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 September 09, 2006 8:13 PM

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Punish the Deed,
Not the Breed


When it comes to Pit Bulls, the monster is often
the two legged animal at the other end of the leash!

More often than not, those poor dogs are the VICTIMS of irresponsible and abusive ownership. Pit Bull dogs are bred, raised, and trained to be the way they are. Inside the dogs there is a good heart that only wants to please and love. Dogs do not understand the human definition of right and wrong. Blaming the animals for the current situation regarding dog attacks will NEVER resolve the problem!

It's time people stop closing their eyes to the source of the problem and start to face reality. The pain you see in the eyes of the dogs in this section IS the sad reality of too many Pit Bulls.Those dogs need our help, not our hate.

Do something about it! Animal Cruelty Actionline


Faith was found left to die on the side of the highway. She will carry to scars of her past all her life.



Driveby was rescued from the hostile streets of Chicago.

Winky was rescued from an owner who had kicked his eye out. Unfortunately he died of Parvo a few weeks after.


Covered with mange and undernourished, this poor little guy will soon smile again. Scootie was given a chance by a nice Lady who adopted him


Abused Pit Bull... Callan was pulled down the street with a garden hose wrapped around its neck. Man charged with cruelty!

Man Guilty in Dog's Death

Washington Post, Thursday, April 8, 1999

A Reston man who beat his Pit Bull to death in February pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of animal cruelty and was sentenced to two days in jail. Fairfax County District Court Judge Richard T. Horan imposed a 60-day sentence on Frank A. Bigham, of the 12000 block of Greywing Square, but suspended 58 days. Bigham struck the dog, Jawbone, after the dog snapped at him while Bigham was disciplining the dog for urinating on the floor.

Copyright 1999 The Washington Post Company


This poor little guy was found as a stray with a severe wound on the head. No one ever claimed him, and no home was found before his deadline. He was euthanized on 05/29/99.


This is Monte, the day he was rescued after being left for dead in the parking lot of a Burger King


Dogfighting — Why It Must Be a Felony

Dogfighting is one of the cruelest activities that man can inflict upon animals. This tortuous "blood sport" results in anguish and acute suffering and pain for those animals that are forced to fight. In addition, dogfighting is a dehumanizing and degrading activity -- a serious offense to the sensibilities of a civilized society -- and certainly an offense warranting a felony penalty. 44 states have enacted felony dogfight laws, all of them since 1975. Transportation of dogs across state lines for fighting purposes is also a violation of the federal Animal Welfare Act administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Source: HSUS


Felony charges for puppy killing

Jody Rymer, 20, was charged with two counts of animal cruelty and his roommate, David Alan Cox, was charged with one count of animal cruelty and threatening a public official, after Rymer allegedly killed his puppy, named Ringo, by repeatedly swinging the dog over his head and slamming him to the ground head-first.

Rymer and Cox are also accused of holding Ringo down, kicking and punching him, and tying him by the neck to a cinderblock and throwing it, according to arrest affidavits. Rymer reportedly yelled, "He deserved that!" after allegedly killing the 8-week-old German shepherd-Pit Bull mix. Rymer's neighbor reported the abuse to police.


Angelo is still trying to smile despite his sad condition...


 September 09, 2006 8:14 PM

Dogfighting bust. The dog, with drainage tubes now on his reattached ears, was injured in a dogfight over the weekend.


Found in this condition. This little one was rescued.


Also known as "The Healer", Pete is a true survivor of the ring. A sad story with a happy ending!

This one was not so lucky.... He was found dead while AC was assisting the police in a drug raid.


3 Maryland Teenagers Arrested
for Setting Dog on Fire

On February 4, 2001, three teenagers in Salisbury, MD were arrested for setting a 6-month-old Pit Bull on fire after stealing it and forcing it to fight another dog. Firefighters found the dog at about 7 p.m. Sunday night after responding to the scene of a grass fire. According to the Wicomico County Sheriff's office, the dog died shortly after being brought to the veterinarian. The three teenagers are being charged with felony arson and misdemeanor animal cruelty.

This horrific attack comes just six months after a Pit Bull mix was doused with lighter fluid in Baltimore County. The dog, KB, who suffered burns to 50 percent of its body and was given a 50-50 chance of survival by doctors, eventually recovered and was sent home with his rescuer several months after the incident.

Currently, animal cruelty is only a misdemeanor in Maryland although The Humane Society of the United States (HSU is working with advocates throughout Maryland to elevate the law to a felony this year. Thirty-one states and the District of Columbia have already enacted felony-level provisions for intentional and deliberate cases of animal cruelty.


Related Stories
and articles

Fight to the Death

Dogfight Winners

Worst case of starvation

The Deadly life of Pit Bull fighter

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 September 09, 2006 8:14 PM

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"Somehow he had managed to come through unimaginable hardship, not only clinging to life, but maintaining a positive attitude, which was to me, an inspiration"
Dr. Max Rust, D.V.M


"They thought it was a good idea to douse her with gasoline and light a match to her."


Little bait dog... Socket was found on the streets of Brooklyn with his eye so badly damaged from a dog fight, it had to be removed.


Sandy's story. Little 8 weeks old Sandy was found with her leg so badly injured it had to be amputated.

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 September 09, 2006 8:15 PM

Dogs Found in Spring Lake

SPRING LAKE -- Animal control officers found a horrible scene in Cumberland County when 16 dogs, starving and abused, were discovered chained up in a man's backyard. Officers say the dogs were bred for fighting. The emaciated dogs had scratches and cuts on their bodies and ears. Robert McCullum of Spring Lake is charged with animal cruelty.

Animal control officers found two dead dogs among the 16. Officers said they had starved to death. One officer said it broke his heart to see the dogs in such shape. Pit bull puppies were also found abused -- their ears had been cut, which is commonly done to prepare them for fighting.

Neighbors, meanwhile, said they knew there was trouble with the dogs not being fed or watered properly, fighting each other. Animal control officers took the dogs away so they could get food and veterinary care.


Someone Cropped Dogs' Ears
With Office Scissors
Police Searching For Answers

INDIANAPOLIS, 11:23 p.m. EST May 14, 2001-- Animal control seized two dogs and the owners are charged with neglect after their dogs' ears were clipped with office scissors. The pups' ears are gone. They are recovering at the Johnson County animal shelter. "It just made me sick to my stomach to know the pain they went through," Julie Hively of the Johnson County Animal Shelter said. Someone cut the pups' ears off with a pair of scissors as the owners and some neighbors watched.

"When I came in the dogs' mouths were taped, the legs were taped together so they couldn't move and he used a pair of office scissors to cut off the dogs' ears. When I seen it, I didn't think it was right," neighbor Keith Woodall said. The person who clipped the dogs' ears claimed to be licensed. The man even gave the owners a business card. They paid him $75. The owners said that they had their ears cropped for appearance only. "We like the way it looks. It makes their heads look bigger. Somebody said something about fighting dogs. We never fight our dogs, not one time ever," owner Shawn Stratton said.

Police are asking questions and trying to figure out who performed the job. "They’ll heal, it's just what they had to go through," Hively said. The owners accused a man who works at a kennel, but the man said that he did not crop the dogs' ears, but didn't offer more comments. Whoever is responsible will face charges of animal cruelty and could get up to a year in jail.

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 September 09, 2006 8:16 PM

Found almost starved to death, Caramel was rescued in time!


Jeffrey was saved by a good Samaritan when she looked out her window, hearing the screams of a dog in pain. A group of teenage boys were "hacking" him up with a machete. One of his legs was almost completely severed off, several wounds to the head which resulted in his nasal passage being cut off. Plastic tubing was inserted into his nose to allow him to breathe.


This one died of starvation minutes before an agent arrived. The owner left the dog on his lead in the backyard without food or water, and left town.

Owner jailed after injured pit bull found without food Dec. 29, 1999

DANIA BEACH -- A beat-up pit bull was taken from its owner on Wednesday and turned over to a local animal hospital to be treated for a number of injuries and afflictions. The dog owner, Ralph Larry Young Jr., 24, was charged with one count of animal cruelty and remained in the county jail in lieu of $500 bond. The Broward Sheriff's Office said Young deprived the dog, named Gotti, of food and made no attempt to provide the animal with much-needed medical attention.

Deputy Mike Vadnal said the tan and white canine was found confined to a kennel on the 700 block of Southwest 12th Avenue on a short leash when he arrived around 10 a.m.. The dog was suffering from many infected fight wounds, an injured left leg and from a large abscess on its face. It also had protruding bones and numerous fresh cuts on its face. Vadnal said the complaint that took him to the home included allegations of dog fighting, said BSO spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright. Gotti the dog, who is 15 pounds underweight, is expected to recover from its injuries.

This little guy was rescued by a police officer in Chicago

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 September 09, 2006 8:17 PM

Was found as a stray in poor condition... No owner came to reclaim him, and there was no one to adopt him. He was euthanized on 11/11/98.

It was too late for this one... Despite great efforts from the vet, his life could not be saved..

Some idiots believe that starving a dog will make him a better fighter..

In memory of "PoorGuy"

"... Some people said the owners left him last year and he's been scrounging food and living in a burnt down house. They said he was a white Pit bull. But I couldn't find a single hair, just scabs and scars.... I hated to put him to sleep. He wagged his tail the whole time I was holding off his vein..."
Bill Wise Animal Control GA

Stories and articles

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 September 09, 2006 8:18 PM

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"The cruelty involved in dogfighting should be punished by more than a slap on the hand. This is not a spur-of-the-moment act; it is a premeditated, cruel, and abhorrent practice that has no place in a civilized society."

Puppy needs help with medical bills
By Jeff Chorney

HAYWARD -- A local animal group is raising money to help pay the medical bills for a puppy that was nearly killed when a man allegedly threw it against a wall. The man, a 19-year-old Hayward resident, was arrested on suspicion of animal cruelty and drug charges. He is not being identified because he has been charged with misdemeanors, not felonies.

The puppy, a 7-week-old male pit bull terrier, was seized by police Feb. 9 and taken to an emergency animal hospital. Now, Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic in Hayward is providing medical care. Although the doctor there has discounted her rates, the bill already is estimated to be between $3,000 and $5,000, said Christine Bowman, clinic office manager. "You should have seen the puppy when it came in. It was awful. He was crying and howling," Bowman said. The puppy had a broken leg, a fractured rib and head injuries. His brain was swollen, and he vomited and had seizures. Although the dog now is eating on his own, the brain swelling has left him blind -- a condition Bowman and others hope is only temporary. The dog's name was "Tek," but the clinic renamed him "Cupid" because he started to get better on Valentine's Day, Bowman said.

According to a police report, the man argued with his pregnant, 20-year-old girlfriend about sex, choked the dog and threw him against a wall mirror at the home the couple shares with the man's mother, then put a gun to his head and threatened to kill himself. Police arrested the man, who was on probation, that same day and found drugs in his room. He is being held in lieu of $10,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court today.

If the dog recovers, the Hayward Animal Shelter will put him up for adoption.



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 September 09, 2006 8:18 PM

Police arrested a guy for parole violation and found dogs at his residence. He denied that he owned them and wouldn't say who did, so police confiscated the dogs. This poor mama dog was found on a chain, starving to death, and covered in fleas and flystrike.


Little Lila and Lilly are ones of the rare lucky PitBulls who are rescued in time and given a second chance at life.

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 September 09, 2006 8:19 PM

A Pitbull Story

"I work at an Animal Hospital in Pa. We handle a lot of pitbulls from the local humane society, and see a lot of dogs that have been fought. Here's is a sad story: A few nights ago, a Pitbull was picked up by the local humane society and brought to us. It had been in a fight and lost, so his owners beat him (probably with a baseball bat) possibly shot him, and then threw him off of a bridge. It took almost two days before someone called for him to be picked up. Even though he had suffered greatly, he was still friendly towards people. Unfortunately his injuries were so great that he was not able to be saved, even with people willing to spend all they could to do it. How someone could do this to a dog, I will never understand. No matter how many times I see animals treated like this, it still makes me sick." Nichole


Rescued by policeman in Chicago


Rescued by policeman in Chicago


Rescued by a firefighter

A victim of sick individuals' passion for blood sports.



Man Charged With Stabbing Dog 30 Times

A 29 year-old man is accused of stabbing his pit bull 30 times when the dog refused to leave with him, after he argued with his girlfriend. Peekskill Police Chief Eugene Tumolo says the incident is the worst animal abuse case he's ever seen. Police say Michael Johnson is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals - punishable by up to two years in state prison. Tumolo says the two-year-old pit bull named Ali, is recovering at the Peekskill Animal Hospital, after getting 206 stitches to close the wounds.

Harry is a little eight months old pitbull that was found wandering the streets of Los Angeles. Thankfully, he was rescued. He had been stabbed, shot with bb's, had dog bite injuries, serious eye ulcers and a bad case of mange.


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 September 09, 2006 8:20 PM

Series of dog killings brings reward offer


A gruesome string of dog killings on the West Side--in which the animals were tied to railroad tracks and left to be struck by trains--has prompted Cook County Crime Stoppers to offer its first canine-related reward. "Four dogs basically have been murdered," said George McDade, a Crime Stoppers spokesman. "To tie a dog down to a railroad track and have a train run over them is just pathetic." A fifth dog was rescued by railway police and given to the Anti-Cruelty Society, but it was later euthanized because of a respiratory illness.

McDade said the organization is willing to pay up to $1,000, the top amount it has ever paid, for information about the killings. The dogs have been found in the past month on the Belt Railway tracks between Roosevelt Road and the Eisenhower Expy. just east of Cicero Avenue. Three of the dogs were pit bulls, one was a Doberman and one was a German Shepherd mixed with another breed. The last killing, involving a pit bull, happened last Friday. "We believe that quite possibly these dogs were fighting dogs at one point," said Mark O'Donnell, chief of the Belt Railway Police Department. "Maybe they didn't fight good and [the dog owners] wanted the dogs killed, or it could be a person that just isn't right and is out there killing them." The dogs have been tied to the rails, and O'Donnell believes the dogs tire from trying to escape and lay down on the tracks to sleep. O'Donnell said the dogs tied to the tracks could be a danger to train crews if an engineer applies the emergency brakes. McDade of Crime Stoppers fears that a young child may see the dog tied to the tracks and try to rescue it.
Chicago Sun-Times

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 September 09, 2006 8:20 PM

"Some ask, with all the problems we face, what matters the fate of dogs? But to me, the question is, what kind of society do we become if our children lose their humanity?"
Sergeant Steve Brownstein

This dog was found wandering the streets by the Nashua Police Department's Animal Control Officer and brought to the Greater Nashua Humane Society.


See Spot. See Spot Killed.
By Sergeant Steve Brownstein
of the Chicago Police Department

I have been a Chicago Police Officer for over 13 years, most of it patrolling in high crime areas. Over the last decade, an increasing number of gang members nationwide have turned to dog fighting as a preferred form of gambling and recreational activity. Although dog fighting is a felony here in in Illinois, it is done with disturbing frequency. This practice is not only cruel to dogs, it's harmful for children. Recently, when I spoke before a group of fifth and sixth graders and asked how many children had witnessed dog fights, every hand in the room went up.

The dog fighting business is a bloody, gruesome spectacle in which one animal tears the other apart. When dogs lose fights, owners who are angry about losing money on them often throw their animals into garbage dumps or put them into vacant apartments to die slow, agonizing deaths from infection, starvation, or dehydration. I have recovered many such dogs, still alive, in varying states of mutilation.

I have seen a Rottweiler mix breed with the skin of her face torn off; a pit bull puppy whose stomach was ripped open, a shepherd mix breed whose penis was shreds. I have also seen corpses of dogs who were burned alive for losing fights.

Children see these things, too, and the danger is that they will emulate the violence around them. I have stopped children trying to make dogs fight, and I know of a group that swung a puppy around by a rope, snapping its neck. One fifth grader, describing to me in graphic detail a pit bull fight to which his uncle took him, told me that when the losing dog urinated and defecated upon itself before it died, he was the only one in the crowd who did not explode with laughter.

To grow up sane and self-respecting, children need to learn to treat other creatures — animals or human — with decency, compassion and humanity. This should be taught in school programs, but to be effective, the lessons have
to be manifest on the streets.

Because humane society investigators do not have full law enforcement powers, it is unrealistic to expect that they can stop this cruelty unaided. Joint efforts must be made with police officers specifically trained and assigned to stop animal abuse.

Some ask, with all the problems we face, what matters the fate of dogs? But to me, the question is, what kind of society do we become if our children lose their humanity?


Home Crop - April 09, 2002

FRANKLIN, Ind. -- A dog breeder convicted of using office scissors to cut off the ears of two pit bull puppies was sentenced to one year in jail.

In a bench trial, Johnson County Magistrate Court Judge Richard Tandy convicted Fabian Elisea on Monday of cruelty to animals and practicing veterinary medicine without a license.

Tandy then sentenced the 23-year-old Indianapolis man to the maximum term for the Class A misdemeanors, with no suspended time or probation.

"While it's on my watch, I'm not going to permit this to happen -- even if you think it's common practice within the county or within the dog-breeding and training arena," Tandy told Elisea.

Elisea testified that he crops his own dogs' ears in his pit bull breeding operation.

When William and Shawn Stratton of Franklin offered to sell him two puppies from a nine-week-old litter, Elisea offered to crop the dogs' ears.

Witnesses testified that Elisea taped the puppies' mouths shut and legs together, and cut off the ears with office scissors.

Shawn Stratton testified that her house "reeked of blood" after the procedure.

Dr. Edward O'Connor, a veterinarian who examined the puppies, testified that no sutures or glue were used to close the infected wounds. He called Elisea's ear-cropping "most inappropriate."

Animal-control officials seized both dogs and put them up for adoption.

Elisea defended ear-cropping as commonplace among pit-bull breeders. He called no witnesses to back up his claim.

"I've been doing this for about three years," he
testified. "Nobody ever said nothing but 'It was OK."'

Elisea testified he numbed the dogs' ears by using an over-the-counter antiseptic and anesthetic first-aid spray.


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 September 09, 2006 8:23 PM


This dog was found almost starving to death and nursed back to health.

Carmella was also rescued in time and given a second chance at life



Rosie's rescuers tried so hard to save her. Sadly, her mental wounds could never healed....

The life of a fighting dog.... Picture found in a dog fighting site...


Second dog found killed in Ontario neighborhood

ONTARIO -- Animal control officers are investigating a second grisly dog death -- a pit bull mix found hanging from a fence last week, they said Monday.

Officers are investigating whether the new incident is connected to the case of a dog found burned to death in the same neighborhood last month. Both were brown pit bulls and were killed within six blocks of each other.

In the more recent death, neighbors in the 400 block of North Florence Avenue spotted an adult pit bull Thursday hanging from a fence in an elderly woman's backyard, said Allie Jalbert, an investigator with the Inland Valley Humane Society. Linda McGhee told officers she heard noises between 11 p.m. and 1 a.m. on Jan. 8, then heard dogs barking about the same time the next night. Investigators say the male dog was partially decomposed, but they are not sure whether it was killed Jan. 8 or Jan. 9.

The dog had been hung on the inside of the fence using a choke chain and heavy gauge wire, Jalbert said.

"It wasn't accidental," she said.

Investigators have not found the dog's owner. They also were unable to track down the owner of the 4-month-old pit bull killed Dec. 16.

That dog was found burned to death in the 1100 block of East Holt Boulevard. The dog's mouth was taped shut, and the dog was leashed to a tree stump and soaked in furniture polish. A necropsy showed the dog was alive when it was set on fire.

The Humane Society offered a $4,000 reward for information in the case, but so far no one has come forward, Jalbert said.

Veterinarians were going to perform a necropsy on the adult dog, to find out if it was alive or dead when it was hanged, but couldn't because the Humane Society's disposal company accidentally took it and incinerated it, Jalbert said.

Anyone with information about either case is asked to call the Ontario Police Department at 395-2731, or the Humane Society at 623-9777, Ext. 689.


Abused Puppy


Severe case of mange


Drug by a vehicle

Recently there was a pit bull found down by the amphitheater, in Virginia Beach. At first glance he looked dead to the man passing by. But this dog raised it's head and wagged it's tail. This moved saved his life. Within 24hrs this dog was on all three major networks/local news and two major radio stations. All, looking for the people responsible for what happened.

Apparently, someone tied his front legs together and drug him behind a vehicle, with the intent of killing him. I've never seen a dog so tore up and still alive. He has multiple 10in lacerations and about 30% of his skin is just gone. He has his back leg in a cast and there are over 200 staples to close his wounds.

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 September 09, 2006 8:23 PM

The vet staff named him Frankie - short for Frankenstein - because that is what he looks like. The vet called me to find a home for him. There is a man in our area known as the "dog whisperer." He is well known and respected by all of the rescue organizations in this area. I've known him for about a year. It was no contest, when this person called me and said he wanted Frankie. He is retired, and visits Frankie at the vet 3x a day. Everyday.

Frankie loves him. He says Frankie will never know anything else bad again.

Sherry, VA, March 2002

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 September 09, 2006 8:24 PM

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Psychiatrists believe dogfighting has a disturbing impact on emotionally troubled or vulnerable youths, making them more prone to destructive behavior. Dogfighting fuels aggressive tendencies. It is a pernicious exercise, one that causes not only pain in dogs but pain in humans.

Some images are clickable for a larger view






Ears mutilations. Those"home made" butchered surgeries were most likely done with scissors or kitchen knives, and without anesthetics and adequate hygiene care.

All these dogs were thankfully rescued. The 15 year old boy who cut little Sara's ears off with scissors was arrested and charged.

Many Pit Bulls and Pit mixes suffer a painful death as a result of infection following the attempt by ignorant individuals to perform those surgeries at home and without the proper care and knowledge. This terribly cruel practice is gaining in popularity everywhere in the US. Cropping the ears of a dog is a serious medical surgery that should only be done by a professional veterinarian.



Clifford was dragged from a truck. His skin was"burned" off on one side of his body from being dragged.


Literally covered in mange, this lucky little girl was rescued and nursed back to health. Read her story.


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 September 09, 2006 8:24 PM



Stories and articles

Redemption was a young puppy who was found in a kitchen cabinet at a meth lab bust. This picture was taken just minutes before she died of starvation and hypothermia.



Police seek information on deadly abuse of puppy

The Texarkana, Texas, Police Department is investigating the mutilation of this pit bull puppy. The dog was tied up in a backyard in the 1100 block of East 32nd Street when the assailants gouged seven holes in his skin with what appeared to be a cookie cutter or large pipe. The animal was injured to the point she had to be put to sleep.

If you have information concerning this or any other crime in the Texarkana area, call CRIMESTOPPERS at 903-793-STOP.

If your tip results in the arrest or indictment of a suspect, you may receive a reward of up to $1,000. You will remain anonymous.

Sad Reality Pit Bull Gallery


Click images to enlarge


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 September 09, 2006 8:27 PM

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"First it was necessary to civilize man in relation to man. Now it is necessary to civilize man in relation to nature and the animals."
Victor Hugo

Some images are clickable for a larger view

January, 2004
Boss (aka Darth) was confiscated and his owner is currently being charged with cruelty and neglect. When asked how she felt about her predicament, she said that she's just sad to lose her "$800 investement".

"Boss" had been suffering from sever Demodectic mange for almost a year, and had a mold/fungus infection on his skin as well. Living with mange is not just uncomfortable, it is painful and the skin tears and bleeds.

Darth was eventually euthanized after it became apparent he would never live a comfortable life.


This poor little guy was much worse than he appears in the picture - he had bed sores from not getting up for so long. His left back leg was swollen very badly and he was very weak and undernourished. He was also believed to have blasto, which is very hard to treat and common in outdoor dogs.

He was another one that made it into rescue too late. He was euthanized in Arkansas 11/14/02

Pit Bull Held on Burning Barbecue Grill - Spring, 2004 - Illinois - She has been rescued

Hope was taken from an abusive owner in December, 2003 pregnant and 10 yrs. old. She has an obvious tumor on her leg and her head tilts permanently to one side. The vet thinks she may have a brain tumor as well. She endured life as a neglected breeding bitch.

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 September 09, 2006 8:28 PM

Triumph - A Kansas City, MO dogfighting victim
Memorial Day Weekend - 2005

Take Action against animal Abuse!

  • "Godfather of Dogfighting" Dogman Arrested!!

    Investigators say 70 year-old Floyd Boudreaux is one of the most notorious dog breeders in Louisiana who raises his pit bull dogs to fight, then sells them off.

    This morning, state police working with local and national Humane Societies and federal agencies served a warrant and arrested Floyd and his son Guy Boudreaux. >>more

Starved & fought, this breeding bitch was found in August of 2004.

It is unknown if she made it.


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 September 09, 2006 8:28 PM

Pit Bull Stolen from Back Yard
and Beaten to Death

Rakim had been reported missing from his guardian's backyard. Rakim had been beaten by a baseball bat and hit more than 15 times by an unknown assailent. Comatose when he arrived at the vet, his jaw was broken and his leg was shattered. The treating vet indicated that all the muscles and tendons in the right paw were "just gone." SPCA had to euthanize him.

Rakim being dragged by Russell Watson, 17,
across a laundromat floor

Rakim was euthanized. Just a reminder to
NEVER leave your pit bull outside unattended!

News Story

7 Pit Bulls Seized in Dogfighting Arrest
San Jose, CA

Rescued; 3 rescued puppies had been too young to fight; 4 adults were rescued from a barn with an arena for dog fights. One adult female suffered bites going into her bones; suffering from intense pain and unable to walk -- she wagged her tail and greeted rescuers with licks. Some were bolted to the floor with heavy tow chains, said officers. One was chained so long the dog had sores from being forced to sit.

Photo Courtesy of the KPIX-TV

"They use very sweet-natured dogs to train other dogs to fight, because those dogs will not fight back--they're called bait dogs," said Dr. Patricia Latas of the SCV Humane Society.


Deceased/euthanized; dog was tied up in a backyard when the assailants gouged seven holes in his skin with what appeared to be a cookie cutter or large pipe

Photo Courtesy of Chronicle/Paul Chinn

Theodore , pitbull puppy
(approximately 3 to 6 months old)
puppy was set on fire and chased into an apartment building crawl space after forcing him to fight another dog. The injured puppy suffered burns on one-fourth of its body, including on its face, back and legs, and was recuperating yesterday at the VCA Bay Area Animal Hospital in N. Oakland.

News Story

Police Bust Alleged Pit Bull Fighting Ring

Investigators Looking For More People Allegedly Involved

POSTED: 4:36 pm EST February 9, 2004 UPDATED: 6:38 am EST February 10, 2004 Authorities arrested five men Monday after an anonymous tip led sheriff's deputies to an alleged pit bull fighting ring in Orange County, Fla., according to Local 6 News.


Pit Bull Brutalized

"We recieved a call concerning a stray pit bull, once we arrived we saw the dog down the block and she started to run to us with a big smile on her face.  As she got closer we noticed all of the cigarette burns on her body.  Pixie was incredibly nice and very active.  She was only at the shelter for the required 7 days before she was adopted to a new home that has had great succes with her since.  Unfourtunetly, the case is still open with no leads." - Animal Control officer Chris McGarry

Blackwood, New Jersey Oct. 25, 2004 ? Officials from the shelter say they have never seen a case of abuse like this one.

Dr.Marvin Baynes/Staff Veterinarian: "We've seen a lot....but not this kind of cruelty."

Animal control officers Steve Bordi and Chris McGarry spotted "Pixie" wandering the streets of Camden after some one reported her as a stray. And as they approached her, the officers started realizing this dog had been brutally abused.

When the dog arrived at the shelter, care-takers counted between 50 and 60 cigarette burns all over her body.

Fortunately, veterinarians at the animal shelter say "Pixie" will fully recover but there will likely be some scarring. There were also some places where the burns went so deep it's possible she will have a few permanent bare spots. And despite the cruelty she's faced, "Pixie" shows no signs of aggression toward people. In fact, her care-takers say this puppy will likely be easy to train because she loves getting attention.

And, they say, it would be great if she finds a home... with space to run.

More importantly though, is finding a home where Pixie will get the love she's been neglected since the day she was born.

News Story

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 September 09, 2006 8:31 PM

Yesterday, we rescued an a little girl named Brooklynn Angel

She was found tied up, abandoned as a stray in New York after having her body be burned with chemicals and we still aren't sure what was done to her face, as that has now been proven that each horrible trauma happened on a separate occasion....

Her photo and story were circulated and Hot Water Rescue saw it and we knew we needed to save her. She is in the emergency room where she has been evaluated physically, received emergency attention in preparation to get her as healthy as possible for her surgery (we are unsure at this point if it will be a series of surgeries which is totally possible) beginning next week. On Monday, she will be transferred to our surgeons at whi ch point they will start their work of restoring whatever they can of her jaw and face. I don't believe that her body wounds will be repairable but we will see...

      BrookLynn Angel is a wonderful example of how a dog, a pitbullwho has been terribly tortured can still love and trust people. An example of how amazing the breeds we work with really are. Even though she has been so terribly tortured and has more scarring on her body than healthy tissue and is missing most of her facial flesh, she still tries to give kisses... It is incredible that a dog ridden with infection, missing her lips, and basically torn apart and tortured STILL tries to give kisses even though it probably causes her pain.

Not-guilty plea made in
animal-cruelty case

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Renton woman pleaded not guilty Monday to animal cruelty after being accused of cutting off her dog's ear with scissors because of a photo she saw in a magazine.

Cindy Martinez, 21, was charged Jan. 11 with first-degree animal cruelty, a felony.

The investigation began Nov. 14, when Martinez took her 4-month-old pit bull terrier to a Renton veterinarian, saying the puppy was hurt during an attempt to crop its ear. Initially, Martinez denied cropping it herself.

The vet found that the ear cut was jagged, cartilage was exposed, the puppy had bled extensively and no attempt had been made to close the wound. She called police.

Officers said Martinez admitted cutting the dog's ear. According to court documents, she told them she was thumbing through a magazine for pit bull enthusiasts and saw a photo of an adult pit bull with ears she liked. Martinez said she decided to cut her puppy's ears to match, though she had no experience or training.

Using a pair of craft scissors, she held the puppy with one hand and cut more than an inch off the dog's ear. The dog had been given no anesthesia and struggled, requiring Martinez to hold on so tightly that scratch marks were left on the dog's head and neck, documents said.

News Story


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 September 09, 2006 8:36 PM

hey you...eyes open yet?..This is the life of many of these innocent dogs...the life of many an innocent animal of all breeds in all places..

Closing your eyes wont make it go away....Abuse and killing of innocent animals is an outrage!

Can you see?...Can you hear, can you feel...?

Some say, you have nothing to fear but fear itself...

I say, for animals like these...fear is not something like the closet monster, or some unknown..

it is the human race...the inhumane species....

will you do something now.

speak up and take action for all animals..

do it now.

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 September 10, 2006 5:11 AM

Zero Tolerance for Cruelty!

Tough enforcement of anti-cruelty laws begins with you. Check out ALDF's Actionline for a list of current cases — and the people responsible for ensuring that justice is served. Let them know you're watching!

You may also sign up to be part of our Anti-Cruelty Team (ACT)! As an ACT member, you will receive email about current cases that need your attention.

ALDF declared war on cruelty in 1994, launching a coast-to-coast campaign for stiffer laws, more vigorous prosecution of animal abusers, and making available the tools to win convictions and appropriate sentences for those found guilty of mistreating animals.

District attorney's offices too often lack the special expertise and commitment needed to prosecute criminal abuse cases. ALDF staff and attorney members conduct legal research, draft friend-of-the-court briefs, locate expert witnesses and provide a wide range of other essential talents and experience. We also maintain a nationwide database of animal cruelty cases, and make the information we gather — including convictions and sentences — available to prosecutors, judges, legislators and researchers.

Animal Cruelty Actionline
Cruelty cases from around the country — and what you can do about them.

The Actionline FAQ's
Our most-frequently-asked-about issues.

Cruelty Investigation Video Real Player
A short how-to for people who want to do something about abuse in their communities. Warning: Contains graphic images.

Laws and Legislation
Model laws, felony legislation status and other legislative information.

Bulletin Board
Questions about animal law? Answers? Join a community of voices for the voiceless.

Help animals every time you shop!
Credit card programs benefit animals at no cost to you

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 September 10, 2006 5:33 AM

NEW! ALDF Stickers  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 September 10, 2006 6:47 AM

Thank you for posting this Kat!  [ send green star]
 September 11, 2006 5:38 AM

Even thought this was from a site....and it was perhaps not known to them ..

whatever the reason...there are SO many who suffer at the hands of humans!

Here are babies we will never forget.....we know the faces and we love them....never forget what they the hands of people,

and how loveingly, after all that, they still wagged tails, wanted attention and gave love to those trying to help them, even through unimaginable pain.....and death...........

Let us not forget Mercy





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This is so sad why do people do these things?? September 11, 2006 1:13 PM

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