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Rise Against
12 years ago
Rise Against 7:26 AM

Siren Song of the Counter Culture

By Adam McKibbin, WireTap. Posted August 25, 2006.

Interview: Punk rock band Rise Against's frontman Tim McIlrath talks about the importance of preaching to audiences on the opposite side of ones political views.

When they made their entry into the saturated world of punk rock, Chicago's Rise Againsthad humble goals: play some shows, put out a few records and maybe, if things went well, book a show at their city's famed (but smallish) Fireside Bowl. Four albums later, they find themselves signed to Geffen, playing amphitheaters as a co-headliner on the Warped Tour -- still the premier punk festival each year -- and being widely considered as one of the heaviest hitters in their genre.

Rise Against has long encouraged social activism, and has walked the walk by involving itself with Punkvoter and PETA. Their latest video ("Ready to Fall") features a gut-turning parade of footage, from factory farming to stripped forests to melting icecaps. Frontman Tim McIlrath blends the political and personal in his songs; some are fiery anti-government inciters, others are straightforward stories of fractured relationships and lost love. If there is a thread connecting the bulk of the Rise Against catalog, it is simply "The time to change is now."

There comes a point, though, when increased popularity can result in preaching to the converted; few fans at a Rise Against headline show are going to be surprised or challenged by the band's beliefs. For McIlrath, this is one of the great perks of the Warped Tour and their co-headlining tour with Thursday this fall: having to prove themselves to an audience that may not be starting on their side....

Interview with Tim McIlrath: 

12 years ago
I enjoy their CD's and own the last 2, and if you haven't listened to them, then you should. Thanks for starting the post, Rise Against is a good example of how I want Truth Out to be.
nice to see
12 years ago
a band trying to remove the blindfolds. there needs to be more of this.

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