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I ask you help not for food but for right to LIFE AND JUSTICE
6 years ago

Hi. Sorry if I write not for food but I read by italian actress, Isabella Ferrari, that your goal is fight injustice around the world and help each other .. And I need help .. and no one listens to me .. I am an Italian woman. In Italy the situation is very, very difficult. We are going through a crisis both economically and socially very heavy. Almost every day a person commits suicide because of economic or social problems, happened yesterday, today, sometimes for problems of justice. Even for it we are on the 190 th place in the world rankings , we are "Black shirt" for European Commission. I put a petition on Care 2 site, the field Human Rights, with which I ask justice for the murder of my mother after an operation of routine, the substitution of heart valves and wrong blood transfusion!! The judge has never called me, neither has ever called the witness indicated in the complaint nor has ever questioned my very serious accusations against the person concerned but did not report me for slander ...even when I found a document signed and initialed by the number of different bag from almost 40 (very high quantity) sent from the center of transfusions, document which had been inadvertently forgotten, just what I had talked about making themselves go missing ... To you it seems fair and thorough investigation? This is the link of the petition : . I'm fighting for 10 years to get justice but NOBODY LISTENS TO ME, and in Italy is normal! Every day a great scandal , often in health business...complaints, corruption and illegality!! I am not ashamed to say that I am desperate, I cannot accept that in Italy you can't ask for a clarification of manslaughter! If you knew how many dozens and dozens of emails I sent to the Minister of Justice without EVER a word of answer! Not the least respect for a human being that there is no more. Meanwhile my brother in law died for an heart attack (he was sufferig for this situation) and my father in law (47 years old, two sons ) died for a brain cancer. So the situation of our family is deeply painful.. I wonder, indeed, I IMPLORE YOU , help me by signing the petition and making it known. This is my only chance, advertising is the only way to get exposure and maybee someone else would find the strength to rebel, in Italy there is now a terrible resignation... It is available to you documentation confirming ALL my statements in the petition. Thank you from my heart Carla

6 years ago

noted and signed the petition, I am really sorry for your precious loss and I hope that one day you will win the case and show the world that your case is just one


Thank you
6 years ago

Thank you so much for the nice words, you are very generous.
If you can spread my message, it is really the truth , I would be very grateful, it's so hard to keep fighting, keep on living.
I'm sorry, thank you, God bless you and your battered country ..

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