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Christmas pictures of the fid's Tracey S. 1 4 years ago
please support our livestock production... Fangzhu X. 1 6 years ago
Discuss: It's a Bird's Life Tracey S. 2 6 years ago
News Link: Warning about Toxic Toys Scarlett R. 1 7 years ago
155 members Cynthia C. 2 7 years ago
Good morning Pet R. 1 7 years ago
Amazon & Conure Owner Stacy K. 2 7 years ago
Awful Story of the Bird/Wildlife/Pet Trade Lara B. 1 7 years ago
Wild Parrots of San Francisco Joe J. 2 7 years ago
Petition to stop Barcelona from hunting parrots Christina B. 1 8 years ago
World Parrot Refuge Christina B. 1 8 years ago
Please help support a Ban on Primate Testing in... Mr T G. 1 8 years ago
Hey...I am new here...Where is everyone??? CCCCC D. 3 8 years ago
Share your Knowledge on Handling Pets anonymous 1 8 years ago
Turn Your Outrage and Grief into Action Past Member . 1 8 years ago
Educate me! Past Member . 1 8 years ago
Europe to Test 100,000 Chemicals upon Millions... ANTHONY G. 1 8 years ago
Birds Being Bombed and Burned by Lockheed Animal Rights C. 1 9 years ago
Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill petition. Stephanie R. 6 9 years ago
Baby Blue-cheeked Amazon born Stephanie R. 4 9 years ago
Parrot rescue needs your help Athena J. 1 9 years ago
Happy Bird- day Angelika!! Bianca C. 2 9 years ago
How many people here have 2nd hand birds? Felicia A. 14 9 years ago
help needed with Ara Macaw Bianca C. 17 9 years ago
University of PA presentation tomorrow at local... Stephanie R. 1 9 years ago
What birds do you have? Angelika O. 4 9 years ago
Just saying Hello! :-) Suzanne S. 10 9 years ago
EXOTIC BIRDS NEED YOUR HELP! Shelly B. 4 9 years ago
Mrs Sandra Williams Sandra W. 2 9 years ago
Help Parrots by Shopping :) Athena J. 1 10 years ago
We could use your vote! Athena J. 2 10 years ago
An Atrocity Jan G. 3 10 years ago
Poll on abuse on Care2 anonymous 1 10 years ago
Hi All Phyllis W. 4 10 years ago
Training Lori G. 6 10 years ago
Little dude with a BIG MOUTH Mav E. 5 10 years ago
why doesnt anyone post anything in here? Stephanie R. 7 10 years ago
please help the wild parrots of Connecticut Stephanie R. 3 10 years ago
Help, I need advice Mav E. 5 10 years ago
avian flu Stephanie R. 3 10 years ago
senegal parrots Stephanie R. 9 10 years ago
Lost Cockatoo, NJ, Xposted Athena J. 4 10 years ago
Pet Bird Sitters Mav E. 1 10 years ago
Survey for the bird owner Ellie M. 1 10 years ago
Love Parrots? Love coffe? Kitty M. 1 10 years ago
I thought this was funny Arlie R. 2 10 years ago
FPL(Florida)KillQuakerParakeets(SentLetterToday!) Suzanne K. 1 10 years ago
GLOSSARY OF PRODUCTS WITH HAZARDS A to Z Suzanne K. 1 10 years ago
sun conure Susan K. 6 10 years ago
Parrots Susan K. 2 10 years ago
Shar? Karen M. 1 10 years ago
Hello Kaylin G. 3 10 years ago
Help educate the public about animal shelters,... Nancy G. 1 11 years ago
Petiton to reform the Animal Welfare Act of... CR R. 1 11 years ago
Common household items can be toxic to birds Suzanne K. 1 11 years ago
Poison Guide for birds and pets Suzanne K. 1 11 years ago
We Need 25,000 Signatures By Thanksgiving -... Arlene L. 1 11 years ago
New here Kathaleen H. 2 11 years ago
Hello... Athena J. 3 11 years ago
Behavior Problems Michelle D. 21 11 years ago
new group Shar B. 8 11 years ago
Hi everyone Michelle O. 1 11 years ago
Bird Conservation Chris O. 1 11 years ago

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