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PRAYERS FOR LILY! Everyone can post in here for her.
6 years ago

Lily, we are all concerned about you and hope that you are okay and will be back soon.   You are in our thoughts and prayers.

6 years ago
6 years ago


Praying for Lily.

6 years ago

I  am back!!  thank you friends.
I have been in hospital  a week and a day and only just got home tonight so I am tired now but will try and fill you in tomorrow.
Thanks for thinking of me.

6 years ago

Hi friends and thank you for your prayers.
I was glad to get home for sure, In was in there a week and a day.
I had clots on the lungs following Phlebitis in my leg.
I had other tests while there and they have found` I have a cyst on my ovary which will mean an operation to remove it.
But they cant do it yet awhile as I am now on blood thinning tablets.So it might not be until the end of the year, not looking forward to that.
but can you believe it they have sent me home with a rash all over me!! I never had it on going in there.
They have given me a tablet to take for the itching because one night in there kept me awake and I had to get them to call the night doctor.And also cream to put on it.
But I dont think they should have sent me home like it.
Could be a reaction to some of the medication I have had and that was plenty! pumped plenty of stuff into me that week and I have the bruises to prove it!!
I hope it goes ,never had anything like it before.

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