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Help! I need your ideas!!
14 years ago
Hi all,

I could really use your help.  I work for a charity here in Australia called Mahboba's Promise which helps widows and orphans in Afghanistan.  

The major project I am working on (which the founder of this organisation, Mahboba has been trying to get off the ground since she started Mahboba's Promise 6 years ago) is building an orphanage in Kabul to house, feed and educate about 200 orphan children, including those who have been disabled by land mines.

The project is estimated to cost $200,000 but we have already received the land for free (cost $50,000) so that leaves $150,000 AUD to go.

These people (women and girls in particular) are so disadvantaged and suffering incredibly.  On top of everything else, women are raised to believe God does not like females and to be born a female is a punishment.  The only way to stop this cycle is to provide them with protection and education.

I really need help from anyone on how we can raise the extra needed to get this project underway asap.  Any ideas you might have would be more than welcome.

Please put on your thinking caps and get back to me asap!
14 years ago

Hi Roshana,

Thats a good idea, to have a project for disadvataged females in Muslim country. The first work you should include in your project is to spread awareness, regarding position of women. Due to some blunders in Islam like-- no to women to let in the mosque.. and wearing of vail.. are some thing which make women position at worst. 

 So, please include the awareness part in your project.

Thanking you.

14 years ago

   Salam, Roshana! It is very good to hear that you are part of a project to raise funds for kids next door, in Afghanistan. Fund raising is always a difficult task, but it becomes easy if you take it in small bits. I’m part of a very very small society {Healing Hearts}, made up of about 30 people, all of them in their early teens. Every year, we raise funds, to give to a charity for the benefit of children here in Pakistan. We also raise funds when there is a special crisis, like we sent stuff over to Afghanistan for the fighters, and food, clothes and money for the children there. To raise this money, we set up a “fun-fair”. This is on a very small scale, and we organize basic game stalls, baked item stalls, sell self-made art stuff, etc. The only advertising we have is by passing the word around in our own circles. In one day, we are able to get more than Rs. 40,000.

   This is an extremely small amount for your cause though, but you could have a better affair. Like, go around and ask restaurants to provide stalls, for the sake of charity, and put up a nominal sort of entry ticket. You could also advertise a bit, just make it sound fun, so the kids will want to come, and they will be able to persuade their parents!

    Another idea: try contacting the elitist clubs, like the Rotary club, and ask for donations. Also, you could contact popular industrial companies, like the Pepsi people, or Walls {ice cream}. They like to sponsor events, cuz it helps them get tax cuts {or something}. Makes them look good if you have their name on your advertisement posters.      

    If you want to keep it cool with Muslim groups, however, it would be advisable to refrain from using offending phrases like “blunders in Islam”, and please do some proper research on the circumstance faced by the women in Afghanistan, before making generalized statements. You should not believe anything that the TV. tells you. Also, when you are speaking about Islam, please make sure your statements are correct. What is happening in Afghanistan {or is supposed to be happening in Afghanistan} is not the fault of Islam, but the people who do not follow it correctly, and make changes that suit their purpose. In fact it is better if you don’t mention religion at all, more diplomatic. Instead of funds, you could end up having a row on your hands.

  I hope your fund raising goes well!
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