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Welcome new members: Tell us about your... John B. 128 7 years ago
Anger as emotional communication Jake B. 2 4 years ago
empath vs. empath-- psychic debate Wolf C. 11 5 years ago
Wiki created: Getting closer to being an Action... John B. 2 6 years ago
Empathic Standards -- Laws? John B. 4 6 years ago
Night of the Living Dead John B. 12 6 years ago
Fighting Anti-Empathy (or doing it all wrong) John B. 1 6 years ago
Please help stop internet harassment Signe R. 19 7 years ago
The empathy model John B. 3 7 years ago
More ALF contention: this group is amazing in... John B. 1 7 years ago
Evolving this group into an action group John B. 3 7 years ago
Lessons in how to dessensitize Alf I. 30 7 years ago
Criticism of the Evolutionary / Empathic model John B. 23 7 years ago
Parallel Criticism Discussion Group on Google John B. 1 7 years ago
Empathy and the Animal Rights Movement John B. 42 7 years ago
Why vegan? Alf I. 14 7 years ago
Oil mitigation: National slow down John B. 2 7 years ago
Sudden, Foreign and Chronic Debs B. 7 7 years ago
Roots of Empathy Debs B. 2 7 years ago
Interesting article Alf I. 6 7 years ago
Empathy and the Photographer's finger-- why... John B. 6 8 years ago
Do you ever feel FRUSTRATED ?? John B. 14 8 years ago
Empathy Confusion, such as empathy vs. sympathy John B. 2 8 years ago
Empathy and Breastfeeding John B. 3 8 years ago
Stopping Malls and Sub-Divisions John B. 3 8 years ago
Sweet Spot John B. 3 8 years ago
Mapping Empathy John B. 2 8 years ago
Cruelty in "so called" Empathy studies Past Member . 3 8 years ago
Radical Empathy John B. 7 8 years ago

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