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2 years ago (47 replies) |
Last reply by Karen : I came across this article today: ... more»
3 years ago (8 replies) |
Last reply by Sandra : Well, you´re blessed with visions and insights,I´m not.All I know is that I was able to recognize in The Mayan description of the Ages,the time we are living is the time of Change.Hope we all are safe,and... more»
6 years ago (7 replies) |
Last reply by Delaney : Hi Karen! Welcome to the group. We're glad you found us too!   I've read a few different articles about the Rainbow Festival and did a search to try and find out when the 2009 one would be. It seems there are a number... more»
7 years ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Delaney : Let me start off by saying that many sources list Dana as Danu. When she came to me in meditation she introduced herself as Dan a , and that is how I refer to her out of respect.    On the planet... more»
7 years ago (4 replies) |
Last reply by Delaney : Thank you, Lori. From the moment I read the Cherokee Prophecy I felt a link to the Mayan culture and a common origin of Atlantis. It was finding more and more related prophecies that inspired me to create this... more»
7 years ago |
Delaney says: Below is a copy I made of the Hopi Prophecy Stone. It is on Hopi land in the Big Mountain area of Arizona. This is the translation I found with the image.   The figure of a large person on the left represents the Great... more»