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13 years ago

This is one of my favorite websites:

It has lots of links and info-Check it out and tell me what you think!

hey cool
12 years ago

hey Sarah, how u been?

ur right---that PUNKVOTER website kicks mucho ass

I got turned onto them a year or 2 ago & I kinda forgot about 'em so thanx for
putting them in a thread here.

I'm so sick of Bu$hCo & the snobby closed minded greedy $hrublicans that I tried to do my own, personal contribution to get folks to vote against him in the last election, so here are my 3 little "wake-up & vote" posters that I created in photoshop: : :

(((yeah, I just couldn't help doing 2 designs that used the
MATRIX's idea of fake reality & how it reminds me of fake politics with
it's lies & games.))))

hey btw,
that quote
" you have the right to remain silent,
and if you do things will only get worse"
is really my own
quote, I ain't braggin', I just want cred if somebody uses it
eleswhere on their own stuff^_^

peace + Vigilance, and remember....
"The Revolution won't be Televised"----
if we're lucky,
it's gonna be NetIcized, h3h,

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