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Romney Skies...
6 years ago

Original song and video from Tehachapi California's Gary Michael Mazola, Living Under A Romney Sky:


Mutt Romney Blues
6 years ago

by Ry Cooder:


6 years ago

"Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States -- Paul Ryan!"


I think that WAS a FREUDIAN SLIP --

showing what some commentators are saying, that Rmoney doesn't REALLY want to be President! {Knowing, himself, just how ignorant and unqualified he really is!}

Review of Ry Cooder's Election Special from "Z" magazine
6 years ago

Review from "Z" magazine, October 2012, by John Zavesky.


Ry Cooder is mad as hell and is not going to take it any more. Cooder has picked up Howard Beal's angry mantra and come back with a political vengeance on his latest release, Election Special. This is Cooder's most musically successful album since Buena Vista.


To begin with the album's strengths, Cooder has produced probably the best pure protest album of American music since the 1960s, full of anger and fight. Cooder goes after Romney, the GOP, bankers, Tea Party folk, and Sarah Palin. Considering the talking points over women's reproductive rights and immigration alone, the GOP has made it easy for just about anyone to take a shot at them.....


.....Cooder is known more for his musicianship than his lyrics and this is where he has chosen to stake his ground. Election Special rocks, it rolls, it moans with the blues and it kicks back with country. Cooder has given us one of the most musically topical albums of American roots music since Woody Guthrie was singing on the radio. Over the album's nine songs Cooder has musically encapsulated nearly every political issue -- from the GOP's attempt to disenfranchise Americans through voter ID legislation, immigration, the economy and women's reproductive rights.


"Mutt Romney Blues" is a quasi-country blues song dealing with the GOP candidate's mistreated canine. A decent lead-off number to get the listener primed for what is about to come. In "Brother is Gone" one of those musically deceiving songs, Cooder has crafted a beautiful mandolin-driven melody laid over lyrics that paint a dark political landscape:


Oil spills and cancer towns was our stepping stones

Immigration bills and foreclosure homes

States' rights we proclaimed

Like in the old Jim Crow days

Our highest aim was to take your vote away.


"Wall Street Part of Town" and "Guantanamo" rock like anything from Cooder's heyday of "Bop Till You Drop". "Cold Cold Feeling" is a slow, moody number that recognizes even the president has the blues. The song is so greasy you can almost hear the drops of chicken fat falling off Cooder's guitar strings. "Kool-Aid" is another fine blues number that deals with a poor soul who has found, after years of buying into conservative rhetoric {drinking the Kool-Aid}, that he and his family are out in the cold just like the rest of the 99%. Some might question how topical  song can be when it references Jim Jones and the People's Temple, but it works for me.


Cooder has taken a bold risk in producing an album consisting entirely of protest songs directly centered on this year's presidential election. The album is basically a do it yourself project with Cooder and his son, Joachim, handling most studio duties. While none of Cooder's songs are as catchy as Country Joe's, "I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag", all fall well within Guthrie's perimeter of a protest song. That's not bad company to keep. Cooder recorded Blind Alfred Reed's "How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live?" on his first album in 1970. Cooder has answered that question loudly with Election Special.

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