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Blog: The Greatest Gift of All  

Perhaps the greatest single gift that anyone can give to another is the gift of his/her love, compassion, and willingness to reach out freely and without expectation of anything in return. Often it is the simple things which can prove to be the most valuable and meaningful of all, and even a single, otherwise "ordinary" act of kindness can ultimately yield extraordinary results in ways that we may never imagine at the time. 

Concerning local resources for anyone having specific needs, particularly those living between Gold Beach, Oregon and Crescent City, California, you are most welcome to contact me directly being sure to clarify the specific range and nature of your individual needs. While most resources are extremely limited along the coastal area for a variety of reasons, I will be happy to do whatever possible to assist in sourcing and identifying whatever resources may be available to meet your most pressing needs.

There are womens shelters with somewhat limited availability for those in distress, one being located in Gold Beach and the other in Crescent City. Brookings has about 4 local church groups which operate soup kitchens for immediate needs one of which is located at Star of the Sea Catholic Church and another at St. Thomas Episcopal Parish. There is also a local emergency food bank operated by Curry County Dept. of Social Services among other areas where pressing needs can be addressed.

Feel free to contact me at or by calling my cell at (541) 251-3682. Leave your contact information or provide some means by which to reach you in the event I am unavailable, and I will get back to you ASAP.


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