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Blog: Poem: Next Time  

Next Time


A bitter heart burns,

my stomach churns with every beat…

A fresh new start is just what this- bitter, broken heart needs.

A fear of becoming just like my mother…

A thought alone that makes my soul shutter…


How does one begin again?

When once love was so sweet-

Took my very breath away and knocked me off my feet?

How can a new love compare to this-once passionate, unbelievable state of bliss?

It is too scary to begin again-for now I need to be alone…

Being cautious that my heart and soul do not turn to stone…

I will take some time

Enjoy life for me

Get re-grounded

Put the rug back under my feet…

Next time- I will be more careful and try not to love so hard-so that my heart does not end up with such a painful permanent scar.

I will not end up like my mother-with a heart destroyed and turned to solid stone, afraid to love again-afraid of the unknown.

Next time will be different-if anything I will hold on to this mantra alone… and take my time-begin as friends and let love bloom slow.

Then maybe next time he wont run when he realizes how big his heart has grown.

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{ else }   Message: Announcing…Scrimshaw Press  

Hi, Fellow Writers!

i'm the author of CRASH DUMMIES, a novel described by one reviewer as "…funny, provocative, sordid, and steamy. Though set in another, equally duplicitous time, CRASH DUMMIES is as modern as the Imperial Presidency.…a profound satire of immoral lives and amoral times." Also author of an autobiographical roman a clef, ALLEGORY, and four volumes of poetry (a fifth, Poems Lost on the Edge of Sleep, will be published in 2007).

Standup comic James Inman says I'm "a Taoist master of the sentence."

Recently gave an invited reading at Westminster College. An excerpt from CRASH DUMMIES won first prize for prose fiction at the 2004 Chicago Printers Row Book Fair

I'm also the owner-director of SCRIMSHAW PRESS:

Take a look at the previews of books already published through SP. If I can assist you with a book project, contact me at:

I'm working on my third novel and well into the fourth year of my ceaseless search for an AAR-approved agent who can arrange a New York book auction for CRASH DUMMIES. All my books have ample online previews at, an online storefront where i sell my books.

Dennis Weiser

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Blog: A Piece Of My Treasure  

A Blank Piece Of Paper

~For those with creative imagination in writing~

It is an emptiness with no reason or reality.
Disturbing,without words.
This blank piece of paper!
There is no thought,no self purpose.
As the sky is without the clouds.
A pen with out ink.
An ocean without water.
The mountains with out rock.
As well as time is without presence.
This blankness in this paper is like life without fullfillment.
No emotion,no laughter,not even a tear!
Such a waste, as the body is without it's soul.
And a flower is with out the sun.
For within this blank piece of paper,is a tree with no growth.
A waste of imagination,~A blank piece of paper.

Monalisa M.Stewart

Copyright ©2006 Monalisa Miriam Stewart

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