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Did you know the 27th is Polar Bear Day?

It is snowing (ok it is trying to - it is dismal and gray)  --- but, I was thinking that perhaps I should leave care2 tho been here 12 yrs. Then I thought but, do I make a difference? Do I help someone? Or an animal? And, I thought of Agnes Corbett - Estrellia - Darianna - Arthur Copeland to name but a few who have passed away. (Many of you wont know these much loved people but...) Then I thought about Michelle Reynolds, Lynn Lawrence and Walter McMillian no longer here. AmiKathleen, Janice Jenkins here but, not, and my beautiful daughter Kimberley Spinney. I thought about each of you and how much EACH of you do for others. The time you spend clicking - writing - forwarding. The purpose behind Randy's successful dream. The time Zen, Eric and Care2support spends trying to solve all the issues. And I realized that if I went, I couldn't, no, I wouldn't have friends to write. Cards to send. Petitions to sign. People who in fact do reach out and touch others. (Like so many of you here.) So, today is in my heart care2remembrance of friends here - gone day. A moment to simply thank you for caring. - Caring 2 make this a better world and my life better because of each of you.

love Kathryn

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