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Ingrid Newkirk Speaks up for animals!
11 years ago
| Hot!

11 years ago

woooo hoooo!!!! i love ingrid  she ROCKS!!!!!!!!!


11 years ago
I find this lecture absolutely inspiring and amazing!

Ingrid speaks for animals
10 years ago

By the time I viewed the video it was gone due to some violation......bugga !!!!

10 years ago

I didnt get to see it either. but i have seen other interviews and lectures by ingrid newkirk she is awesome in her statements for animals. she is a real tiger for standing up for animals. I love her to death. I dont always agree with Peta's methods, but, I definetly agree with thier results to help animals. I say do what has to be done to save animals lives.

Ingrid Newkirk speaks up for animals!Signed
10 years ago

Signed! Thank you for doing this.

9 years ago

I managed to locate the video again:

5 years ago

I really do not like that there is a petition on Care 2 to try to get her fired and P.E.T.A. shut down.

5 years ago

I, too, am grateful for everybody who is willing to stand up and speak for the animals. They Need all the help they can get and a lot more. Why on earth would anyone be against PETA? It can only be someone who has a Commercial interest -they're always the worst offenders -unfortunately Money does still rule the world.

5 years ago

Thank you. The truth is that PETA pulls no punches and as a result "offends" many people and corporations. All too many would prefer not to know the horrific truth. It may make them feel uneasy (if they have a conscience). Better to brand them as trouble makers and get them shut down. Why isn't there a Nobel Prize category for such as Ingrid. Oh ! silly me. That would mean that animal rights should be recognized by the world community. Now that would be very inconvenient to the billions who enjoy the fruits of animal exploitation, and the countless enterprises that make money from exploitation, at every level.


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