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I want Care2 opinions!
5 years ago
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 I'm posing  this question to my other groups as well, so if you have given your opinion, please don't mind me. I consider Care2 to be a different kind of community, where people supporting causes can also support eachother and be, let me know what you think.



I am with a platform supporting Green Living & Personal Wellness. We reach people globally, through the internet , by providing free resources. All of our activities are privately funded, so we turn to our supporters (those who use our resources) and local communities for that funding. Going about that can be challenging, because it seems that people aren't receptive to the subject of contributions, whether it is through email, SMS, or phone calls. Is canvassing a better alternative? And, if you have an opinion, what are your views on fundraising?




We have experimented with all of the above- in various states- with similar and very moderate results. Then there's Care2. What draws many people here is sharing their cause & what they are working with. Yet, many groups and people here find it distasteful to directly mention your organization and what you're trying to accomplish. How can we support eachother, if we're not open to directly discussing our specific organizations, without criticism and even being banned from groups?

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5 years ago

Hi Farrah,

I don't mind discussing organizations.  I hate it that someone would be banned from a group for that.

As for fundraising, there are so many rip-offs that no one knows who to believe.  That's a major problem especially with the economy being so bad.


5 years ago

I agree with what you said, Lee.    Discussions shouldn't lead to someone being banned although I think Care2 and some other sites may look down on solititation of donations, even if it is for a good cause.   And  like you said Lee, there are lots of ripoffs around so people are naturally skeptical and of course the economy is bad also.   


Farrah, if you decide to discuss a group or organization and decide to post a link so that people can read about them and within that article an area to donate is there then maybe that would be acceptable.  But to just ask for donations won't be allowable.   Like I said, if there is a donation link within an informative article or if someone asks if there is a way to donate then I think that would be acceptable.

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