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6 years ago

well we are slowly getting are Christmas lights up and other things .and to get the shopping done with out useing any credit cards this year being we have same all paid and othet just about paid in ful and have not send out that many cards because I lose my Christmas list from last yearSo I have to wait until I get a card first and than mail one right to them.And any way I was only able to get 15 card's made up.OH well alway busy hope all is going well for everone here and all is great.Things have claim down around here,I just trying to get Michelle sign up for home schooling at home here.So once I have her in home schooling thing may claim down.wish you awesome week aherd of you.God Bless♥

6 years ago

well we are slowly getting are Christmas lights up and other things .and to get the shopping done with out useing any credit cards this year being we have same all paid and othet just about paid in ful and have not send out that many cards because I lose my Christmas list from last yearSo I have to wait until I get a card first and than mail one right to them.And any way I was only able to get 15 card's made up.OH well alway busy hope all is going well for everone here and all is great.Things have claim down around here,I just trying to get Michelle sign up for home schooling at home here.So once I have her in home schooling thing may claim down.wish you awesome week aherd of you.God Bless♥

8 years ago

Conscious Creation from Daily Om - The First Moments Of The Day

"The moment during the day when we very first open our eyes and come into consciousness is a precious opportunity. It sets the tone for all that comes after it, like the opening scene in a film or novel. At this moment, our ability to create the day is at its most powerful, and we can offer ourselves fully to the creative process by filling this moment with whatever inspires us most. It may be that we want to be more generous, or it may be that we want to be more open to beauty in our daily lives. Whatever the case, if we bring this vision into our minds at this very fertile moment, we empower it to be the guiding principle of our day."

If you like you can read more here.

Giving and Receiving . . .
8 years ago

 Giving and Receiving . . . 
exerpt from Daily Om 
"Giving and receiving are part of the same cycle, and we each give and receive in our own ways...
"Accepting a person's gift is a gift in itself. Sincere appreciation for their acknowledgement and their effort joins our energy with theirs in the cycle of giving and receiving, and nurtures all involved. If ever we find we are still having difficulty, we can decide to allow ourselves to be conduits for gratitude and accept on behalf of a loving, giving universe."
Read the article here:

9 years ago


thank you 


k youthatthank you
9 years ago

thank you running fthank you running fox for that

9 years ago

Those intimately attuned to nature know that the NEW YEAR is actually the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! 

From A Cherokee Feast of Days, 1992, p. 11

"If, like a Cherokee warrior, I can look at the new year as an opportunity to stand on new ground, then strength and courage are on my side.  If I have waited a long time for everything to be perfect--and there have been moments, brief as they were, that filled my expectations--then I can face the challenges.  I will remember that things do work out, bodies do heal, relationships mend--not because I said it, but because I believe it.  But it is time to stay on the path.  As water runs fresh and free from the woodland spring, so new life and meaning will bubble up from my own inner source.  I will be still and steady, because there is nothing to be gained by showing fear in a chaotic world.  I can turn from ignorance and prejudice toward a light that never goes out.

The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do.  SEQUICHIE COMINGDEER"


10 years ago

Greetings Friends

A great friend of mine sent me this and I thought I would share it with you.

The Old Shoe

I showered and shaved.............I adjusted my tie  
I  got there and a pew just in time.  
Bowing my head in I closed my eyes.  
I saw the shoe of the man next to me.....touching my own. I sighed..  
With plenty of room on either side......I thought, 'Why must our soles touch?'  
It bothered me, his shoe touching mine......but it didn't bother him much.

A prayer began: 'Our Father'..............I thought, 'This man with the shoes,  
Has no pride.

They're dusty, worn, and scratched. Even worse, there are holes on the side!'  
'Thank You for blessings,' the prayer went on.  
The shoe man said.............a quiet 'Amen.'  
I tried to focus on the prayer.......but my thoughts were on his shoes again.
Aren't we supposed to look our best when walking through that door?  
'Well, this certainly isn't it,' I thought, glancing toward the floor.  
Then the prayer was ended...........and the songs of praise began.  
The shoe man was certainly loud...... Sounding proud as he sang.  
His voice lifted the rafters.........his hands were raised high.  
The Lord could surely hear the shoe man's voice from the sky.  
It was time for the offering.......and what I threw in was steep.  
I watched as the shoe man reached....into his pockets so deep.  
I saw what was pulled out..........what the shoe man put in.  
Then I heard a soft 'clink' when silver hits tin.  
The sermon really bored tears, and that's no lie.  
It was the same for the shoe man...for tears fell from his eyes  
At the end of the is the custom here.  
We must greet new visitors..... And show them all good cheer.  
But I felt moved somehow........and wanted to meet the shoe man.  
So after the closing prayer.......I reached over and shook his hand.  
He was old and his skin was dark....and his hair was truly a mess.  
But I thanked him for coming.........for being our guest.  
He said, 'My name's Charlie..........I'm glad to meet you, my friend.'  
There were tears in his eyes.......but he had a large, wide grin.  
'Let me explain,' he said.........wiping tears from his eyes.  
'I've been coming here for months..and you're the first to say 'Hi.''  
'I know that my not like all the rest.  
But I really do always look my best.'  
'I always clean and polish my shoes......before my very long walk.  
But by the time I get here...........they're dirty and dusty, like chalk.'  
My heart filled with pain...........and I swallowed to hide my tears.  
As he continued to apologize.........for daring to sit so near  
He said, 'When I get here...........I know I must look a sight.  
But I thought if I could touch you.....then maybe our souls might unite.'  
I was silent for a moment...........knowing whatever was said  
Would pale in comparison........I spoke from my heart, not my head.  
'Oh, you've touched me,' I said......'and taught me, in part;  
'that the best of any man............'is what is found in his heart.'  
The rest, I thought,...............this shoe man will never know.  
Like just how thankful I really am...that his dirty old shoe touched my soul.  
You are special to me and you have made a difference in my life.  
I respect you, and truly cherish you

10 years ago

Have a very blessed and happy day!

A Life of Positive Thinking and Laughter. Having A Sense Of Humor Can Empower You

By Jordan Richardson

Living a life of positive thinking and laughter is bound to have you feeling happier and more successful throughout your day-to-day routine. In fact, people who make positive thinking and laughter a key goal in their lives tend to experience more daily success and happiness than anyone else. There are key steps to achieving happiness by incorporating a good attitude and a sense of humor in your life: visualizing goals and maintaining the right attitude. Visualizing goals and going after them is a key component to positive thinking because it is a successful technique that helps you achieve the results you want. Keeping a good attitude towards life is a great way to make laughter a greater part of your life. Having a sense of humor can empower you, even in the most distressing situations. Instead of making a bad situation worse, a sense of humor can help you overcome any negative emotions and get you in the frame of mind to solve whatever problem is at hand.

Daily Happiness and Success
Having daily happiness and success is all about developing a habit. You'll need to start making a few changes in your life if you want to experience positive thinking and laughter on a regular basis, and you'll want to create an environment that encourages both those qualities. One of the first things you'll want to do in developing your “happy habit” is to change the way you look at things in your life. It’s important to keep a realistic view about things that happen in your life, but your attitude about setbacks can make a big difference in your mood and possibly your health.  Chronic stress has been linked to a variety of health conditions, including depression, ulcers and heart disease.
10 years ago
Goodbye Stress!By Rene Godefroy  

7 Ways To Deal With Problems And Stress
(Excerpt from the book No Condition Is Permanent!)

1) Don’t Just Sit There. Move!
According to many psychologists, motion creates emotion. You might notice that when you are idle, it’s easier to become depressed. Your heart rate slows down, less oxygen travels to your brain, and you are slumped somewhere in a chair blocking air from reaching your lungs.

I challenge you right now, regardless of how you are feeling, to get up and walk around at a fast tempo. Maybe you might want to go to an empty room and jump up and down a little bit. It may sound silly but the results speak for themselves. Try it now for a few minutes. By now you should begin to feel more energetic and in a better mood. It works like magic.

2) Smell The Roses. Like my friend Jan Toles says, “Stop and smell the roses.” (Jan, I listened to your advice and went to the flower section in Kroger and literally smelled every rose. That’s what you get for not being clear to foreigners!) How do you smell the roses? How about investing some money to go on that one trip you’ve been dreaming about? Would Paris do? There you will find lots of exotic places to jolt your imagination and spur your creativity. You can also visit the Caribbean and learn how to scuba dive. Can you imagine swimming deep under the beautiful blue water alongside some of the most beautiful creatures you have ever seen? When my friend Lumenise Gilot described that experience to me, I thought to myself, “What an exceptional way to smell the roses!”

3) Get Some Company. If you’re like me, you have many acquaintances, but you only have a few true friends. This isn’t because I’m introverted. It is because I’m very selective about who I let enter my territory. I have worked too hard to build my house—my dream—and I won’t let anyone destroy it for me in the blink of an eye. When you’re feeling down, call your true friends and share what it is that you’re going through. Ask for their advice or input. While their advice or suggestions may be helpful, often you’ll find that simply verbalizing your problems will help you feel better.

4) Help Others Cope With Their Problems. It is very therapeutic when you engross yourself in helping others. You will be surprised how many people’s problems are worse than those you may be facing. You can offer others assistance in countless ways. Don’t curl up in your bed and let depression and stress take hold of you. Get out and help somebody. There are many charitable organizations that can use your help right now. My dear cousin Barbara reads to the blind. What about that? Call the National Federation of the Blind so that they can tell you how to get involved.

5) Laugh A Little. By now you’ve heard that laughter is a good internal medicine. It relieves tension and loosens the muscles. It causes blood to flow to the heart and brain. More importantly, laughter releases a chemical that rids the body of pains. Yet, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day, researchers discover new benefits of laughter. Let me ask you this question: “Can you use a good dose of belly-shaking laughter every now and then?” Of course you can.

6) Visit Third World Countries. Nothing is more humbling than to visit a poor country and see first hand what other human beings go through just to survive. Most people who have taken such trips come back with a deep and profound sense of gratitude and appreciation. They realize how much they’ve taken for granted without ever realizing it. I encourage you to travel whenever you can afford to do so. You’re not too busy. Do it for you. Your life will never be the same.

7) Wear Your Knees Out. If there were one sustainable remedy I could offer you when the going gets tough, it would be prayer. Many people, depending on their faith, might call it meditation. It doesn’t matter to me what you call it, as long as you have a place to run to. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Religions are crossroads converging upon the point.” Well, I don’t often discuss religion, and I don’t know what works for you; but Christianity is the way I know. However, I am sensitive enough to respect your faith. My whole point is that when everything else fails, prayer works!



10 years ago

"When it comes time to die, be not like those whose hearts are filled with the fear of death, so when their time comes they weep and pray for a little more time to live their lives over again in a different way. Sing your death song, and die like a hero going home."

Chief Aupumut, Mohican. 1725

10 years ago
Are You a Bridge Builder?

Copyright 2005 John Boe

When you get right down to it, there are really only two types of people in this world, those who build bridges and those who don't. Are you a bridge builder? You very well may be and not even know it.

Bridge builders are team players and go out of their way to render support and encouragement to people they meet along the road of life. They truly understand the power of a well-timed kind word and the importance of sincere appreciation.

Bridge builders make outstanding mentors because of their eagerness to share and nurture. They are terrific role models and leaders in every sense of the word. Bridge builders unselfishly invest of their time and energy helping others to reach their full potential.

Bridge builders are always quick to praise people who have mentored them on their journey. They're extremely grateful that someone recognized their talent and helped them develop their potential.

Bridge builders help others not for personal gain or credit, but simply because it's the right thing to do. They don't build bridges for the sake of mere recognition; they build because it's in their very nature to do so.

Bridge builders care more than others think is wise, risk more than others think is safe and expect more than others believe is possible!

If you're a bridge builder congratulations, the world is a much better place because of the difference you make in the lives of others. How many bridges have YOU built lately?

The Bridge Builder
An old man going a lone highway,
came at the evening cold and gray,
to a chasm vast and deep and wide.
The old man crossed in the twilight dim,
The sullen stream had no fear for him;
but he turned when safe on the other side
and built a bridge to span the tide.

"Old man", said a fellow pilgrim near,
"You are wasting your strength with
building here; your journey will end
with the ending day. You never again
will pass this way. You’ve crossed the
chasm, deep and wide, why build a
bridge at evening tide?"

The builder lifted his old gray head;
"Good friend in the path I have come",
he said, "there followed after me today
a youth whose feet must pass this way.
This chasm that has been as naught to me,
to that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be.
He, too, must cross in the twilight dim.
Good friend I am building this bridge for him!"

-- Will Allen Dromgoole (1860-1934), Writer

About the Author:

John Boe presents a variety of training and motivational programs for meetings and conventions. John brings over twenty years of experience as an award-winning sales trainer to the platform. John's programs are unique, consistently well received and get results!

To have John speak at your next event, visit or call 831 375-3668.

10 years ago
Today more and more people are becoming aware of the necessity for each person to care for Mother Earth..
There are now many people becoming more familiar with our environment and  attending college to learn procedures that canbe implemented to improve the envitonment,slow global warming and develope new products to replace our dwindling natural resourses..
Most people are fully aware that we are running out of natural resources and what remains must be cared for and used properly..People are also aware that mankind is making the world we live in a trash dump and whether people want to believe we are the cause of the climate warming or not almost everyone agrees that steps must be taken to slow down the process if possible.. Most are in agreement that we are  partially responsible  and we must take  corrective action as soon as possible to help slow the warming ..
 Almost on a daily basis more and more people are joining the expanding ranks of those who are doing something about the environment..  They are trying to find ways to stop  pollutants which may be adding to the heating of Mother earth..
There are other categories of people who are concerned about the condition of Mother Earth..These categories of people fall into mainly three different groups...
1.Intend Too's
These are people who acknowledge that Mother Earth must be cared for and they keep putting off doing something but intend to when they get the opportunity...The one's who intend to are usually the same one's who intend to mow their lawn,fix their car's,take their kids on a trip and usually they finally become doers but only after a little coaxing from someone else
2. Someday's
These are also people who know that Mother Earth is in need and believe they will help care for her some day..

3. Not our fault
These are people who believe humanity is not at fault for any environmental problems and nothing needs to be done..Among these people are government officials holding high positions of authority..

10 years ago
To me religion is my own personal belief system that I practice by praying to the one who made everything ,positive thinking,positive action, positive speaking, placing others before myself and being a caretaker for Mother Earth and all that lives on her..
My definition of spiritualism is:
A person who attempts to speak to the departed through using tarot cards,crystal gazing,seances,Ouija boards and other means..Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormons was a crystal gazer and attended seances..
My opinion on certain things written in holy books
In the first book of Jewish, Moslem and Christian holy texts it says after the creator finished making everything else, including his/her helpers that he/she created to assist in creating everything, he/she said "Let Us make man in our image.according to our likeness..I believe that is a wrong translation ..I think it should have been translated to say..Let us make man the way we are, like us..By saying this the Creator was saying lets make man think like us and in three parts like we are mind,body and spirit.. I believe the Creator is neither a he or a she but is really both because the holy book  says male and female made he them after it says mankind was made therefore I refer to the Creator as being he/she instead of he or she..
I do not believe Adam and Eve were the first man and woman..I do believe  they were the first man and woman ancestors to the Jews and Moslems who wrote the holy books..There were other human beings living at the same time Adam and Eve lived because their son Cain married and had a child and it was not his sister he married or the holy books would have said so..When Cain was driven away the Creator put some type of large mark on him to protect him because it says Cain told the Creator when the Creator told him to leave "I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond ( wanderer) on the earth and it will happen that anyone (any body) who finds me will kill me..The Creator answered him by saying " Therefore whoever kills you vengeance will be taken on him seven times over and he set a mark on him to keep anyone who sees him from killing him..The people Cain and the Creator were talking about were not Cain's brothers or sisters because at that time he didn't have any so there had to be other human beings alive other than Adam and Eve's family.. The garden Adam and Eve lived in and were supposed to care for was not the garden of Eden It was a garden that the Creator made EAST of Eden as is stated in the BIBLE which indicates to me that Eden was already a place where men lived otherwise who would have named it Eden? As I have often asked others to do think outside the established lines of thought.. 
The next time anyone tells you the Creator is not in everything give them this answer..Before anything existed in the physical universe only the Creator lived..I believe there was a large void of darkness and space and the only thing that existed in that void and space was a brain and that brain we call God or the Creator.. There is no telling how long the brain,God or Creator lived alone until one day decided to use the power of thought to start creating and the first thing that was created was Light (atoms)  and from those atoms everything else was made..What do people think everything was made from when there was nothing except the Creator that existed?..Everything is made from Creator spirit substance because that was all there was to make it from..

My personal views on American Indians and spirituality
11 years ago
We who are AmericanIndians or as some mistakenly call us Native Americans do not have a religion or practice spirituality..We believe in the worship of a Creator..Our lives are based upon our belief in a Creator, plain and simple..We live our lives to honor the Creator andeverything we do, we do to honor the Creator..We pray to the Creator by singing,dancing,speaking,exercising and in all our walks of life..Religion and being spiritual are not American Indian concepts..Wenever ask what another American Indian's religion is because we already know the answer.. Religion/spirituality is all about the Creator...

I as well as most of my American Indian friendsdo not regard our spiritual beliefs and practices as a "religion" as most other people do. Our beliefs and practices form an integral and seamless part of our every day life.

I practice my own personal belief system by praying to the one who made everything ,positive thinking,positive action,positive speaking, placing others before myself and being a caretaker for Mother Earth and all that lives here..

Before anything else existed in the physical universe only the Creator lived..I believe there was a large void of darkness and space and the only thing that existed in that void and space was a brain and that brain we call God or the Creator.. There is noway of knowninghow long the brain,God or Creator lived alone until one day decidedto use the power of thought to start creating and the first thing that was created was Light (atoms) and from those atoms everything else was made..What do people think everything was made from when there was nothing except the Creator that existed?..Everything ismade from Creatorspirit substance because that was all there was to make it from..
Everythingfrom the largest thing there isdown to the smallestis made from the same thing..Everything is made from atoms and in the center of the atoms what do you find?A blinding brilliant light of enormous energy..That light is the Creators spirit and it lives in us and everything else..
For the Mind and the Spirit!
12 years ago

"Fondness of your fellow man brings you to the understanding, we are all one. The seperation comes in one's mind, not in the color of your skin, your religion or your hair color. The smallest seperation, is it not? The oneness you seek is not with all things but with yourself." Robin

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For the Mind and the Spirit!
12 years ago

"Anger repressed can poison a relationship as surely as the cruelest words." " Every experience can uplift me if anger dosen't weigh me down."


For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

"Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simplypoints the way."


For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

"Change occurs when one becomes what one is, not when one tries to become what one is not."



12 years ago

Thank you so much for your inspiring posts!!!

Appreciated, more then you can imagine...again


For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

"My Declaration of Self esteem: I am me. In all the world there is no one else exactly like me. There are persons who have some parts like me, but no one adds up exactly like me. Therefore everything that comes out of me is authentically mine because I alone chose it."


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For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

What unites us all as human beings is an urge for happiness, which at heart is a yearning for union, for overcoming our feelings of separateness. We want to feel our identity with something larger than our small selves. We long to be one with our own lives and with each other.

If we look at the root of even the most appalling violence in this world, somewhere we will find this urge to unite, to be happy. In some form it is there, even in the most distorted and odious disguises. We can connect to the difficult forces within ourselves, and to the different experiences in our lives.


Metta is the ability to embrace all parts of ourselves. Practicing metta illuminates our inner integrity because it relieves us of the need to deny different aspects of ourselves. We can open to everything with the healing force of love. When we feel love, our mind is expansive and open enough to include the entirety of life in full awareness, both its pleasure and its pains. We feel neither betrayed by pain nor overcome by it, and thus we can contact that which is undamaged within us regardless of the situation.

In cultivating love, we remember one of the most powerful truths the Buddha taught--that the mind is naturally radiant and pure. It is because of visiting defilements that we suffer.

Our deepest happiness is intrinsic to the nature of our minds, and it is not damaged through uncertainty and change.

The word "defilement" is a common translation meaning "torment of the mind." We know directly from our own experience that when certain states arise strongly within us, they have a tormenting quality--states like anger, fear, guilt, and greed. When they knock at the door and we invite them in, we lose touch with the fundamentally pure nature of our mind, and then we suffer.

By not identifying with these forces, we learn that these defilements or torments are only visitors. They do not reflect who we really are. The defilements, inevitably arise because of how we have been conditioned. But this is no reason to judge ourselves harshly. Our challenge is to see them for what they are and to remember our true nature.

We can understand the inherent radiance and purity of our minds by understanding metta. Like the mind, metta is not distorted by what it encounters. Anger generated within ourselves or within others can be met with love; the love is not ruined by the anger.Metta is its own support, and thus it is free of inherently unstable conditions. The loving mind can observe joy and peace in one moment, and then grief in the next moment, and it will not be shattered by the change. A mind filled with love can be likened to the sky with a variety of clouds moving through it--some light and fluffy, others ominous and threatening. No matter what the situation, the sky is not affected by the clouds.

The Buddha taught that the forces in the mind that bring suffering are able to temporarily hold down the positive forces such as love or wisdom, but they can never destroy them. The negative forces can never uproot the positive, whereas the positive forces can actually uproot the negative forces. Love can uproot fear or anger or guilt because it is a greater power.

Love can go anywhere. Nothing can obstruct it.

Metta has two root meanings. One is the word for "gentle." Metta is likened to a gentle rain that falls upon the earth. This rain does not select and choose--"I'll rain here, and I'll avoid that place over there." Rather, it simply falls without discrimination.
The foundation of metta practice is to know how to be our own friend.

The other root meaning for metta is "friend." To understand the power or the force of metta is to understand true friendship. The Buddha actually described at some length what he meant by being a good friend in the world. He talked about a good friend as someone who is constant in our times of happiness and also in our times of adversity or unhappiness. A friend will not forsake us when we are in trouble nor rejoice in our misfortune.

The practice of metta, uncovering the force of love that can uproot fear, anger, and guilt, begins with befriending ourselves. The foundation of metta practice is to know how to be our own friend. According to the Buddha, "You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection." How few of us embrace ourselves in this way! With metta practice, we uncover the possibility of truly respecting ourselves. We discover,"I am larger and better than I thought. I did not think I held so much goodness."

Seeing the goodness in someone does not imply ignoring the difficulty qualities or unskillful actions. Rather, we can fully acknowledge these difficulties, while at the same time we choose to focus on the positive. If we focus on the negative, we will naturally feel anger, resentment, or disappointment. If we focus on the positive, we will forge a connection to the person.

Looking at people and communicating that they can be loved and love in return gives them a tremendous gift. It is also a gift to ourselves. We see that we are one with the fabric of life. This is the power of metta: to teach ourselves and our world this inherent loveliness.

For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

"It is healthier to see the good points of others than to analyze our own bad ones."



For the Mind and Spirit!
12 years ago

" Once I knew that I wanted to be an artist(writer),I had made myself into one. I did not understand that wanting dosen't always lead to action. Many of us had been raised without the sense that we could mold and shape our own lives, and so, wanting to be an artist(writer).... (but withoutthe abilityto realize ourwants) was, for some of us, only an idle fantasy, like wanting to go to the moon."

Robin Moonrising.gif

For the mind and spirit!
12 years ago

" If I love with my spirit, I don't have to think so hard with my head."



Robin's Quote Of the Day!
12 years ago
One day while talking with a wise teacher,he asked,"How are you?" I replied, "I am a little down and depressed." The teacher then asked, "Is this because of your control, or no control?"

Zen Quote!
12 years ago
Attaining the heart
Of the sutra,
Are not even the sounds
Of the bustling marketplace
The preaching of the Dharma?

- Dogen (1200-1253)
For the Mind and Spirit
12 years ago
| Blue Label
A lovely Quote:11:07 AM Forwarded with permission

Look around you. There are miracles everywhere. In the song of
every bird, in the sparkle of every star. Watch a bud erupt into
bloom and see the miracle there, or watch a child be born into life
and hear the miracle of that first cry. There are miracles just
waiting to be discovered. Never stop looking for them and, more
importantly, never stop finding them. It is in this way you will
come to understand that you are a miracle, too. And in that first
shining moment of understanding something miraculous will occur.

May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.
~Barbara A Bailey~


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