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(closed) CHAT THREAD
3 years ago

Hi's raining now and boy we needed it cooled off.   For some reason I'm having trouble viewing graphics.   I'm like you Lily, I wish they would leave off the maintenance as it messes up things up worse.   I hope this new thread posts.  I am really tired tonight so I will just bid everyone adieu and hope to see you tomorrow.   Sweet dreams or good morning!


 photo SweetdreamsfromSandic_zpsde5fd6a9.gif

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3 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,



3 years ago

Hi Lee.  Boy it was soooo hot yesterday.   I hope things are going well for you.   Awfully quiet in here, huh?


 photo hellofriends_zps3d06c193.gif

3 years ago

Hi Vicky,

Where in the world is everyone?  Lily said her internet went off several times yesterday.  I'll bet it went off completely.



3 years ago

Yes Lee it has been off since the weekend and so getting in quick/
I will be back later if it stays on

My phones are still not working,fed up with it I need that phone it is my lifeline as I cant use any other phone anywhere else as it is  a typetalk phone for the deaf.

3 years ago

Well still on but not my phones,hope they get them sorted soon,it has been long enough!
It is raining here now ,I put the food out but will get washed away I expect before something comes round for it
hope it is dry on Thursday as I will probably go to see Les again..
The weeks go round so quick don't they,I don't expect I will get there every week in the winter.

3 years ago

Hi Lily,

I'm glad you're back!



3 years ago

Don't know how long for though Lee as it switched off and on again a moment ago!
Hope to be going to see Les tomorrow so not staying on here late.
Hope it doesn't rain! 
I read we are going to get storm Bertha or whatever it is called so hope it misses here.
Still warm and there was  a  breeze out there today.

3 years ago
3 years ago

Hi Lily,

I wish they'd get your utilities fixed.  I know it's a very uncomfortable feeling.  Lynn's very talented in making tags, isn't she? 



3 years ago

Hi Lily and Lee.   It was hot today....heat index in the 100's.   The pool felt so cool and wonderful.   Lily, I have a small plastic table outside with a pan under it in which I put scraps.   That way when it rains the food won't get wet.  I guess you went to see Les today....I hope the storm didn't catch you.   Cute puppy and cute fox Lynn made you.   Lee, I don't know where everyone is?   I guess each has their own agenda for the days.   Hopefully Penny, Brenda and Lynn will stop in soon.   Going to a barbecue at Danny's tomorrow so I may not be here.  


 photo thursday-3_zpsc321db69.gif

3 years ago

Hi friends, yes I went to see Les today,he was fine.
I took him some of those little sausage rolls and some strawberries.
There was a nice girl on today,I got a cup of tea straight away and 2 biscuits
Les had the same.
later I got another cup!!! 
When she brought Les's sandwiches round I said that's not much for a man his size. and she came back with some more also a  fruit yogurt.
So he had quite a bit while I was there.
We were looking at some more old photos of his and there are some I hadn't seen before also ones I had forgotten about!
I  have borrowed some to copy so I will be able to show you some after I get them on here.
I got the dvd's back which I had those camcorder tapes put on.

One there with me and Bobby the labrador,

I will have to film some clips of it with my camera. to put on here on YouTube.
Vicky Brenda will be back she has had some troubles and Penny wont as she has left.
i did not get home until about 8.30pm tonight so have been trying to catch up a bit.
it was hot today but not too bad on trains ,the 2nd train though was very hot but thankfully I only go two stops on that one.
We are expecting storms probaly starting tomorrow (bound to as I want to go shopping!!)

3 years ago
Cute puppy  _4_  Goodnight.jpg
3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, and Lily,



3 years ago

Hi group!   Well I went to the barbecue and so I'm tired and will only be a minute.  It was 106 degrees heat index at 5:30 pm.   At 7:00 pm I wanted to go and get in the pool...I'm sure it would have been so cool.   But I watch ''Bewitched" with my mom from 7-8 pm.  


Lily, what do you mean Penny's gone?   She left the group?   I wonder why?  Lynn's absent to so it looks like it's back to me, you, Lee and Jill again.   And maybe Brenda will be back.   I love the hearts going around your picture of the dog.   Did Lynn make that for you?   I'd like to know what program she got the hearts.  


Jill, there you are!   I was wondering where you went.  Very pretty graphic.


Lee, you must be miserable with all this humidity and heat.  Today was killer.  


Good night ladies.....have a great weekend.


 photo WeekendfromSallyA_zps2082fa38.gif

3 years ago

Lily, I forgot to say how nice it was for the girl to bring extra tea and yogurt for you and Les.   I bet you really enjoyed looking at more old photos.   I can't wait til you post some here.

3 years ago

Hi everybody, sorry I haven't been here to post but I had a pre-cancer lesion removed from the side of my lips and it's quite uncomfortable. I'll try to be back in as much as possible now. Have a great weekend, all of you!

3 years ago

No Vicky Lynn did not make that one,I did it  a long time ago so don't know which place I got it from,thought it was image editor but it is not there.
Penny said she was going to leave Care2.

Lynn glad you got rid of that thing anyway .you will soon be back to your old self.
my phones are on again today,not before time anyway.

Woman upstairs said hers had been off too.
Been raining here today


3 years ago

3 years ago
Hi friends,
            Well it has been dry today so far after yesterdays rain
Waiting now to see if we get any of that storm the weekend, supposed to be that one called Bertha (where do they dream up the names for them)
Got my shopping in yesterday anyway.
just been shampooing that rug you said you liked Vicky in the video,pink one.
I think it got dirty due to some slippers I wore and the colour came out some.
but it is bound to where I sit a lot with my feet down there (not wearing those slippers any more)
I put a couple of new plants in fish tank(which is cooler in there today) but I don't expect they will last long as those loaches already taken a nibble !!!
reckon I spend a fortune on them really ha ha  but live plants are so much better than plastic ones.
3 years ago


3 years ago

A really old one  lol   me ,youngest brother Ron, with Mum and Dad


3 years ago

Hi Lily, Jill, Lynn, and Vicky,


Have a great weekend, everyone.


3 years ago


3 years ago


3 years ago

Hi Lynn!  I didn't realize you had a lesion removed from your lip.  I hope that nothing becomes of it and that you will be fine.  Pretty heart tag.


Great old photos, Lily....I commented on them in the squirrel group; where is the video of you and Bobby?    Is that a picture of the new plants in your tank?   They sure are bright and pretty....for now anyway.  lol   Sweet little sleeping pup.   I'm sorry to see Penny leave Care2. 


Hi Lee & Jill.   Any plans this weekend?   Nice graphic, Jill.


 photo 80370-Happy-Sunday_zpsc4b44863.gif


3 years ago

Yes Vicky the new plants and the loaches have already had  a nibble!
The video of me and Bobby is in other group but you have seen it now

Here is one of my dog Harry....

3 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Computer problems!!!!


happy monday
3 years ago

3 years ago

Beautiful tag, Jill....the colors are awesome. 


Lee, sorry you are having computer problems....hopefully your cousin will fix it soon.


Lily, Harry was a sweet dog; how long ago was that taken?   It's so nice to look at old photos and videos isn't it?


Has anyone heard from Annie?


 photo Monday_zpscf0ae20e.gif

3 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, Lee and Jill,

Vicky, who's Annie? Do you mean Brenda? I haven't seen Brenda for a while. Maybe she's away but I'm sure she'll be in soon again."

Lily, I love the video of Harry. How old was he at the time? He looked like such a placid dog. So sweet.

I was at my son and d-i-l's house all day yesterday. Steve BBQ'd but we had to eat in the house instead of poolside. It was so hot out that just to open a door gave you a blast of hot, humid air. In the very high 90's. We had a good time anyway. We always do.

My lesion is getting better. The scab is off and it looks pretty good. At least I can open my mouth wide again.

Either I don't get any Care2 mail or I get a deluge. Today was deluge day! Gotta go back to the groups and put my 2 cents in. lol See you all soon. Lee, I hope your computer problems get fixed very soon. Ta ta for now!

3 years ago


Hi friends,
             Lynn glad your face is healing fine and that you can open our mouth lol
Annie is in our squirrel group so I think Vicky thought she was there when she posted.
Brenda has family things going on but will be back when she can.
I think that video of Harry was made in  the 90's and not sure of his age because he had other owners before me but I suppose he was about 10 there.
I had him until 1997 he was 14 then or round about that age.
Lee hope you soon get the computer problems fixed.
It is a bit cooler here now qnd we have had some rain people have had it worse in other parts of the country with flooding etc.
I have some more videos to put on here but they take a long while uploading

3 years ago

I hope people are watching to the end of Harry's video because a pic of the garden in snow came up and they might think that was all of Harry,it carries on after that.
the reason that is there is because I filmed it at the time over another film and when you pause you should go back a llittle before carrying on to stop that bit showing

3 years ago

3 years ago

That one above looks better watching it on the YouTube page


Oh Oh that black cat has been round pinching the food again tonight,oh well I haven't seen the fox anyway so rather the cat have it than maybe a rat.
I see that every day after I put food on bird table and the pigeons come down.
They scatter the nuts so the rat has got a chance of grabbiing some and it runs back and fowards to get them.
They are a nuisance because I might get complaints from neighbours saying my feeding birds is attracting them.
But I don't want to stop feeding the birds.


3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, Lynn, and Lily,



3 years ago

Oops....yes Lily I indeed thought I was in the squirrel group when I asked about Annie.  lol  I never did see the snow in Harry's video and I watched it til the end.   We are having flooding in the U.S.A., too.   Sorry you haven't seen the fox...I wonder where he's at.  That was a nice video of your garden....beautiful flowers.  Harry lived to a ripe old age...he looked so docile.


Lynn, beautiful tag!   I posted a question in the Help thread in your Mandela group.   No rush to answer though.   What made me think of it is that I see that one of Lily's pictures didn't post properly.   I'm glad your lip is healing and I agree with you, too hot to be outside barbecuing or at least eating.   I heard on the news earlier (well I caught a small bit of it) that we will have a cold front.   Which probably means in the 80's.   hahaha!   Hopefully low humidity.


Lee, how are you doing with this continued heat?   I guess your sinuses are still acting up.  


Other groups to post in.....see you later.


 photo happyday_zps54a470e0.jpg

3 years ago

That garden wasn't mine Vicky it was my brothers

I have never had a good display like that
yes there was a missing picture my fault didn't save it after making it so here it is.....


3 years ago
I am going to bed soon as I may visit Les tomorrow.
they say we will probably have some heavy rain in the afternoon if so I hope I dodge it and get indoors by then.
Will have my mac and umbrella with me in case.
Caught  a mouse in the trap tonight hadn't seen one about but I always keep an eye on the trap as it has a light which flashes on and off if there is one in there.It kills them at once  so they don't suffer.
Wish I could get rid of the rat outdoors,every afternoon it is after the peanuts round the bird table as the pigeons scatter them.
3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, and Jill,

Wonderful pics, ladies.  Have a lovely day.





3 years ago

Oh my sure is nice to know that Johnny is thinking of me.  lol   I forgot to comment about your brother's garden in the other group.   It sure was pretty with so many colorful flowers.  Did you make it to see Les today?   I hope the weather was nice.  What does 'mac' mean?   I have it on the tip of my tongue but can't think of the word.   I have never heard of a mouse trap with a light letting you know something is in there.   I hate killing animals but I know it must be done.   I hope the fox comes back around soon.


Nice words on your graphic Jill.   I'm glad you find time to stop in and greet us.


Lee, I saw in the other group that you got your computer fixed.   That is wonderful and I know how glad you are.


 photo HAPPYDAY_zpsb0fe5b9e.gif

3 years ago

Hi friends,
               Yes I went to see Les today he was fine.
I took him some more of those little sausage rolls and tomatoes.
I got tea and biscuits again today.
It started to rain when I got off last train but as the bus stop is near the station It was ok and when I got off bus it is outside the nursing home so I did not get wet.
It cleared up again after so all was well when I left there to come home.
I think it has been raining a bit tonight .
I put food out late as I dozed off in chair but as soon as I came in the black cat was eating it! must have been waiting for me.not seen a fox anyway.
A mac is a raincoat Vicky.
this is similar to the mouse trap I have 

Much more humane than those ordinary ones which trap their necks!
I don't like having to do it either but I can't have them running around in the home.~just wish they would stay out.
I have some plug in things in room sockets which are supposed to keep them away but they don't work obviously.
Cant keep anything uncovered now in case they come in ,last time it had been all over this room,found droppings on the sofa even!
and it had nibbled chocolate bar wrapper in dish.
They are so small they can get in anywhere!
Lee glad you got things fixed.

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3 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,


Have a good weekend, ladies. 


3 years ago

That's a cool mouse catcher, Lily.   I think tiny mice are adorable but I agree that we can't have them running around.   At least they are killed instantly.   I'm glad you got to see Les yesterday and that you didn't get caught in the rain.   I'm sure he looks forward to the treats your bring him.    


Lee, I'm glad you got your computer up and running again.   Yep, the weekend is upon us again.   Time flies, doesn't it?


Well, other groups to visit....later.


 photo USE_zpsc9b8ebfb.png

3 years ago
yes time sure does fly by, especially when on here.
Did a bit of shopping today and thankfully it did not rain.
The black cat is stilll coming round for the food.
Don't think it is a stray but you never know because my cat went missing for weeks and she had a collar and tag on with my address but no one returned her.
so I don't know what she survived on.
The black cat is out all night it seems and I have only ever seen it once in the daytime so it probably sleeps all day.
Certainly waits for me to put food out because it shows up soon after,
The rat is still about it is so brazen comes out while I am out the garden but runs off when I shoo it or if it sees me.
I threw some water over it today when I was cleaning bird baths but it still came back.
3 years ago
nice saturday
3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Jill, Lily and Vicky,

It is soooo hot here!  Please hurry, fall.   

Have a wonderful weekend, ladies. 





3 years ago

Hi everybody, I'm not getting any mail from Care2 again! Nothing, nada, zilch, zip....ok, you get the picture. Care2 is certainly getting screwed up lately and it's getting worse.

Lily, the rat may have come right back but at least he was clean from the bath you gave him. lol  I'd hate to have a rat coming in to my garden if I had one. The woman upstairs used to leave her trash bag out in front of her door and one night I walked out to see two glaring eyes looking at me from the top of the steps. I didn't know if it was a fox, a raccoon or a rat. Turns out the woman told me very blithely that it was a rat and she saw it when she opened her door. To me, it looked as big as a small cat! Thank God that was the last time I saw it. The Board got after her for leaving her trash outside her door. At one time she had 39 cats and 1 dog in her apartment. The apartment smells awful and when she leaves her window open just a bit, the whole parking lot stinks. I love my apartment but my daughter wants me out because of the smell in the area.

I don't know why I'm rambling. I haven't been on this thread for a while so I thought I'd put my two cents in.

Love to everyone!

3 years ago

Lynn, it's odd that the apartment complex people don't make that woman move.   I mean neighbors shouldn't have to smell the stench.   Oh my gosh...39 cats & 1 dog in a small apartment.  Eeks!   Funny what you said about at least the rat was clean.  lol  How is your lip doing?


Yes, Lily cats prowl all night and sleep during the day...well most of them do.   That's a shame you didn't get your cat back; how long did you have it before it disappeared?   That sure is a pretty tiger pic.


Lee, it feels cooler this evening; I even went out for a few minutes and cut some weeds around my Crabapple tree.  I was hot though when finished.  


Very pretty grapahic, Jill.


Lynn, here is a B/W Color Pop tag I just made and put in the thread in your group.


 photo USE_zpscb1b13c8.png

3 years ago

I can't understand anyone wanting to keep that amount of cats no matter how much you love animals!!

Obviously there would be a smell no matter how much you cleaned up after them.
She ought to have opened a cat sanctuary somewhere if she wanted all those.

Lynn that is terrible living with that nearby but you can complain and they must do something about it as peoples health is at risk.
Sorry you are having care 2 problems again.
I had a java update thing pop up 3 times in  a row when I visited one group tonight.
Haven't had any of those since I put adblock on but why this one showed up I don't know.
Vicky I did get my cat back that went missing.
I put this story on here a long time ago.
she went missing while I was on holiday,never had done it before.

The woman upstairs was always feeding her when I was away.


But when we came home she had been missing a week and then another 3 after I came home.
I went round houses knocking on doors etc ,asked the council if any had been picked up in accidents  or anything.
but nothing I didn't feel though that she was dead.

3 years ago

in the meantime a little black kitten came through my cat flap no idea where from so I kept it for a couple of weeks I had  a notice put up asking if anyone had lost a kitten but never got replies until about after that 2 weeks someone called and said it was theirs and they had been on holiday and left it with someone _(obviously they didn't want to claim it as it was a little terror!!)
Ran up my curtains and everywhere but I was getting attached to it so was upset when it was claimed,I even asked if they would consider leaving it with me but no.
but it was just as well as a friend where I used to live came round and said they had seen my cat round there!! even got herr in once to look at her tag but she jumped out of the window.
i went round there and walked up the alley at back of flats where I used to live ,looking through the fence at gardens along there.

And eventually saw her laying in the grass ,I called her and it was a minute or two before she finally came over to me as she suddenly remembered me.
I  picked her up and she started purring,as you can imagine it was very emotional  at that minute as she had been away weeks fro me.
My friend drove us home and I kept her in some time after that .

She had lost some weight but soon put it back on and after that never left my side for long,even if I was gardening she used to follow me around.
It is amazing how she found her way back to my old address after we had been here years!! she crossed a busy main road but probably did it late at night.

3 years ago

Here she is...............I had her until she was 14


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3 years ago


3 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, Lee and Jill,

I'm back to not getting any mail at all from Care2. Eric said the tracking was all fixed but it needs more tweeking. I have been in to F&S to report it because it's happening so frequently now. One day it's good and I get loads of Care2 mail and then pfffft, it's gone. No mail at all except for green star remissions. All in all, a pain in the butt!!

I'm on antibiotics for a urinary infection. Had one last year and I guess this old body is breaking down. Thankfully, the mind is still there. I'll be 82 in chronological years next month but about 20 in the brain. That's never going to grow up!! 

Vicky, I love your B&W color pop. It looks like a water color painting. I haven't been in to my group yet today. Hopefully, there's lots going on. By the way, my lip is mostly healed but it's difficult to open my mouth in a wide yawn because it stretches the skin in the corner of my mouth. Such a silly thing to complain about.

Lily, Twinkie looked so much like my Sue's calico cat. Twinkie must have loved you a lot and appreciated you all the more when she returned to you. She must have been scared when she was away, poor baby.

Too bad you couldn't have kept the little black kitten, although you said she was a terror. lol

As far as the woman upstairs, she only has about 5 cats and 1 dog now but the damage was done by the abundance that she had before. The kicker is that she's a respiratory therapist and works in a hospital. She's so used to the smell that she doesn't smell it anymore but no one comes to visit, not even her mother. The apartment is a shambles from the animals and the fact that she works 12 hrs. a day. The problem is she can't be booted out because she owns the apartment. It's a condo development and although there are a few rentals, most of us own our own apartments. I have called the Board of Health twice over the years. They fine her, she pays the fine and that's that. The condo board has been after her for years for many infractions but she disregards every notice she gets. As long as she pays her maintenance, they can't get her out. The board lawyers have even tried to think of a way but the law states that unless she's defaulted either on her mortgage or maintenance fees, nothing can be done to get her out. To make matters worse, she's a drinker and she's bi-polar so I have to be careful how I handle her. After I called the Board of Health the first time, she keyed my car. Eventually, I'll have to sell when I can't live alone any more. So far, my apartment is my santuary.

I'm in the Rock and Roll age!

3 years ago

Oh my gosh!!!!!!   The ONE post I forgot to copy and it is NOT here now!!!!   I hope it is a latency.   Care2 is getting on my nerves with not fixing that problem!!!    Also, on the main group page (showing all my groups) it looks like people last posted 5 hours ago when I might have just posted.   So tired of it!


Not going to rewrite my post tonight.  Maybe never.    But I will repeat how beautiful of a story that is about you finding Twinkie, Lily. 

3 years ago

Oh bummer Vicky that's a nuisance,I have had that happen when I clicked accidently twice and fast but I guess it is care2  anyway.

Sometimes when I am typing and click something part of the sentence disappears.
if I go back on a line a bit to move something or add something I find the font size and font family will go back to how it was in the


So now I type it all ordinary first then change these things after  (colour etc)
yes they never get the hours right,sometimes after I have posted I look at the main page like you said and my post not showing there only someones' who posted hours ago.
So then I go back to see if my post is there!!! wasting time all round.
Lynn I have had a couple of those urinary tract things,uncomfortable things>
hope it is  soon cleared up.
I am catching up with you as I will be 74 in December but of course dont feel that old ,most of the time anyway  lol
As for that woman if she is out all that time at work she can't be looking after them properly and it is unhealthy.

Maybe an animal warden (rspca)or whatever  you call them over there could

visit to look at the situation.
I can't understand anyone liking living in that smelly condition.
I would never have kept that kitten with Twinkie had I had the chance because of her age and she would not have tolerated it.
When I had Dixie it was both of them together at the same time.
that kitten he was so energetic but it worked out right as I got Twinkie back .


3 years ago


3 years ago

Someone posted this link in another group Vicky might be ok for you

3 years ago

Cool link Lily...I'll check it out tomorrow.  I am so tired for some reason right now.  Yep after me preaching to 'copy' a long post, the one I forgot to copy last night disappeared.  SUCKS!


Lynn, I 'm sure you know this but cranberry juice is a good preventative for URI.   Drink it occasionally and it should will keep it at bay.


  photo goodnightFREINDS1_zps0e3c2849.png

3 years ago


I waited ages for the fox to come round ,had my camera handy but he didn't show unless he came earlier tonight.

Food is still out there and it is getting light so if the cat doesn't come and eat it will have to throw it out,slug crawling up the side!!

A bit of rost beef in ther too tonight. silly fox.

happy tuesday
3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, Lynn, and Jill,

Sorry, ladies.  I've been sick for a couple of days.  Stomach probs.  I spend all my time in bed in a fetal position.




3 years ago

Hi Lee hope you soon feel better,we were worried about you

3 years ago

Silly me did some weeding today and now my back playing up.

Putting stuff on so hope it goes as I have that screening thing on Friday.

Also was hoping to see Les tomorrow but I think that's off now.

Should have left the stupid weeds alone but it is getting a mess out there and they were all round Maurice's grave.

3 years ago

Hi Lily,

Sorry you hurt your back.  That sounds like something I'd do!  I hope it gets better quickly.  I certainly understand about Maurice's grave.  The bird fair is this weekend.  I hope I'm better by then. 


3 years ago

Hi Lily, Lee and Jill.  I'm sorry you hurt your back, Lily and Lee I hope your stomach problems have cleared up.   I hate to see you sick for the bird fair.   Sorry you didn't get to see Les, Lily.   I'm sure he'll understand though as you have been quite faithful in your visits.   Jill, that is a very pretty always have the best.   Went with my mom today to the doctor and then we went and ate chinese food.   Then after getting home I got in the pool for a little bit and was laying down after and mom called and wanted me to take her to drop off her vehicle as it's making a sound.   I have to take her back to the doctor tomorrow to drop off something then to pick up her SUV.  


 photo Have-A-Bright-Beautiful-Wednesday_zps8a58d6b4.gif

3 years ago

Hi friends,
             Well I am hoping I might get to see Les tomorrow instead,depends on how I am in the morning.
I was ok all day but it started playing me up again tonight so will have to wait and see.
it is more round the side than back,I hope I am not going to get hip problems.
I have booked a cab to take me to that screening thing on Friday, so hope it's alright then.
Lee hope you are ok for when you go to your bird fair the weekend.
What's SUV Vicky?
I had at least 3 rats running around the garden today,fed up with them.
I am going to stop putting nuts on the bird table for a while because they are loading up on them!
Guess it wont stop them out there though as they also look to see what drops from the feeders.
I guess if neighbours see them they are going to complain or get in touch with the  flat housing mamagement.
They are such pests and the way they breed I could have dozens before long if something isn't done.
3 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

Bird fair this weekend!







3 years ago
Have  a good time Lee,well I know you will really.
I didn't go to see Les after all today but rang the nursing home to ask them to let him know I wasn't coming this week.
Hope I get to that screening ok tomorrow.
I have a cab coming for me.
a lot cooler here now ,the heating came on a while ago!
Rain is expected for the weekend which is a Bank holiday here-typical!
3 years ago

Have fun Lee!   I hope your health will be good and you won't overdo yourself.


Lily, your heater is coming on????   My gosh heat index today was close to the 100 mark if not over.    I wonder if Les was disappointed when you couldn't come?   Does he ever have other guests?  Oh, I think you said your SIL visits, too.  What is the screening for again?   I hope you get there okay and your results are good.   Here is a definition of an SUV.   A Sport Utility Vehicle or suburban utility vehicle (SUV) is a vehicle similar to a station wagon or estate car, usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on- or off-road ability. Some SUVs include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan or large sedan.


Hi Jill wherever you are.  


 photo Goodnight_zpsb32e1949.jpg

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3 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,



3 years ago
I was early for my appointment although the silly cab driver got lost!
he went round and round the same place and even called his office.
he should have known as it is fairly local and even if he didn't could have looked up in a map before picking me up.
well they said the main tests were normal but I will have to wait for the others as they are blood tests.
I will get a full report in about 21 days.
The screenings were for several things,abdominal aortic Aneurysm which measures size checking for any enlargement,
Heart disease risk-finger stick test.Periheral Arterial Disease-measures blood flow to the legs,
Heart Rhythm screening to check for irregular heartbeat,
Carotid Artery/stroke to look for blockages in the arteries in your neck that brings blood to your brain,
Systolic Hypertension-measurement to see if the upper number of your blood pressure is greater than140,
 Atrial Fibrillation -test using ECG elctrodes on the arms and legs to identify the presence or absence of an irregular heartbeat at the time of screening.
Blood tests I am waiting for include thyroid
So quite a bit done but I was only there about an hour.

my sister in law hasn't visited Les for a while and I haven't seen her either.
He has a visit occasionally from a woman who used to see him at his flat.~
I do not like her,she has caused a lot of trouble for us over the flat and his belongings ,too long to go into details.
But I wish she would stay away but he can't see no wrong in her!
she was there the other week when I went but she would not speak to me and ignored me when I tried to say things to her.
I told the receptionist there to hold back his mail until I go each time so that if she goes she can't open his mail,as she has done in the past.
his private mail,bank stuff etc is nothing to do with her!

3 years ago

Have fun Lee at the fair.   Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.  I hope your stomach behaves.


Lily, boy that was a lot of tests.....thank goodness it didn't take over an hour.   My mom had an operation a couple of years ago to unclog the vein in her neck.  I don't blame you for not wanting that lady to read Les' mail but it's good in a way that she visits him.  I'm sure he enjoys visits from everyone.  Too bad your SIL doesn't visit him much anymore.


Well bed time is here....later!


 photo USETHISONE_zps9398acaf.gif

3 years ago
good night photo: Good Night 6252D25252D1GoodNight.gif
Well Les may like a visit Vicky but he can do without her kind,she took loads of stuff out of his flat before we got there to do it,and she took them home  and no idea what shes done with them, she only took a few bits to where he is.
As for my sister in law no idea what shes up to I have rung but she hasn't got in touch .
Always waits for me to make the first move but when I ring never answers, either out or having her dinner which she wont leave for a second to pick up phone.
you would think with hardly any of us left she would keep in touch more.
those boys do not contact her even, their own grandmother.
I have nobody other than Les although my brother in law and his wife do bother about me but as they live so far away not possible to see much of them.
and yet they travelled all that way to see me in hospital when I had that infection after operation.
So I go days without talking to anyone unless  I go shopping but I don't mind as I am on here a lot.
3 years ago
Lovely garden there wish mine was like that.
Summer is practically over here now and rain forcast for Monday which is a Bank Holiday here.
Not doing any gardening at the moment with those rats running around out
I do have some plants in the greenhouse to put in window boxes soon, pansies and cyclamen.~
the fruit trees have been a let down after such a good start,what with the birds pinching the fruit on plum and apricot trees.
And now the apple tree not good either with a lot dropping off rotten so I will be lucky if I get any off of that one.
then there are  the raspberries, did have  a couple and there should be more soon with a bit of luck.
3 years ago
Mmm no one been in since I last posted!
well not much news,the fox showed itself tonight.
I then put out some chicken but he had moved on quick.
It was gone a bit later so I hope he came back and not the rats!
They have taken the bait in box so put more in but whether or not it will work I don't know.~
yukky a big spider ran across table near me here not long ago,I hate them.
I haven't seen one like this before so hope it is not  a biting or poisonous one!!
hope it shows so I can catch it in my spider catcher and put it outside.!
don't like the thought it might get into bedroom and walk over me there tonight  !!!
3 years ago

People seem to be busy, Lily. I don't get much mail from my groups and when I do there are not too many people posting. Chatter Box seems to be the only one that's going strong.

Did you get any results from your tests yet. That certainly was a lot of tests that they did. I hope the results are in your favor.

Is your sister-in-law married to Les or is it a common law "marriage". I ask because she hasn't been too interested in seeing him or even when he gave up his flat, she left all the work to you. I can't seem to understand that relationship.

I hope it was the fox that came back to eat the food. I don't like rats and I certainly don't like spiders, although it's said that they eat all other insects so maybe they're not too bad. Except for the poisonous ones of course. We have black widows and even worse, the brown recluse spider which hides in your clothes and then bites. My son-in-law (Sue's husband who she's separated from) was bitten by a brown recluse that was in his jeans. He was bitten in the thigh right near his privates and wound up in the hospital. It was touch and go for a while but he survived.

Last night I was in the bathroom and a huge palmetto bug ran passed my feet. I'm used to them but I chased it (so did Mandy) and it ran under my couch in the living room. It was more than 2 inches long. I hate them. The males fly and they're even worse
. They're in the roach family but huge!! I was just afraid (like you) that it would crawl into my bedroom and crawl over me when I was sleeping. I still haven't found it. Yuck!!

I spent Friday night and all day yesterday at Sue's house. She picked me and Mandy up at 4:30 Friday and we slept over. It was good getting out but I made the mistake of giving Mandy one of her snacks and she was protecting it from the cats all the time until I got fed up and took it away from her. She didn't eat it but didn't want any of the four cats near it so she growled at them when they got near her. Silly furkid. As if they wanted her bone! Anyway, it was good getting away and I had a nice time. Now I have to catch up with all my emails.

3 years ago

They told me the main tests were normal Lynn but I have to wait for the others which are blood tests.

I get the full results in about 21 days.

No my sister in law is not married to Les ,he has never been married.

She was married to my youngest brother Ron who died at 52 years of age from a heart attack.

She is also the mother of my niece who died at 33, the mother of those 3 boys.
and she has helped me with Les's affairs and at the flat etc.
But she hasn't contacted me lately ,I got her on the phone today but as usual said she was busy getting her dinner ready and would call me tomorrow!!
it is always me nearly that rings first guess she wants to save on her bills!!
Said she hasn't been well but that shouldn't have stopped her phoning me as it has been 4 weeks or more since I had heard from her.

She phones her sister every night !
I still haven't seen the spider it is here somewhere!
I hate insects too but spiders are worse and they run quick too.

Wasps are another thing I hate have been stung 3 times in the past by them.
We used to get  a lot more posts when we were in 'Foxy'
but Rebels was the best wasn't it? shame that had to finish.

3 years ago

Lily, what is Foxy & Rebels?   Most insects I don't mind but I do not like palmetto bugs and I definitely don't want any insects crawling on me.   Eeks!   The best stuff I have found for palmetto bugs is 'Raid Ant & Roach Fragrance Free'.   It comes in a orangey/red can.   Really good stuff and continues to work for a long time.   What is a  spider catcher?   You're right, it's a shame family (especially small in number) don't stay in touch with each other.   I can't believe your SIL won't call you or return your calls.   I mean she worked with you to move Les out of his apartment.   I don't get it.


Lynn, I know how big those bugs can get and it seems each year they get bigger and bigger.   And their heads stretch out further....YUCK!!  I'm glad you got out of the house to visit Sue for those couple of days.   A nice change of pace although it's usually nice to get back home.   How is your lip doing?   Hopefully it's better.  


Well news is slow.....I wonder where Jill  is?   I'm sure Lee is recuping from her trip this weekend.


 photo RAID_zps72fb01cf.jpg

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3 years ago

Oh gee, Vicky....did you have to go and post a picture of those hated bugs? It's enough to know that I have a more than 2 inch palmetto bug running around somewhere. I use the ant and roach killer but I use the one in the ruby red can because it has a nice fragrence. It really does do the job and stops the biggest bug in it's tracks. They immediately go belly up! I didn't want to spray all over the place because of Mandy and I wasn't sure where the bugger went.

The spider you posted looks like the brown recluse only I think the picture was enlarged. They don't look that big to me. Nasty old things. Yech!!

I'll answer for Lily about Foxy's and Rebel's. Foxy Friends was the group that June M. owned and was closed after she bullied me, Lily and Brenda. It was a small group but the people were fun, especially the two guys that we had. Rebel's was Rebel's Chatter Box. That was a great group with a lot of people posting. It had games, comments, a side group called Rebel's Juke Box. Rebel Sue got very sick and closed the group but there was something going on there every minute of the day.

3 years ago
Hi Friends,
               Well another weekend bit the dust,how quick the weeks go by.
I already have had 2 calendars arrive for next year!!!! plus  a Xmas catalogue!!
Gosh they love to wish our time away don't they?
Yucky nasty insects I hope my spider doesn't show up while I am sitting here.
Some people laugh if anyone says they are scared of spiders but for some people it is very real and  they panic or possibly even go into a fit of some  sort.
I have nasty feelings when I see  a mouse run near me although I know they are frightened of us.I just hate that creature whizzing along near me.
Vicky spider catchers are things you trap them alive in and put them outside.
I have one which runs by batteries and sucks them inside then you take them outside to release.
I spoke to my sister in law today she said she had been unwell but its weeks and doesn't take a few moments to phone someone.
She might be going into hospital sometime in the future ,she has already put it off a couple of times.
she never said anything about seeing me just said will talk to you again some time.
I hope to see Les on Wednesday all being well.
weather has changed here and it is raining so hope it doesn't that day.
Lynn has explained perfectly about those two groups.
Rebels Chatterbox was really great ,Lynn I still have all those 'Jokester'award tags (loads of them lol)
3 years ago
3 years ago

Hi Lynn, Vicky, and Lily,



3 years ago

Hi Lee!!   I see you are back and probably feeling somewhat still tired since you are only posted smilies.   But at least we know you're here.   I hope you had a good time and your stomach didn't bother you. 


Lynn, yep Raid makes them go belly up immediately and continues to work for quite a while.   I like the orange can as there is no fragrance at all.   Thanks for explaining about Foxie's & Rebel's.   Speaking of Brenda, I wonder what happened to her.  And did anyone say why Penny left or did she leave Care2 altogether?  Sorry about the bug/spider pics but I thought I was being silly.  lol


Lily, I'm glad you finally got to talk to your SIL.  You're right, she should call you at least a couple of times a month.   A Spider catchers sound pretty cool...I don't like killing things either.   Especially baby mice....they are so cute.   But I would have to trap them and release them if I see any.  Pretty tag you made.  


Looks like Jill has disappeared on us.   I hope she is okay...I miss her pretty graphics.   Oh well, I have to get ready for Bible Study.   Later folks!


 photo BONSAI-1.gif


3 years ago
Hi friends,
             Yes I can see you are worn out Lee but happy after your bird fair so rest up now,
Vicky the mice are not like tame ones at all and who wants them running around their homes leaving droppings ,smelling and god knows what else they pick up and then crawl all over your stuff.
likewise those rats outside they may not be in here leaving stuff but out there they are and cats and dogs can also pick up diseases from where they have been running about.
They smell too,if only they would stay away from here I wouldn't mind and would not have to put the bait out,they are taking it but even so doesn't always work now as they are getting immune to the stuff and they are bigger too
The one out there yesterday was almost as big as a young squirrel!!!!
While they are about my squirrels and birds are sufferering by not getting their usual food and I hate that.
but it is the only thing I can do.
Brenda will be back, she has family concerns at the moment, and Penny has other commitments and hasn't got time to come on care2 at the moment
I hope to go and see Les tomorrow so wont be on here late tonight,got to wash my hair in a minute..
3 years ago
 photo nite1--edited_zps8be702f7.gif
3 years ago

Hi Vicky and Lily,

There were such lovely birds at the bird fair.  I had so many favorites it's hard to pick one.  It was so hard to go, but it was so worth it.  




3 years ago

I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Lee.   I think birds are so awesome.   Did your stomach bother you while you were there?


Cute kitty & dog, Lily.   I don't don't know about smelling but I still think teeny, tiny baby mice are cute.   I don't want any though.   I used to live around a meat market in the 70's so I know how big rats can get.  HUGE!   How was your trip to see Les?   I assume you brought him some more treats.   I hope one day that Penny and Brenda come back but I know life happens and we can't always visit often.


Where are you Lynn?   You may be visiting someone else or else you have a lot of email to read and answer.    Darn mail never stops does it?  lol


frm Olga photo goodafternoonfrmolga_zpsf031800b.jpg

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3 years ago

Vicky, you had it both right when you said I may be visiting someone else or had too many emails. Actually, it was the too many emails part of it that kept me away. That, and making some more creations for my group which gives me a great deal of satisfaction.  I happen to think little pet mice are cute too, Vicky. Especially the white ones. They're adorable with their little twitching noses.

Lily, take care travelling to see Les tomorrow. You might be sleeping already. It's almost 10:30 p.m. here. I hope the rats stay away. Seeing a big one of those would creep me out!

Lee, how wonderful that you saw all those birds. Did you take any pictures of them? I love birds and I think they're beautiful.

Brenda is back in some of the groups. I'm sure she'll be in here also when she gets a chance. Penny is gone from Care2 completely. I "talk" to her sometimes on Facebook. She's doing fine in her newly married life.

See you all, soon.

3 years ago
Hi Friends,
              Lee glad you had such a good time.
I know you cant take photos as Lynn asked as you did say once apart from not having a camera you would not be able to hold it steady to take one.
You probably haven't got a printer either.
But you enjoy seeing them that's all that matters.
The fox is around again,it is not the one I filmed last time because that one had black legs.
This one is much younger and light colour all over(until he gets his winter coat anyway.
Very nervous though was watching my door all the time and run off once,I try to hide behind cutain so he doesn't see me but they are so observant.
Anyway he had chicken last night so that made up for the cat pinching it last time (haven't seen the cat lately
Went to see Les today, he was fine.
I asked the woman there if he has had any more of those funny turns,she said she didn't think so .
Maybe seeing me more regularly has helped and maybe he doesn't get depressed.
I took him some more of those little sausage rolls,tomatoes and a pear.
When they brought his sandwiches later there were extra ones on the plate, although I am wondering if that was for my benefit being there because I asked him if he gets that amount every day and he said no.
He usually has the same thing most of the time which must get boring
3 years ago

I went to see if I needed to put any more bait in the box out there and nearly had  a fit when I opened it-there was a big rat in there!!!
it was alive but as it did not jump out I guess it was having effects from the bait.
So closed it quick,if it is still in there tomorrow which I guess it will be I have the nice job of removing it!!!! ugh

3 years ago
nice thursday
3 years ago

3 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lynn, Lily, and Jill,


Good to see you back, Jill.  Love the sparkly.  


Lynn, Lily's right about the pics. I love seeing the birds though.


Vicky, my stomach is alright, but I don't know what will happen when I eat something that's not bland.  


Lily, I'm glad you got to see Les and that he's in a better mental state.  



3 years ago
Hi friends,
             That rat must have been a good actor,when I opened the box today it was gone!!!
saw one running around this afternoon but don't know if it is the same one.
bought more bait,so hope it will get rid of them eventually.
fox was round again tonight but soon off he is much more nervous than the last one.
Where's Vicky ? must be 3 days now.
We need a new thread here too,almost a hundred.
3 years ago

Hi Lily,



nice weekend
3 years ago

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