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by John D.
2 weeks ago (193 replies) |
Last reply by John : Forgiveness sets two souls free .... ... more»
2 weeks ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Miranda : I am in total agreement with Tasunka in that love, kindness and compassion are my "commandments".  One of my grandmother's oft-repeated teachings was to ask yourself before you speak whether what you are about to say is... more»
by Wael M.
3 weeks ago (20 replies) |
Last reply by tasunka : Also, just read an article saying that sleep problems can occur from the chemicals in fire retardant bedding?  The article can be found on I get health tips from him daily, holistic, natural, great site for... more»
by Good H.
1 year ago (20 replies) |
Last reply by Diana : haha made me LOL! Thank you Irene. I would give you another *star* but they will not let me give you another one.  ... more»
by Jos? M.
3 years ago (16 replies) |
Last reply by Cathy : 10-10-10 method After using computer for 10 minutes, focus on something 10 feet away for 10 seconds. Good for eyestrain. ... more»