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8 months ago (21 replies) |
Last reply by rosemary : community can mean so many things...variation on a has already been discussed here. it can be very structured, legally and otherwise or only based on trust. there is no necessarilly right or wrong to it. i think trust... more»
10 months ago (33 replies) |
Last reply by rosemary : i just re-read through this thread. it WAS a good group and we did have good time for a while, but , as far as i know, none of us have found a community. that is sad, isn't it? i wish all of those who came here are well and have... more»
5 years ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by rosemary : greta since you are actively working on starting a community, it would be might be helpful to you and other members to compare ideas  or brainstorm together. ... more»