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(closed) CHAT THREAD
4 years ago

Hi group.   Lily, like I said in the other group sometimes I don't make all my groups each night so I at least like to try to post in either the squirrel group or this one.   I want to do both but sometimes it I just don't have time.  


Jill, it's good to see you again.   Beautiful graphics.....the green one I really like. 


Lee, hopefully your stomach won't act up when you eat certain foods.   I would hate that since I love hot & spicy and other types of food.


Lily, pretty black cat and cute dog.   I'm glad Les is in better shape than he was a while ago before he moved.    Your visits must really lift his spirits and I'm sure he really enjoys the treats you bring him.    So you have another fox out there, huh?   It's good that there's more than one around and I'm glad he got the chicken.   Do you ever see the hedgehogs?    Oh yuck!   The big rat somehow escaped the trap?    That would freak me out!


Lynn, what a beautiful peacock tag; I love the way you did the stars.   I must try putting all those on my creations sometimes.   And the colors are beautiful of the bird and background.   I'm glad Brenda is back in some of the groups; she will probably stop in occasionally.   Did Penny leave Care2 altogether because she got married?   I don't blame her for wanting to devote her time to her new husband.


Not sure if I will make the other group....good night ladies.   Here's a tag I made in your group a long time ago, Lynn.  However I just added stars but they don't look good like the ones you have on your peacock.   How do I make mine look good like yours?


 photo slothtwinkles_zpsae339766.gif



4 years ago

Oh, my post above was in reference to what you all posted lastly in the 'closed' thread.    Here is the link to the old one.

4 years ago

Those links don't go to the old thread Vicky only to care2 page.

That's not a trap out there it is  a bait box which you put the stuff in.
they go in and eat it.

I put some more out today and as I went to box a smaller rat flew out and ran up the garden.
I have been doing the fish tank a lot of the new plants broke into pieces and made a right mess in there so had to do it.
waste of time and money really they never last long.

Others ok so far though but I guess not for long.
No don't see the hedgehogs any more wont be all that long before their hibernation anyway.
I just want to get rid of those rats because the pigeons are sitting up on the roof every day and come down to look for food.

I guess when they see me they wonder why I am not putting it there.
No Penny hasn't left because she got married ,they have been living  together for years.

I keep picking up rotten apples out there which obviously have been chewed too by rats.
Don't know why so many have dropped,I will have to see if  I can save any on there,certainly not good like last year.

4 years ago

Hi all, I'm having a bout of vertigo so I can't be on too long. Yesterday the dizziness was so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. Sue came over with dinner for me. What a rotten feeling!! Sue brought me dramamine and it's helped a bit. I hope to be back tomorrow. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Vicky, I made the stars in lunapic.

4 years ago

Hope you soon feel better Lynn


4 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, Lily, and Lynn,

Lynn, do you know what causes your vertigo? 


Have a good weekend, ladies.





4 years ago

Well the roses are still going strong although they soon drop.


4 years ago

Took this today,as you can see I have lost some of the plants.

Just broke up and the loaches don't help by nibbling them.

Still it doesn't look too bad at the moment.


4 years ago
4 years ago
4 years ago

Adorable puppies and collie Lily and your roses are beautiful.   Lynn, I hope your vertigo is better now.   We had lots of much needed rain today.   I am so tired....will be back tomorrow. 


 photo USE_zps8cd6f234.gif

4 years ago

Lee, thanks for asking about my vertigo.  It's an effect from the fall I had in 2009. The neurologist said that because of the impact on my left side, the "crystals" in my left ear had become dislodged and were floating around. She said that I may have a periodic reoccurance of vertigo or vestibular problems for the rest of my life. I'll deal with that. It's better than dieing from the subdural hematoma in my brain that the fall caused. That's how Liam Nieson's wife Natasha Richardson, died.

I was walking in the street
and because I have a bad back, all of a sudden my legs locked up and I couldn't take a step. I stood there for a few minutes, hoping that someone would come along so that I could ask for a helping hand but no one did. I don't remember taking the step or the fall itself but it knocked me out and when I opened my eyes my head was on the curb and blood was rushing from the gash in my forehead. My left eye was closed completely. I was able to sit up and then a man saying he was an off duty policeman came to my aid. He asked all sorts of questions to see how coherant I was. What day was I know who the President I know what happened to me, etc. Another man stopped his car and brought over wipes so that I could wipe the blood from my face.

He called 911 and the paramedics came soon after. They bandaged my head, put me in a neck brace and were going to take me to my nearby hospital but I looked so bad that they took me in the ambulance to the big trauma center in downtown Miami. I was there for 6 days. In the ambulance is when the vomiting started and didn't stop until the next day. Thankfully, the hematoma in my head was in a place that could be dissolved with shots in the tummy and I didn't need surgery but it left me with vestibular problems that made me dizzy to the point of throwing up and passing out. I was not a happy camper. When I stopped at home after getting out of the hospital so I could pick up some clothes to wear, I passed out in my daughter-in-law's arms. I couldn't be alone so I stayed with my son and d-i-l for 3 weeks with a physical and vestibular (ear) therapist coming every day. The impact of the fall was so strong that it caused a hematoma in my left breast that had to be watched for a year. It also left me with a PSTD fear of falling. I dream about falling and there's no way to get up. I do have a Life Alert button that I wear around my neck that goes straight to the emergency station if I fall. All I have to do is press the button.

OMG, I wrote a book!!!  Now Lee, aren't you sorry you asked what caused the vertigo? LOL

4 years ago

4 years ago

Oh Lynn how awful for you.  You have really been through some rough medical times.   Thank God that man was there to help you after you fell (too bad not before) and that you were rushed to the trauma center.   You're so right, the fall (even though you have repercussions) is better than dying from a subdural hematoma.  I'm glad you wear a Life Alert button around your neck just in case.... What a blessing that God has pulled you through this and that you've had support during those times.


Hi Jill.   Did you do anything special this weekend?   Pretty picture.


Hi Lee & Lily wherever you are.  


 photo sunday-greetings-birdy-graphic_zps965a3cd2.png

4 years ago

Vicky, what a lovely person you are. You're so caring and understanding and I so appreciate your kind words. Notwithstanding all that has happened to me, I still feel blessed that I came through it all and I'm alright. I feel that I have a Guardian Angel looking after me. My family is another reason that I'm blessed. My kids are marvelous and Andi, my granddaughter is one in a million.

Another way that I'm blessed is having friends like you and the rest of the gals in this group. The friends that I've made on Care2 are very special to me and I cherish yours and their friendship. Thank you for being you! Love you, hon. ♥

4 years ago
Monday sexy men_2_.jpg
4 years ago

Thought you'd like  a change from the ' doggies ' lol

4 years ago

Woo, woo!  Thanks, Lily!!

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lynn, Jill, and Vicky,

Lynn, I'm always interested in the medical side of things.  Besides, I fall alot because of my ankle probs.  Always good to learn from the experiences of others.  They are doing training now to teach people's brains how not to fall.  It really works they say.  I wish I could take it.


Cute little bird, Vicky.


Lovely roses, Jill.


Lily, your roses are so pretty.  I wish I could manage that with mine.  



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4 years ago

Hi friends, (I knew you'd like that one Lynn lol)
Lee those roses have dropped already seeing as it has been raining a bit.

They never last long those ones.
It isn't my rose bush anyway it is in the upstairs flats garden but it is outside my back door just over the wire fence and I often prune it because it blocks my view of the bird table!
But it was in that garden when I moved here so it has been there some 30 years probably or even more.
I like the flowers but I am not keen on the bushes as I always seem to catch myself on them.

Also get a lot of wild sort come through the fence and they are a nusiance so sharp, I cut them off whenever I can because you cant get to the roots.
Also stinging nettles come up quite a bit too I hate those.


4 years ago

Hi Lily,

I love roses.  Do those roses have the wonderful smell or are they the kind that have no smell?  I love the old-fashioned kind with the lovely perfume. 



4 years ago

Hi everybody.   I went to my friend's yesterday and watched some movies and fried some salmon patties.   They were delcious and it had been a long time since I ate any.


Lynn, what sweet are a lovely person, too.  And a great artist.    You are indeed blessed to have such a wonderful family, friends and I know angels, too.   I know many times angels have watched over me and saved my hide.   God always protects me....thank you Jesus.


Lily, it's already hot as hades down here and now you post a hottie!  hahaha!   Cute dogs, too.   Wow, that rosebush is that old?   It is still beautiful and even though you have to trim it on your side just look at the treasure you get to see each morning that it blooms.   I think it is a good trade off.


Lee, that is very interesting that they are teaching people's brains to learn how not to fall.   Is that offered in your area and is it something you could take?   My friend Danny has Parkinson's and he always says how his brain wants his feet to move but sometimes they won't.   That might be a consideration for him, too.   I hope you don't fall very often.


My neck is hurting me so I am going to sign off.   I am going to try to make a few other groups and then (if it's not raining) I have Bible Study.


 photo USE2_zpsbca04c8e.gif

4 years ago

Hi Friends,
              Lee I don't know if that rose bush is scented or not so would have to get close to find that out so guess it is not the old fashioned kind you mentioned.
They have dropped off now.
I put a plant near Maurice's grave,I think it is Salvia not sure at the moment but it looks like the salvia in this pic i found on here.


the fox will be unlucky if he comes round now as the black cat has had it .
Might have last night too as I haven't seen the fox tonight.
I checked the bait box today and bait was still in there so that is promising maybe rid of them or else the big one is wary after I surprised it in there the other day.
I did find a dead smaller one yesterday when I mowed grass in that other garden.

May be going to see Les tomorrow depends on how I am,legs were aching a bit today.

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4 years ago
sexy711--have  agreat week.jpg
4 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,


Vicky, I don't know where it's offered.  I saw it on the national evening news.  I don't fall as much as I used to.  It happens when my ankle gives way.  Maybe my brain is learning not to fall.


Lily, those are lovely flowers for Maurice.  I hope you get to see Les.



happy wednesday
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lee and Lily.   Not much going on here...I see fall is 9/23.   Already.  


Jill, did you have an enjoyable Labor Day?   I went to my friend's house but that's about it.  Pretty graphic....I love the birds flying.


Lee, if you hear any more about the brain stuff on t.v., let me know the information.   I'm glad you don't fall as much now.


Lily, were you able to visit Les?   How is he doing?   Boy, what has gotten into you with all the hotties you've been posting?  lol   Cool off girl!     I'm sorry the fox is missing out on all the good food.   Salvia comes back each year and it is so pretty....some red, some blue.   Butterflies love them!


Well, got other groups to visit.   Later ladies.


                          photo goodafternoon4.gif



4 years ago

Hi Jill and Vicky,


Beautiful sunrise, Jill.   l love the doves.


I'll let you know if I hear anything, Vicky.  As I remember, they put you in protective gear and harnass on a treadmill.  Then they cause you to stumble repeatedly.  With practice your brain learns how to keep your body upright and correct for falls!



4 years ago

Hi Friends,
              Well I have been off the internet since Wednesday night.
I phoned aol and they kept me on the phone nearly an hour and still didn't fix it.
Said will have to get an engineer on it as it may be something outside your home causing it.
hadn't heard anything by tonight so I then remembered another person there once told me to switch off router for a few seconds and then turn on again.
So I tried that and it came on!!!!
Waste of time talking to that person,why couldn't he have suggest that. 
I went to see Les, he was ok but a little grumpy but that is to be expected given his situation.
I didn't get any tea this time! seems it depends on which staff is on I think.
Some just don't bother.
I hadn't had a drink since the morning and didn't get one until I got home about 7 pm!
I mean it's a long journey there and back wouldn't hurt them to give me a drink. thoughtless morons.
I borrowed  a lot of Les's photos to scan onto my pc they are so funny.
he was such  a nut case when he was younger  lol
Really a shame for him to have ended up this way.
I checked the bait box again today and it is still in there so hopefully they have gone.
anyway I fed the pigeons today felt sorry for them waddling around grass seeing if bits dropping from feeders.
4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi all, it's almost Friday here....11:15 p.m.  Spent the day with Andi and Trent and then when Chad came home from work and Sue came over, too we all had dinner together. Tomorrow Sue is coming over after work to dye my hair. I used to do it myself (I still cut my hair myself) but I can't seem to hold my arm up long enough to get the dye distributed evenly.

Yesterday I spent most of the day making tags. I love doing that and feel such a feeling of satisfaction when they come out looking good. Vicky has been doing a great job of making her own, too.

Did this one in PaintShopPro. I love the changing colors. Gonna go see my other groups now. Ta ta for now!

4 years ago

That's lovely Lynn, Lee will like that one.

Me I just seem to be doing stuff with animals mostly.

My hair needs colouring again too will have to do it soon.

I hate grey roots  lol,it's grown a lot again too.

Here is one of Les's daft pics  lol


4 years ago

Hi Lynn and Lily,

Lily's right, Lynn.  I love roses, and there are all the colors in one place!  Beautiful.  I love it!


Lily, I'm glad you got to feed the poor pigeons who've been doing without because of the rats.  They must have looked so sad waiting for food to fall.  



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4 years ago

I love the roses, Lynn!   Especially the way they change always come up with such great ideas.   I wish I had PSP but since I don't I will make do.  lol    Oh, I made a siggy for you and G.P. in one of your threads.   I think it is in the 'word' one.  I know it's hard sometimes to keep arms up in the air, thank goodness you have someone to help you apply the color to your hair and that you are able to cut it yourself.   I would have thought that cutting it would take longer and would hurt your arms more but hey...that's just me.  lol   Sounds like you spend a nice amount of time with your family going here and there.   That is really nice.


Lily, what a funny picture of Les.   I bet he was a real cut up in his day.   I'm glad you finally fed the pigeons, I know they were anxiously awaiting.   Your hair grows so fast....I guess soon it will be time for another cut.


Lee, I can't you have roses growing in your yard?   I know how much you love them.   Seems like the weather is turning a wee bit cooler....I know you like that.   Heck it will be fall/autumn on the 23rd of this month.   The summer flew by.


Gotta visit other groups.....later gators.   I didn't make the following tag.


 photo 216072_zps69bbf489.gif




4 years ago

I went out today with the purpose of getting  a couple of new tropical fish as one of mine died and only got one of that kind in there now so it will be  a bit lonely as the loaches have nothing to do with it.
The Aquarium shop was quite a way ,a bus ride and a walk so I wasn't a happy bunny when I got there to find it had closed down!!
I hadn't been there for a long time but I never would have thought it would close because it was inside a large garden centre.
and that was a lovely centre too.
Don't know now how I will get any as none that near, the other one is a bus ride too but I am not familiar with the area.
So I will have to look up maps.
it is not good having to travel long with them in a bag.
And haven't anyone to take me in their car.

4 years ago



4 years ago

Here's a nice one


4 years ago


4 years ago


4 years ago

Hi Lily and Vicky,



4 years ago

Awwww, poor little lonely danio; it's a shame that shop closed down Lily.  I hope you can find a couple of more fish not too far away and in a nice neighborhood.  Those are some funny pics of Les....I bet he was so fun to be around.   How old is he now?    I copy open or copy the .jpg link.   Why can't you post the actual pic?  Funny kitty and cute Sheba.


Lee, are you enjoying the cooler weather?   Still humid but no where near as hot to me.


I found a picture of that same smiling dog you posted, on the internet Lily and made a tag with it.   Here it is:


 photo dog_zps7f93c463.png

4 years ago
Well had  a hectic day!
I went to the Aquarium shop I found on line,they said there it was 5 minutes from Wembley Stadium/
Some hopes!!!  maybe if you have a car or motor bike.
I could not find it and everyone I asked did not know where it was and one sent me one way and someone else said it was in the opposite direction.
eventually found a guy I asked who looked it up on his mobile and he took some time which was good of him.
Even then took me a long time to find it as it was a long walk from where I left him.
I  even asked someone else after that and they pointed me in the right direction.
Well after about an hours walking around at last I was on the right road.
BUT oh my it was such a long road and as I got nearer it was a bit uphill too .
When I finally arrived at the store I was knackered!! and it was hot today too so I thought probably won't be able to take them today anyway in this heat.
My legs were aching by then I thought I would go in their cafe first and get a drink and go to the toilet.
Cafe was closed!!!! due to staff shortage I think it said on door.
Oh well it is a lovely garden centre with some beautiful plants and ornaments but I was too worn out by then to go round looking.
Went into the Aquaria,wow they have some enormous koi carp in there must be 3 feet long at least.
I did not bother going round looking at all the fish although I noticed some large ones and also a turtle.
I looked for the danios plenty of them.
I asked for 3 of those leopard ones like the one I have already.
and I asked them if it was possible for them to order me a cab to go home because I would never have made it back to station I think.
They did and it came about 10 minutes later to bring me right home.
I was glad to get back believe me ,I would not have gone had I known how far it is from here.
Well they are in tank now the guy who put them in bag needs glasses! as I found one is a zebra danio,not that it matters but I asked for 3 leopard ones.
Of course the one I had already ,bossy thing has been chasing them but I think they will run rings around him now,they are smaller and move so fast.
Got to keep an eye on my loaches though for a bit in case they think they are a tasty meal!
They have been out quite a bit since I put those in but I guess it is because of all the activity  again.
cost me as much for the cab as I spent in there but worth every penny because I was worn out.
4 years ago

Here is the missing pic of Les Vicky,I did post it and it showed at the time but what I think I did was finding that pic twice in my album and deleted one .

Which must have been the one here.
I never post links to my photos.
Les is 86 this month.


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4 years ago

Lily, it's too bad you don't know anyone with a car to take you where you need to go. Even if you had to pay them a bit it would be so much easier for you to get around.

Good luck with the new fish. I'm sure they'll be fine with the other fish. Andi put fish in with her beta and the beta just swam around them. Didn't care a whit.

Les was such a nice looking man when he was younger and a fun one to boot. Such a shame that he's in the position that he's in now. You're a good sister to visit him so often and bring him food to eat.

Vicky, I love what you did with the smiling dog picture. It's so cute now.

Lee, how are you feeling? Does the weather affect you as it does me? The barometric pressure, when it's going to rain, plays havoc with my bones.

I just finished this tag and I'm quite proud of it. I started with a plain picture of a boy on a rocking horse. Then I made three other images, placing the rocking horse in a different position each time. Then I animated it (all in PSP) and it came out like this. Not to be immodest, but I love it!!

4 years ago
 photo goodnighttweetie----_zpsaa145017.gif
4 years ago

Hi friends, 
                  well the fish seem to have settled in ok,must be happier than in that shop in a tank with dozens of other fish and  no plants at all.They seem slightly plumper today so I guess they didn't get much food at the shop with all those in the tank fighting over it.I hope none of those 3 are females but knowing my luck probably will be.I don't want them breeding but anyway the fry often get eaten straight away.
That one that survived was lucky and he's turned into a bully!The food went quick outside again but I always seem to miss seeing who has it but most likely the black cat again.haven't seen the fox for a while.

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily, Lynn, and Vicky,


Yesterday was bad though not as bad as Lily's.  I am sore all over, and so very tired.  Still hanging in there even though I want to go to bed!   



4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Lee, Lily and Lynn.   It's cloudy out but so nice.....not too hot.  I really need to get out in my yard and my mom's and clip some branches.   It's beginning to look like a jungle.  lol


Wow Lynn.   I didn't know you created the animation in your did an awesome job and it's so cute!   I've posted a bunch of new stuff in your group but I rarely see you there.   Well once in a while.  Mostly just me and G.P. and it's not a lot of fun with just 2 and she closes the threads so quickly that you sometimes miss all the creations we did before.  But I understand that she gets computer problems when they don't close quickly.  I don't always understand her directions when I ask a question cause her solutions don't seem to work for me.


Jill, I haven't seen you in a few days; how have you been?   Is there weather cooling off in your area?


Lily, boy you sure took a long and tiring trip looking for fish mates for your danio.   It was nice of you to do though.   Did you say danio's are expensive?   They are so tiny, who would have thought.   Anyway I'm glad you caught a cab long did it take that way to get home?   Nice pic of Les and of course little Sheba.  Cute german shepherd's too.


Lee, how are all your animals doing?   Hopefully it will start cooling off it won't affect you so much when you have to feed them and tend to their needs.


Lynn, here is one I made and posted in your 'Cute, Sweet, Adorable' thread.


9/9/14 photo cutenessUSE_zpsc36a3c49.jpg



4 years ago

Hi friends,

             Thats a weird one Vicky,don't know what it is  lol
did some gardening today,I cut down the clematis outside back door as it has finished flowering until next year.
seems a lot of space now on my path  lol
I also pruned rose bushes,only one flower on each now.
that one outside blocks my view of the bird table.
I  bought a plant over store today called Celosia


The one I have is the one on far right.
Haven't put it in garden yet it is in greenhouse.
Did quite a bit of sweeping up out there,so many leaves and not Autumn yet!!!

No the danios aren't any more expensive than anything else that size.
£1 75 each.
But it cost me £13 to go home by cab and I was home in about 10 minutes!! 
They sure make their money alright!
Shouldn't charge all that for that distance especially in the day time and not the rush hour.
The fox has been round tonight so got his feed, I put another lot out after but don't know if he came back for that one or the cat.

4 years ago
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Jill, Vicky, and Lily,

Jill, I'm glad you're back.  Are you okay?


Lily, your new plant is gorgeous.


Vicky, I love that little bear that puts on his "panda" clothes.  So cute! 



4 years ago

Weird?  I think those are cute cartoon animals, Lily and it took me quite a while to put all that together....different editing programs for different techniques.   Your celosias are pretty...I guess they are fall flowers.  What do you mean the one on the far right is yours?   I thought you might have planted all 3 in the container they're in.   Yep, taxi's are expensive.   My mom told me the other day that someone had to be airlifted by helicopter to a hospital not very far away (maybe an hour by car) and it cost $33,000.00!!!   I said 'mom are you sure it wasn't $3,300?" and she said no.   That is totally outrageous!   Heck fuel doesn't cost that much and they already own the helicopter I would think.   I'm glad you got to clean up your yard; I need to trim and cut stuff too.   I'm glad the little fox came around and ate.  How are the doves doing?


Lee, I'm baffled.  How can you see the panda putting on his clothes?   He's not doing it in that tag although he does do it otherwise.   You're good!  lol


Hi Jill, glad you're back.  Have you been alright?   You're usually here on a daily basis so I was a little concerned.  Pretty photo for the remembrance of 9/11.  How quickly 13 years has flown by.


 photo 1347397452324263_zpsac52f2ba.jpg


 photo september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450_zps4db56cae.jpg


 photo september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-firefighters-rescuing_40008_610x343_zps7ce2704c.jpg


4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lily, Lee and Jill.

I certainly HOPE that no one ever forgets 9/11. That day will be burned in my brain forever. I'll
never fo
rget how early that morning I was awakened by family and friends, phoning me and saying, "Get up and turn on the television". I cried the rest of the day and days after watching the scenes unfold.

Vicky, I really like the collage you made of the cartoon characters. I kind of wish that little critter with the horns was real. I think he's adorable. lol

Vicky, I don't understand how you can say that you hardly see me in my own group. I'm in there every day in different threads, especially the HELP thread where just the day before yesterday I complimented you on realizing the reason why the black background stayed on the lacy edges. You don't come into all the threads where I post and comment
so maybe that's why you think I'm hardly there. The only days I'm not there is like yesterday when I was out of the house all day and evening. Got home at 11:00 p.m. and was too tired to sign on. I'll see you in my group later.

Lily, I love the plants you bought. Such pretty colors. I too, don't understand what you meant about the one on the right being yours. Aren't the three of them yours?  I'm glad the fox came back. Too bad you had to pay so much for the cab ride. Cabs are extremely expensive here. Maybe it's because most people have their own cars. The cabs have to make their money. It's outrageous though, especially when you're so tired you can't go another step and MUST use the taxi service.

Glad to see you back, Jill. I hope you were alright and was away for a happy reason.

Lee, how are you feeling? Is your weather ok and if it gets cold or it rains, does that affect you? It does me. I have a bad back....degenerative disease, bulging discs, stenosis, scoliosis, (I'm the hostess with the osis) and arthritis all over my body. When it's going to rain and the barometric pressure goes down, I ache everywhere especially my back. Yesterday I was with my granddaughter and we went to Ikea. I'd never been there and didn't realize how huge the store was. We walked and walked because what she needed to get wasn't near the entrance to the store. By the time we left, the area around my replaced knee was burning. I had  a good day, though.

Going to my other groups now. See you all later! ♥

4 years ago

Hi friends ,

                Well first of all to your question Vicky and  Lynn ,no that container isn't mine,I got the picture off of the internet to show you what it looked like as I have not photographed mine 
The one on the far right is the colour of mine that is why I showed it .
Still haven't put it in garden as I was out all day visiting Les.
He was fine today and in a better mood than last week.
I took him a corned beef roll and tomatoes, a cream doughnut,a few grapes (he said only wanted a few) another small cake and  a packet of fig roll biscuits which he has put into drawer and I put 4 of those on his little table before I left.
He ate all I gave him and his tea came round about an hour and a half later which he also ate everything,

But he said it is always the same thing which looks like egg and mayonaise in the sandwiches.Also they gave him 2 little caramel yogurt things.
You would think they would change the sandwich fillings sometimes.

A  while back he had ham but it wasn't very good,very thin stuff, tasteless he said.
Thats why if I take ham I use thicker type and put more in .
I never got a cup of tea again! seems only some of them will bother.

I sit there watching him drink his!
I travel along way so it is after 7pm when I get home and not had  a drink unless I drink some water from bottle in my bag.
The next time  get a form there to fill in about care etc I am going to say that about not offering visitors a cup of tea,doesn't cost  a fortune!
He said sometimes when watching  a TV programme in the evening they come in and just switch the TV off right in the middle of the programme!
I told him he should say something but he said they don't care just do it.
At least when he was in his flat and had carers in they did not do anything like it ,it was his home.
the nursing home should be similar as he has to spend the rest of his days there.
he is 86 this month.

4 years ago
4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lynn, and Lily,

Lynn, mine is a nerve problem so weather doesn't affect it though sometimes my hands and feet get horribly cold (to the point of pain) in winter.  The weather does have a terrible effect on my bad sinuses.  Oh the painful headaches!  


Vicky, you posted the little panda dressing in the squirrel group, and I forgot to mention it there.  Hee hee...


Lily, I'm glad Les is feeling better.  I think the people that work there should be taught basic politeness. 


My sister-in-law has died suddenly.  My brother is a mess.







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4 years ago

Well it's pouring down rain right now and that's perfectly okay with me.   During the summer and early fall we need it.


Lynn, my statement was a little confusing.   What I meant to say was that it seems a lot of the threads I have posted in you haven't been in lately.  But I do see you posting in other threads that I haven't visited so we just seem to miss each other.  lol   Not sure if I saw your post to me in the help thread.  I pop in there frequently but sometimes I miss posts.   Did the info I wrote about the black border make sense?  Is that what you were doing to?  Converting to .png while in Fotor?  Walking in a big store isn't easy so I know how tired you must have been last night and how painful your knee must have been.  I hope it is doing better today.


Lily, thank goodness you cleared up the mystering of the Celosia.  hahaha!   I was soooo baffled.  It sure is a pretty pink. l commented in the other thread about Les and what you brought him to eat, etc.   I'm glad he was in a good mood when you visited and wish him a Happy Birthday for me when you go back.   86?   Good age.


Lee, I know you dread seeing winter (cold weather) arrive and summer's are too hot.   Spring & fall you probably love as your body does best during the cooler time.  I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your SIL.   Condolences for the family.


Well gotta run....see you kids later.


Lynn, here's another one I made earlier and posted in your 'Color popping' and 'Victorian' threads.


 photo WITHMYNAME_zpsf14c6947.jpg


4 years ago

Hi everybody, I hope you're all well today. The weather is awful here. Raining off and on all day and it's going to be like that all weekend. I went to the opthamologist today. I go every three months to check on my glaucoma and I'm happy to say that everything is fine.

Vicky, great victorian photo but I don't think you get the idea of color popping. The background color should be black and white and then you're supposed to take one item and color it a bright color so it will "pop" out. I like what you did with the variance of colors, though.

4 years ago
Hi friends, 
             Lee so sorry to hear about your sister in law,its awful especially sudden like that .
My condolences to all.
Vicky I bought another one of those plants today,same colour,they are purple.
They are on offer over store probably because they will not last long now Autumn is nearly here.
Will put them both in garden tomorrow.
The fox was round again tonight also the black cat, they both had corned beef (not together though)
The fox came up to the step and looked in kitchen ,I stood very still behind the glass and then he went back to food.
If I had moved he would have been off like a shot.
Lynn glad your eye check was ok.
I have to have  a test soon,keep putting it off with all the othe rstuff I 've had.
Last test I had said I had slight cataracts but didn't need referring yet.
I got that screening result back today,seems they were ok but says I am obese and should lose weight!
I know I weigh some but I am not fat really just on the large side what they call obese anyway.
Half the staff in hospitals and even Les's nursing home are much larger than I am, really fat some of them.
I know I eat the wrong things ,I love my chocolate!
Don't think I could give that up entirely.
4 years ago

4 years ago

Lee, I'm so sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your sister-in-law. Your brother must be so distraught. My condolences to you and the whole family.

I called my friend in New York, whom I have known since we were 12 yrs. old (we're three weeks apart in age). I knew that her memory was failing and I wanted to see how she was doing. It was early evening but she was sleeping and her husband (a sweetheart of a man) answered. He said she now has a full onslaught of Alzheimer's and is very mixed up. He has full time care for her in the house - $3,500 a month! My poor friend. I got a call this morning and Joe said that she was up and he'd like her to talk to me. Same sweet voice but I don't think she knew who she was talking to. She asked where I was and said "Maybe when we feel better we can get together".  She said "we" even though I said I was fine. I think she thought she was talking to her daughter who's name is Linda. Joe got back on the phone and when we ended the call, I burst into tears. My dear friend doesn't remember anything of our childhood when we together every single day. We lived across the street from each other in Brooklyn, NY. Now I feel that part of my childhood is gone, too. What a terrible disease.

4 years ago

Oh Lynn I am so sorry about your friend having that dreaded disease.  Sometimes people can remember things from a long time ago but maybe not specifics.   I know it was heartbreaking for you to realize that she doesn't remember you.  $3500.00/mo?  Oh my.   Oh, the color popping tag was bright blue but then I kept working with it to give it an old look so that's what happened...I made it look faded.   Wasn't sure the colors had to be bright but I know now.  lol   Maybe I can find the one with the bright blue and post it.  I love your egg flower.  hahaha!


Lily, glad your tests came back okay.   Hey we can't stay skinny all our lives...the doctor should know that.   Yes, chocolate is good.  How cool that the fox came up and looked in the kitchen.   I'm glad he got some roast beef. 


Jill, that sure is a pretty tag....did you make it?  


Well Lynn, you saw this one in your group.


 photo FINISHED_zps7539596e.gif


4 years ago

Yes, I saw your creation in my group Vicky, and I even gave it a big compliment there. I'll double the compliment here and say that it's so perfect that it looks like a very classy logo for an extremely elegant and expensive Asian restaurant!

You have gotten so good at creating these tags and I'm so proud to have been your "teacha" at the start. You go, girl !!

4 years ago

Hi friends,

            Yes sorry Lynn to hear about your friend I have already posted about it in other group.
strange but it seems everyone here is having something occuring at the moment.
Guess as we age these things pop up more.
The fox was round again tonight and the black cat so they both got fed (not together)
The cat seemed very hungry and gobbled it up,if it has a home I guess it is not getting enough.Could be a feral but it looks in good condition.
Anyway I shall continue to feed it as when my cat went missing for 4 weeks I would like to think someone was good enough to feed her sometimes.
You never know really if it is  a lost cat because mine had her name and address on her collar and yet she was missing all that time.
The black cat has no collar and wont let me get near takes off if I open the door and then comes back if I go in but has watched me in the kitchen and I have spoken to it so maybe it will come round eventually.
Are you still feeding that cat Vicky that came round your place?


I'm here for you Lynn
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi everyone.   Last night was cooler and next week night temps should be around 65.     Days are still pretty hot and I will try to make one more dip in my pool before taking it down.  


Jill, pretty graphic.   Did you make it?   I keep asking you but you never answer.


Lynn, yes I saw your comment on my tag in your group.   When I posted it here I hadn't been to check it out in your group so at the time didn't realize that you complimented me on it.   I'm starving and you're talking about an Asian restaurant.  lol   Sounds delish.   HOWEVER, my mom has cooked fried chicken so I will be off to eat in a minute or two.


Lily, the cat sounds like a feral.   Most cats even though they are scared will eventually come up to you when you feed it.   Yes my stray cat is around but I'm mad that she didn't let me find her a good home....I had someone who wanted her.   I just know she is going to get pregnant and I don't want all those kittens around here.   So I give her a little dry food in the morning hoping she will want more food and go somewhere else.   I'm glad the fox is getting his share of food too.

 Well I am going to eat lunch...later folks!


 photo graphics-sunday-712057_zps4c76b48f.gif


4 years ago

Hi friends,

Been raining  a little here much for the hot weather they said we were going to have again!
I put the 2 plants in garden,have taken a pic so will have to upload it.
Finished working in the fish tank tonight.
the new fish seem happy enough and have grown a bit already thats because they are now feeding well.
when in shop they have to compete with dozens of other fish in there.


no vicky wish I could. But i'm happy with blingee
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Lynn, Lily, and Jill,

I'm sorry about your friend, Lynn.  It's so hard when your friend's memory is gone.  It's like they themselves are gone.  It's like that for me with my friend Edith who has brain cancer.

I am so tired.  I need a day or even a minute off.  I wish I could get a vacation from all the sadness just for a little while. 


4 years ago
Hi Friends,
               Yes Lee it is all very sad.
i just hope it doesn't go that way for Les later on.
It is why I try to go every week to avoid him getting depression.
I have made progress with the black cat tonight.
I  put food out as usual and he ate it and he was still hanging around so I took another lot out and he was watching me from the other side of the gate.
I was coaxing him to come but I didn't think he would but then I guess the food was too much for him to miss and he crept foward and started eating.
The first time I have been near and he didn't run off,I kept talking to him and bent down and stroked him!!!!
He didn't take any notice but kept on eating.
After he did not run off and he came up to me and let me stroke him again and he rubbed his head on me and purred.
Vicky that is definately NOT a feral.
Maybe he is a dumped cat or lost  other than that he is not being fed properly
because he would not eat 2 lots like that as if he had never had  a meal before!!!
Also had a saucerful of milk and a few of those biscuit things which are actually hedgehog food  lol
I think he heard the fox or something a bit later and went off.
He had got as far as my step but wouldn 't come inside.
I had to put more out a bit later for the fox,it's gone so I doubt if the cat came back for a third lot!!!
4 years ago

I think you may be able to see the cat here from video I took

4 years ago

4 years ago

Hi Lily and Jill,


Beautiful, peaceful scene, Jill.  Just what I need.

Such a pretty cat, Lily.  Glad you're helping him (and I'll bet he is too).



4 years ago

4 years ago

Such a pretty cat, Lily. He's certainly not feral if he/she allowed you to pet him and he/she put her/his head against you and purred. Can you tell the gender? I feel silly writing him/her, he/she. lol

Lee, how are you feeling today? I hope the weather's been good to you.

Jill, the Blingee's you post are always so beautiful. Thanks for that.

Where's Vicky? I guess she's busy in her other groups. There! I questioned and answered myself. Job well done!! LOL

4 years ago


Hi friends,

             well haven't seen the cat tonight ,I put the food out later tonight so maybe he came round earlier.
I think it was the fox that had food because he doesn't lick the plate clean like the cat does.
The cat goes round making sure he gets everything that might have dropped off plate.
Guess he will show up tomorrow I will have to put it out earlier.
No Lynn haven't a clue so far of it's gender,hes got  a big tail too so hard to see.
I only hope the reason   it is  so hungry isn't because  might be female and pregnant!!!!
I don't want any kittens around here.
You never know people dump their animals when they find that happening.
They should get them neutered
I don't want a repeat of what I had with that last cat I took in.
Turned out he had cat aids.
The vet said wouldn't have happened if they had had that done, who knows.
Probably why they dumped it.
I ended up paying vets bills for someone else's cat.
Hope to be going to see Les tomorrow

4 years ago

I'll be back tomorrow to read posts.   Soooo tired tonight.


 photo goodnight_zpsd94682e8.jpg

4 years ago

Hello~Vicky, Lily, Jill, Lynn & Friends

Sorry, that I've not been around~glad y'all are alright~

happy wednesday funny | Happy Wednesday - Images and e-cards

4 years ago

Hi Nance, Vicky, Lily, Lynn, and Jill,



4 years ago

4 years ago

Nance!!!   So good to see you!   What's been up in your part of the country and how is the weather.   Getting cooler yet?   I hope you can stop by more often. 


Lily, I didn't say the cat (she's very pretty by the way) was a feral.   I said (or meant) that if a stray cat eventually comes up and let's you pet it then it's not a feral.   I hope my stray cat which only nows comes up in the morning doesn't get pregnant either.   She would probably have beautiful kittens but I don't want or  need them around her.   I had someone who wanted her but she took off, then I tried calling about getting her fixed but they never called me back.   Good thing I guess as I don't think she would allow me to put her in the carrier.   That's why she didn't get adopted.   I hope you have a nice trip to see Les.   When is his birthday?   Awww who made your cat siggy?   It's cute.


Jill, another pretty Blingee....whether you make them or not.  


Lee, I know what you mean about having some time away from hearing something bad each day.   Really is depressing.   Do you have a beach close by where you could sit out by yourself for a couple of hours and just listen to the water moving and the gulls making their sounds?   That would probably relax you.


Lynn, I made a comment about your tag in your group.   I love the shape of it and the way it bows it's head.   Yes, I have been busy in other groups and that's why I don't always make it to all of them.   Plus Facebook and I love making tags.  lol   But I try not to stay away 3 days like I did this time.   Just a slip up on my part.  Shame on me.  lol


Well I've got other groups to visit and maybe a tag or 2 to make.


 photo Hello_zps15a03ccc.gif


4 years ago

Hey Nance, it's so lovely to see you in here again. I hope you can come join us more often. You've been missed.

Vicky, I made Lily's cat siggie. I'm glad you like it. I know what you mean by trying to get into all your groups and sometimes you have to miss some because it's just too much. Plus, Care2 is being a pain, again. I'm not getting all of my mail.

Lily, did you get to see Les today? He's so blessed to have you and you're such a good sister.  The black cat is beautiful. Gorgeous eyes. I hope it's not a female so you wouldn't have to worry about kittens.

Hi, Lee. How are you feeling these days?

Jill, as always, you post the most beautiful Blingee images. Thanks for doing that.

Well, I'll go now and see to my other groups. I'm soooo behind!!

4 years ago

Hi Friends,

               Well I went to see Les today,he was fine.His birthday is 27th of this month Vicky--86
I got a cup of tea today!!! one brought it round on a tray with a little teapot and milk and sugar bowl !!  I only wanted  a cup!
Well suppose next week wont get one,I think it depends on who is on that shift at the time.
some of them are dozy though,I have to go outside when they come to change him, but when I went back in today the chair I had been sitting on was wet!
Les said they stood the bowl on there,stupid with nothing underneath it.
So I had to wait a while for it to dry before I could sit on it again.
When I came home the cat was out there and came up to me miowed and rubbed his head on me.
Then when I had got into kitchen he followed me so Of course I fed him.
He was hungry because he had missed last nights feed.
Actually he had 3 satchets !! and some milk.
He made  a fuss of me and wouldn't leave me alone, came into living room and explored and then jumped on my lap and started rubbing his head all over me again and kneading.
I went to put him out once and he wouldn't go  lol
he is still in here asleep in a cat bed I already seems he wants to sit near wherever I am.
he say down next to armchair once.
He  will have to go out before I go to bed ,it will be light then,not leaving him in here while I am in bed.
he needs  to go out anyway to do his business after all that food and he has made a couple of stink bombs already  lol
I have a video uploading to YouTube right now which I took of us, will put it on soon as it is finished.
it is a tom as he rolled over and I could see,good job dont want any kittens round here.
Calling him Buddy, there might be someone looking for him,because he could be lost  and not just dumped so keeping an eye out for any posters up anywhere.

4 years ago

nice day
4 years ago

4 years ago

Lynn, what a cute heart tag.   I forget how to do that movement but I think it was in Lunapic wasn't it?  Lily's siggy is definitely cute.   How is your lip doing? 


Lily, I knew once you could pet the cat that it wouldn't go away and that it would want to come inside.  lol   I'm glad it's a boy...I wish the one outside was.  I would get close to it if it was but I'm trying to discourage her.  How did you film it?   Do you have a tripod?  It sure is a big cat.   I'm glad Les had a nice birthday and that you got tea when you visited.   Did you bring him anything to snack on?  You didn't mention it this time.   If your chair was damp you should have grabbed a towel from the bathroom and lay it on it so you could have sat down.


Jill, what a darling little chick on your Blingee tag.   Your tags always cheer me up they are so pretty. photo greatday_zps3daba7b5.gif

4 years ago

Hi Vicky, Jill, Lily, and Lynn,

Having another bad day today...



4 years ago

Hello~Lee, Vicky, Jill & Friends

Sorry I've been away, glad to see y'all

food animated GIF

4 years ago

Vicky, the revolving tag that I made is from lunapic. You're getting to recognize the programs. Good for you! I love the tag that you created. So adorable.

Lily, I'm in love with Buddy. I can see that he adores you and is greatful for the food and the lovely home you've provided for him. His eyes are so beautiful. Les's birthday is on the 27th. I beat him by 2 days. Mine is on the 25 of this month. Next week, actually. 

Lee, so sorry that you're feeling badly again. Rest as much as you can and feel better soon.

Nance, love the cartoon with the sandwiches piled high!

Jill, as always your Blingee tags are gorgeous. See you all, soon.

4 years ago

Hi friends,
              well Buddy didn't show up until 5.45pm so don't know where he was all day.He hasn't been out since and is in his bed at the moment.
But earlier was all over me again.
Seems I wont get much done here unless I do it when he is out!
I bought some more food for him and a bag of litter.
he did a wee in it tonight.
I am a bit confused though as he squatted like  a female so I hope I haven't made a mistake there!!!
I haven't had a tom before but have seen one spray outside.
It is difficult to examine him as he might scratch if I try to do that.
but what I saw before looked like a tom to me but I could be wrong I suppose.
Hope not though.
No Vicky I never used a tripod ,just stood the camera on the table.
I have got tripods though but never seem to use them.
The other videos I had camera in my hand.
Les's hasn't had  a birthday yet Vicky it is on the 27th.
Yes I took him some of those little sausage rolls and tomatoes and grapes and a piece of swiss roll.
As for the wet chair the only towel you'd find would be the one they just used so wet! it wasn't drenched so dried fairly quickly but that's not the point they are stupid!not to put something under the bowl.
Cute tags there.
4 years ago

Hello~Lily and friends

Lovely sharing your kitty, Lily

Enjoy your day

friday animated GIF

4 years ago

Hi Nance, Lynn, and Lily,

Happy birthday, Lynn.

Adorable horse baby, Nance.


Beautiful bluebird pic, Lily.


Good weekend, ladies!





4 years ago

4 years ago

I am annoyed I just did a long message here and clicked submit and I got that care2 page' about thats embarassing couldn't find the page ' or whatever.

well Buddy is in his bed at moment and he has been going in there more now but still jumps on me for a cuddle.
I put him out before going to bed and he was around when I got up and came in.

I put him out tonight for a while while I did some ironing because he would only get in the way.
he went into litter tray but hadn't done anything so I thought he must want to though so went to put him out but he wouldn't go!

Let him come back and he went in tray and used it!!!
I want to break that habit though as I don't want that job every night.
he may have heard the fox out there as he has very good hearing.
He seems to like being indoors here anyway.


4 years ago

Hi Jill and Lily,

Lovely pic, Jill.

He seems to want to please you, Lily.  Maybe he'll get the idea of what you want him to do soon.



4 years ago

Hi folks.   Well the first day of Autumn is the 23rd.   Still around 90 degrees here some days; didn't feel especially hot yesterday (low humidity I guess) but boy was I sweating.


Lynn, exactly what is the name of that movement in Lunapic.  I forget.   Does it begin with 'trans' something or other.  Your fish tag is so colorful and cute!  Thanks on my tag but it looks unfinished.   I'm tired of putting the same borders but I forget to go in certain programs before adding .gif and I don't want to lose it so I just don't add border.   I'm usually too tired.  lol


Nance, I love that cartoon but for the life of me I can't recall the name of it.   The little horse pronking around is adorable!!  Do you have  plans for this weekend or are you working?   It is so good to see you back.


Another pretty Blingee, Jill.   You always cheer us up when you post them.


Lily, cute puppy and the blue bird is gorgeous.   So 'tom' may not be a 'tom', huh?   Or maybe it's 1/2 & 1/2.   No telling.  lol   The one thing I don't like about cats is that they always wrap around my feet or rub up against me.   Plus the litterbox ordeal.      I'm definitely a dog person.  But your cat is pretty and seems very smart and well behaved. 


Well I didn't get online last night so I've got to go and visit the other groups now.   WHY all of a sudden am I getting a BIG space between my post and my pictures?   I can't delete the space either. 


 photo QuoteAnimal_zpsd42ba243.jpg

4 years ago

Hi, all. Vicky, the name of the effect in lunapic is "Rolling Animation" and it's under the Top Animation Effects on page 3.  I just did a new one....

4 years ago

Hi friends,
                  Vicky we are up to a hundred posts in this thread and the video one.
About those spaces are you clicking on the enter button at the end of typing? that makes spaces because I do it when I don't want the pics directly under the words.
well Buddy seems to like being indoors most,I put him out this morning but since he came in hasn't been out any more.
I don't want him out at night really not with foxes about can't trust them.
And I have to have him indoors when I put food out for the birds and squirrels.
There were 2 squirrels running about out there today.
I took some photos of Buddy today (13 in fact) lol
Here is one...............


I think its Sunday
4 years ago

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