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{ else }   Blog: mini pomm speaks about inhumanity....  

Mini pomm speaks……in continuation & our endless woes…despite which our lives go on…not so bad….it is an anguish wait till my human mom reaches home …the roads are lined up on both the sides with strings of shops and buildings. There are so many petty traders doing small business in their matchbox sized shops yet acting so rude/arrogant with my human mom. Why? Lots of silly gossip due to her single divorcee status for 18yrs and that too exposed to varied classes while dealing with public money in the bank for over two decades. The duping tactics adopted by the petty shopkeepers or cashiers of supermarket is to take the money and after sometime attack saying that less money was paid. In the short time these cheats hide or conceal the note(s) and demand extra money. This is how on regular basis my human mom is attacked, abused and threatened by milk supplier, auto driver, cashier named mallesh of gharonda supermarket and recently the ambica stores shopkeeper named mohan kumar. In the beginning my human mom was so flabbergasted and stunned to react when the crooks attack her at the end of a tiring day. The motive of these crooks is a meaningless politicization and/or an intent to defame her or exploit or w.r.t. several prejudices/bias surrounding us. There is no end to such maniacs harrassing my human mom who has to manage A to Z tasks all on her own. I am also her only friend here and I sit on her lap and listen to the daily dosage of harrassments meted out on her. What is more the shameless impotent indians deny her services and also trouble her by refusing to sell. Thus she is subjected to roam streets and visit several shops for days, weeks until the sadists had belly full of sneering and jeering. That is sadism in the indian society to trouble a lady over every basic item. It was the case with a mixer, or books or any such small essential items. Even to get passport size photos  from photo studios is tedious. Deliberately, one of them says the machine is not working or the other studio delays or donot offer good qualitative service.  Vets too can be biased,,,Simply awesome … drudges on…..HELP! My human mom facing bad decades after decades…..on daily basis in everything she has to do…..let indians rot in hell...  

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