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Blog: why is marijuana illegal? honestly  
   Why is marijuana illegal? i see no reason for it to not be legalized as do soo many other people. The American Government uses the voting system on every single issue that we have: whether it is international or foreign, why can't we have an issue on marijuana for the voters. One of the main reason that marijuana is illegal i think is because the government can not tax it because anybody can grow it in their own home, if that is not a large reason for it, then please give me the reasons. the government might say that it will slow down our economy and make the population be lazy and/or not work. I think the people in our government need to take a look around the world and talk to other countries governments who have legalized marijuana (who are still well rounded economies). I am not saying that people should be allowed to walk around with a pound of ganja in their hands, I am only stating that we should lighten the laws: such as, letting people have up to 10 grams on them at a time because all we need is a little lee-way on this law then maybe more people will see that it is not such a bad idea. I do not know what you people think on this issue but all i know is that i would rather the government starts putting more money on border patrol and on our economy instead of wasting soo much money to keep marijuana( a natural plant which has no health defects and no ingredients at all) out of this country. I understand why other harsh drugs are illegal because they are not natural. If we want to keep weed illegal then why not make alcohol illegal? it is a man-made , mind-changing drug. I dont know about you guys but i have heard of people getting hurt from car accidents where the driver is drunk, but i have not of wrecks caused by  someone who is on marijuana.

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