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 March 05, 2010 5:31 PM

Any more ideas?

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 December 11, 2007 7:28 AM

To reply to Jakki's concerns re- computer issues -- actually in one of the many threads computers are the topic - they will be available for customer and student use - as well as in the after school programs we will host but -- as for selling computer products -- I do not think I want to branch that far out - because this is first and foremost a new/used bk store w/handmade gifts  - w/flowers and baskets made to be delievered  - free beverages and finger food and after school programs -- I do not want to become a mini Target or Walmart

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 December 11, 2007 7:21 AM

FYI I actually have 2 threads same topic lol going at the same time - so post to either thread I'll keep ckg both


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 June 11, 2007 5:37 PM

Jakki & Willow thanks for joining and the ideas are great -- must add them to my on going growing list... bonus points

love kat

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 June 11, 2007 1:35 PM

Hello to everyone...first let me say thanks so much for the invite to the group, how could I resist with all the wonderful Dragon pics.. Been a little under the weather but i'm up and running again.

I LOVE to read and love to spend an afternoon in a bookstore looking at all the treasures. Sounds like there are plenty of great ideas already!A comfortable a good book.I loved the idea of readings. Will this be a general book store with all kinds of books? Maybe this has already been about a book of the month club? What kind of one of a kind gift items are you looking for?

Thanks again for the invitation...


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 June 11, 2007 8:38 AM

Kat,your right.These are all good ideas,but not once is it mentioned about computer software and computer stationary,business cards,ect..Takes up little space,most everyone needs anti-virus protection and anti-spyware,and also some games.Printer ink along with the business cards and stationary round it out nicely!Also extra usb cables!  [ send green star]
 May 01, 2007 4:24 PM

Hello Jim

I suppose depending on where your located - the number of stores vary - but, used books have a smaller number of stores and actually could be much better utilized - I am pretty sure were people able to trade in or resell there used books to get others or store credit towards future purchases the suppply and demand would change.


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anonymous The Book Market April 30, 2007 12:51 PM

I am always amazed at how many bookstores there are, both online and bricks and mortar.  I thought I read a lot, but I cannot imagine how much reading must take place to support all those stores.  How large is the market?  [report anonymous abuse]
 January 30, 2007 2:02 AM




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anonymous In Store Readings January 07, 2007 5:26 PM

Many stores stock classics but do a poor job of pushing them to modern audiences: imagine a Readers Theatre night using classics and giving just enough of a "performance" that folks would be encouraged to buy and read the full book - romances, a bit of Cyrano de Bergerac, Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, parts of Shakesperian works, translations of Greek tragedies...might see if a local community college theatre class could be persuaded to do the "Theqatre" nights as an internship...  [report anonymous abuse]
Kim's Handmade Jewelry to be Hosted in the Store - December 22, 2006 7:18 PM

Although we will be requesting craft people to allow us to handle their hand made items - I wanted to post a bit about some of the jewelry -

6 Breast Cancer Bracelets - handmade different designs -  
1 pr Handmade Pierced Earring dangle Breast Cancer
3 AIDS Bracelets - handmade different desingns
2 prs Handmade Pierced Earring dangle AIDS
! White Bead Handmade POW/MIA - (black ribbon) Bracelet
 (all necklaces and bracelets - are different designs/colors - different beads/crystals pictures to follow on some of these designs - also have a very limited amount of Christmas Necklaces left -- etc...)
2 - Red Ladybug Bracelets
1 - (charm says:snakes/snails/puppy dog tails) -- blue beads
1 - delicate - childs bracelet - w/blue beads and 2 blue daisy charms - w/pale blue rinestones
1 -  baby carriage charm w/pink rinestones -- pink beads
1 - amber and blue crystals - w/deep green barrel showcased bead
1 - metalic purple beaded bracelet - w/dicroic square in metalic greens and purple
1 - peridot green square beaded memory wire bracelet
1 - tiger beads - cream brown and green in shade - w/4 jade chinese patterned cloisonne beads and 2         glass blue fish beads
2 - 1 - blue beads w/clear glass fish and 1 - cylindraical beads/pale blue glass fish
1 - white/yellow daisy charm w/blue beads
1 - white and clear beads w/sunshine charm
1 - dark blue and amber crystal beads w/large dark blue and metallic gold dicroic bead
4 - assorted designed black bracelets - made w/crystals - and or - glass beads -
6 - assorted designed red or pink bracelets - made w/crystals and or  - glass beads
A lg. quantity of Blue beads/crystals - silver - bracelets - ask about the specifics -
1 - Green Crackle Beads/Red Beads - crystal -- necklace w/Small Red Glass Wrapped Package Charm
2 -  Glass Christmas Tree Necklaces - 1 - Green Crackle Beads w/crystalbeads/silver  - necklace w/Glass Green Christmas Tree ---- 1 - Green Bead and red crystals w/Glass christmas Tree Charm
1 - Green Bead and Silver pearl necklace -- w/Red Glass Christmas Tree Light Charm (Lampwork Bead)
1 - Pale Green tiger Eye Bead w/green and clear beads - 4 pearl beads - and a Glass Wreath Charm
1 - Green and Red assorted beads w/2 glass charms of twisted red candies and a Glass Red Mitten Charm
1 - Green bead bracelet - w/2 red cystals and 1 glass twisted candy charm
1 - Necklace w/pale blue glass beads 4 dark blue beads w/silver swirl work - 14 silver pearls and a large Chinese patterned Jade Medallion - both sides have the etching for Happiness
1 - Necklace - Delicate Turquoise colored beads w/6 turquoise beads - clear beads and a Dragonfly charm
ALL BEADS ARE GLASS -- Some of the other beads or items used are - Garnets - Black Water Pearls - Ivory Water Pearls - Sworski (sp?)crystals - tigers eye beads - obsidian and glass beads of varying design - silver spacers -- the clasps are toggle - barrel and or lobster claw -- any questions simply email Kim
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anonymous  September 08, 2006 8:04 AM

noddy 2.jpg  [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous dont forget my glass paintings August 01, 2006 5:02 AM

willbe on sale too   [report anonymous abuse]
anonymous Gift for Kat's bookstore July 28, 2006 7:49 AM

I found this graphic and immediately thought of you and your bookstore:


There are more fairy things on the website were I got this.  Some of the links are not finished, but the website owner is working to finish them:

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 July 27, 2006 1:45 PM

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 1:33 PM

That was more then 2 cents and was a perfect scenario of what I am hoping to build - I agree tenfold - never enough comfortable chairs - the coffee is too expensive the organization has no rhyme or reason - been there - done that - don't want to keep doing it - and therefore I want hammock swing seats - quilts - comfy chairs - inexpensive finger food and free coffee's/tea's - places for kids to create - read - be read to - puppet shows - interactive Internet - various events weekly - card catalog for customers - and so they can actually place there order themselves without the hassle of standing in line to never get to talk to that helpful sales person who is over stressed and under paid

I feel books are the keys to magical journeys therefore the carpet should be accessible for the ride ---

keep posting Alan you express your ideas beautifully


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 July 27, 2006 1:44 PM

Alan has received 23 new, 41 total stars from Care2 members Alan A.
My 2 cents... 7:22 AM
Hi and thanks for the invitation to the group!  This sounds so exciting and I wish all of you the best of luck with this new endeavor.    I am assuming this is going to be a real brick and mortar kind of place.
Now...  I am not sure what I can contribute.  I am not an avid reader or writer.  I like what I have read here and they are all great ideas.  But, I'll share a bit on how I view a book store. So I'll ramble on and maybe you will find something in my writing.
I guess as a kid I was never encouraged to read and rarely did so.  So as an adult, reading for pleasure holds little interest.  As a parent, my wife and I have encouraged our kids to read and they are avid readers that devour books and have little interest in TV.  Not bad at the age of 12!  I think both of my kids read about 500 pages a week each!
I think a kids section is important.  Young adult too, but it has to have in it more than books.  It has to be a place for a kid to come into and feel that it is a place for them.  Even if it is a corner to hang out and read.  I think in the long run it will pay huge dividends for both the kid and the store.
For me, as an adult, I know I find book stores a bit intimidating.  I never understand how they work.  The sorting never seems to be how I would sort a book.  I know there are accepted standards, but if there is something that can be done to make it all less confusing I know it would help someone like me. 
I like book stores that have more of a library/coffee house feel, but with little nooks to sit and read a bit to explore my finds.  I worked darn hard to get this far, not I want a  place of peace to make sure I have the best under my arm. 
I generally find places like Barnes and Nobel and Boarders awful places and I try to frequent smaller stores.  But, then again there is the selection issue. 
I like to feel good about where I shop and I like to come back to a familiar place.  But, it has to be changing and offer me a reason to come back.  hard to put into words, just a feeling.  Maybe kind of the idea of a stale website.  Seen it once and no reason to come back.
Well, just a few thoughts.
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 July 27, 2006 1:43 PM

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 Wednesday, 8:44 PM

Bookstore to honor other BOOKSTORE coupons

but cannot have our book at 30 or 40% then honor another coupon for over 15%

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 Wednesday, 4:56 PM
Store colors - Teal - Black - Silver  [ send green star]   
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more idea's Tuesday, 8:39 AM


Allow people to post business cards - announcements -

request business people to put 1 extra business card into a box/bowl bi-weekly pull 1 card offer that business buying % for 1 week.

Feature that business in the bi-weekly newsletter - either do as a pick up at store - if inexpensive have it placed in local newspaper - at college campus site - an online as an email ---- offer % to customers who do book reviews - feature the review in the newletter - be sure to mention store programs - ie:seminars - open mike events etc...

advertise in local paper - school newspapers - flyer in the grocery stores - local businesses - and resturants

if area has hotels/motels - bed & breakfast - ask them to give patron upon check in - 1 pre printed 5% off purchase business card (per visit) and in return store promotes those hotels/motels etc... as a brief write up in the newsletter (history - owners - what facility offers etc...) 

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 July 27, 2006 1:41 PM

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continued SUE Idea's Tuesday, 8:25 AM

Small section of games and card - (idea of one store shopping)

offer grift wrapping and delivery

offer frequent buyer discount

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SUE'S MS STORE: Tuesday, 8:13 AM

USED BOOKS - buy from customer by issuing a Bookstore Credit - resell at 1/2 original cost -

Take college text books - same way as above

Cafe -

structure store around idea of: 1/4 used/exchg books - special ordered books - (new stock to be ordered from home store - DE)Teacher/student resources - exchged college text -

(Send mailer to local schools) to get teachers reading list requirements and stock these "summer" reading books -  

1/4 gift section:crafts (handmade quilts - caftans) - jewelry (Kim & Nicky) also special orders - handmade bookmarks (Nicky) also special orders  - elegant stationary - pens - calligraphy sets -

small flower section w/candy - bath salts - candles - coffee - teas - unique small mugs/single service coffee/coffee cup sets(by Cafe)

1/4 cafe - coffee - tea's - specialty sandwiches/pastry (either made there or feature local rest. in area to help to build each other's businesses)

1/4 seminars:

seminars: local - bankers/insurance/car garage's/car dealers - etc... give talks about their respective business - how to invest - what to look for when buying - when getting fixed -- etc... help seminars - continuing education seminars - (ch. say !0.00 per person - part goes to speaker part to store to cover space - coffee - pastry) and feature books to support speak for people to buy --- free advertising of store by speaker - works for both parties.

on going - tutoring (summers and after school)- children activities - puppet shows w/reading of books - open mike for poetry - book debates - book signings - feature local artists - craft person bi-weekly - allow them to host an event to showcase their works and store plus artist makes monies - free advertising of store by artist - works for both parties

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 July 27, 2006 1:40 PM

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low cost major profit Monday, 9:22 AM
take orders online and I have place to process and store for shipment at no cost!  [ send green star]   
Kathryn has received 121 new, 356 total stars from Care2 membersKathryn has been awarded 119 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Kathryn C.
 Monday, 9:02 AM

Send confirmation email when book order has been placed

Call and send card upon receipt of item in store

Have computer system in place to record customer bookstore purchase - works towards pending discounts - also keeps note of titles and authors so cards can be generated when new book arrives in store that might interest said buyer

have form made out requesting purchasers vital info - AARP#/AAA#/Bookstore Discount card#/Teachers Discount Card#/

bday/anniversary  - address - phone # -

suggestion box - likes - dislikes

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The idea of raffles for ARCs of popular authors along with and series books (KIM'S IDEA)  [ send green star]
 July 23, 2006 9:34 PM

Image hosting by Photobucket

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 July 23, 2006 4:25 PM

Ok I'll just send you her signed book anyway and then you give her book away?

Will send info in an e to you --

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anonymous  July 23, 2006 4:22 PM

I ordered Ami's book from Amazon three days ago, it should be here in a day or two.(perhaps I could have her autograph and I will put it inside the front cover).

 Let me know your address and I will send you over a few things as samples for your store.

 Yes I got your email and will probably try the Cranberry drink. May have repeated myself in a PM to you about Spain...apologies, have been at work all weekend, day off tomorrow going to the Zoo...

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 July 23, 2006 3:00 PM

sounds awesome -- Janice -- how would you like me to pack that book? I noticed you have a few booksellers in the UK w/my book but omg the prices they want are ridiculous --- is Ami's book available there? I ordered 4 copies - and asked her if we could meet in August - when she signs it, I'll ship one off to you also - better make sure your new Spanish house has lots of bookshelves for your soon to be collected copies of signed books -- if you collect Welsh items also for the store that would ve very neat - went to the Irish sea in Wales years ago -- it was a hot English summer day -- but that water was freezing -- your ideas are truly very neat....

how is everything else going?

you got my note about poinsetta -- and mimosa's right?



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anonymous One of a kind July 23, 2006 1:20 PM

How about if I supply you with one off items in regards to the British Royal Family. I can pick things up fairly reasonable in price, if I look for small items first, such as thimbles, small plates, maybe commemorative mugs, the postage will be minimal.

If the items become popular I could start searching for larger items, let me know what you think?

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 July 20, 2006 3:05 AM

Laurie said she would come from Salem to visit and perhaps do readings also --  [ send green star]
Readings? July 19, 2006 7:43 AM

Maybe we could also do readings at the store.  I have a faery oracle deck and loooooove doing readings for people! Kat & Kim I will totally give you guys one so you can see what they are all about!

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(Member Is Blocked)
 July 18, 2006 8:02 PM

E books -- great idea -- Kimberley actually has been doing a number of Book Reviews for Ebooks --

I do not know if it is mentioned but - the used books are 1/2 the price of regular books and the people who bring the used books in earn credits towards any and ALL items in the bookstore/cafe.

We had planned a lot of different ideas - puppet shows/reading for younger children - poetry open mike - book report - movie passes for teens -- internet ability etc... the cafe will have tables - chairs - with wonderful chairs - hammocks - love seat around the store --

thank you for your posts and your marvelous ideas --

Dragon pair with heartkat

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 July 18, 2006 7:53 PM

I like Kim's idea about the CD's I think we should buy/sell used Dvd's..

Also ask local musicians to sell their music in our store, and maybe even allow acoustic sets for them to showcase their music.

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(Member Is Blocked)

i am a guy who reads whenever he gets a chance even when being driven from one meeting to another or to work.. be it 2 minutes or 2 hours. i also browse bok shops wherever i go, wherever in the world.  the concept of making it a book cafe rather than a book shop is what seems to be needed. to be able to have a cup of cafe au lait while browsing is fantastic. and one thing, please haave chairs or bar stools, ligt ones so one can ssit and browse.

what to stock is always a hugh crisis.. i personaaly like bookshops that allow me the need to search and sudeenly find something special. kat use this network to source books. there is no reason why all of us cannot source sepecific books from our own region.

it may be a great idea to get a couple of customers to sit and disscuss books get a debate going, get others to join or organise book readings on holidays. al ways to encourage people to come in and get non readers interested.

books are epensive kat and a lot of less than addicted readers always debate buying a book for the cost. so second hand books are a good idea.

one more cheap idea is to download ebooks from gutenberg, burn them on to cd'ss and sell them at the cost of burning the cd and a service cost. this will actually cover a substantial range of non fiction books and some really interesting reading.

i acn go on and on.. smiling.. neet to orrganise my thoughts on this.

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More Ideas July 06, 2006 2:30 AM

Some of this maybe duplicated - just my ideas/ramblings so I can get this all organized when we open ... (writing ideas down so I wont loose/forget them)

AAA - 5% ..... AARP - 5%... Teachers discount - 15% ... Store Card (free) - 10% -- will combine all discounts together - max. amt if had all cards = 35% off of purchase

No Teachers discount allowed in the Cafe (will accept the others)

Some items only discount to apply will be store (i.e. - bookmarks - small reading lights etc... small ticket items - crafts - toys)

Teachers section: work books - home schooling books - decent pens - kits (i.e. science kits) - references - desk calendars - planners - stock books on reading lists

Free Teachers gift bag 2x per yr - beginning of school yr and xmas.  (sell Lego's - Craola - MB - Stationary (w/initial seals and wax and call.pen sets) - Rolls of Paper - colored paper ---- small notebooks - journals - daily planners/calendars)

Teacher Requests -

Contact Smithsonian - cross reference books to go with exhibits being featured -

See about helping to host a Halloween Street Fair - w/face painting - baked goods - candy apples - cotton candy - betta fish/pin pong balls - games and prizes in lue of trick or treating

Host Xmas Fair - w/free gift wrapping - $5.00 del. chg in the city ----- sell loose flowers/candy

Look to hire Elderly - Disabled -

Scholarship 1 per High School in area - (enough $ to help cost of College Textbooks - Essay -- 2000 words ---RE:                                                 ) to be given at Senior class Day Assembly

Nicky to make bookmarks for the store --

Colored tissue w/bag - ribbon (2 colors) w/book tie (i.e. Bonwit w/cloth flowers)

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More Ideas July 05, 2006 10:04 AM

How about: customers do a mini book review and post it in the bi weekly news letter. For doing this -- the customer receives a 20% off coupon for purchases.

Coupons for signing up -- 30% off for reg. price item or $10.00 off of a $75.00 purchase.

Free bookstore card which entitles customer to 10% savings on every purchase (i.e. Waldenbooks or B&N's $10.00 card - ours free)

Sample books -- everywhere -- with matching book marks.

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TY July 04, 2006 12:53 AM

 for taking time to post ideas/questions.....keep those posts a comin....


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STORE CHAT June 25, 2006 12:48 PM

Dear Ms. G

First and foremost thanks for coming into my virtual bookstore -- grab a java and let me explain .....

My daughter and I started our virtual store here to get members to tell us their favorite authors or genre -- this helps us decide who is a heavy favorite and what topics are most popular.

Then we asked for everyone's bday & anniversary date --- when the store begins to be set up - I intend to enter all this info into the computer - start a store newspaper - online and in the store - monthly bday/anniversaries will be posted and a gift card sent out for $10.00 to be used in the store or in fact online -- through paypal to our members - (for other member discount ideas plse read the above.

We next gave our ideas for the store (as you can see above) and we asked people to add their ideas - likes - dislikes -- this helps to weed out things people hated about shopping - the things they obviously liked, what brought them back to shop (repeat buyers) -- is this a bit clearer?

So, Ms. G -- what do you like/what would you like if you had a favorite bookstore - how would you like to be pampered?

Did you check out the idea's for the Cafe? The idea of prices? The breakfast idea of beverage/breakfast finger food/newspaper for about $1.50. 

Tell me what would make you a steady customer -- tell me your pet peeves.......

I hope this helps to clear the confusion -- also .... we intend to sell craft items - i.e. paintings - handmade quilts - native american jewelry - hand made beaded jewelry - unique 1 of a kind items - I am actually asking all my members here to be on the look out for for very different things - things they would buy or think others would buy in the store. 

I want to showcase 1 artist per month and a different writer/author per month.

We plan on offering seminars on topics like Ins. - House Buying Tips - reliable business - car information - health topics to but name a few.

We intend to have new and used books - book cards for students - like a library but - they would need to pay 50 to take the book out in case they loose it - after school tutoring or craft projects -- puppet shows -- etc...'

Craft seminars for all ages actually - knitting - quilting - pottery - etc...

I want a small display of flowers - chocolates - cards (unique artistic ones not mass produced) -- this way if you forgot a bday - anniversary - whatever you have a reasonable and small selection to choose from w/free delivery if needed.

We decided to be open 2/3 hrs every holiday for people who forgot a present and those people who were alone and wanted coffee and conversation - and to serve a small meal to those who were homeless or had no where to go for that holiday --

ASK AWAY ...... thank you for that opportunity to further explain ... if you need anything else - or have ideas -- plse post them --


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anonymous  June 25, 2006 9:34 AM

Kathryn i am still a little lost in this.. so you need books and other items to start a lil store,,, where???  I think i am more than lost , it could be like they say ,THe hearing goes first, than the mind, so oops, i quess i am there now.. do explain..  [report anonymous abuse]
 June 19, 2006 11:59 AM

Now before you ask how I propose to make monies if I'm not going to charge big in the Cafe ......... I always believed in the idea of paying it forward ... therefore --

coffee/Tea (beverage) - roll/muffin/donut/bagel (bkfst finger food) and the newspaper should not exceed 1.50 for all 3

beverages like coffee - cold or hot and tea for first cup (not including above 3) -- 50 - 75 cents -- free refills

since there are numerous little rest. around I'd like to feature a different rest for lunch boxes available all day - should not exceed - 4.00 including beverage

will look to hire retired ladies who love to bake - and have cookies - brownies - pastry etc..... price will depend on item and all the additional ideas of ingredients/labor - but nothing costly.

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 June 11, 2006 10:12 AM

Connect with schools in the area of the bookstore prior to summer vacation and inquire about the summer reading lists.  Set up with teachers that if their students buy their books from the store (the should bring their list with them to prove their cass info) that we will give back 10% of all purchases made from the lists to that classroom.  Any students who purchase from the store will get a 10% discount with their student ID.  Any student who shops with us using their reading list will get an additional 5% off for a total of 15% off their books.

Sound Good?


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more ideas June 11, 2006 8:13 AM

Sue posted games

we also need magazines

old and new books - same with magazines including Playboy and Playgirl

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 June 11, 2006 8:12 AM

Kat, let me know how I can be of help.


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card line..... June 11, 2006 7:50 AM

Ok Sue is doing the cards -- and triggered the idea of stationary with seals and sealing wax --- need to get people back to writing. Glasses - lap desks .... more ideas please  ---- fancy pens - nice quality - mont blanc etc.....

oh yes ... Kim said CD's

and the grocery store now has a video machine where for $1.00 you can rent a video - you need a debit card or credit card to do so -- so your automatically billed the late chg ---

plse add any other ideas as you get hem.

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$$$$$ June 10, 2006 4:42 PM

By the way - distance does not mean I can't send you stuff - and when I go on buying trips come to visit and while shopping to find very unique items.

You know I think I'll get all my Care2 friends involved with this --

Starting as of August help to find one of a kind items and I will send you via paypal the amt for item/shipping and commission for finding - how does that sound? You will need to email me so we can discuss commission/finders fee.

Do not want mass produced items for the gift/craft portion of the store. A unique piece of glass - or doll - or jewelry - or art carving etc.... whatever catches your eye!!!!

Your own items also welcome.

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Plse REMEMBER TO POST BD/AUTHORS June 10, 2006 4:32 PM

Could all my members say hi  -- and remember to post your birthday/anniverary -- do not need the yr -- and please post your favorite author  [ send green star]
BOOK STORE IDEAS CONT. June 10, 2006 4:29 PM

I decided with Kim that all the Care2 shoppers and friends - AARP/AAA and the free K&K card holder members when we open the store will get combined discounts - 1 membership (for instance AAA will give you 10%) then any subsequent membership - K&K Bookstore - or Care2 friend (must be confirmed) etc.. will give you an additional 5% -- so for instance -- if you had all 4 memberships:AAA/ARP/Care2/K&K Bookstore = 25% off 1 book at time of purchase - how do you like that idea?
Buyers cards -- we track # bks bought at 10 books the 11 book is free.
Birthday/anniversary - frequent buyer discounts -
these are only some of our ideas... you like?
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