, they didn't catch that guy yet?   I pray he apprehended soon, before he harms/kills anyone.   Exactly what was he after anyway?   I don't blame you for staying indoors.   It's a shame what this world has come to.

Lily, did you send the info to the other Care2 addy?   I will look for it.   So you got some free Freesias?   How nice!  What does that mean that Social Security has closed his case?   Will he not get social security or is he on it.   I didn't realize you had that over there.   It's horrible that they are mixing up everything.   I would believe your brother.  Yes news nowadays is sooo depressing.   And how depressing that one of the carers for your brother is so glum.  When people go to someone's house they should be cheerful at least while they're there. I'm glad you copied your long post; I think I'll do the same.    Your Geranium Queen of Lemon sounds lovely...I've never heard of it.  I hope the squirrels start leaving your stuff alone!   Did you say your jasmine is confederate or the yellow kind?

Well gotta run for now.   See ya tomorrow.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

I got the info, Lily.  I'll get busy on it.

Vicky, I hope everything is drying out.  It hasn't rained in a few days.  I'm not going outside or staying out if I have to go because of the criminal that might be out I haven't really seen how the plants are doing.  I hope they're okay. 


7 years ago


Good morning friends, here we are again,
Amazing how fast it goes round,maybe it is only  us older ones who notice it.
I know I never did when younger anyway.
Lee and Vicky I have sent you my brother details in e-mail, not Care2's but the other one.
Thank you I am sure he will appreciate the gesture.
The carers Vicky are not really like nurses you get in hospital.
They come in do whatever they have to do quick and away again.
I was there when those 2 came and one was a misery, he did not even say goodbye like the other one, I guess they dont say much to him either.
I had a long chat with the warden in the office before I went up to see him.She made me a cup of tea there.
It seems the social security people have closed his case and she said she was trying to get them to open it again.
He will never get moved into the other room while he refuses physiotherapy which they said he did and in hospital too.
But my brother says he hadn't refused and he said how can I refuse if I dont see anyone.
he also refuses the hoist apparently , she said probably because he fears the pain it might cause each time.
Dont know what to believe about the physio really but he said he hasn't refused so one of them has it wrong.
He needs that to help him loosen up because they would have to get him out of that bed while it was dismantled and taken into other room.
He sees alright Vicky he has got glasses.
but he no longer reads a paper,I asked why and he said because it is hard to hold the pages open because they are wide.His hands and arms cant cope.
He does puzzle books though and he can see news on TV
Still the news is depressing enough these days so he isn't missing much there.
Got more flower pics to put in other thread soon,
As for the jasmine it is slow growing  and it is at the other end of garden but I haven't smelt it since it was in the greenhouse anyway.
I have some new plants just come from suppliers, one is a
purple Bougainvillea and a fair size with a few flowers on already.
I am keeping it in greenhouse for a while because I dont want the squirrels having a go at it.
Also got 3 scented Geranium Queen of Lemon,3 black-eyed Susan and also a free gift of another 50 freesias!!!!!
Oh dont know where they will all go because the squirrels are making short work of the others out there.
Can only keep them in greenhouse until a certain size but they keep digging the others up even after putting netting over them!
I am copying this in case it disappears and I sure dont want to type all this again!!!!  LOL

7 years ago

Well my goodness I'm in shock.   I haven't been here since Tuesday.   I'm sorry gang.   My nephew's graduation was last night and I am so happy he made it.     It was touch and go for a while.

Lee, are your flowers getting molding or dying because of the dampness?   I hope not.  Are you feeling better, both physically and mentally (depression)?

Fullmoon, I love your graphic, too!   So colorful and I love butterflies.  A couple of our groups have butterfly threads so please be sure to post in them if you haven't already.

Lily, what an exhausting trip to visit your brother.   You are an angel to do it although I know you must.   Your brother is going stir crazy I'm sure and really looks forward to your visits.   I hope the nurses are treating him well.   I would love to send him a card also.   Does he have trouble seeing?    I can't wait til you start smelling your sweet jasmine.   Are they confederate jasmine?   Those are the sweet smellers.   I haven't been to the flower thread yet but I will.   Oh, I think the chattering teeth are soooo funny! 

Gotta run ladies...I have to work a few hours tomorrow (10-1) but will visit either before or after....maybe both.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and FullMoon,

FullMoon, that is a gorgeous butterfly.  

Lily, just send me details by e-mail.  About time I was useful for something.  It makes me feel good to be able to do something for someone again.


7 years ago
Have a lovely weekend, everyone !


7 years ago


chattering_teeth2_001.gifHi Lee,I'm back,  journey wasn't too bad,not as many on trains as last time .
Still had to stand up but only for one stop then I managed to grab a seat.
a girl was making her way towards it but I gave her a look that said'dont you dare'  ha ha.
it is still a tiring journey though, 3 trains and a bus both ways!!
my brother seemed in good spirits although he must get bored stiff I know I would.
The carers come in twos and all diferent ones.
two came while I was there and one looked a right misery.
when they left that one never even said goodbye.
I told him about you and Vicky would send him cards if  he was agreeable and he said it was alright.
So if you still want to I can send the details in an e-mail as I cant put address  or anything here.
he doesn't even read the newspaper now because he said it was difficult holding then open because of the width of pages.
so he only sees news on TV. but he does do puzzles
as the books are smaller.

7 years ago

Have a lovely trip, Lily.  Tell your brother we across the pond are thinking of him and wishing we could help.


7 years ago


goodnight cat with roses.gifWill write tomorrow as it is late now and I am going to my brother's tomorrow.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

It's not deep here at all since I live on the side of a hill.  Everything is just so damp, and nothing ever gets dry...and it's supposed to rain for the next 5 days! 

Lily, I hope your heat wave never comes.  You'll have to take up sweating as a hobby if it does.


7 years ago


tuesday  edited.gif
Hi there friends,
                          Oh very cloudy here today, no sun!
Where is the 2 week heatwave they are promising this month?
I noticed the new Jasmine has new flowers open  today,
although not growing as fast as the other one at least it IS growing.
The other one has gone up to the top of fence and has buds although not bushy.
Have you visited the flower thread lately Vicky as there are new ones in there.
Lee hope you are beginning to dry out!

7 years ago

This will be short...gotta work later.

Lily, I love those monkeys!  lol   Keep trying to get the squirrel to eat...sometimes you have to do it for a while til he gets brave enough.   Cats will kill squirrels no matter how sharp the squirrels teeth and claws so keep the cats chased away.   They are very sneaky and will attack; their saliva is poisonous to them.   I hope Whitey2 is okay.   Where are the hedgehogs.

Lee, I haven't seen flooding yet and I hope it doesn't come.   What happened is they opened the Bonnet Carre Spillway and Morganza spillway and that's where the water will come from.  Of course it all started with the flooding up your way.

Have a great day.

7 years ago


                     Hi everyone, Lee is it very deep?
how are the animals coping?
We have just been told to expect a heatwave this month and it will be so hot there may be a drought!
seeing is believing though.
Not as I want it that hot though, they hardly ever get it right!
Maybe I will get that fountain going yet then!
I was SO close to the little squirrel earlier I thought maybe he was going to be brave and take the peanuts from my hand but no jumped away again.
then of course a bit later I was chasing cats off again, they would only get the worst of it from a squirrel!
Got their food arrive today.
they have been at my window boxes and troughs again the devils.
it is annoying when you spend money on stuff only to get it dug up.I put netting over them but they still get in some.
haven't seen Whitey again for a few days,wonder where he goes to.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

If this keeps up, I had better learn to swim!

Have you heard about the horrible floods on the Mississippi?  That's all from the same rain systems we've been getting here, I think.


7 years ago

Good afternoon ladies.  Probably morning for you Lily.  I hope you got a good night's sleep and I hope soon you'll see the hedgehogs.   Lee, I continue to pray for you every morning; I know you're scared but rest in the knowledge that the Lord is there with you.

Gotta run for now.   Have a good morning or evening.

7 years ago
Monday 1.gifHi Lee,
I was hoping they were over by now.
I hope the water isn't getting inside your place.
I would be scared too with all the damage they cause,I hate even a bit of thunder and lightning.
Not writing much now as I am tired ,I know its very early
Monday morning here but I haven't been to bed yet!!!
So I hope it all soon stops for you there and you get some nice weather to make up for everything.
7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, Agnes, Lily, and FullMoon,

It's so good to see you all.  All the lovely graphics do help me cheer up especially with all these storms we're having.  I'm even more scared of storms now. 

Have a wonderful week everyone!


7 years ago


weekend cat.gif

7 years ago

   Have a Beautiful Weekend, Everyone !

7 years ago
7 years ago


Hi all,
         weekend again!!!
Vicky the solar pump does not work at all without the sun on it.Nothing happens at night either.
i guess they are not a lot of good in this country yet they are selling them everywhere.
I still have my electrical garden light in a box because I haven't been able to get anyone so far to fix the cable underground to the little shed where sockets are.
There are 10 lights and they would look nice and also light  it up out there a bit at night.(might even get a better view of the hedgehogs when they come round)
No sign of them yet.
my clematis outside back door is springing up fast.
I have put new pics in flower thread.

7 years ago

Good evening Lily, Lee, Agnes and Jill!   It was a cloudy day with a little thunder but none of the forecasted 'severe' thunderstorms.  Pleeeze someone send us some rain. 

Lily, does the water not pump in your solar bath if it's not sunny?   What happens at night?   Does it have a solar light on it too?   So that is what your tits look like, huh?   We have titmice (titmouse) and they look nothing like that.

Agnes, I can't wait to see your photos of your blooming tulips, etc.   It will take me forever to take mine off of the card and edit them.   But I'll try so I can post too.  It's sad when you lose a pet but I think I'd rather love and lose one than never to have loved it at all.   They bring such joy into my life.   I love your graphics!

Lee, I'm glad you're making improvement....a little bit each day will help.  

Hi Jill!   It's been a while since you stopped in and its so good to see you.   You have a pretty graphic too but you usually do.

Guess what today is?

7 years ago
Have a Happy Friday..Vicky, Lily, Lee, Jill and friends
a lot of work in yard ...
I took many pictures of blossom and tulip...etc..
I'll download on care2 to share soon..
Hi yourself, refresh it sometime..??
pity you..sorry for your pet
that why here we don't want to have any pets again....
7 years ago

Hi all, yes Lee ours are tits but I am not completey sure about the one I saw
I am hoping it will return some time and maybe get  a photo or film of it
Have found a pic on here of a female one but still not sure if it is the one I saw.

black cap edited.jpg

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Jill,

Vicky, I don't think they have chickadees in the UK.  Their chickadee-like bird is a tit.  Isn't that right Lily?

I'm still trying to hold up my head.  It'll just take time...


7 years ago
7 years ago

Oh Lee I am so sorry about Ms Petal.  I just posted my condolences in the squirrel thread too and I had no idea you'd had her for so long.   It's like losing one of your family.   I pray things get better for you.   Stay strong my friend...God has your back.

Lily, did you say the new bird is a black capped Chickadee?   You didn't say Chickadee but you did say black cap.   I'm so happy he's using a bird bath.   Maybe the sun will come out soon and help the solar bath.  

I am so tired so I will close for now.   Have a great day or night ladies.

7 years ago

Lee I'm so sorry, you certainly are having more than your share of bad luck.
It's very hard when you have had them for so long too
you will have happy memories though later  and remember all the good times.  hugs

7 years ago

I'm sorry I was gone yesterday.  My dear guinea pig Miss Petal died yesterday.  She'd been with me for years.

It's getting harder and harder to cheer up with only sad things happening all in a row.


7 years ago


hello_animated_22.gifHi friends how are you today?
Vicky hope you get your pc moving faster then.
You gave a green bar? mine is blue!
Where are you Lee? I hope you are feeling better.
Just put a new bird video in the other thread.
Still not enough sun to get that solar bath working.
Sun when it does come out seems to be in different places and I cant keep moving the bath, the apple tree and the fence shade some off.
I saw a new bird! it was taking a bath in the small one I have outside back door but unfortunately no camera with me then.Just my luck.
Looked like a female Black Cap.Hope it comes back again.

7 years ago

Good evening Agnes, Lily, Lee and anyone else.   I was going to try and post in a few threads and in the Squirrel group too but my darn computer just sits when I try to post.  I have spent more time waiting than posting.   The little green bar that shows it moving is sooooooooo slow.  

Agnes, so you have lots of strawberries?   Will you put chocolate on them or make a strawberry shortcake?   Of course in a bowl with just sugar is nice, too. 

Lily, I'm sorry the old bird bath can't be saved...oh well it happens eventually.   Mine is still holding up although it may have a slight leak in the crack.   I add water pretty often so that the birdies won't overheat.    It was a scorcher yesterday and today and it will only get hotter.   The hot isn't too bad but its the humidity!   It's almost impossible to breathe.

Well I am heading to bed...maybe tomorrow my computer will run faster.  Sigh!   Good night all!

7 years ago
Hi Lily, Vicky, Lee and Friends ...I want to says...
Have a happy Tuesday for tomorrow
today is a perfect day...warm and sunny
I complete plant box of strawberry..
I count it about 50 strawberry in my plant box
hope it'll go well....Tulips bloom... blossom started bloom...
on the picture is my plum blossom touch the sun
everyone..! have a nice day, take care...Hugs..Agnes

Hi to hear you like it and snag it..
what tags I posted here...
please take it's easy to snag if you like them...
I'm happy about that
Today Dandelion bloom everywhere..very beautiful...
Hi Lee...sound you much more cheer up..take good care..
7 years ago


Good morning friends,
                                       How are you today?
Lee glad you got your internet back.
I hate it when things go wrong, I am lost without mine!--addicted lol
Vicky the pigeons had knocked it off previously.
I should have got it cemented on ages ago as it was wobbly and I used to stick things underneath trying it make it more stable.
Oh well one less to clean, the pigeons were always pooing in it anyway.
It cant be repaired wasn't a clean break anyway.
I had to move the new one back to where I started as no sun was getting on it.
There is just not enough sun and it needs to be stronger.It was working slightly but as soon as the sun went in it stopped!
solar stuff not a lot of good here as we dont get enough sun.
I can see the apples starting to appear on my tree already.Had  a lot last year.
The hanging baskets doing well too but if we get violent storms as they predict I guess they will be washed away!

7 years ago

Hello and good evening all...this will be real short but I'll be back tomorrow, God willing.

Lee, I'm glad your internet is back...what a nuisance when it doesn't work.   GRRRR!

Agnes I love your Mother's Day graphic and I snagged it.       I don't see many dandelions around here or I would try the tea.  I have heard before that it is good for your health.

Lily, I can see the squirrel(s) now chasing the pigeons off...of course they are scary anyway.   So they bring back their mates to eat too do they?  lol   That's terrible that the squirrels continue to get into your flowers.   They don't bother mine but of course I don't feed them peanuts much anymore.

I hope everyone has a great evening.   I'll be back tomorrow.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Agnes,

I didn't have internet yesterday.  I have no idea why.  No storms or anything.  It's supposed to be in the 90s here this week! 

I hope everyone is having a good week.


7 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, Lee, Jill and friends

rain all nigh here..wet and clod outside..
have flowers bloom some ..will share pic soon...
Vicky, Lee..please try's really can collect and stock them for winter too...I keep flowers dandelion around this time..because bloom around and new coming everyday
after I wash with water and dry on net outside for a few days
till feel dry enough...and put it in low heat..till deep dry
if you want smell can heat almost grill...don't burn it
it'll lovely to drink tea with that smell....
this tea is a very good for your health...or you just drink daily to make your day..
Lee..feel glad you sound like better can make dandelion tea to make your day
you can take just a few fresh flowers .. your pot fill a bit water in.. boil till it dandelion have nectar .a lot vitamin that body need.if you worry smell will not nice..advise fill  a little bit coffee'll be a lovely tea full with a lot of vitamin to enjoy in a day
Happy Mother's day with peace of mind..take care well my friends
7 years ago


Hi all, hope you are having a good weekend.
Well we have had no sun today but rained a bit this morning.~
That plant Vicky originates from Hawaii so it probably doesn't need much water as it is hot there isn't it.
seems to have been better since I stopped the watering.
Well that Jasmine is growing but slow to the other one.
my Clematis is flowering now too>
Got some new pics to put in flower thread as soon as I get them on here.
Saw Whitey  this afternoon, he was first down to the table.
They sure make short work of the food, thats the only problem ,I know they have to eat but there are so many of them (they bring all their mates!!)
They soon get out of the way when a squirrel comes round though as they jump at them to frighten them off.
Little horrors still managed to get at some  of the tubs with the freesias in despite the netting over them.
They are a nusiance when it comes to plants.
They cost enough without them ruining them.

7 years ago

I didn't mean to leave you out of my greeting, Jill.   I hope you can repost your graphic...then I will delete the red X one.    Are you saving them to Photobucket or Care2 album before posting?   That will eliminate the 'X'.

7 years ago

Good evening Lee, Lily and Agnes.   It is getting hotter...well more humid now.   My mom put up her pool...I hope no cat or other sharp clawed animal puts their claws in the side.

Lee, I'm glad you are starting to feel a little better, but of course it will take time.   Sorry you have nerve damage and meds won't help.   Yes, poor birds and other wildlife are being destroyed by man...they are soooo ignorant and callous!   I get so mad if I see a cat eyeing a bird or squirrel....we don't need more killing. 

Agnes, I have never drank dandelion tea either.   How do you fix it?   I remember the flowers when I was a child.   So pretty growing wild.  I snagged your cute Mother's Day graphic. 

Lily, you might want to buy those things you fill with water and stick in a gives them water as they need it.   That way if you forget then it will remember.   Heck I would leave one of your jasmines in the greenhouse if it does well and smells nice.   Plant a couple outside...I don't think they like a lot of least mine don't.

Well I gotta run...have a nice day tomorrow.

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7 years ago

Hi Lily and Agnes,

Agnes, dandelion tea sounds lovely.  I've never had it.  I'm feeling better and better every day.  It just takes time to get over tragedy.

Lily, cats aren't part of nature.  Maybe they used to be long ago and far away.  They are part of human civilization.  We've changed them 'til they are nothing like wildcats.  But the birds are part of nature and losing their battle to keep existing because of us.  When it's a choice, I'll come down on the side of the birds every time.  Sorry, I guess I've seen too many friends killed by cats.  


7 years ago
Dear friends...Vicky, Lee, Lily, Jill
have a happy weekend with peace of mind

Hi Lee..glad to know you feel better....
I collected dandelion to make tea to stock every years here
it's a very worth tea that I know...
hope storm passed over and sunshine your way rain and cold ..can't take long much outside..
but today we keep the other round of Dandelion flowers again

7 years ago

Drag and drop meDrag and drop meDrag and drop meDrag and drop me

Hi friends,
                  another weekend approaching, boy the weeks sure go round quick.
It was nice here today and they say tomorrow is going to be hot and then on Sunday cooler and maybe
thundery showers.Well save me watering the garden then.
I did some gardening today but soon got worn out as it was so warm.
I have got the new bird bath up but it has to charge up with the sun before the water feature will work but if it is going to rain it wont last long.
Vicky you cant see the cat actually eyeing the birds only looking up at the roof.
It is a lovely cat and the video is nice.
I couldnt really chase them away completely as I love cats too and I dont want them to hate me.
It is nature after all and hopefuly it might discover the rats(haven't seen them lately!)
The other cat seems like it is left out all night as I have seen it all hours.I wouldn't leave mine out all night especially after what you read about these days.
someone has been poisoning cats with anti freeze ,
somewhere over here.It is diabolical.
Lee glad you could read that on the e-mail, its a nusiance when you cant get them bigger in the first place.
And often when I have tried to put something in a thread it tells me it is too long!!
my hanging baskets are coming along nicely, mustn't forget to water them often.I  have in the past and then ruined them.
The old Jasmine seems to be springing up but not the new one which is a shame as it was fine in the greenhouse and had a lovely scent.
I hope it picks up.

7 years ago

Hi Jill, Agnes, Vicky, and Lily,

Jill, your graphic has gone red "x"!  Darn.  I love to look at your graphics.

Agnes, I'm feeling better.  It just takes time to heal, I guess.  What do you do with the dandelions?  We eat the dandelion greens here.

Vicky, since the nerve itself is being damaged, there's no med to help the pain.  If it gets too bad, I can have local anesthesia to the wrists.

Lily, an excellent idea!  Yes, I can read it in the e-mail.  It's lovely and so true.


7 years ago
7 years ago

Good morning Agnes, Lily, Lee, Fullmoon, Jenny and any other members who haven't visited yet.   Today is going to be another beautiful day.

Agnes, I hope you get some sun soon as too much rain and lack of sunshine can cause depression.

Lily, I'm not sure if I can watch the video of the cat eyeing up the birds, that will REALLY make me angry.   I'm glad you saw Whitey2, Buzz and the robin and I hope you chase the cat(s) off!   Boy, you belong to a lot of groups too...I never realized that.   So your solar light regulates the water and not a light.   It still sounds nice.

Lee, I hope your hands are feeling better.

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7 years ago

Good Morning..!!.. Vicky, Lily, Lee, Friends who drop by..

Have a happy Friday with Peace of mind

Hi rain and wet..not much sun....Tulip started bloom and blossom getting bloom...dandelion bloom around..
I keep Dandelion a few times to dry..

Hi Lee..pity you so much hard till hand pain???
better soon...hope you much more less stress ...
I want to cheer you more than this my friend
my words have a few as you know..
sending warm wishes to you and yours
7 years ago

I have 10 groups Vicky but only visiting 5  at the moment!
One has lots of threads so takes time to go down them all, well dont do them all really.
I dont have any of those things you have on facebook about feeding fish but I have 2 offline, one is looking after a puppy and the other 2 cats(that one is also my screen saver.
But I often let them go some time before visiting and once  one of them said it had gone back to the adoption centre!!!! so I had to start again!!   lol
Whitey 2 was here today, also Buzz and the robin.
The squirrel was very close when I went to put a few more nuts out later as the pigeons had pinched most of them.I thought for a minute he was going to come and take them from my hand but he scooted further away until I put them on table.
unfortunately that cat also likes the look of birds !!! as you will see in my video.

Lee I hope you found the e-mail with the 'Hope ' verse in,it was too big to put here and I had to make it in 3 parts.So you should have been able to read that one.

Vicky that bird bath is solar but not lights it controls a water feature.But doubt if it will work all that good as it needs a lot of sun which we dont get usually.
I havent assembled it yet but once it gets going I will video it.

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lee, Agnes and anyone else.   Today was absolutely gorgeous but we could use some rain.  

Lee, how are your hands feeling today?  Do you take any meds to help you not hurt so bad?   I know you are still upset over Lucky but remember the memories...they will live on forever.

Agnes, how are you doing and is your weather warming up?   Are you a flower lover and planter?   I love nature....birds, flowers, trees, animals.

Lily, I don't know how many groups you have but I have about 7 here that I cohost plus I have to go to FB daily to feed my fish so they won't die, take care of my candy so it doesn't burn and cook some food in another app.  lol   So that's why I'm absent sometimes in some of my groups.   But I do try to visit them all.  Did you ever see Whitey2?   I hope he visits soon and I hope the cat is a mouser and not a 'birder'.   Yes, you can definitely kill plants from over watering.  I have killed cactuses, Mother in Law Tongues, etc.   Always put your finger in the soil (for houseplants) and make sure it's dry at least an inch down before watering.   Yellow leaves could mean too much or too little watering, lack of nutrients or not enough sun.  That is so funny that the hedgehogs knock down fences trying to get through.  lol   I hope you see them soon.   Yep, gardens are a LOT of work but so worth it.   I half ass do mine sometimes.  Oops!  The solar bird bath sounds awesome...I love to see things light up at night.   Your 'Hope' graphic is very pretty but I agree, somewhat hard to read.  

Well everybody, have a nice evening/morning.

7 years ago
Lee I have sent you 'hope' in an e-mail.
I have made it very large but cant put it here so hope you will be able to read it ok you will have to scroll though.
7 years ago

Hi Lily, Agnes, and Vicky,

Lily, you are right.  I can't read your HOPE graphic.  That's why I didn't say anything about it.  Darn!

Vicky, if it's not one thing, it's another (and another and another).  What happened with Lucky just adds to it.

Agnes, thank you.  I needed those encouraging words.   


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7 years ago


best-friends_animations_36.gif Hi friends, good morning, or evening wherever you are.
Vicky it does take time going from one group to the other.
I have about 2 which I never seem to post on, I guess I should close those really.
Didnt see Whitey yesterday but Buzz and the robin were around.
I shall know when the hedgehogs turn up because they always knock down a couple of little fences trying to get through them and they usualy end up further down the garden.
new cat around,pretty tabby.Hope it is a better mouser than the other one.It was exploring my garden so I expect it would smell them.
Did a litle bit more weeding, such a long job because I cant do much at a time because I have to watch my back.
It is so annoying when there are loads of jobs need doing.~My hanging baskets coming along nice.
I have stopped watering that 'Hawaiian palm' so much as I was losing leaves.I realised it was because of too much instead of not enough.
I have  a new solar bird bath coming which has a little fountain so the birds will be able to have a shower too now  LOL.
Lee hope your hands are better today.
Vicky I was hoping that verse I sent below'hope' would print bigger as the words did look bigger when I did it because I wanted Lee to be able to read it without straining her eyes too much.
funny how they print out different.

7 years ago

Good evening Lee, Lily and Agnes.   It's been a tiring day and I still didn't post in many of my groups or change the calendars yet.   Sigh....never enough time.   I think it takes me so long because my computer seems to run sooooo slow at times.  I hate sitting there waiting for something to load.

Lee, I hope your hands will start feeling better.   It's bad enough you endured all those storms but to have your hands aching too is to much.   Hugs!

Agnes, that is comforting words for Lee.  You are so thoughtful; I love your graphic.   How is the weather in your neighborhood?  

Lily, how is Whitey2 and Buzz?   Still no sign of Fatty and Baby?   Well I potted some more flowers today and I noticed  that on my second gadenia bush that I have lots of blooms coming and a couple already blooming.   I'm glad I moved it to t he spot its in now because when it was in the bright sun for 2 years I didn't get one bloom.   My tomatoes are looking good too...small yet but they're coming.  

7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Agnes,

I'm still hanging in there, but my hands are giving me trouble.



7 years ago
Good Morning..! Dear friends
Have a happy Wednesday with peace of mind
Hi Lee..nice to hear you and animals are safe
and good that internet still working .....
I feel sorry for who you know that lost..
Hubby told this year USA have many disaster..
be calm and hopefully everything will work out again for the better..

you can do it!!..HUGS
warm wishes your way to you and yours

7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi Lee and group.   This will be short this evening but I'll return in the morning. (God willing)

Lee, I, too, heard that those storms were the worst in our history.   The Bible teaches about the storms coming....I am looking to the East.   It is so sad that you can see insulation, etc in your yard....realizing where it came from...someone's personal property destruction.   I'm glad you, your family and animals are okay.  I have posted prayers requests all over.  

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Agnes, and Vicky,

My animals are are all my friends and family as far as I can find out now.  These storms have been declared by the weather service the biggest in US history.

I have found out that some relatives of acquaintances are dead.  Many have lost everything.  This is all just so hard.  There are little pieces of insulation all over my yard from somebody's house.

I'm trying very hard, Agnes.  It's so good to have you all to help me.  The encouraging words help so much and so do the pretty, funny, and cute graphics.  Not much good to look at here now.    


7 years ago

Just a stop in to say good night and HI LEE!!!!   We're so glad to see you're safe and back with us.   Remember we love you so hopefully that will help lift your spirits.  But you have reason to feel depressed; you have just endured a LOT of storms with death and destruction all around you.   Did you get your electric back or are you using someone else's computer; did you lose much in the storms?  I hope not and I pray your animals are safe too.

Agnes, our weather is supposed to get cooler the next few nights but the daytime temps will still be warm.   I love your graphic.

Lily, I love the smell of jasmine and now my gardenia is sweetening up the air too.   I need to clip some and put them in a vase in my house.   That bush has gotten soooo big.  One of these days I will upload the pics of my flowers to my computer and post them.   I am either so lazy or playing to much on FB and all my groups.  teehee!

7 years ago
Hi  to all Lovely Friends here..
have a happy week with peace of mind
today rain and wet cold...

to Lee...glad you're back and safe...a lot of work and stress..
try calm my friend..use peace of mind lead...
hope it better up with you ..
warm wishes and hugs..Agnes
7 years ago
Hi all, 
          Lee so glad you are back and safe, it must have been terrible for you.I hope your animals are safe too.
The world has gone mad lately.
Yes Vicky Bin Laden has gone, now it is Gadaffi killing off his own people too.
Been very breezy here today but sunny and they say it's going to be warmer soon.
whitey and Buzz visited today.
Last years jasmine is springing up but the new one seems slow.Hope it is going to take alright as it has a lovely scent (well did in the greenhouse anyway)
7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, Lily, and FullMoon,

I'm back from the wars!  It does look like lots of bombs went off here.  I think I must be suffering from shell shock.  I am so tired and so depressed and I don't know why.  I guess it takes alot out of you being in the middle of tornados. 


7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily and Fullmoon.   Well we had a smattering of rain but hopefully we'll get more later.   Well Osama Bin Laden is dead...or is he?   I pray he is.    Lily and Fullmoon I love both your graphics!!   Yes, I bet Lee was indeed very scared....the storms are going crazy down many and so many lives and property lost.   Thank God they haven't made it this far down.

Fullmoon, what do you have planned for this week?   Anything exciting?   I am in a lull...nothing going on.

Lily, so they kissed again did they?  I would have liked to have seen the longer version.  lol   Still no Fatty and Baby, huh?   I hope they haven't found better eating grounds.  You entertain us so much explaining their antics and posting their pics.

Well I gotta go cook before Bible to you later.

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7 years ago
Hi all.. Have a happy Monday
hope your day fill with happiness, joy and Peace..Hugs..Agnes

Sending the best wishes to Lee...

7 years ago


tired kitty.gif

7 years ago
Hi there Vicky I am sorry to hear Lee has had tornados there.I was hoping it wasn't in that area.
How terrible, she must have been so scared.
I am glad she is safe but it must be awful and so worrying.
I hate the ordinary winds so I dont know how I would cope with such a thing.
The world has gone bananas lately.Makes you wonder what the future holds for our younger generation

That wedding kiss was short Vicky but they did it  a second time and it was a bit longer then

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Well my goodness, I see I haven't been here in a couple of days.  There just isn't enough hours.   Well I try to make at least the Squirrel group or this one if I can't make both.   Between my many groups on Care2 and my FB account I am constantly in front of my computer.

I wanted to let everyone know that I finally got an email from Lee today.   Poor thing has endured some really bad tornadoes.   So many people in her area have lost everything including about 73 lives.  So sad and I'm so glad Lee is okay although she is without electric, etc.   Let's keep her and those in her state and the other states that have had these storms in prayer.

Lily, I am so glad you saw Whitey2!!!!  The video you made of him with the pretty red hearts was pretty.   I hope the cat kills rats and not the birds!   Fatty and Baby better show up soon...I have missed them! I love the video of me, Lily.   You find the cutest things.  lol   I finally got to see some of the Royal Wedding....very extravagant!   I love that pic of the Duke and Duchess exchanging a kiss....however when I watched it on t.v. it was very, very short (3 seconds?) and impersonal.  It should have been wet and wild.  hahahahaha!

Agnes and Fullmoon how are you ladies doing?   Well another weekend is over already.

This is for Lee and those that went or are going through the storms:

7 years ago
Dear Friends...
Have a Peaceful Night..Sweet dream..!
take care, Hugs..Agnes

7 years ago

weekend cat.gif
Hi all,
breezy here but not bad otherwise.
did some weeding, never get to the end of it!!!!
Full Moon I have a lot of those Royal Wedding pics in the Squirrel thread but I dont think that is one of your groups.
There have been some lovely ones in the papers today.
It is hard to believe that we are nearly half way through the year already!
Got to have another haircut soon or they will be sending me a broomstick!

7 years ago
red rabbit2.jpg

Have a beautiful weekend, everyone !

Thanks for the picture, Lily.
7 years ago

Hi friends the Royal wedding was beautiful, so glad it didn't rain for them.
Here is a picture,I have loads more but will take time to put them on

Royal Wedding 7 edited.bmp

7 years ago

Hello !

I heard the news about the tornados, that was really bad.
How was the Royal Wed., Lily ?

7 years ago
Good Morning..! Dear friends
Happy Friday....with peace of mind

Hi Lee...pity you when hear like that...
I know from hubby he watched news..
have many tornado in USA this years..
that's terrible...scary...
7 years ago

Will drop in later as going to bed or wont be up to see Royal wedding


05bye bye see you later.gif
7 years ago

Hi Lily, yes it is hilarious !!!  Great job !

7 years ago

did you watch the video from that link there Fullmoon? of Vicky

7 years ago
Hello girls !

Funny pic. Lily ! Vicky you look Great !


7 years ago

Hi friends, well Vicky I reckon the Royal wedding will top the other one.
Its very organised and they have had to pump up security because of threats.How evil some people are wanting to ruin the day for them.
It's a headache too because of terrorists.
they intend to target the Queen too when she goes to Ireland soon.What a world.

Vicky surprise ,surprise a white pigeon today out there and yes it WAS Whitey 2. I know his markings.
Wonder where he's been all this time.
I took pics and video so will get them on here soon.
I was very close to the squirrel today, it was a female munching away there but keeping an eye on me  lol.
I saw a young robin too, it is in the video I took of Whitey, no red on it yet as it's young but then again may be a female anyway and they dont have the red.
  Also the cat was further up sitting on the fence watching birds, I hope it doesn't catch any, it needs to concentrate on the rats!!

7 years ago

hahahahaha!  Lily you come up with the funniest things!!!   I love my 'hairdo' and only wish I was that skinny.      Oh I  must have missed the seems I get blinder as the days go by.    Yes, we will see the wedding here but I'm sure it won't top Princess Diana and Prince Charles'.   That wedding really captivated me and millions of others.   I'm sure this wedding will be awesome, too, though.    Yep, not only chocolate but everything else is getting so expensive.      The naughty squirrels keep getting into my bird feeders no matter where I put them.   Poor little birds don't stand a chance it seems.   Have a good day.   Where is Lee?   I hope she is feeling better.

7 years ago

Hi friends
                  Yes indeed Vicky I ate 2 chocolate eggs and I bought 2 more today!  lol They had  a lot in the shop but a lot were the more expensive ones.
Who wants to buy those and they are gone in no time!
I hadn't forgotten the robin he is in the video in other thread although you didn't seem to know which bird it was.
It has been cooler here and no sun so I expect we will get some rain again soon.
Apparently saving it up for the Royal wedding.
It will be a shame if it does.
Will it be showing over there?
I am very cross with the squirrels after putting netting over those plants the little horrors still got in some of them and dug them up!
I have  a good mind to stop their peanuts!!!


forLily.gif picture by RebelSimplicity

7 years ago

Hi Lee, Lily and Fullmoon!   Did everyone eat lots of chocolate for Easter?  

Lee, it sprinkled here today but not much.   I hope we get some rain during the night or tomorrow.   I hope the storms pass you seem to be getting all the bad ones.

Lily, so little Buzz is still around and still no neck feathers, huh?   Where is your little robin?   I may have missed it but I haven't heard you speak about him lately.   Maybe that was Whitey 2...if so he'll be back for his 'photo session'.  lol  I wish the hedgehogs would return.....I love seeing their pictures and you telling us about their nightly excursions. 

Fullmoon, I love that graphic!   It's Tuesday already (well actually it's almost over)...where does the time go?

Gotta run but I'll pass by in the morning.   Have a great evening!

7 years ago

Hi Lily and FullMoon,

Do be so careful of your back, Lily.

More bad storms coming.  It's happening once or twice a week now.  What is wrong with the weather?


7 years ago

Have a Good WeeK !

7 years ago


tuesday  edited.gif

Good morning friends,
                                    Well Easter soon over isn't it.
Finished my Easter eggs but hope they have some left over the shop!!!
Did some more gardening,put the last hanging baskets out and the freesias into containers.
I have put netting over until they get going to stop the squirrels digging them out.
One of the big bushes out front has  a lovely scent but dont know what it is called.
Sprayed around for ants as they were up the plum tree and elsewhere.I hate them.Always worse once the weather starts hotting up.
Been a nice breeze today so wasn't as bad.
But that hedge cutting really is tiring.

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Agnes, and Vicky,

It's just getting worse and worse.  Darn...

I'll make a comeback soon.  


7 years ago
Lee a nice graphic for you in the Easter thread
7 years ago


oh no it cant be Monday_gorrila_.gif

Good morning friends,
                                    Hope you have been enjoying your Easter break.
I did some more gardening,cut down that Fuchsia bush to the stumps.It seems there are still some signs of life there so hopefully it will spring up again eventually.
It was the very bad winter we had that caused it to go as it was.
Also cut  a bit more  of  the hedge,cant do it all at once as it makes my arms ache too much with the weight of the shears.
It was hot again too so really I shouldn't have done as much as I did.
How everything has changed quickly in the gardens saw butterflies, ladybirds.
Everything is shooting up.Going to put some plants in the window boxes soon, I expect I will have to put the netting over for a while because of squirrels digging up.
Also the hanging baskets ready to go round the front of place.
Gardening is hard work and seems no end of it but the end result is nice.

7 years ago


good morning rabbit.gif
We had  a little rain but it is still hot.
The blossom has fallen off the apple tree now but it looked so nice before, I have a pic of it to put in the other thread.
Saw Buzz, he's ok the feathers on his back are ok it is just the front and his neck.Anyway he seems lively enough.
I saw  a white pigeon out there but I dont know if it was Whitey 2 or not.Got my camera but he'd taken off somewhere.
This hot weather brings all the ants out--horrible things.

7 years ago

Good evening Agnes, Lee, Lily and anybody else.   Just a quick stop as I have what they call a 'sunrise service' at church tomorrow when it's actually at 8:00 a.m. but I won't be up late.

Agnes, it'll be lonesome without you here as much but I completely understand.   Come when you can.     I'm glad your weather is improving.

Lee, how do you feel today?   Go outside (if the sun is out) and just soak it up and listen to the birdies sing...that should lift your spirits some.  

Lily, I love budgies and I'm sorry you lost yours...I know you were very sad.   I bet your potted flowers are sure to take some pics and post unless you have already done so.   I need to upload mine and post them soon.   Squirrels used to get into my plants when I fed them peanuts.   They were always hiding them somewhere.  lol   I'm sorry your Fuschia didn't make it.   You know we have a bush called a Lantana (Ham & Eggs) and during the winter and into spring it is nothing but dead, brittle branches that you can break right off.  BUT (and this is the amazing part) it will start to get leaves on the dead branches and then the flowers will come.   Hummingbirds and butterflies love the bushes.   I am like you Lily, I don't care for rats but I don't like to hurt them either.   Where are Fatty and Baby?   I hope they didn't find a better 'restaurant'.  lol

Have a blessed Easter everyone.

7 years ago
Hi All...Happy Saturday
here getting warm I far behind my yard work, house, and husband..
I'll drop less in care2...just let you know...

Hi Lee...cheer..!! you need some energy to pass rough time


7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, and Lily,


It's all just getting worse, but I'm still smiling (trying at least).


7 years ago


hello_animated_23.gifHello there friends,
getting in a bit earlier before I get too tired.
That's a shame Vicky when they cut your hours like that.
i know what it is like as when I was working we were on short time before finally closing down.I hope nothing happens like that for you though.
Lee I know these things make it seem like a dark cloud over you and nothing people say can really make that feeling go away for some time.
I have put you  video in the other group, I hope it makes you feel a bit better.
Vicky I know you will miss chicken for some time, a lot of people would say it's only a chicken but you love a pet no matter what it is.
I remember losing my first pet after my marriage, it was a budgie and I was heartbroken then as it was a dear little soul.
I guess we women are worse than most men when it comes to these things.
It has been hot here again today, I did some gardening though.Cut the grass and pulled  a few weeds(still got plenty of those though)
I saw 'Buzz' earlier so hes ok  lol
The darn rats came out while I was out there!!!!
They run when shooed but soon come back.
I threw something at the big one, well not actually at it but near, to scare it off.I dont like them but I couldnt actually harm them like that.
The other evening the cat was stalking out there but soon got bored and went.They are so quick anyway I dont think it would have caught one as they run under the fence. Pesky critters.
The squirrel was eating bread out there today, fancied a change I guess.Looked like a female.~Naturally I filmed it , didn't seem to mind me being there.
I have all my hanging baskets finished now, I must get those freesia's in soon as they are growing so fast.
I have another nice plant in the greenhouse has 2 flowers so far it is called Abutilon, it is supposed to be tri-coloured (3 different varieties in one pot) so hopefully it is like that and will look nice when grown.
Thing is flowers are a bit delicate looking so I will have to be careful where I put it because of the squirrels.So maybe  netting round it.
I usually have to do that with the window boxes because they always dig them up.
It looks as if my fuschia bush round front of place has died off.
Completely dried off and gone brown.Its never got like that before but with such a bad winter we had I guess that's why.

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Lee, Fullmoon, Agnes, Jill and anyone else.   Today was beautiful but hotter.   They again cut my hours at work.   I thought I would have 11 1/2 hrs this week but now it's 8 again.   Easter my sister in law is celebrating her birthday with a crawfish boil.   I love them so much and haven't eaten them in 2 years because of the price.   Of course I have to work a later shift and won't get to go.  Hopefully my mom will bring me some home.   I miss Mrs. Chicken.

Lee, have you heard anymore about dear Lucky?   I was so shocked to hear about her sickness...I had no idea.   I am praying for her and the poor animals she loves so much.   Her husband sounds like a nasty person!   How can anyone put a healthy animal down?   Especially ones his wife rescued and loved!

Lily, how sad that your brother doesn't get much company; that has to be very lonely for him.   I hope you don't have a lot of trouble visiting him occasionally...I know he looks forward to your visits.   Terrible for you that the trains are all packed full when you travel...that makes it so much harder.

Jill, what a cute graphic!   You always post some cute ones!

Agnes, I'm glad you are finally getting some nicer weather and that the rain has ended.   I know the flowers and trees will start sprouting up when the sun shines. 

Fullmoon, where are you dear lady?   Do you have any plans for this weekend?

I will talk to everyone later.   Have a great weekend.

7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi FullMoon, Agnes, Lily, and Jill,

I'm still trying to find a way to smile. 

Happy Earth Day and happy Easter weekend, everyone.       


7 years ago
7 years ago


3_cute_kitties-good morning friends.gif

Good morning friends,
Lee I am so sorry to hear about your friend and fancy her husband wanting to get rid of her pets like that.
I hope someone will care for them, she doesn't need that worry on top of everything else.
And Vicky sorry to hear about the Chicken, you did your very best for it though.
Agnes hope your weather clears up a bit, it was very hot here.
I went to my brothers at last.
He was in good spirits anyway considering how his health is.
He cant sit up even so all he can do really is lay therre watching TV or doing crossword puzzles of sleeping.
He has carers come in and out , get his meals and do all the other things he needs.
But what he needs most is the one he dont get and that is company as no one there seems to pop in to see him.
I told him I would try and get there more often but it is a long journey for me and I am not always feeling up to it. But hopefully will manage it more often.
The trains were packed coming back , I had to let one go as it was impossible to squeeze in there.
Enough to make you pass out in this heat crowded like that, some woman jumped on pushing two young children in who were with her and she herself nearly got shut in the doors!!!

7 years ago
Hi..Thursday afternoon, evening,and night ..
happy to see all of you here
Dear friends...have a peaceful day with peace of mind
rain just stop ..this spring I still can't go outside-
to enjoy my yard and swing..
hope all of you doing well around
and take care yourself for us...Hugs..Agnes

Lilly have a happy trip
Lee...Cheer always make the mind be strong...
Vicky...that's monkey so happy play with elephen friend..LOL
Hi Fullmoon..happy to see you everywhere on care2
7 years ago

I am so sorry about your friend, Lee   My prayers for her.
I hope someone can adopt your friend's pets.

Vicky, I am sorry about Mrs Chicken.

Have a Good Evening my friends.

7 years ago

Hi Lily and FullMoon,

Lily, I'm so glad you're getting to see your brother.  I hope your trip is easy and fun.  You deserve it.

FullMoon, Vicky's Mrs Chicken died last night, and my dear friend Lucky here on Care2 is dying of cancer.   Plus her jerk of a husband isn't feeding her animals.  He tried to get a vet to put them down, but the vet refused.


7 years ago

Hey Lee, what's going on?

7 years ago


have a perfect day.gif

Hi all good morning,
                                   I dozed off in the chair yesterday and it was then too late to come here,
Cant stop long now either as I will be going to my brother's later.
Hopefully the trains will be ok as there was some trouble on my line earlier.
If not i will have to go by another route and that will take longer.
Vicky I am sorry about the chicken but you have done your best you know.
the petunias are red and in another basket white.
I got the arch finished,
Will soon have to get the freesias out as they are growing fast.
Not going anywhere Easter so perhaps I will be able to do something about the'jungle' Lee.
I did cut  a little bit of one of the hedges but really makes your arms ache.So will do bit by bit.

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7 years ago


It's a sad day for me.


7 years ago

Last one here last night and first one here this morning.   Now THAT's unusual.    Lily, I guess you may be sleeping now.   The weather is cloudy and cooler and I'm enjoying it.   Maybe it will bring us some needed rain. 

Have a great day everyone!

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7 years ago

Hello Agnes, Lee, Jill, Fullmoon and Lily.   As usual I'm late getting here....but at least I made it.  lol

Agnes, your graphics are adorable although I feel sorry for the poor monkey!! hahaha! I used to love Beavis and Butthead.  Snow?   Oh was in the 80's here today.   I'll ship you some hot weather if you'd like.  lol

Lee, I'm not scared too much of bad weather but tornadoes are one thing I definitely am!!   Just seeing their funnels on television gives me goosebumps!   Well, I didn't used to mind hurricanes either but after Katrina I am nervous now.   Oh, I don't think Mrs. Chicken is going to make it.   She has just about lost all her energy.   She seemed pretty okay yesterday.   Maybe I gave her too much stuff to try to keep her alive over these last 2 weeks.   I hope that is not what's wrong.   I pray God will take her and put her out of her misery..poor thing.

Lily, I bet your petunias will be lovely in hanging baskets.   Are they one color or many?   The purple ones have a slight scent to them.   My jasmine is in bloom and smelling so beautifully sweet.   My gardenia is not far behind it...I see buds already.

Jill, what a beautiful graphic of the Easter eggs and bunny is very appealing.

Fullmoon, where are you hiding?   I know you'll pop in soon.   I love your colorful graphic from yesterday...yellow is my favorite uplifting.

Well I gotta run.  Talk to you ladies later.

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7 years ago

Good afternoon All..

Hi Lee..yes,..that's scary...hard to in Peace..wishes you the best
7 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, and Agnes,

Lily, I'll bet it is a beautiful jungle.  I know all the birds and animals love it.  Are you going to get to go see your brother this week?  

Jill, what a beautiful Easter bunny girl!  

Agnes, oh yes I'm all prepared, but there's no way to be ready for how scared I get.  Some of those tornados were just south of me in Georgia.  We usually don't have this kind of weather until August.  Why are we having it in April?


7 years ago



Good morning friends,
                                       we have been promised some nice warm weather for the next couple of days, hope so.Oh snow Agnes I dont want any of that, glad it has melted for you.
I bought some hanging petunias for my baskets, I have 3 baskets in the greenhouse which I will put out as soon as they have settled.
I guess the squirrels will have a dig in those too!!
My new Jasmine doesn't seem to be doing very good but the old one is climbing up the fence now.
Getting to be a right jungle out there but I am not going to chance my back with doing too much.
The birds like it wild anyway.

7 years ago

HI all...Good afternoon, Evening and night..
this early morning..snow 2 inch and now all melt...outside 6*c
Hi Lee...glad to hear from you...and you're fine
yes..electric cut will not you prepare candle and match yet..??and don't forget snack too... lol
watching news now about Tornado in USA
Hi Jill...that's picture your son..??cute..!
Vicky...I'm waiting for my flowers bloom ...always excited when see them

hope you like this one..step on

7 years ago
7 years ago

Hi Agnes, Lily, Vicky, and FullMoon,

Agnes, these storms are mostly just scary.  They haven't done any damage where I am...just all around me.  Also it's not fun to lose power.  I can't wait to see your flowers.  I love roses.  The little pup jumping on the suitcase is so cute. 

Lily, I never cease to be amazed at your dancing talents (your Easter e-card). 

Vicky, your Easter e-card is so adorable.  I love bunnies and pup imposters.  

FullMoon, it sounds lovely.  


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7 years ago

Good afternoon Lily, Fullmoon, Agnes, Lee and anyone else.   Today is cloudy but probably no rain forthcoming.

Lily, you're right about the baby rats growing into large ones.   I wish there were real Pied Pipers to lead them away.  

Agnes, I can't wait to see your flower photos.   Let us know when you post them in the flower thread.

Fullmoon, I'm glad you had a nice weekend.   Food and friends always make a nice combination.

7 years ago

Hello !
I had a great weekend with lots of fun, good food and some learning (it is always good to learn or "re"learn).
Have a Nice Week everyone !

flower light.jpg

7 years ago

Good Morning...!! Dear friends..

Happy Monday..!with peace of mind

Hi Vicky..when flowers bloom..I'll share with you sure..
a bit worry Lee...
I watched news storm...hope that isn't Lee area house..??
wishes you the best my friend
7 years ago


oh no it__039_s Monday_001.gif
hi friends good morning,
                                            Well another weekend over.
They seem to be going so fast lately.
Still no sign of the hedgehogs, maybe they have found a better source of food somewhere. 
If they do show up I will have to be careful with their food because of the rats.
It's bad enough they are helping themselves to food the birds knock off the table out there.
I dont want them out there, the adult one was huge nearly as big as a squirrel!!! and those little ones you call cute will soon be like that!!!

7 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee, Agnes and anyone else.   Sorry I am hit and miss coming to the group but I really try.   Today was one of the most beautiful days I've seen in a long, long time.   Cooler and sunny.

Lily, so the rats have made their appearance with their babies?   Babies are cute but rats are another story...they can do real damage to wires, etc.   I can't wait to see the hedgehogs...maybe they will have some babies in tow.   I am going to check out the flower and animal threads for your newest additions.

Lee, hopefully your weather has cleared up.   I don't think the rain hit us the other day unless maybe during the night.  But boy was it windy.

Agnes, I love your Mickey Mouse and the dog graphic too!   I bet your roses are lovely.   Can you post a pic in our flower thread?   I need to upload all mine and add to the rest.

Have a great evening all!

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7 years ago

Good morning..! Dear friends

Happy Sunday with peace of mind

Hi Lee...hope everything turn fine again..??
warm wishes, hugs your way
Hi Lily and Vicky and all...have a relaxing day
7 years ago


hello_animated_35--uk.gifHi there Lee and Agnes,
Where is Vicky today?
I hope the storms have passed Lee and not done any damage there.
That photo you mentioned those bits you see are in front of the camera(cant dodge them from taking pics indoors.) they are leaves on a rose bush, no flowers there yet only buds.
I wast empted to cut it down once as it always gets in the way of my view of the bird table but it is not in my garden, it is upstairs garden, although the woman up there never uses it.
Our emergency services are 999

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7 years ago

Hi All....
yesterday a bit warm..I cut tidy roses infont yard a bit..
roses this year didn't go well...many branch died..
today cold outside...hubby family on the hill snowing ..

Hi Lee..pity you..storm there..a lot of work..??
good !! the internet didn't cut..take care my friend
7 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,

Yes, the awful storms hit yesterday and Tuesday.  We can't take much more, but more is coming.

Lily, I think you are a bird and squirrel whisperer.  How did you get them to pose so prettily?  Lovely pics!  What are the red flowers in the foreground of the pigeon pic?  I can't see them clearly.

We dial 911 in an emergency here.  Lily, what do you dial in the UK?  Just my curiosity...


7 years ago

Have a great Day _tigers_.gif

Good morning friends, well thankfully no storms here.
Hope yours have cleared now.
Soon be Easter and people going away dont want rain.
I have put some new pics in flowers and animal graphics.
The rats were about again, they are so bold they come out in the daylight.I saw one great whopper and 2 young ones  ugghh.
They are  a nusiance, the birds had  a lovely time out there in the afternoon.
You can see my cute robin in the other thread posing nicely for me!!

7 years ago

Good afternoon Lee, Lily, Agnes and anyone else.    I tried to post last night but my computer froze up and I shut it off.   I hope everyone is feeling okay....

Lee, did the thunderstorms hit?   It is cloudy and windy here so they will probably make their appearance eventually.   Well we need the rain so I won't complain. 

7 years ago

Hi Lily and Agnes,

The horrible storms are coming again.  I must shut down my computer.  Back when I can.


7 years ago
Ah how cute
7 years ago

Hi Friends..!!

7 years ago


dancing hedgehogs.gif

7 years ago

Hi Lee,
           my brother loves dogs but it would be impossible for him to have one, no one to walk it or feed it etc and as he is in bed all the time would not be able to see what it gets up to.Also he is in sheltered accomodation and at nearly 83 would not be a good idea anyway as the dog would be left sometime in the future.
Even I wont have one because of my age and it would be left sometime on its own and the way I get bad backs at ttime wouldn't be able to look after it.

7 years ago

Hi Lily,

I'm so sorry about your brother.  We may all be in that shape one day.  Aren't there church groups and such who visit the sick where he lives?  I just don't know what people have come to these days.  I don't get to see many people now, but at least I can walk some, and I have my animals and my friends on the computer.  It must be so awful for him without any of those things.

I'd recommend getting him a little dog if he likes animals, but I know that may not be possible in his situation.  I've seen dogs work miracles in cases like his.  They bring joy back to life.

I know he'll enjoy seeing you.


7 years ago


good morning fox cub edited.jpg

Hi friends , good morning,
                                              guess it's still night where some of you are though.
Lee glad the storms are over and hope your hands are better today.
Yes Vicky the robin is still around, I believe I saw a young one the other day,it didnt have any red on though.They dont until older but females dont have it at all.
The greenfinch are still visiting under the bird table so they must like the food I bought.
I had  a reply from the garden centre about that plant.
she thought it looked like a peony but I know I didn't order one of those as I already have one and the flower is entirely different.
She is going to look up my orders from last year to see if she can find it.
no sign of any more flowers on it though.
Vicky you never did answer my questions about the Easter graphics.
I phoned my brother and told him I hope to be able to go to see him soon.
I feel so sorry for him, he said he doesn't see anyone apart from the carers who come in and out for about 10 minutes , do their chores and go.
He says all he does is watch tv or sleep.
He has been in a bed since before Christmas, I thought they would at least get him in a chair sometimes.
After all even paralysed people can get in chairs.
And he said he has not had a physiotherapist visit as my sister in law was told he would.
Its very bad all round I think , they just dont care do they.
Also other people who live in that place never bother to pop in and see him, they never know if they might be in that position themselves one day.

7 years ago

Hi Agnes, Vicky, and Lily,

My hands are giving me trouble today.  Darn them anyway.

The horrible storms are over and it's a beautiful day today.  It took the power company forever to fix our power yesterday.


7 years ago

Now something is weird...I know I posted last night but it's gone.  Darn!  

Lily, I'm glad you got bird seed and sorry it got knocked over.   I can't wait til Fatty and Baby make their appearance.     Have you seen the robin lately?

Lee, I'm glad you brought your babies in....Mrs Chicken is not doing a lot better.   Still wheezing although it looks like the other eye may be opening some.   Mr. Rooster still goes to her cage although today he brought another hen with him.  Oh no!!   My mom will have a fit and I hate that Mrs Chicken may see her, poor thing.   I pray your depression has lifted.

Agnes, your Simpson graphic is soooo cute.    Glad your dad made it home safely.  Did he enjoy his trip?

Fullmoon, I hope your weather is warming up and you are planting flowers/seeds.

Well I gotta run for now.  Have a blessed day everyone.

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7 years ago

Hi All..!..Have a wonderful Wednesday..!!

yesterday evening..
Dad came back from USA...I cooked big pot of curry for him
to celabreat him home...
I'm waiting for weather more warm and want to go outside
clean up & Tidy my garden......Missed so much
Thanks Lee...not so'll see some for sure..LOL
7 years ago


hello_animated_23.gifGood morning friends how are you today?
Mid week already!
My bird food has arrived, I knocked some over when I was putting it in container!  nice job getting it up  again.
I noticed the greenfinch are now going round under the bird table to pick up food, usually they are on feeder on the line>
But I guess discovering the food there decided they like it better than peanuts.
I have an idea the rats are about again at night as I saw the cat stalking out there last night.
I dont want to encourage them but need to feed the birds.I doubt it the pigeons leave much anyway.

7 years ago



Good morning all,
                                We had a little rain but its dry now.
saved watering the plants!
managed to get that garden arch up but will probably collapse  lol
Expecting some more bird food today, those pigeons are eating me out of house and home.
I expect the hedgehogs will show up before long, I still have some cat food so they will be alright.

7 years ago

Hi FullMoon, Agnes, and Lily,

Horrible storms coming here.

Great graphics everyone!

I hope everyone has better weather than me.

Lily and Agnes, I can't wait to see your flowers.


7 years ago

Have a beautiful day , everyone !
7 years ago


oh no it cant be Monday_gorrila_.gif

Hi there friends good morning, another weekend over.
Hard to believe we are 4 months into the year already, seems like Christmas was only a few weeks ago! 
Anyway soon have Easter, mmm lovely easter eggs yum yum .
Easter chocolate faceI'm sure to make  a pig of myself!
Shouldn't really I know but I love chocolate.
I was putting that garden arch together today and when I got to nearly the end I got a problem with nuts coming out which should have stayed in one part.My fault I guess screwed too tight.
So now cant keep part of it together, will have to find a way to solve that.Silly me dont know my own strength at times, I have often overtightened something.
Going to try and venture to the shop later got to get out sometime but will have to be careful what I carry.
Vicky there is a flower out on that plant which we couldnt recognise.I have put a pic of it in flower thread.

7 years ago

Hi all..Good Evening..and Peaceful night..!
Mine is the night, with all her stars.  ~Edward Young

today outside is warm
I droped some flower seed on the ground
Tulips racing grow and grow...
not so long I'll share some pic of them to my friends again
Lee, Friends...Have a relaxing weekend
love my care2 friends...Cheer..!
7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, and Lily,

Oh that's so horrible about Mrs. Chicken.  I had to start keeping all my babes inside because we've got coyotes here now.  Even dogs can be their victims (unless they are very large).  I hope she's okay.  

I think I'm depressed too.  


7 years ago

Hi  all good afternoon,
Vicky I hope the chicken is alright poor thing.What do you think attacked her?
Weather has been nice here today makes a nice change.
Was out in greenhouse earlier and put some plants in hanging basket and a couple in garden.
Done nothing round the front of place yet so I will have window boxes to do there.Although waste of time mostly as squrrels dig in them and bury nuts.
Wish they wouldn't as it's time consuming putting them back and also wasste of money if they ruin them.
Have tried putting netting over them but the plants start growing through and get tangled up kind of spoils them and the look.
Vicky did you get my message about the Easter graphics as mine have gone into red x? dont know why as they are still in my files etc.
If they are showing red x on your pc I can do them again and you can delete the red ones

7 years ago

Hello group!   Just a quick stop as I have to run to the store.   Today seems like Friday and not Saturday...I guess cause I am off work today. 

I hope everyone is feeling okay and will pass by later.   I'll try to come back.

7 years ago

will write later got to get to bed

05bye bye see you later.gif
7 years ago

Hi Agnes!   Thanks for stopping by on your way to beddy bye.    What a colorful graphic!   I love it.  

7 years ago

Dear Fullmoon, Lee, Lily, Vicky and Friends.....

Good Evening and good night..!!sweet dream

7 years ago

Hello everyone.   I am sad today because precious Mrs. Chicken got attacked last night as she sat in the dog house (on the ground) on her eggs, not bothering anyone.    She is alive but not looking good.   Her beak is staying open and her eyes are closed but she was moving around this morning.   I took out a baster of water and dripped it down her throat and she loved it.   Then I went and bought some turkey crumbles (supposed to have lots of protein) and soaked it in water.  I also got some powdered antibiotics and sprinkled in it, mixed it and again used the baster to feed her.   I am so upset as I love that chicken even though she's not mine she has been staying in the trees in me and my mom's yard.   Mr. Rooster is okay and sticking close to her.   Please pray for her.

I love all the graphics and yes Jill did you post yours for me and Lee?   So many beautiful plantations down south. 

Lee, I'm glad your foot is feeling better...take it easy though.

Lily, so the birds are enjoying their bird baths, huh?   Drink and bathe..I love to see them do that.   How is your back.

Fullmoon, I snagged your 'friends' graphic.   It is so cute.

Agnes, how have you been?   So good to see you again.

I gotta run....I am depressed right now.   Hugs to all!

7 years ago

Hi Lily and FullMoon,

It's the weekend again.  Even though my foot is a little better today, I think I'll sit this one out.  

Have a great weekend!


7 years ago

Thanks, Lee !

Have a great weekend everyone !


7 years ago
Bear with Pink RosesHi friends good morning,looks like it is going to be a nice day.It was yesterday.
The birds were taking baths out there so it is looking up!
I have 4 bird baths and plenty of drinking dishes so plenty to go round.I have seen a blackbird bathing in the drinking water outside my back door before now!!! maybe he liked a smaller space.  lol.
Hope your foot is better today Lee.
7 years ago

Hi Lily, FullMoon, and Jill,

Lily, please do be careful of your back. You know how they go.  One minute you're fine, and the next you can barely move!

FullMoon, a great cup of tea and a lovely day to you too.

Jill, did you post that for me and Vicky?  A lovely plantation house, magnolia blossoms, and moss hanging from cyprus trees.  It's the south where Vicky and I live.


7 years ago
7 years ago

It is a beautiful sunny day here.
Enjoy your day !

7 years ago

Good MorningDrag and drop meDrag and drop meDrag and drop meDrag and drop me
Hi friends,
                  Lee you have been doing too much walking , take it easy.
The weather is better here at the moment and warmer,makes a change.
Everything in the garden springing up now.
will be like a jungle out there soon as I cant cut the grass or anything yet.
Oh well not too worry, the wildlife like it anyway.

7 years ago

Hi Vicky, Agnes, and Lily,

Beautiful graphics, everyone!

Foot hurting again.  Oh well...


7 years ago

Hi Friends,Are You There?   yes it was long that thread wasn't it..Vicky I have tried holding peanuts out to the squirrels but they wont get that near.Same with the robin although he comes close at times.
Just as well really I suppose because some people might want to harm them and would be able to if they came up to them like that.
I enjoy seeing them anyway and where I lived before never saw all the wildlife I do now  so I am happy with that.


goodnight cat with roses.gif

7 years ago
Hi Vicky and Friends
have a peaceful evening and good night
(closed) CHATTERBOX ~ Stop in and say "Hi"
7 years ago

Here's our new thread everyone.   The other was long and BIG!  lol

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