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Sign my petition please ... Together we can make a difference !

Thank you so much,

Henk Lefevre.

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Blog: Statutes of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse- a survivor's perspective-part 2  

When I was in my early 20’s, there weren’t nearly the on-line resources for CSA survivors that there are today. And I was much, much too ashamed and guilty to tell a word about the abuse to a real, live human being who could possibly make eye contact with me. I kept finding websites telling stories like this- “I was sexually abused by my __, it was horrible, but I forgave him, we’re close now, and life is peachy”.  For me, this meant that both forgiveness and closeness to the father who abused me (the uncle who also abused me was thankfully already dead) were prerequisites to mental health. I could not wrap my mind around the concept of ever being able to do either. I oscillated between believing my life was doomed to be full of the intense self-loathing, anger, grief and general misery I was experiencing, to believing if I could do something that seemed akin to a do-it-yourself lobotomy I would be alright. One day when the lobotomy fantasy wasn’t appealing, I looked up the statute of limitations on CSA in my home state of New York. By my 23rd birthday I would be unable to press civil or criminal charges on my father. And on that day, in the spirit of what I believed to be forgiveness, I breathed a deep breath, knowing that my parents would never be troubled by a policeman knocking at their door.

In the spirit of what I believed to be forgiveness, I tried to maintain an emotionally useful relationship with my parents. “Maintain” isn’t really the word, “start from scratch for the first time in my life” is more like it. And as I was having more contact with my mother than I had in years, she started telling me about finding child pornography on my father’s computer, again and again. And then there was the policeman knocking on the door- knocking on behalf of a little girl my father had “befriended”. I soon learned that having a child say that someone abused them doesn’t accomplish much. For an indictment to happen, you need a credible disclosure from the child, coupled with evidence (photographic or medical), a confession from the abuser or collaboration from another victim. Long gone are the days where a child’s tearful courtroom testimony was bound to lock someone up- the pendulum has swung so far away from where it was in the 1980’s. No police officer called me or sought information from me in any way.

Now I knew my father was on the prowl again, looking for new victims, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop him. Nothing came of the accusations from the little girl. I put enormous emotional distance between myself and my family of origin. Even though my mental health had improved, my life circumstances had deteriorated. I was minimally aware of what was going on under the roof I grew up under. Eventually, my life circumstances improved, I had more emotional energy, and I had become very committed to fighting for children’s issues. My role as a children’s advocate was extremely incompatible with the role of someone who was facilitating a pedophile, even in the slightest way. I made myself a few promises- I would stay close enough to my family of origin to keep tabs on my father, I would not allow myself to get wrapped up in any circumstances that could distract me from my mission, and I would keep in mind that nothing I was doing was going to undo what had been done to me. This wasn’t revenge, it was something more important.

Eventually I learned the name of a girl who had become a huge part of my father’s life. I called the police in the county the girl lived in. They told me to call the police in the county my father lived in. The same county I grew up in. Although I was dreading that phone call, and dreading someone who I graduated high school with picking up the phone, I made it. And as far as I know, nothing happened. You can’t arrest someone for spending time with a child. Even if the amount of time, and their devotion to this child is truly creepy.

Recently one of my cousins revealed that she was sexually abused by my father. She’s 21 now. She’s in the throes of mental illness, substance abuse and interpersonal crisis. She hasn’t told her parents about the abuse, and her parents and mine are very close. She loves my mother, and will be loath to hurt her.  She is 21 years old. I hope that in the next two years, she will find the peace, strength and perspective to realize she has been wronged by someone who has similarly wronged others, and who is still wronging others. I hope she will see that she has a chance to stop the trail of destruction that he has made. I hope I’ll be able to communicate clearly to her, to help her understand this. And I also hope that the law will change, to give her time to heal and think as she decides what to do.

This year there is a chance the law will change.  The bill A5488 has passed the NYS Assembly, and it needs a sponsor in the NYS Senate. A petition asking NYS Senator McDonald to sponsor it (Senator McDonald has indicated an interest in sponsoring it) is available for signing at

Every time I see something about extending or eliminating that statute of limitations against Child Sexual Abusers, the term “justice” is always bandied around. I have absolutely no conception of what “justice” would mean to me, in this context. My father twisted my mind and soul in directions souls and minds shouldn’t be twisted in. But I’m alive and healthy, and I live a life filled with peace and joy. A life that is beyond the comprehension of someone like my father. I can look back at my life and see some mistakes that I almost certainly wouldn’t have made if I hadn’t been sexually abused. But I can’t look at where I am and be too unhappy, either. What I want to see now is damage control. I want to see my father in prison simply because it is the only way I can be sure he won’t be molesting more children. And while I’m happy with my life, I also know I’m exceptionally lucky. And luck isn’t something that you can bet on when deciding which injustices need to be fixed when. Child sexual abuse is an enormous wrong, which is perpetuated by individuals, and often facilitated by families and institutions. The state has a chance to decide whose side it’s on with this piece of legislation, and if it chooses to be on the side of the perpetrators, truly, we have reached the point of moral bankruptcy.    

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Blog: Statutes of Limitations for Child Sexual Abuse- a survivor's perspective-part 1  

I think most people whose lives have never been affected by child sexual abuse think it is rare. They think it will never happen to their children. They think they don't need to worry about it because they pay their school taxes, they obey the law, and… it just couldn’t’! And if, by some disastrous misfortune, it happens to their child, their child will tell them that day, they will scoop that child up in their arms, call the police, and eventually all will be well. Unfortunately, the truth is much uglier.

Many studies using several different sources of data conclude that 25% of girls and 15% of boys will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Well over 90% of them are sexually abused by someone they and/or their parents trust, and a significant percent of the time, that someone is the child's parent, step-parent or guardian. This is a statistic you see a lot, but I don’t think most people with no connection to the crime of child sexual abuse actually think about what it means. It means that this person who is so trusted by the child and their family is a big part of the child’s life. The child likely has intense, complex feelings towards this person. The offender has likely spent lots of time being very kind and indulgent to the child, and sometimes is the only person in that child’s life who has been.  Just like batterers rarely beat a woman on their first date, a sex offender is rarely going to do anything sexual to a child they are “grooming” until they have had many, many contacts with them.  Eventually, some of those contacts are likely to test how well a child keeps secrets. And some of them are likely to test a child’s response to the trappings of adult sexuality. Eventually, the adult sexually victimizes the child, once they are sure the child will keep their secret. They usually sexually victimize the child in a way that doesn’t cause any physical pain, but may cause arousal, which further confuses the child and reinforces to the offender that what they are doing is harmless and consensual. And throughout all of this, they maintain a relationship with the child that is still largely kind and indulgent.  To keep the child’s silence, threats and manipulations may be thrown into the mix, but the relationship is still largely positive.

Maintaining the child’s silence often isn’t that hard. Very young children may not realize that there is anything wrong or abnormal about being sexually victimized, they may lack a vocabulary to describe it, and older children who do understand what is being done to them often are so ashamed of the victimization they want it kept a secret. In about ten percent of all cases of CSA, most often in incest, there is a non-offending adult who is aware of the abuse and choses to do nothing. There is also a percentage of non-offending adults who will do something, usually talk to the offender, tell them never to abuse again, but who don’t report the case to appropriate authorities. I’ve never seen a statistic about how common this is, especially since these aren’t the cases that get counted.  In situations like these, the child has been shown that no one cares enough to help them, and telling more people about their victimization is only going to show how many people out there don’t care.  

So now we have a slightly different understanding of the toll child sexual abuse takes on its victims- they usually are victimized more than once by the same person, a person who they have deep, complicated feelings for, a person who has been manipulating them, and they may have reason to believe that no one is going to believe or help them if they seek help. This is largely why 80-90% of children don’t reveal their sexual abuse until they reach adulthood.

Statistically speaking, adolescence and adulthood are pretty ugly for CSA survivors. CSA survivors are more likely to experience academic failure, to drop out of school, to suffer from mental illness, drug abuse, suicide attempts, obesity, sexual precociousness, STI’s and unintended pregnancy or parenthood than their non-abused peers. Think about what these facts mean- these survivors are likely to enter the adult world on very shaky foundation, one in which self-sufficiency is hard to reach. And the process of parenting an adolescent coping with mental illness, substance abuse, sexual precociousness, parenthood, or any combination thereof is not easy. We don't provide a lot of resources for parents in this culture, and we provide next to nothing for the parents of troubled teenagers.  So this means your average young adult who has survived CSA is likely to be ill-equipped to survive on their own and is likely to have a strained relationship with their family of origin, even if their family of origin wasn’t directly involved in their abuse. And young adults with strained relationships with their family of origin but major obstacles to independence are often unlikely to do something that will stress or shatter that family, such as reveal their past sexual abuse. And the revelation usually does shake, if not shatter most families. No one wants to hear that their sibling, parent, etc., hurt their child. All the stereotypical tensions about the in-laws become magnified a thousand-fold. And if the young adult reveals that their parent’s spouse molested them, the situation becomes even more intense, and the non-offending parent’s decision to not believe the child, further hurting them, is even more appealing. But hopefully, the young adult survivor at some point accesses some help for some of the problems plaguing them, and at this point, they are likely to start confronting their victimization.

“Confronting your victimization”- that’s a pretty big and abstract term, and can mean many different things to different people. But at some point it means coming to terms with the fact that someone with power over you betrayed you, hurt you and damaged you. It means casting off the shame of the sexual abuse, and seeing your role as a victim as a blameless one. Sometimes this comes in short epiphanies, sometimes it takes years. But after it happens, survivors are left with the question of what “what next?” both in terms of their abuser and their family of origin.

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Action Request:Petition
Location:California, United States

Please help me in my attempt to bring two child abusers to justice. My son was horribly abused both physically and emotionally by his Stepmother and Father (Elizabeth and Michael Bodkin)who live in Yuba City. When CPS conducted an investigation, they found all the allegations of abuse to be true. In addition, the report from the CPS/Sutter Co. Superior Court Disp. hearing documents that both the Stepmother and Father admitted to all the allegations of abuse

It was established that the Elizabeth Bodkin had committed the majority of the abuse, however the Michael Bodkin was just as guilty for not protecting his child and actually promoted harm to his son by standing by and letting this woman openly abuse and mistreat him.

My son was removed from their house, put in foster care and the court has ruled that he be returned to my care with no contact with the father or stepmother. I am happy with that decision, but what disturbs me is that these two people broke the law by committing a crime against a child, yet no criminal charges were ever filed against them. Even with their documented admissions to their abusive behavior, they have not been made to be held accountable for their actions.

I have written numerous letters to Sutter Co. DA Carl Adams requesting criminal charges be filed, but he has failed to contact me personally and has only forwarded my letters on to J. Woodard of Child Welfare Services. In turn, she called and informed me that their Dept. does not handle charging people with criminal acts; it was the duty of law enforcement.

I therefore contacted the Sutter Co. Sheriff's Dept. and the Detective Division who investigated the case as well as CPS Case Worker Josh Thomas. They all agreed the Bodkins should have been charged with these crimes, however, there was no more they could do because it was the DA's responsibility to pursue charges.

So now that I've been given the run around and back to square one, you can see my frustration. I can not let Michael and Elizabeth Bodkin get away with what they did to my son. Due to the fact that the law has never punished them for the way they treated him, my son is in fear that they are free to do it again and will get away with it.

 With no where else to turn, I have started an onlne nonprofit petition in support of prosecuting Elizabeth and Michael Bodkin. Click on the link below to view and sign my petition. Please help me get the signatures needed to convince the DA. to review this case and prosecute these two people in accordance with the law.


Tamara Brewer.

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{ else }   Blog: I am trying to find justice for Gabby  

I came across a story on myspace. I felt compelled to reach out to the family of this little girl. In a situation where a parent must go to work, you trust that your infant is safe hands in a child care facility. This young girl was only 6 months old and suffered a severe beating by the person intrusted to her care. She is still severely physically injured and still to this day suffering through seizures and extreme problems due to the fracture they caused in her skull.

You would never think that any one who is employed to work with infants could do some thing like this. I have seen neglect, but complete physical harm to me was unimaginable. I want every one to see this, and sign, because some one getting away with this is just not forgivable.

Please at least read my petition, all signatures are very much appreciated if any thing, it will educate, and teach that we will not endure or look over what occured to this angel.

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Blog: Please sign the petition  

Please join this cause I started on behalf of my son and kids like him. His attacker is walking freely while my son lived with terror and fear daily. The legal system failed my son even with medical proof of the assualt. Due to my son's inability to accurately describe the years of attacks, the legal system felt as though he was not telling the truth and did not want to risk a trial against his biological father. Please join the fight in raising our voices to change the system and obtain the assistance these children need and DESERVE.

Please pass the word along to anyone with children or anyone who might benefit from this knowledge: According to the United States Department of Justice's guidelines for forensic interviewing children with cognitive or behavioral disabilities, these children are allowed to have the proper interviewer in the room. The interviewers should possess the proper behavioral degree, usually a masters degree in behavioral psychology. Also the children are allowed to have a Behavorial Pyschologist or Pyshcrist in the room to assist in the interviewing process. This is to eliminate cognitive/behavorial mis-understanding between interviewer and child. There is to be audio and visual taping of the interviews, due to complexity of the cases and delay in the court system. This information is agreed upon with the Child Advocate Center's guidelines. However, each Child Advocate Center individual policy on who is allowed in the interview process and how it is recorded in regard to these children are left to the discretion of the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the Sex Crimes Division within your individual counties. Just because the interviewer is in the room with your child, the police are on the other side of the glass leading the interviewer and the questions asked. DO NOT LET ANYONE QUESTION YOUR CHILD WITHOUT YOU BEING PRESENT OR HAVING YOUR CHILD'S MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDER PRESENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is an organization called KidsVoice, their mission states,"KidsVoice: Protecting Children's Rights Founded in 1908 as the Legal Aid Society of Pittsburgh, KidsVoice provides the full-service advocacy that every abused, abandoned, voiceless and vulnerable child deserves. Many of the children KidsVoice represents, in addition to being neglected or abused, must overcome significant physical and mental disabilities. Their conditions range from developmental delays, neonatal drug addiction and AIDS to severe brain damage, suicidal depression and critical organ failure."

Within the first sentence it says "every child" however when I called them to seek help in bringing my son's attacker to justice they turned him away. Their reason was because he was not "court-active." When asked what this meant, they stated he has not been removed from the home from CYF and therefore they were unable to assist my mentally disabled son.

Even after contacting the ACLU's local chapter my son's legal rights were over looked. The ACLU didnt feel as though a mentally disabled sexually abused child was worth representing since it did not represent a majority to benefit from. I think the ACLU needs to re-examine the statistics of the sexually abused mentally disabled.

I know my son's biological father will never be brought to justice due to the lapse in time and the neglect of the legal system and those who swore to uphold it; I am trying to stop this from happening to someone else before it is too late. Another child or another family should NEVER have to go through this.

Please spread the word about this cause and help make a difference.

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We are organizing a class action lawsuit against the County of Riverside, the State of California, and all parties involved in unlawfully detaining and holding our children against our will, and without cause.  We have documented the deep, imbedded corruption in the “social services” agencies in California.  We have filed three lawsuits so far, and are looking for other families who have also been annihilated by this evil.  Go to the link at or email us at  to join the fight to save our children.


·                     CPS manufactures multiple nonexistent/fictitious abuse case scenarios to offset true statistical abuse case information.

·                     CPS concurrently processes these children from foster care to Adoption, in order to obtain perverse monetary incentives in the form of bonuses.

·                     CPS provides a market to neighboring agencies and the courts (Judges, psychologists, visitation monitors, court mandated behavioral class instructors, court appointed legal counsel, etc...), in order for them to financially benefit from the foster care/adoption system they themselves perpetuate.

·                     CPS victimizes innocent financially challenged families, and draws them into a corrupt system to utilize their children as pawns for this corrupt child commerce.

·                     CPS is utilized by family court officials and attorneys as an adverse tool to extricate children from one parent to the other, with reference to "parental alienation syndrome," where in truth, the CPS caseworkers are the ones initiating the alienation of these children from their own birth parents.  Caseworkers are never allowed to testify in court under the cloak of "CPS Authority" due to possible misuse or conflict of interest related to right to privacy laws (Very convenient)

·                     CPS utilizes unlawful & coercive measures to persuade vulnerable parents to submit to statements of nonexistent abuse, forcing desperate parents to "plea bargain" to a CPS fabricated crime, for the return of their children from foster care.

·                     CPS fabricates false allegations and most of their "investigations" to purposely mislead or misdirect a case.

·                     CPS intentionally fails to prosecute Parents accused of child abuse, since in the majority of cases, no initial crime has been committed.  However, CPS continues to claim a crime has been committed, as THEY abuse/neglect the children.

·                     CPS knowingly abandons children into the foster care system, conscious that some individuals in these homes physically and/or sexually abuse those in their "protective" custody.  CPS ignores crimes committed in foster care through failure to investigate.

·                     CPS fails to question these individuals for their abusive conduct, whereby, if it were a birth parent or not a foster care parent, these individuals would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in criminal court.

·                     CPS represents themselves in positive personas by omitting, altering, and falsifying documents, so as to mislead the public and or government of their true actions as listed above.  Thereby publicly grandstanding, displaying an inaccurate social martyrdom for the well being of children.


The Police should determine if children need protection from their own parents, since child abuse is a Criminal offense.






Dr. Shelley Susman = OB/GYN who knew mother had no drug history and confirmed her health, but allowed this abduction

WILLIAM MICHAEL BILES =  NEWBORN BABY SNATCHER AT CPS - physically threatened mother and child with serious harm

Nurse Heather = DRMC Supervising Nurse, present at child abduction and backed up serious harm/threats to mother and child

Ms. Flores = DRMC records dept. supervisor, stated we have NO access to our child's records or birth certificate [since CPS illegally abducted our newborn and adoptive parent's names are on birth certificate]

Valerie Bedore = Banning City CPS newborn baby abduction cohort, on 9/20/07admitted baby had negative meconium [no drugs in mother confirmed back to 16 weeks gestation pregnancy]

Karrene (Kay) Phillips = Banning City CPS baby abduction cohort, harassed parents repeatedly at visitations

Ben Brandon = next CPS caseworker, threatened to stop visitations when he brought child late to visits, demanded Parents sign a "case plan" in attempt to prove innocent Parents guilty, when parents refused "case plan" threatened to stop visitations

Shawnee English = Moreno Valley CPS assistant who ripped newborn out of mother's arms at visitation when child was sick and parents were demanding medical attention; she refused medical treatment & parents had to call "911" to get help

Judge Christopher J. Sheldon = Juvenile Judge on Oasis Street in Indio, made mistaken rulings, refused Due Process to parents, refused Evidence and Facts in this case, finally recanted his rulings back to Jurisdiction Hearing, case transferred to Murrietta

Indio Juvenile Court Clerk = refused all submissions and legal filings from parents, refused to take amendments to case, refused to take any Evidence of parent's innocence to fight the wrongdoing by CPS, handed back all filings of Evidence by Parents

Modesto Rios = First attorney assigned to father by Judge Sheldon; Rios refused all calls and refused to communicate with father, refused all requests of father, failed to submit anything for defense of father, failed to state he had contact with father from the start of the case, admitted it finally in court as the transcripts prove  = fired

David Weisen = First attorney assigned to mother by Judge Sheldon; Weisen refused all calls and refused to communicate with mother, failed to submit anything for defense of mother, failed to state he had contact with mother from the start of the case, admitted it finally in court as the transcripts prove = fired 

Karen Cote = 2nd attorney assigned to father by Judge Sheldon; Cote stated that father could do nothing to help in this case, refused to submit anything for father, and stated father was to "do nothing"&"just wait" until Jurisdiction = fired [she refused to give father her email, refused to do her job, refused to work - last words to Father were "go F*** yourself and DIE!"]

Maria Soliz = 2nd attorney assigned to mother by Judge Sheldon; Soliz insisted on hair follicle test of mother, refused to give test, and then she refused to get hospital "sealed" records to disprove this misinterpretation 


Riverside County and CPS adopted out our beautiful, healthy, infant daughter, completely AGAINST OUR WILL, and against the law when she was only EIGHT HOURS OLD.  They already had it all set up with their KANGAROO COURTS AND THEIR TURN-KEY ADOPT-A-WHITE-BABY COMMERCE SYSTEM.  Neither parent had any history nor usage of any illegal drugs, and our daughter was born with an APGAR score of 9.8, with absolutely NO DRUGS in her or her mother’s systems.  The Palm Springs Desert Regional Medical Center staged a urine test that was tampered with and was wrong, and they refused to use the mother’s blood or re-test her at all.  The one urine test was the ONLY basis for their illegal abduction of our newborn infant, and it has been an illegal "legal loophole" battering of our daughter and our Parental rights ever since.  On August 8, 2007, our newborn daughter was illegally and forcefully taken by William Michael Biles of Banning CPS, with the help of eight others at Desert Regional Medical center, with no court order nor warrant, and no police present.  He physically threatened mother and newborn with the statement “Give me that baby NOW, or you and her will be physically hurt!” and we have fought for our daughter since.  CPS contrived multiple hearsay untruths and presented falsifications to the court, without our knowledge.  Judge Christopher Sheldon approved the criminal ADOPTION, then granted us a "Contested Jurisdictional Hearing," and then suddenly, the case was transferred to Southwest Adjudication Center, where Commissioner Fernandez declared he lacked the power to render a Judgment on another Judge's decision to have the Contested Jurisdiction Hearing, then Fernandez took it off calendar, where it stands today......we have been denied our daughter in this illegal kidnapping, and we have located proof that the County of Riverside and DRMC routinely set new mothers up this way, very often to take newborn white, healthy, drug-free babies to sell them on their own twisted underground baby market.  We have been violated entirely, and we will keep fighting for our daughter. 

CONTACT US AT for more information about the lawsuit.

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Message: HELPING CHILDEREN!!!!!!!!!  

Please take a second a check out this really cool site that is helping much deserved young childeren. Please send this to friends,family,co-workers,and anyone else you can of. Simply click on wish up a star to participate.

Thank you all,


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Alert: Does anyone Know?  
Action Request:Read
Location:United States
Does anyone know whom would be the best one to address.
In starting a Petition?
I am working with a thirld world Parole Board in Nevada.
Who gave only 36 months for each count of child abuse.I wasn't even told the abuse counts were against my one child only!Not both!
After pleading down from kidnapping in the 2nd Degree and Batterer charge!
This is someone wih a very hi IQ.I need some advice on my options!
He needs to be mentally locked up.Yet he passed his Psycological hearing last year!
I knew that would be easy.He had the whole town convinced when my son was sent to school with black and blue eyes,swollen lips!
He promised us je would hunt us down.No matter what it takes.If this ever got out!
They let offenders off with a slap on the wrist.Mine is docmented.
Yet,i am trying to protect my kids from there names being published?
Please advise?
He is up for Parole in Nov/09 four months before.I'm still trying to terminate his joint legal custody he was awarded.Before he was  sent to prison for child abuse plea.
Plus,supervised viisits>This is going to destroy my little child!
Thanks for reading this.

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Blog: Confrence Jan 11th-13th Albany NY IMPORTANT  
Battered Women, Abused Children, and Child Custody:
A National Crisis
“Help, Hope, and Empowerment”
Fifth Annual Conference
January 11th - 13th 2008
Friday Evening - Sunday Evening
The Clarion Hotel and Conference Center
Albany, New York
Visit for additional information,
hotel reservations, and conference registration.
Limited scholarships will be available to assist battered mothers to attend the conference.
See attached brochure for details.
Come join with mothers and advocates from across the nation to hear and dialogue with
presenters, including:
Wendy Murphy, Angela Shelton, Lundy Bancroft, Toby Kleinman, Joan Zorza, Diane
and Kristen Hofheimer, Nancy Erickson, Barry Goldstein, Robin Yeamans, Garland
Waller, Seth Goldstein, Geri Stahly, Joy Silberg, Rita Henley-Jensen, Renee Beeker,
Dianne Post, Marcia Pappas, Ben Atherton-Zeman, Wendy Titelman, and many others
who are working to combat the legal injustices facing protective mothers in the nation's
family/divorce courts.
We are currently soliciting a few more workshops on topics related to
Possible topics include:
- Personal survival skills for litigants
- Strategies for choosing the right attorney
- Organizing local support groups or activist networks of protective mothers
- Legal strategies for mothers representing themselves pro se
- Strategies for recovery and healing from intimate partner violence and abuse
and other self-help practices
- "Parenting Under Siege": Protecting your children when the court system won't
- Adult children who were ordered to live with an abusive parent or were otherwise
separated from their protective mothers
- Publicizing and exposing improper and unethical court practices
If interested in presenting a workshop, please

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