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Location:California, United States

Please help me in my attempt to bring two child abusers to justice. My son was horribly abused both physically and emotionally by his Stepmother and Father (Elizabeth and Michael Bodkin)who live in Yuba City. When CPS conducted an investigation, they found all the allegations of abuse to be true. In addition, the report from the CPS/Sutter Co. Superior Court Disp. hearing documents that both the Stepmother and Father admitted to all the allegations of abuse

It was established that the Elizabeth Bodkin had committed the majority of the abuse, however the Michael Bodkin was just as guilty for not protecting his child and actually promoted harm to his son by standing by and letting this woman openly abuse and mistreat him.

My son was removed from their house, put in foster care and the court has ruled that he be returned to my care with no contact with the father or stepmother. I am happy with that decision, but what disturbs me is that these two people broke the law by committing a crime against a child, yet no criminal charges were ever filed against them. Even with their documented admissions to their abusive behavior, they have not been made to be held accountable for their actions.

I have written numerous letters to Sutter Co. DA Carl Adams requesting criminal charges be filed, but he has failed to contact me personally and has only forwarded my letters on to J. Woodard of Child Welfare Services. In turn, she called and informed me that their Dept. does not handle charging people with criminal acts; it was the duty of law enforcement.

I therefore contacted the Sutter Co. Sheriff's Dept. and the Detective Division who investigated the case as well as CPS Case Worker Josh Thomas. They all agreed the Bodkins should have been charged with these crimes, however, there was no more they could do because it was the DA's responsibility to pursue charges.

So now that I've been given the run around and back to square one, you can see my frustration. I can not let Michael and Elizabeth Bodkin get away with what they did to my son. Due to the fact that the law has never punished them for the way they treated him, my son is in fear that they are free to do it again and will get away with it.

 With no where else to turn, I have started an onlne nonprofit petition in support of prosecuting Elizabeth and Michael Bodkin. Click on the link below to view and sign my petition. Please help me get the signatures needed to convince the DA. to review this case and prosecute these two people in accordance with the law.


Tamara Brewer.

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Alert: Does anyone Know?  
Action Request:Read
Location:United States
Does anyone know whom would be the best one to address.
In starting a Petition?
I am working with a thirld world Parole Board in Nevada.
Who gave only 36 months for each count of child abuse.I wasn't even told the abuse counts were against my one child only!Not both!
After pleading down from kidnapping in the 2nd Degree and Batterer charge!
This is someone wih a very hi IQ.I need some advice on my options!
He needs to be mentally locked up.Yet he passed his Psycological hearing last year!
I knew that would be easy.He had the whole town convinced when my son was sent to school with black and blue eyes,swollen lips!
He promised us je would hunt us down.No matter what it takes.If this ever got out!
They let offenders off with a slap on the wrist.Mine is docmented.
Yet,i am trying to protect my kids from there names being published?
Please advise?
He is up for Parole in Nov/09 four months before.I'm still trying to terminate his joint legal custody he was awarded.Before he was  sent to prison for child abuse plea.
Plus,supervised viisits>This is going to destroy my little child!
Thanks for reading this.

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