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(closed) CHAT THREAD
4 years ago

Sorry I forgot to open a new thread, Lily.  Here is a link to the old one:


 photo funnyfrompattih_zpsa823a9bc.jpg

4 years ago

lol that's a funny one,looks as if he's a little afraid of it


4 years ago

I have been doing some more of thoses slides,here's one of my mum and Sheba


4 years ago

A couple more,wish I could go back to those days!



4 years ago

Hi Lily, Nance, Vicky, and Jill,


Really cute moving tags, Vicky.

How old were you in the pics, Lily?  

Lovely graphics, Jill.



4 years ago

Oh I don't know Lee about 19 or 20 I guess.

Wish I looked like that now.

Les took those photos and he bought mne that outfit in the first one because we were 'the Avengers ' fans and he wanted me to dress up like the star in it  lol
I have others in that gear.

4 years ago


looking good at all as good company~weatherwise we have puddles on the streets 19 F about -7C


can you figure these cattles are so happy too 

excited animated GIF

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                        wonder what's making them so happy Nance.
Rain left off here for a while but it is muddy out there.
it will be a long time before it dries out properly.
What we need is as nice long hot summer (must be joking!!!!)
Never get that here
The clocks go forward here at the end of the month so supposed to be the start of summertime,what a joke hardly had any Spring.
Where is everybody?
4 years ago

4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi Jill, Nance, Lee and Lily.  I'm leaving in about 20  minutes but I wanted to jump on and say 'hi'.   Lily, very nice pic of your mom and Sheba.  Sheba looks kind of like a red heeler.   Very cute.   I love your are so young and good looking.   I know....if we could go back to those times but know what we know today.   It would be a whole different story.   Nance, I love the happy cow.     Jill, your Wednesday tag is pretty....I love green.   Lee, how are you feeling today?   Still cold.  I hope your hands are doing okay.  Have a nice day ladies.


frm Wendy photo GoodMorning_001frmwendy_zps661b704c.gif

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Nance, Jill, and Vicky,


Have a wonderful day, ladies.


4 years ago
Hi friends,
                Weather is a bit better here at the moment,had some sunshine but of course no warmth in it yet.
Vicky not sure what a red heeler is!
Lee hope your mouth is feeling better now.
I hope I can get out next week because Les is having another assessment on Tuesday and they want  me there.
I don't know what that is for anyway.
I hope he is aware when I go because I need him to sign a cheque for that nursing home fee.
I am still going through his slides,some good ones there.
Takes a while to scan them onto here but I will do them as I go along when have time.
4 years ago

Hi Lily,

A red heeler is a kind of dog originally used to herd cattle.  They are really pretty.  I have a friend who has one.


Those slides seem to be a treasure trove, Lily.  I love the pics you've posted so far.  I'm glad you were able to save them.



good evening
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily and Lee!  It is raining today and kind of depressing even though I love rain.  


As Lee said, Lily, a red or blue heeler are dogs that round up cattle by nipping at their heels.  They are from Australia.   Sheba doesn't look exactly like one but my dog Angel is a heeler and Sheba's face reminds me of her.   Also, heeler's ears are straight up but Angel had ear mites or something and used to shake her head and now her's flop over.   So that's why I said that about looking like Angel.    Cute picture of the cat and puppy and those of you, too, Lily.


Lee, your mouth may be feeling better by this time.   I bet having clean teeth feels good....I know I like when I get mine cleaned.  


Pretty graphic, Jill.


 photo thirstythursday_zps688e721a.gif

4 years ago
Well it's early Friday morning here now and I have yet to go to bed!!!
The weather has been better the last couple of days,hope it stays like it but that is wishful thinking I guess!!!
More flowers showing out there and I even have 2 buds on that plant which usually only has one each year.
I think it is a variety of Peony.
I will take a photo when it flowers (if)
Have a lot more slides to go through ,will take a long time to scan them all onto here.
I have printed a few.
There are one or two funny ones of Les which he took himself.
4 years ago

Hello~Lily, Vicky & Friends

Spring temperatures here, thaw is in sight....good stuff~

dog animated GIF

4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Nance, Jill, and Vicky,

Yes, Vicky, my face feels better today. 

Beautiful graphics, Jill.   

Nance, your vid makes me think of Easter...puppy, bunny, and chicks.  Spring!!!   


Lily, that black puppy from Thursday looks just like my Milo must have looked as a puppy. 



4 years ago

A quick pop in ladies.   I hope everyone had a nice day....the beginning of the weekend...again.

Nance, your bunny, puppy, chicks .gif picture is adorable.   Such fuzzy little things.   I would love to hug them all.  Looks like the puppy wants to play then backs off.  lol


Jill, pretty graphics.


Lee, I'm glad your face is feeling is your headache?   Still gone?   Hopefully so.   Any plans for the weekend?

Lily, cute lab pup.   I hope your double peony does bloom so that you can post a picture of it.   Well you have a job ahead of you scanning all those slides.  I have a scanner somewhere but yep it would be time consuming to do a lot of scanning.


 photo hummerquillvicky-vi.gif

4 years ago

Nice tag Vicky

Off to bed as it is late


4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Jill,




Wonderful graphics, ladies.




4 years ago

A quick hello and goodbye.   Nice weather today.   Thanks Lily on my Siggy .gif although I didn't make that one.  Someone made it for me quite a few years ago.  Cute german sheperd.  I hope you had a nice sleep.  Lee, looks like you may be feeling pretty good this weekend.  Good for you!   Jill, I love your colorful graphic.


 photo saturday_021.gif

4 years ago
Hi friends hope your weekend is going well.
The weather has been better here and they say it will be dry all the week (hope so)
I have been scanning slides for ages tonight and will have to edit them as they come out large.
found some funny ones of Les, I will post them once I have edited them.
He was so daft those days!!!!
I have printed some of the first ones I scanned.
They come out quite good really.
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily & Jill.  I wonder where our Lee is?   Lily thank you for the hummingbird many cute ones.  Now I need to find (learn) how to add my siggy a certain way.   Pretty graphic, Jill.  Didn't do much this weekend.   Well Friday I went and watched a couple of movies with my friend, Danny as well as today, too.   He's picking me up tomorrow to go to his house and barbecue.   I hope it doesn't rain.   I can't wait to see the pics, Lily.  Have a great evening.


 photo babyporcupine.jpg

4 years ago

Lady and the tramp disney gifs     Lady and the tramp disney gifsLily name graphics

4 years ago

Here's an old one of Les making it look like he has  a twin!!!  lol


4 years ago

Nite Nite


4 years ago

Don't know how Les did that with his picture....especially way back then but it's cool.  Love your Tweety, Lily.   Going to barbecue's sunny and will be 79 degrees.  Later


 photo bye-bye-see-you-later.gif

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4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, and Vicky,


It's going to be really cold here on Wednesday...AGAIN!



hello everyone
4 years ago

4 years ago


Hi friends,

                   Wont be on late tonight because of my trip tomorrow,need to get out early as possible to meet up with my sister in law.

We are going to try to get to the bank first but if they keep us waiting we will have to leave it until another time as we have to get to the home for Les's assessment.
Will be going home with her afterwards,got to bring the printer home too.
Hope the weather is ok tomorrow,been cloudy and windy today.
Still I am on the trains most of the time.

4 years ago

Hello~ Lily and Friends

Pray you have a safe journey  back and forth, Lily.  

Enjoy your day, y'all

pretty animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, and Nance,

Nance, I love swans almost as much as ducks!

Jill, I love the graphic...such pretty colors. 


Lily, I hope it all works out for you.  Good trip.



happy Tuesday
4 years ago

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                  Well travelling was good,no waiting about and got seats ok for a change.
Les was fine and talking today.
So manged to get him to sign cheque for his nursing fees.
But we haven't got the bank stuff sorted yet.
Lee a lot of the problem is due to that person I told you about in an e-mail once.
been making trouble for us.
Got the printer home ok.
So I have a spare now if anything goes wrong with mine.
They are both the same type.
4 years ago

4 years ago
4 years ago


4 years ago

penguin animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi everybody....well the barbecue didn't fan out too good.   Me and my friend had a big blowout in the afternoon and I didn't even get to eat my steak.   Oh well.  


Love all the photos/graphics....Les is so funny, Lily with those fake teeth.  lol  Nance pretty swan and cute penguins.   Jill, yours are  pretty too.


Lee, yep the cooler nights will be here tonight.  Try to stay warm.   Did I tell you that I did get my 2 month electric bill paid by P.R.V.O.?   I only expected 1 month but they paid 2 thank the Lord.   Over $400.00


Lily, I'm glad you had a good trip to get Les' business straightened out and I'm glad he was fine and talking.  I don't know what problems you are having but I hope whatever it is works out for the good.


frm Nancy photo gmwedfrmnancy.jpg


4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi friends,

                        Not been doing too much today,worn out from yesterday I guess.
Vicky glad you got your electric bill paid after all.

I have just had my water bill for £310 + !!!!!
It's one bill after the other these days.
Shame you had your barbecue and than missed out on your steak.

Don't get many round here,but we don't have that much good weather.
glad anyway as I hate the smoke from them,always gets in here somehow.

Wonder where Lee is.
My hycinths have suddenly sprung up and few flowers here and there.
spring is here for sure now.


4 years ago
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily, Nance, and Vicky,

Vicky, I'm so glad your power was paid.  It's been so high these last few months.  I know that's a big help.  I love those duckies! 

Beautiful graphics, Jill, every one. 

Nance, penguins just can't help but be cute, can they?

Lily, I was so sick yesterday.  Must have eaten something that disagreed with me though I don't know what.  Glad eveything went well on your trip.



4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee and Jill.  A real quick hello and goodnight.  I have to get my shower for my disability hearing tomorrow morning.   Gotta leave here by 7:30 am so I hope I can sleep tonight.   Lee, I'm sorry you got you think it was food poisoning?  What did you eat?   I hope you are feeling better.   Jill, I really like your 'good day' graphic...your other one is nice, too.   Lily,  funny picture of Sheba.   She looks like she was such a sweet dog.   I hope you don't see any more is enough.   I have bulbs popping up too....not a lot yet though.   I planted a bunch of what I thought were bulbs but this year and last only leaves grew although they are pretty and will look nice with flowers around them.


Well good night ladies.


 photo thursday_17_zps1b93d097.jpg

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                    Hope you are feeling better Lee.
Vicky I have a lot of stalks with no flowers same as last year (daffodil ones)
Don't know why this happens.
My hycinths are out although don't usually last long and there are scattered daffodils and anenomes around and one or two tulips and some in bud.
At least things are moving now,hopefully my apple tree will bud again.
Yes Sheba was a very sweet dog you could do anything with her,such a nice temperment.
4 years ago

Such a bad day for me today.


its friday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lee, Jill and Lily.  Praise the Lord...I got my disability today!!!   Amen & thank you, Jesus!


Lee, I'm so sorry about Beau....I feel your pain and my heart goes out to you.    


Lily, I know you're exciting about all the flowers, etc. starting to bloom.  


Cute graphic, Jill.


 photo Thank-You-God_zpsf16c2fa0.jpg

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                     Glad you got it Vicky at last.
Lee I am so sorry to hear about Beau it is very hard I know.
Even worse when you have had them a long time.
I still think about my Maurice.
Seen a new cat about,ginger andwhite,it took off when it saw me.
I wouldn't chase it away though not with rats about.
Hoping the foxes return soon because they go after the rats.
Weather has been fine again but will it last? remains to be seen.
4 years ago


4 years ago
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
4 years ago

Hi Olga!   Good to see you my are you doing and how is the weather in your country?   I love (and snagged) your pretty graphic. 


Lily, cute tags.  I know you still miss long has it been since he passed?   He was such a pretty bird.


I hope Lee is feeling better today; my heart goes out to her and the loss of her beloved Beau.


Have a nice day everyone.


 photo cutefroghellofrmJune_zpsf845074f.gif

4 years ago

4 years ago
Hi friends,
                   weekend again!
Sure does go round quick.
Vicky I lost Maurice in 2009 doesn't seem that long ago.
He was such company,noisy little devil  lol.
weather fine again today, birds are sure making the most of it out there.
the starlings are here again,swinging on the feeders and making a lot of the suet stuff fall to the ground.
Wish they wouldn't do that as it will encourage the rats if they see it.
Also get the pigeons then strutting about the grass making that worse
I'm watching out for hedgehogs as they might come out of hibernation as it is warmer.
Will have to be careful feeding them with rat about..
4 years ago

Hellloooo~Lily, Jill, Vicky & Friends

Enjoy a snack~

baby animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, Lily, Olga, and Nance,




4 years ago
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi everybody!  Well it's been raining some but not a whole lot.   Just a lazy kind of day.


Lily, it's been 5 years since Maurice passed?  Oh my gosh where does the time go?  I know he was your baby and that you miss him.   It'll be funny to see the hedgehogs out and about again, especially since they were so late going to hibernate.  I'm glad you're seeing lots of birds....their beautiful music always cheers me up.


Lee, did you do anything exciting this weekend?   If you're like me then you did nada.  lol


Jill, I simply adore the graphic of the little girl looking outside at the dog, your last tag is pretty, too.


Nance, what a cute little girl; looks like she's enjoying whatever she's eating although she makes some faces which might mean she doesn't.  lol  Did you have any plans this weekend?


Well other groups to visit.   Talk to everyone later.


frm Jeanette photo rainducksfrmjnet.gif

4 years ago

Well going to bed as otherwise wont get up in time to go to the hairdressers.
not as I am likely to sleep as when I went early a week ago I was awake all night!!!
going early doesn't seem to help me in that respect


4 years ago

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, and Vicky,

Jill, gorgeous graphics, girl!

Vicky, I love your rain ducks.

Lily, please share your lovely hairdo when you get back.


4 years ago


Wouldn't say it was lovely but better than the mess it was before I went.

have a nice evening
4 years ago

4 years ago

I think you look lovely, Lily, with your new haircut.  You look really pretty in blue.  Well were you able to sleep last night?  I love the little fox and his mom.

Pretty graphics, Jill.


Lee, is your weather cooler today?  It's supposed to be in the upper 30's tonight.  I thought the cold weather was gone.  lol   Stay warm!


2 more days until spring.


 photo hellospring_zpsf1e714da.gif



4 years ago
Hi friends,
                         No Vicky I couldn't sleep hardly and was up before 8 am.
Was a bit dozy after dinner tonight so thought I would go and lie down in bedroom  but only stayed an hour and came back here!!
They aren't foxes Vicky but wolves.
Just as cute though.
Weather has still been good although a little cooler today.
I don't think the hedgehogs will venture out again until it is a bit warmer.
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello~Vicky & Friends

Yes, I had my weekend off~did visits, and apartment cleaning, and laundry....

Lunchtime~just done Homecare~always fun to share lunch

dog animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, Vicky, and Nance,

I think your haircut is lovely, Lily.  So is your fawn and bunny.


I love the sparkly night scene, Jill.  Beautiful. 


Vicky, I'm shivering as I type this.  I wish the cold would stop.


Nance, that vid is absolutely adorable!



4 years ago

95Hi friends,

                                           Hope all is well with you.

Hope it soon warms up for you Lee.

It is  a bit cooler here again and tried to rain.
Certainly don't need any more of that!!!
Yes that is really cute that one of the dog and bird.
There are so many cute animals about I don't know how people can harm them.

There is an animated film coming on TV here soon called Rio about birds,don't know if you have heard of it.
I forget which stars ' voices are being used.
Of course they are never as good as Disney ones but good just the same.
Here is a nice pic for you Lee ( by the way an e-card waiting for you in care2)


4 years ago

Here's an old one of the family dog (got it from the slides)


4 years ago
 photo nite1--edited_zps8be702f7.gif
4 years ago

Hello~Lily & Friends

Last day of winter....happy penguins they are

penguin animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi, Vicky and friends! just dropping by and wishing you all a Happy St. patrick's Day!

Missed you, guys!



4 years ago

Hi Lily, Nance, and Che,

Love the swans, Lily.  I've always liked the way the cygnets ride on the parent's back.  I've seen Rio.  It's very good.  Watch it if you can.  I think you'll like it.  It's for children but still entertaining. 

Happy Wednesday, Che and Nance. 


have a great day
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi everybody.  Sorry I wasn't here last night but I was sooo tired.   I had to take my sister to get an MRI and after we stopped at a couple of stores.   I dropped her off and then went to Bible study which lasted for 2 hours since we ate and chatted for close to an hour.   So I was beat when I got home and didn't even turn my computer on.


Che!  How good to see you!  How have you been my friend and how is the weather in your area?   Not time for the typhoons is it?   I hope you don't get any, but if you do I hope you and your family will be safe.  Well I hope everybody, including animals, will be safe.


Nance, what an adorable video/gif of the bird and dog and also the one of the penguins.   Our first day of spring is tomorrow but it sure feels like it today.  Absolutely gorgeous!


Jill, how are you doing?   Pretty pictures as usual.


Lee, has your weather warmed up today?  I am so sorry you are so cold inside your house.   I wanted to get you a 'fuzzy' shirt for you last Christmas but you never told me your size.   They are soooo warm.


Lily, I figured you wouldn't be able to sleep the night before getting your hair cut.  That's how I am...if I have something planned I usually have trouble falling to sleep or staying asleep.   Sheba was such a pretty dog....she looks so sweet.   The swan with the baby on it's back is so cute.   Oh my goodness, I can't believe I called the wolves foxes.  lol   I meant wolves.  teehee!  Your hair looks really good and I know you feel so much better.   I like my shorter hair, too; it feels so much thicker.


Well gott run for now.   I hope everyone has a blessed day/night. 


 photo HelloBee.gif


4 years ago
Hi friends,
                 Well I dozed off in the chair so wont be staying on long now.Seems to happen sometimes lately after dinner  (old age lol)
Been a bit cooler here and tried to rain yesterday.
Well I suppose too good to be true to expect the good weather to last here.
Yes Lee I will watch that film when it comes on.
Have you ever seen one called 'Paulie'? that was a good one too.
Rio is going to be shown the weekend,just saw it advertised on the TV.
I can see buds coming on my apple tree at last,was wondering about it as it was pruned this year.
hope it still gets the apples as it is not bushy like it was now.
He might have overdone the pruning.
4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, and Jill,


"Paulie" is one of my favorite movies, Lily.  


Love the fall leaves, Jill.


Vicky, believe it or not, I'm about to be sweating in here!  This weather is crazy, isn't it?





4 years ago
Hi there friends,
                             Well Lee the weather is peculiar here too.
After those nice days it was cold and windy  and rained a bit earlier and now they forcast bad weather again !!
Did you find your e-card ?
There is a lovely bird video in the other thread be sure to watch it.
I have  a load of cassettes which the camcorder no longer works as it is old and they do not do that sort of cassettes now in the new camcorders.
So I managed to buy one from the internet,it was originally bought by someone in '02 but it works perfectly an din good condition.
So now I can see my old films and I was watching one earlier which had Maurice taking a bath.
Also ones of previous fish I had,lovely one of Guppies and colourful.
So I will try later to see if I can get any short ones transferred to here.
Even my loaches on there when I first had them and they were both the same size then!
Of course I can use it to film too but I already have one which used dvd's so really I only want it to see these cassetes.
4 years ago
4 years ago

swimming animated GIF

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, and Nance,

Lily, I love the card.  Such a sweet little Irish mouse couple.


Nance and Jill, beautiful animal graphics.  Thanks for the much-needed smiles on an exhausting day.



4 years ago

Hi Nance, Lily, Lee and Jill.   Well it is the weekend again.   Where do the days go?  At this rate I'll be 100 yrs old in a year or so.  lol   Are those sharks, Nance?   I love the way they are swimming no matter what they are.   Pretty 'weekend' graphic, Jill  Lee, I guess you are gearing up for all the activities that you have planned.   I wish I had something interesting to do.  Lily, cute graphic with the shakin' butt....I have a couple of those different sizes.  lol   I bet you enjoyed watching the cassette of Maurice taking a bath although I'm sure it made you a little sad too.   Well, it's late and with the time change a while back the nights seem to really fly by.   Have a nice weekend everybody.


 photo Goodnight_zps546c06a9.gif

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4 years ago
Hi friends,
It has been raining again here,not a lot but also cold and windy.and the forcast is not good.
Vicky they are Dolphins not sharks.
I already have Maurice taking a bath in one I have on Youtube.
I asked that  on there about that bird video I put in other thread and they said it took hours of video and editing so I was right in saying I doubt if it was made in one go.
Lovely video though
Some people are very good at that,I wouldn't know where to begin with editing on there.
A  squirrel was up on the line at the suet block!! little devil, no wonder they go quick sometimes
Those holders for those are pretty strong,they are RSPCA ones but he has broken the fastener on one side already so I will end up having to tie it soon like I did with the old ones.
Magpies seem to show up most days now too,once they discover food no stopping them.
They are big birds so can eat  a lot.
4 years ago

Wow 96 posts already!!

This was Les and Harry's dog............


4 years ago
happy saturday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello~Jill, Lily, Vicky & Friends

Vicky...they are not sharks...dolphins

First weekend of spring...enjoy

one direction animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi Nance, Jill, Lily, and Vicky,




4 years ago

mm Louis from 'One Direction ' Nance that's a good one.

Hi Lee hope you are taking it easy.
knowing you guess not!
We had some rain again here ,not a lot though.
We sure get some strange weather over here.
Never know what the next day is going to bring.
Never used to be like this years ago.


4 years ago
4 years ago

4 years ago
Been a dry day and some sun.
I filled up all the bird baths but can't do any weeding or anything yet.
I can see the raspberry canes coming up again and the buds opening on the apple tree.
At least that's a start.
Naughty squirrel burying nuts everywhere!
They probably forget where they burying them in the end.
4 years ago

Lee I watched 'Rio' earlier,good wasn't it?

Rio 2 is out here thIs week but it will be some time before getting on TV

Usually the dvd's come out first

4 years ago

4 years ago

spring animated GIF

4 years ago

4 years ago

New thread please Vicky,over 100 and my page is jumping again ,hard to post --thanks


4 years ago

Hi Jill, Nance, Lily and Lee.  I went to a barbecue yesterday and Saturday I was tired so I didn't get on the computer.   I wore shorts out yesterday and 20 minutes later it was very cold.   Brrrr!   Nance, I love the rose that is unfolding and that's a cute pic of the boys with cameras.   Lee, I hope you are getting some rest before your festivities begin.   I know how tired you'll be afterwards.   Pretty graphics, Jill.  Lily, I love your dog pics.  I'm glad you told me about your suet (I know squirrels eat mine too if I don't keep a close watch on them).   Anyway you reminded me that I put out a corn log today and that I better bring it in tonight as I dont' what animals are out there that might carry it off.  It's happened before.   Well I'm tired again....good night ladies.


 photo hello_zpsaa3dcf3c.jpg


4 years ago

Hi friends,
              Well the weather here isn't like yours Vicky unfortunately.
Not too bad , a little rain, some sun(no warmth in it) breezy on and off.
and it isn't going to get better according to the forcast.
That rose of Nance's is similar to the one I posted higher up.
The pic of boys snapping camera is pop star Louis from 'One Direction'

Don't forget about the new thread Vicky as it takes me long enough to get the page stopped before I can read your posts let alone write one.


4 years ago

Hi Lily, Vicky, Nance, and Jill,



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