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A Cry (poem)
14 years ago
| Blue Label
Have you listened to the sound of the sea? Have you heard its sorrowful plea? "I am a world of my own And it is over many years that i have grown I am wondrous,I stretch far and wide And it is by my laws that you should abide Most of life depends on me And i can provide... but can't you see That while Man keeps taking and taking My world is slowly breaking I see the hunger in their eyes Its a hunger that i cannot satisfy So to my words pay great heed Save me from Mans ugly greed" hope you all like/understand? it!
Yes we understand and loved it very much...
14 years ago
Yes we understand and loved it very much...Thank you for sharing this cry with us all. peace & blesings---ginger
14 years ago
Thank You so very much for the feedback! i really appreciate it! Have a fantastic weekend!
a cry
14 years ago
i loved youre poem "A CRY" it really touched me,and only a truley special person could have written such heartfelt words.thank you for sharing it with me.tricia.x
Shikha...Thank You...^i^
14 years ago
Yes it was very good and understandable, it's time to do what we need to do to cut down on the greedy and support the needy! If we do this our Mother Earth will smile on our good hearts, I smile on yours. We need to build a court presance to turn our Mother around. For this reason I started 'Sui Juris Court Angels' come share your talents as if we monitor our court processes, ugly legislation won't fly...Birdman^i^ Love Is The CornerStone Holding All Joy. JOIN!
14 years ago
14 years ago
I love your poem it was heart touching
14 years ago
Thnaks so much Barry! Your comments are very much appreciated!
13 years ago
Shieka you deserve a hug and a half, ou really touched a sorespot - and its truely appreciated.If you havent already Id like you to join writers poets and thinkers circle ......this was beautiful

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