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Regarding posting petition topics at CCF
13 years ago
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To all members of Caring & Compassionate Friends and all visitors too, after speaking with my co-hosts, Vicki F. and Carrie F. (Not Kansas  L., because of health reasons); it is the best interest of this group that all petitions be listed in Care2 Petition Section and NOT in this group.

This group was established to care and love each other as friends, be friends to everyone; even though we do understand how important petitions are in all matters, it is not good to "boombard" a group with alot of petitions like other groups are having it done to them.  Myself, co-hosts believe that the petition sight in Care2 was established for just that purpose and not to be in groups.

If you believe I or my co-hosts agreeing on this decision regarding the petitions being posted in this group, and if we have offended anyone, and you would like to speak with me privately, you are welcomed to contact me as your host at with any and all comments regarding petitions or any other matter that you believe needs a private discussion.  Should anyone know about a petition that would be of extreme importance and you would like to see our members sign them, please notify this host as soon as possible, then, appropriate action will be taken regarding your requests.  Your Host, Kaye and Co-Hosts, Vicki F., Carrie F. and Kansas L.   Posted 5/27/06

11 years ago
Thank God for small mercies. xxxxxxxx
10 years ago

Sorry to read this. If a petition reach's just one more person who might not have seen it otherwise, it can make a big diffrence.

You could just  "Red pin" a petition page So all petitions people want to post stay in one thread.

10 years ago

John, Kaye is the owner and I must abide by her rules.  However, if she calls in the near future I can ask her about your idea of red pinning a thread, although I believe she wanted to keep this thread more of a social one.   Thank you for your suggestion. 

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10 years ago

Red pin sounds good...but I have to say I have seen petitons in some groups that had never made it to me or seen so I see Johns point also...All know I dont post petitions anywhere at all...too busy taking care of others...LOL

Big Gorilly Hugs


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