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Homeless man in Oakland California beaten to death
15 years ago
A Homeless man in Oakland California was beaten to death within the last two days. Youth first tore apart his cardboard shelter then beat him to death. The media has convinced the public that the homeless choose to die on concrete streets, eat out of garbage cans and are take drugs and drink 24 hours a day. In hotels and motels in this area, the visitors guides warn against helping the homeless telling visitors again, 'The choose to eat out of garbage cans and die on the streets'...Would you??? They have become in the USA 'The Untouchables' instead of simply our mother, father, sister and brothers asking for help. I will continute to do some tiny part each day to shed light to the rapidly increasing plight of the homeless men, women and children that are dying on the streets all over the world. Their lack of dignity as human beings must end and I know it will if we all choose to make a difference.
14 years ago
It is a common stereotype that homeless people are lazy, ne'er do wells who choose to live an impoverished lifestyle. That stereotype is certainly untrue. Many homeless people want desperately to make a better life for themselves. Many do not have access to the resources that they need to help make a better life for themselves (well-paying jobs, affordable housing, etc.) Some are fleeing domestic violence with children in tow. Others suffer from untreated mental disorders. Still others are hard working families who have fallen on hard times. Please visit the free click to donate sites mentioned in this form to help the plight of the homeless. One day, some of us might need help.
14 years ago
another sad face of the media. Reminds me of the beginning of Dogma, is anyone is aware of the movie
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