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Stop Wal-Mart from Wasting Much Needed Food
10 years ago

Every single day, Wal-Mart stores across the nation throw tons of perfectly edible food into the dumpsters instead of donating it to local food pantries and/or soup kitchens. Petition Wal-Mart to change this wasteful practice!! In light of the current economy and rising food prices, more and more people will be going hungry and Wal-Mart, though they do help tremendously, could do so much more! Watch videos from KMOV News 4 Investigates in Missouri about this issue. Please click the link below to sign the petition and pass it on to everyone in your email address book. Thank you!!

Wasting food
10 years ago

Though I do agree with this petition to stop Walmart( or any large supermarket chain for that matter) from discarding food, it must be noted that as a former employee Walmart usually does so when the food has expired. I'm not sticking up for Walmart or taking sides on this issue, but my former supervisors( meaning the few I worked for, so my experience might not run in tandem with others) reminded us to check the expiration date on dairy and produce every day. If a product were to expire within 5 days it was removed from the shelves and placed into a bin to be disposed on. Its more of a Health issue than an excessive marked one. I would say that most of the time I would find tons of items in the back, non-dairy related, that could easily be given to families during Thanksgiving or Christmas. But who's to say that this hasn't already been thought of.

I feel this petition is worthwhile as it raises awareness to unnecessary purchasing, spending, and discarding of foods that could better be used to feed a family for a week--or donated to a food pantry(almost every town here in Massachusetts has one). But, I feel with err greatest, jutting out finger and tsking "shame shame shame" on Walmart if we think they toss away their food cheapishly or for the sake of makin space.

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