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Is THIS The Solution to World Hunger?
13 years ago

World-wide, over 840 million people suffer from malnourishment, at least half of them are children.

140 million children suffer from vitamin A deficiencies. Over 700 million are anemic. Malnutrition  increases mortality rates immensely, particularly among children under five. The result is devastating epidemic diseases and eventually premature death, as well as an incalculable loss of human potential and social development.

A child dies every 3 seconds!

The  world's starving children, suffer from conditions almost unheard of in the developed world. Those who are undernourished have extremely weak immune systems and even the slightest infection can kill them.

The  ultimate solution to this global problem is very complex and it will of course take education, changed policies and time, but the reality is that RIGHT NOW hundreds of millions of people are running out of time, fast! Maybe it is time to think differently, time to take a radical new approach...

Leveraged Sharing has finally arrived!

Our revolutionary system called the 'leveraged Sharing Program' (LSP), automatically nourishes children and also helps fund other worthwhile Humanitarian projects. The NetmarkAid community members are encouraged to share but are provided with various tools, products and services, including their own NetmarkAid website to help them inspire and empower others to share also.

But, not only that, the more they share and the more they help others, the more they get paid... in dollars... It's as simple as that! And we sincerely believe that if people can make money doing something good and worthwhile then they will probably use some of the money they earn to do even more good. So we decided to develop a unique and exciting  business concept based on that belief, and now 'Leveraged sharing' makes all that possible!

With NetmarkAid, there can be no losers, our motto is; 'everyone shares... everyone wins' and the bottom line is; the more people you help, the more wealth will naturally flow through to you.

To find out more about how Netmarkaid and its' "Leveraged Sharing" program can assist non-profit organizations in their fund-raising
efforts,  as well as nourish poor children, go to:

P.S. This is also a great opportunity for individuals, who are concerned about world hunger, to fight this global problem.

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