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12 years ago

The New World Order

Shaking America's Foundations
With the son of the man who introduced the New World Order to America now in place, George W. Bush's mandate was to further his father's agenda of extending government control over American citizens and empowering the tentacles of a One World Government into foreign lands.

Recognizing that no Socialist movement can succeed unless it has control over the movement of it's citizens and insider intelligence of those who oppose them, Globalists along with President G.W. Bush, needed another "crisis" to move their agenda forward.

Please read and sign if you want to keep you freedom!!!!

12 years ago
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And I'm not saying
That youíre wrong.
But is it really that far off?††NO!!††Just look around.... even
Some of the petitions on this site say things about the gov.
Taking away our freedom, like the cell phone thing.
And why do you think we are in war right now?††Itís not for our
Freedom anymore itís for us to get control of their oil so we
Donít have to pay for it anymore. The main bad guy was killed last year.
And we all know that things arenít getting better there.
Just think about it.
These days now when go to get a job or apply for something, they need
A back ground check for everything.††MORE CONTROLL!!
But itís simple. If you want be controlled then sit there and
Donít do anything. I want my kids to be able to choose a religion
When they grow up and not have to answer for every little thing, like what
School like they want to go to or who they want to marry.
But if youíre like me then sign this and raise awareness!!!!!
And for the people that think this a slam on Bush you need to look
Around and do some research. Itís been around for years. Way
Before Bush was elected.
There was a revolutionary war to free slaves well you see
What power people really have and with the new world order we are
Being in slaved by the gov. so why not join together to make sure that
It doesnít happen!! Look around a lot of people agree with me!!
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