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poverty will not end, until there is a cure for aids
14 years ago
Hi Members--I believe that poverty will never be cures, until there is a cure for Aids, what aids does to a economy of a third world nation, is it creates lot of children without parents, because they have died from aids, also when a family member gets sick with aids, the Husband or wife have to quit there jobs, to look after the other mate, thus no income coming in to the family, which forces the children to child labour, thus the children of that country do not get an education, the answer to a stronger country is a well educated workforce, which will attract companies to the area, but until there is a cure for aids, Poverty will run high in Third World Nations--Phil from Canada.
14 years ago

While I do understand your good intentions, I am afraid that , even if a cure for AIDs is found, that will NOT stop world poverty.

Most of world poverty is the direct result of theinequal distribution of wealth and resources, situation also known as imperialism.

A country -namely the USA, who has some 6% of the world's population, uses something in the neighbourhood of 70% of the world's resources.Add some 20 more industrialized countries, and you will realize that some 80% of the world's population has to survive out of something around 10% or less of teh world's resources.

After thinking about that, think how much of these resources each of us is using. How much does your SUV consumes? How many people have died in various wars for your country to have access to cheap oil? Where does your morning coffee come from? Is it cheap? does it come from a country like Haiti, where the democratically elected government was replaced with one that is subordinated to the USA?

 How much money have you spent on useless frivolities for Christmas? Have you ever stopped thinking how much food those money could have bought in a third world country?

Do you wear Nike shoes? Do you know where they are made and in what conditions?

as for AIDS- here is a good question for everyone to ponder

WHY would any researcher even try to develop a cure? The only ones with the facilities required are the pharmaceutical companies.

In order to test whatever they might find, they would have to use lab animals, except for the fact that some delluted people have nothing better to do than protesting against the use of lab animals- after all the lives of rats are more important than the lives of people. right?

and let's assume that someone does put up with all the %#&!*% and finds a cure. Do you know what will happen then? well, first it has to take some 5 to 10 YEARS for the thing to be tested and paratested, because that is what the regulations ask- unless the developping company would be willing to pay some bribes - like the nice people who developed Ritalin and allowed it on the market... failing to mention that in some conditions it can turn people into dangerous criminals

well, so let us assume the cure is found. Now you DO realize that it will be expensive. whoever developped it have to get their invested money back, and make some profit, right?

BUT, guess what? most of the people who get AIDS will end up being poor, because they will not be able to work a lot. Now, you'll say that health insurance will pay for it.

Like that is gonna happen.

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