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May 1st----
13 years ago
In order to create change, action is needed. On May 1st, we will take the day off from work to show that Latinos contribute to this economy not only as labor, but as consumers; we will not purchase anything on that day.

If you are wondering why anyone who is legal or has a stable job would do that, let me tell you about Cesar Chavez.

Cesar Chavez fought for farm workers' dignity; his followers and him experienced hunger and many other inconveniences in order for many to get better working conditions---access to a restroom, a lunch break, access to drinking water, a minimum wage, right to form a union and right for their kids to attend school. All farm workers benefited in some way, regardless of their ethnic differences. I know there are still people that are being held as slaves out there as we speak, but I am focusing on the positive right now.

Bottom line, the protests for better working conditions involved people going Hungry for many days; these actions have benefited you in some way.

In order for change to occur, we all need to work together--- whether you are legal, rich, born here or what have you; sacrifice for Truth and Justice is a must. With truth on our side and non-violence as our only weapon, change will take place. This was the belief that kept Cesar Chavez, MLK and Gandhiji going.

The Lessons:

1. Immigration is a right--- it has never ceased to exist; just ask yourself how you came to live here.
2. We are all human beings and immigrants should NOT be considered felons for coming to a country for a better life.
3. you list the rest

Stand up for Truth.
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