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Message: HELPING CHILDEREN!!!!!!!!!  

Please take a second a check out this really cool site that is helping much deserved young childeren. Please send this to friends,family,co-workers,and anyone else you can of. Simply click on wish up a star to participate.

Thank you all,


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{ else }   Message: Please Help Me Bring Littlebug Home  
Hi, I am embracing a horrific trauma in my life that has seen three anniversaries since April 15, 2003 in San Diego Family Court and find myself in need of friends like you for your generous support.

I would like for you to sign the following petitions in CARE 2.
I am trying to get District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis to do something about perjury in San Diego Family Courts so I can have a fair hearing and bring my Granddaughter I have raised for seven years back home.
I am also going to approach the senate to change some laws In California that are by the people and for the people so please sign the following two petitions in the two links below.
Thank You, the links are below. Please pass it around to your friends, family, etc..

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