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4 years ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Andrea : That link is daunting! I would recommend some reading by Daniel Dennet or Doug Hofstadter, or even Dr. Ramachandran (phantoms in the brain). ... more»
by A K.
7 years ago (3 replies) |
Last reply by Nancy : Agreed. We are all part of a common divinity, manifesting Itself in forms, which we/god then utilize to work out the grand design. There is no separation, we are all One in reality. Namaste, ND ... more»
8 years ago (3 replies) |
Last reply by Don : Nice point Edwin in mentioning the fact observation can skew results of a 'living' entity, but us all producing electro-magnetic waves and living in them all the time makes one wonder... We cannot also forget 'human and computer... more»
8 years ago (6 replies) |
Last reply by Edwin : According to science, the entire universe exploded out of a particle smaller than a grain of sand. This sure sounds like everything (all physical matter) coming out of nothing. Additionally, as scientists look to find the basis... more»
8 years ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Don : ... more»
8 years ago |
Quentin says: I haven't read this book yet. This review made me decide to post this here. Find the book here.... more»
9 years ago (36 replies) |
Last reply by Nancy : Kendra, oh, my yes, I do get caught up in the incident, and that's when the attitude of the Observer comes in so wonderfully handy. There are times at work when my solar plexus center jumps up and down, wanting attention for some... more»