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This is reality
9 years ago
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down on the factory farm
9 years ago

9 years ago

SO TRUE!! IT's Very Hard to look at it!!  That brought a lot of pictures to my head like a spinning machine.  My first was on Lebanon, the Congo, 911, Aids in Africa. The Third World, Rain Forest,  Our Seas, The fast melting Artic, that even where men have never been; 24 feet down into the ice, they find human waste, mercuy, and more..melting into the oceans.  

But I feel like a hypocrit because I am a meat eater. I was not strong enough for veg's alone.  Though WE are brutel in our killing of our food, the torture of our animal friends, in all ways imaginable, that it is hard to see that we also turn away and make excusses.

I try to do as I can with in my reach to help those around me, whether, it be shelder , food or change. I find homes for stays, and set spiders free..but I know I try to pretend, it's all not so bad.  But we're a sick and dieing planet!!  We are killing and torchering ourselves, and Our planet, and wild live, everyday and everywhere.   But's it's you!! that one person that will take the time and put it in "your face" and ask us to take a look and do something!!   Thank you..we do need voices!! no matter how hard the picture!!  Peace Tippi

Good work, this is the reality of killing
9 years ago

As much as I wholly approve of this forum, I won't be visiting it much.  I really go ballistic sometimes when overloaded with the horrors of what goes on when murdering animals just so we can eat some tasty dumb creature.

So, to conserve blood pressure eruptions, I won't be coming by, but... keep it up, I know it begins to make others still caught up in the gently smiling world of animal murderers as leaders... think about just who they are allowing to run, rule and pollute and murder our animals, our citizens, neighbors and our Earth.


All True
9 years ago
Factory farming is the worst & most un-natural form of human agricultural practice yet developed, along with animal experimentation, and genetic engineering.
However, the dairy cattle (Holsteins) are not being restrained in the stanctions, as it may seem to be. Stanctions are used to space the animals, and prevent them from getting into the feed.
Organic dairy production seems to be much better, as they usally have access to grass pasture.

Mr. Strangely W.
The Hidden Horrible Truth
5 years ago

I believe that if people knew the truth behind factory farming they would become active to fight this industry. How can one not if you have any empathy? It will take constant actions on our part, who've already seen the truth, to help spread the word. Take advantage of every opportunity, post articles and petitions to your Facebook or Twitter, distribute flyers at your social gatherings or congregations, sign petitions and email them to your friends to sign. Don't forget to contact your representatives in the government and demand that they represent our opinions on these issues. Speak up for these and all animals who don't have a voice.

P.S. I resent the reference made by anonymous "tasty dumb animals". Farm animals are not dumb, but gentle and trusting, and therefore no match for the evil and/or ignorance in some people.

Have you seen the movie "Food Inc"?
5 years ago

It's very good, and is based on the book "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser. It is mainly focused on how bad the food is, though, and very little about how cruel the farming practices are.


Still, it's a start, and if meat eaters watch it, it could influence their choices for the better. Very few people care about the cruelty toward their "food" animals. Show them cruelty to dogs and cats, and they get all excited, but cows? They couldn't really care.


Lately, a few things have made me more and more cynical about human nature. The latest thing is how the public, WHO KNOW BETTER have accepted Michael Vick back into the fold, and let the NFL raise him up high again. The public have the power to vote with their feet and their wallets and stop this, but they don't. I would like to see him with all career options closed to him for the rest of his life.


Tippi, I can't understand why you still eat meat. There are so many delicious recipes out there with no meat, fish, chicken, or any flesh food in them. I haven't had a bite of flesh since 1978.


Money and good looks are everything, apparently, to the general public.

5 years ago

This group seems to be dead, by the way.