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Feed people by rescuing food
6 years ago

One of the easiest, cheapest ways to feed the hungry and homeless of the world is with "rescued food," or food that would be thrown away because it is not "pretty" enough to sell, or about to expire. Half the food produced in a year goes to the landfill, not onto the plates of the homeless, but we can do something about this! Please sign to help me encourage lawmakers and corporate owners to be more responsible with their food waste. Thank you!

Solar-Powered for Food Storage
6 years ago

In the Third World a great deal of food is lost because of the lack of electricity & refrigerators to store perishable foods. A few villagers have kerosene refrigerators, but the fuel is often too expensive to keep them running. Our charity, NPI, is working to solve this problem by making solar-powered refrigerators available to families lacking food preservation means. These refrigerators also have a safe seed storage area that helps smallholder farmers improve crop yields by keeping seeds in better condition. We will be using barter trade to help poor families acquire these refrigerators. There are simply too many people needing refrigerators for our charity to afford to give them away.

Title Correction
6 years ago

My topic entitled "Solar-Powered for Food Storage" should be "Solar-Powered Refrigerators for Food Storage."

Expanding Crop Production to Increase Available Foods
6 years ago

For nutrient deficient populations, our charity (NPI) recommends and/or uses the following techniques to increase crop production and make more healthful foods available:

1) Urban farming ... outdoors, indoors, and on roof-tops;

2) Edible landscaping on private and community property;

3) Enhanced gardening means by adding bioactivated, biochar to soils ... in order to increase crop yields 200 to 300 percent;

4) Use of new counter-desertification means to grow large food, feed, fiber, niche, & green energy crops on desert lands (1/3rd of all lands, worldwide); and

5) Development of integrated, sustainable, organic farming systems that include a mix of aquaculture, aquaponics, algalculture, niche crops, as well as cereal grains & livestock. (Biochar and micro-drip irrigation are used on these crops to dramatically increase yields.)

In order to accomplish the above, we must do "battle" with "big Pharma," chemical & fertilizer companies, biotech giants (like Monsanto) and "factory farms" ...and their paid representatives in Congress... who object to food production without all their artificial, expensive, energy wasting, subsidized, and unnecessary inputs. If we could end all the corruption, a very large surplus of healthful foods could be produced for the world's 7 billion people. Using the forced, low producing practices of the above said companies, insufficient foods are produced and distributed ...leaving 2 billion people nutrient deficient, and nearly 900 million people living on the brink of starvation.

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