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Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Petition
Please help the dogs of "SOSCoky" - the Canile of Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania, Italy - in signing our petition. The area of the Canile is placed at a former rubbish-ground without infrastructure. There is no electricity and water. Many of the dogs are sick - suffering of Leishmaniose, Ehrlichose or other diseases. Already five years ago the municipials have promised a new area for the Canile, but 'till now nothing has happened. It is time for keeping promises now!! Join our petition please! Thank you!!

If you want to support our project financially - please visit our homepage

Click the buttons "Unsere Projekte" - "SOSCoky/Italien" - "Spendenmauer". There you find our donation account. Please name "Canile" as purpose of use.

We thank you in the name of the dogs of "SOSCoky"!!!

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Alert: SHaRKY NeeDS YouR HeLP  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Think About
Location:California, United States
 in ontario, california off of mission avenue, there is a fish specialty store called global aquatics. they have raised a nurse shark for over 5 years. it used to cost $500. now they base it off of "offers." the story is that a man could no longer keep him and brought him in but i think its nothing more than a story. ive seen this shark outgrow every tank theyve put him in and its saddening. he has never been able to do more than swim in a circle...barely. now he is upgraded into a huge tupperware container about 6 feet in girth and they feed him dead goldfish as "treats!" mmm. a nurse shark should be im assuming anywhere from 8 to 10 feet in length and this one has never experienced anything but looking at a wall and barely able to turn in a circle if it is able to swim at all in a lonely, windowless pet store. the water depth isnt even 3 ft.
a few years ago i contacted seaworld california and florida, the long beach aquarium, monterey bay aquarium and a few more out of texas and california. there was no room to take him as a smaller shark anywhere.  now he is approx. 4 feet long (cant grow due to his enclosure) and the owner of the store WONT make room for him (the scrooge--because its just too expensive for him to swim) to have a bigger tank and i get angry of the conditions "SHARKY" lives in. he has barely been able to stretch out in any of his enclosures. i wonder if anyone is interested in helping my friend crystal and i in his battle. he deserves living in a place that he can use his skills and at least SWIM...something hes never done before. i want him out of this place. i dont care if we have to buy him and pay for transport ourselves...any helping hand would be appreciated to find an actual state aquarium to take care of him. poor sharky. i just spoke with the owner and he said someone wants to put him in a 5000 gallon tank...too small??? 

thanks for your support! --christine

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