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More attention for Pakistan big eartuquake
13 years ago

The victims of Pakistan big Earthquake becomes to 70,000 people...!

It is over almost Tsunami victims in each one country....  

I think the interesting to Pakistan big earth quake is so fewere than Tsunami...

I'm afraid about this of international society....

Northern area of Pakistan is so beautiful resemble as Alpine and people is so kind. 

Every people who went to the area said "People in Northern Pakistan is so tender herated."

I heard the imformation of NGO staff "After 4 days from earth queck,people who injured became to have  suppuration from lack of medicine.

So from just scratch injour cause need of cut their legs,arms....!!

The doctors do so with regretful feeling....

13 years ago

The hardest turm is from now. Before winter comes, support is iessentialy needed.

3 millions people lost their houses.

Provideing tents for protection against cold is begining to a part of area,but people can't under go winter with only tents for protection against cold in mountainous lands.

In mountain area, people don't have way to live in winter.

There is expectation that if we don't make millions people migrate,almost of them would die.

But there is not such place yet. Already this nation has millions Afghan refgees.

International society donated only 20 percent of needed support submited by UN.

If this situation will be as it is, "Secound death wave" will come without fail.

From activitiest in Pakistan, he told "If nation size money don't move,it is in the lap of gods."

In a ward, hundreds million dollers is needed.

So it is needed to offer conutry and international society to  return with contribute money.

If donation network don't be world wide activity, eventualy, we let numerous people die.

If you demand to nation and internationl society,it would better way to appeal that you also donate based on situation of Pakistan with doing signature activity for asking more more contribute money.

Now.Pakistani vollunteer staff and traveler from foreign are doing rescue,medicine support activity lodging in tents for sufferer.

We have to make" Wave of people" and move size of nations.   

13 years ago

From the lack of medicine,too much pain,people choose mercy killing...!

I can't let this situation now continue...

I will call donation for people in my student NGO and appeal for international society and government to get out more donation like proposed by UN...!

Please do activity as well as you can...

Please pray they are safe now...!

REscuePakistan15.jpg RescuePakistan14.jpg RescuePakistan10.jpg

RescuePakistan13.jpg RescuePakistan6.jpg RescuePakistan11.jpg

Infront of Mosque in front of mosqueRescuePakistan3.jpg School children school childrenRescuePakistan.jpgWinter is so cold

13 years ago

The difference of interesting of international sosiety may be because South East Asia is resort and famous and many people go to stay in hotel...but they didn't go to Pakistan...

But please imagine...

Imagination is the very needed in this recent world...!

I will introduce Northern Area scinery which is closed and people in there can't recieve medical support...and victims increasing because of cold winter and lack of aid....

Everyone who went to Northern Pakistan told me "People in there are so tender hearted and kind."

Please pray they are safe now...!

RescuePakistan7.jpg RescuePakistan2.jpg Hotel in mountain

REscuePakistan12.jpg RescuePakistan8.jpg 

Mosque in Islamabad Mosque in Islamabad School girls

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