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Hello Care2 film buffs! I am an actress, and I'm auditioning for a role in a feature film that is being cast online. The site is, and the producer's past films included some pretty big names. It's pretty cool, because when you vote you earn producer points and can influence the movie--and even get a credit.

My screenname on the site is NinaKat, and I am auditioning for the role of Sabrina. You need to register to vote, but it's totally free. I've made it past the first 2 rounds, and if I finish in the top 3 this time I will be flown to NY for the finals!

Just join LiveMansion and then do a search for NinaKat. I have my video and a voting link on my homepage. Then please come say, "hi."

Thanks for your time, and for fighting the good fight on Care2!

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