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Animal representations
7 years ago


Turtle represents to our people the mother earth we stand upon sustaining us with constancy and generosity and is the central aspect of the symbol. Turtle emerged from the water with earth on its back, providing a living place for human beings and all creatures between sky and water. Turtle is the medium of communication, the emissary of beings of this world and time and beings of another world and dimension of time. Turtle symbolizes thought given and thought received and represents celerity of communication, between beings.

Crane represents to our people eloquence of leadership and direction. The voice of the Crane is unique and infrequent. When Crane speaks, all listen. Crane is the spokesperson for the clans.

Eagle received from Kitche Manitou the gifts of strong wings, keen sight and proud bearing. Eagle symbolizes courage and preknowledge. His sphere is the mountains and the heights.

Rabbit represents Wanabozho, a messenger of Kitche Manitou, an intermediary on earth among different species of beings; and an advocate for the Anishnabek, to whom he imparted the gift of knowledge.

Deer received from Kitche Manitou the gift of grace. Deer symbolizes to our people love.

Bear received from Kitche Manitou the gift of courage and strength. Bear is representative of all medicine powers in creation. Claws dig medicine roots. Bear passes knowledge on through dreams, visions.

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