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With my son, my first child, we had a midwife. I was lucky to know one of the top midwives in the nation. She actually wrote the bill currently in place in both Idaho and Wyoming. It is not as good as it could be, but it is a lot better than it was.

We had a birthing tub, and it was very comfortable. I feel like we were very ready, and our midwives made it very easy. Not to mention my wife who was amazing. She was smiling and laughing during hard labor. Since then we have done everything as natural as we possibly can.

Then came our next child. We planned to use a midwife but it ended up not working out. In the end we were as ready as we could be in a bathroom in Vegas. It was a small one bedroom apartment with a pretty small bathtub. Our choice to do a free birth was the option we knew was right. It was hard for my wife to trust the safety of the situation, but it was still a beautiful experience. My amazing baby girl came out just as easy as we knew she would. She was amazingly healthy.

This has led us to having an amazing parenting experience for the last two years. I feel very lucky to have the children I do, but I also know that we made it this way. By making them our priority from square one we have made it easy and rewarding. I hope that more and more parents can learn to take responsiblity for their lives, their families, and their health.

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