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{ else }   Blog: Mexico to place 5 wolves near AZ  

The government of Mexico is planning to reintroduce five endangered Mexican gray wolves in northeastern Sonora - within a wolf's walking distance of Arizona.The reintroduction, scheduled to occur as early as this month, has forced U.S. state and federal agencies to scramble. Their problem is to figure out what to do if a wolf wanders north into the United States.

So far, their answer isn't pleasing ranchers: They'll treat any wolves from Mexico as fully endangered and therefore largely untouchable."For one (wolf) to go 80 miles in one week is nothing," said Laura Schneberger of the Gila Livestock Growers Association in New Mexico. "Once they're managed as fully endangered species, you won't be able to remove them for any reason."

She called Mexico's plan, made in concert with some U.S. and allied Mexican environmental groups, an "end around" to bring wolves into the U.S. from the south.

That possible result sounds like a good thing to some environmentalists from Arizona and New Mexico. They view the troubled wolf reintroduction straddling those U.S. states, in a place called the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area, as weakened by rules that allow easy removals of wolves.

"We do eventually want connectivity between the Blue Range wolves and wolves in Mexico," said Michael Robinson of the Tucson-based Center for Biological Diversity.

The Mexican government has withheld many details of its planned release, including the timing, but officials said in an e-mail to the Star Friday that it will take place in the Sierra San Luis. That mountain range in northeastern Sonora starts about 25 miles south of the point where the Arizona, New Mexico and Sonora borders meet and stretches south for another 60 or so miles.

Plan accelerates

Mexico's planned reintroduction has prompted a familiar debate among agencies, groups and individuals involved in the longstanding debates over managing for jaguars and wolves in Arizona. The difference: They have limited influence over Mexico's eventual decision.Mexican officials and conservationists have long planned to reintroduce Mexican gray wolves to their landscape. The last known wild wolves were trapped by American Roy McBride in Mexico during the 1970s as part of an effort to save the subspecies of gray wolves. A captive breeding program was established, and now more than 300 wolves live in 40 U.S. and Mexican facilities.

After decades of discussion about releases, Mexico's plan accelerated this year after Mexican President Felipe Calderón named the wolf one of five priority species for reintroduction before 2012.

"There is significant political pressure (in Mexico) to get wolves on the ground," said Arizona Game and Fish's endangered species coordinator, Terry Johnson, at an August commission meeting. "It's no different than the political pressures in the United States. … At some point, people run out of patience."

The immediacy of Mexico's plan came into sharp focus for U.S. agencies in July, when Mexican officials said they planned to release wolves in a spot about 30 miles south of the border in October or November. That word set off alarm bells for the Americans because of its proximity to the border, but the release date has been pushed back since then, most recently to this month.

The release site apparently has been pushed farther south, said Buddy Fazio, a Fish and Wildlife Service employee who directs the Blue Range reintroduction program. He has heard the distance is about 100 miles south of the border, but wherever the site is within the Sierra San Luis, newly released wolves could make it into the United States.

That in itself wouldn't be a problem, Fazio said.

"If they're just passing through, that's OK. But if they become an issue for people in some way, that's when we'd need to step in and manage in some way," he said.

The most common issue people have cited in the Blue Range area is wolves attacking cattle. Judy Keeler, a rancher who leads a Hidalgo County livestock group in New Mexico's bootheel, said she's concerned that wolves will show up from the south and start eating cattle, but there will be no mechanism for removing wolves or otherwise handling the problem.Said Schneberger: "It (a wolf) can walk through downtown Deming, and nobody will be able to touch it. It's not a good thing to list a predator as fully endangered."

The Fish and Wildlife Service is working on an environmental assessment that could give the service some tools for managing wolves that cross from the south, but that will likely take months.

"3 strikes" rule is gone

If wolves make it from Mexico into the United States, they'll be entering a complex geography of wolf controls.The Blue Range wolves were introduced in 1998 as "experimental, nonessential" animals. They're largely prohibited from leaving the confines of the Blue Range area in New Mexico and Arizona. If seen outside the Blue Range, and between an area bordered by Interstate 40 to the north and Interstate 10 to the south, they are to be returned to the Blue Range.

They also have been subject to rules such as a "three strikes and you're out" standard under which wolves will be removed from the project area if they eat cattle three times. That rule was eliminated in November."Those exemptions have allowed Fish and Wildlife Service to order the removal of dozens of wolves," said Robinson of the Center for Biological Diversity.

But some officials see hope in a new population, one they don't oversee, appearing nearby.

"There's still that undercurrent in some parts of our population that we don't need wolves anymore," said Bob Hernbrode, an Arizona Game and Fish commissioner from Tucson. "I stand in support of Mexico transplanting wolves if they do it close enough to have a financial and biological impact on the United States."

During a teleconference Friday to announce disappointing declines in the Blue Range wolf population, Benjamin Tuggle, regional director of the Fish and Wildliife Service, expressed support for "anything that's going to supplement the population on the ground."

"The more wolves that are on the landscape, the more they're going to act like wolves," he said.

Wolves' return hasn't been easy

• Mexico and the United States began the effort to save the Mexican gray wolf together in the 1970s, but the U.S. got a much quicker start on reintroduction efforts - for better or worse.

• The United States released 11 animals from the endangered gray wolf subspecies into the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area, in Eastern Arizona and western New Mexico, in 1998. The goal was that natural reproduction and reintroduction would bring the population to 100 in a few years. The first wild pups were born in 2002, but continuing difficulties have meant that the wolves have struggled to maintain their population.

• Officials removed wolves because they ate cattle and for other reasons. They moved wolves into, out of and within the range. Ranchers and others grew frustrated with the animals, while many environmentalist asked that they simply be left alone.

• On Friday, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that its annual wolf census found 42 animals on the ground at the end of 2009, compared to 52 at the end of 2008. It was the lowest number in seven years.

• Perhaps just as worrisome for the wolf project, at least two of eight wolves whose carcasses were found last year had been shot, meaning apparent poaching of the wolves, a problem for years, continues. Federal officials are investigating the shootings as possible crimes.

• State and federal governments have spent about $20.4 million on the project since 1991.

• Benjamin Tuggle, the regional director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, promised Friday to intensify efforts to have more wolves living in Eastern Arizona and western New Mexico.


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Blog: Check out this Wolf Documentary  

Another enlightening documentary about Wolves. In the towering rain forests along the northern shores of the Pacific, scientists recently discovered a new subspecies of the gray wolf. Unlike its genetic kin anywhere else in the world, this wolf swims, fishes for salmon and roams great distances from island to inlet across both water and rough terrain. Secrets of the Coast Wolf blends modern science and traditional knowledge to create a fascinating portrait of a unique wolf subspecies and the pristine, fragile world they inhabit.

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{ else }   Alert: "SOSCoky - A Cry for Help!!"  
Focus:Animal Welfare
Action Request:Petition
Please help the dogs of "SOSCoky" - the Canile of Santa Maria di Castellabate, Campania, Italy - in signing our petition. The area of the Canile is placed at a former rubbish-ground without infrastructure. There is no electricity and water. Many of the dogs are sick - suffering of Leishmaniose, Ehrlichose or other diseases. Already five years ago the municipials have promised a new area for the Canile, but 'till now nothing has happened. It is time for keeping promises now!! Join our petition please! Thank you!!

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Message: 50,000 signatures by Labor day  

50,000 Signatures
by Labor Day?

Alaska Wolf

Sign on now as a Citizen Co-sponsor of federal legislation to end brutal and unnecessary aerial gunning of wolves and help us reach our goal of 50,000 signatures before Labor Day!

Take Action red

Gray Wolf on White Snow (Photo: Corel)  

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{ else }   Blog: Hummingbird Info & Rescue  
Here are some wonderful Hummingbird Info & Rescue sites:

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{ else }   Message: Pls Sign For Big Cats!  

I Spent a Lot of Time Compiling These So Please Make Sure You've Signed All of These Ongoing Animal, Wildlife, & Environment Petitions.

Urgent Animal / Wildlife / Environment Petitions

Urgent New Marine Wildlife Petitions

Threads: Compiled Petitions By Category

Petitions: Breed Discrimination / Pit Bulls

All Newest Animal Related Petitions! Pls Sign!

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Stop Wild Animal World from Capturing and Selling Wild Animals



Signatures: 763  |  Goal: 25,000  |  Deadline: 6-24-2006



Help Stop And Shut Down Wild Animal World. They Capture, Import, and Export All Wild Animals for Pets.


Please take every opportunity to stop the capturing and selling of animals at the hands of Wild Animal World. Thereby encouraging the focus and calls for live export to end. The wave of outrage at the horrendous suffering of exported wild animals must become even stronger. This immoral industry has to stop. For our exported animals we can not look the other way. Please help shut down and stop wild animal World now!


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{ else }   Blog: Please sign  

Hi everyone. Please sign this petition. There is a beach in
California called Casa Beach. The local harbor seals use this beach to have pups and as a haul out to rest. A group of rich locals are trying to dredge off this beach to scare the seals away and reclaim it for their human selfishness. There are miles and miles of beach and this section is small. The seals need us. Please forward this and sign. Thanks. Ty

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{ else }   Alert: save the wolves!  
Focus:Endangered Species
Action Request:Donation
Location:United States
From the defenders team I'd like to share the following:

When the Alaska Board of Game begins meeting next week, they’ll consider a proposal to extend the aerial gunning of wolves into May -- prime denning season for Alaska’s wolves.

Under the proposal, airborne marksmen licensed by the state could target entire packs -- just as the mothers of newly born pups are searching for food and their offspring remain vulnerable in their dens.

Extending the aerial gunning season is just one of the proposals the Board will consider over a ten-day period.

Also on the slate are measures that will collectively eliminate 80% of the wolves in a 50,000 square mile area; to make permanent “emergency” measures the Board took to get around a court ruling that temporarily halted aerial gunning in January; and to allow hunters to chase down wolves on snow machines.

We’re not taking any of this lying down. Next week, our legal expert will be on hand at the Board of Game meeting to argue for sensible, science-based, and humane management of Alaska’s wolves.

Aerial gunners have wasted no time getting back to gunning down wolves. In the five weeks since the Board of Game reinstated aerial gunning, more than 50 wolves have been slaughtered -- more than twice as many as had been killed this year prior to a state judge’s ruling that temporarily halted aerial gunning!

What Defenders Is Doing to Stop Aerial Gunning

The situation is dire, but we’re working hard to finally put an end to this brutal practice. Here’s what we’re going to do…

  • Take it to the People. We’re encouraging our Alaskan members and supporters to sign a petition being circulated by Alaskans for Wildlife, a group trying to bring aerial gunning before Alaskan voters. Alaskans for Wildlife’s signature gatherers are close to obtaining the more than 31,000 signatures needed to add the issue to the statewide ballot in 2008. Airborne wolf-killing by private pilots has twice been voted down by Alaskans.
  • Take it to the Media. To better highlight how brutal this practice is, Defenders has sent three film crews to Alaska in the past two years to get footage of an actual aerial gunning operation.
  • Take it to Congress. We’re meeting with Members of Congress to make it abundantly clear that the federal Airborne Hunting Act prevents states such as Alaska from allowing aerial gunning under the guise of ensuring high moose and other game populations.
  • Take it to the Courts. Alaska should obey the law without being sued, but Defenders’ expert legal team is prepared to challenge Alaska’s aerial gunning program in the courts. 
I am confident that we can end Alaska’s barbaric aerial gunning practice, but I know we’re going to need your help to do it.

Make a tax-deductible donation now to help support our Campaign to Save Alaska’s Wolves. If you’d prefer to donate over the phone, just call us toll free at 1-800-385-9712.

We’re fighting to protect Alaska’s wolves. I sincerely hope you’ll help.

Yours truly,

Rodger Schlickeisen, President
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife
Rodger Schlickeisen, President (c)Daniel J. Cox/www.naturalexpos
Thanks for all you can do!

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{ else }   Message: Relive our Homecoming Party with Lottie & Minnie!  
Lottie and Minnie's Arrival at TES - EleCam Grabs 4:44 PM
1.jpg waiting waiting waiting

2.jpg Misty is there in the quarantine area waiting for the truck

3.jpg Empty drive way still

4.jpg The truck just past - u can see the top of it above the trees on the right.


6.jpg 8.jpg

Back 'er up - precious cargo inside!

Misty looks on - she knows those girls!

Easy now.....
913.jpg 914.jpg
Try again..

915.jpg 916.jpg

Third Time's a Charm

Put the kick stand down...

9181.jpg  91812.jpg

Unlocking the door------make sure the digital camera is working...

91816.jpg The suspense is killing us...

91817.jpg 91818.jpg

The door is open!!!!..... And emerging is a trunk, if you look close

918191.jpg  918192.jpg

Reaching out to Carol as she takes pics...Checkin out new digs

918193.jpg  918194.jpg
The gate is open! And here she comes! First steps to FREEDOM!!

918197.jpg 918198.jpg

Down the ramp! Cheking the new barn that the other girls had lived in for so long!

918199.jpg 9181991.jpg
Come on, Girlfriend! You gotta check this out!

9181992.jpg 9181993.jpg

9 (or is it 12) stalls, all open doors - like a big maze!

9181994.jpg 9181995.jpg

Toys, Treats all on the floor

9181996.jpg  9181997.jpg

A Grand view - then toggle back to the hand held cam..

9181998.jpg 9181999.jpg

Fun toys everywhere... now how does this runner tire jobby work?

91819991.jpg 91819992.jpg
Its fun to be FREE!

91819993.jpg 91819994.jpg

91819995.jpg 91819996.jpg

Big Beauties

91819997.jpg 91819998.jpg

Toys... with TREATS inside.. yummy

918199991.jpg 918199992.jpg


Look close, the tire is hanging on her back and she is reaching back to it

918199995.jpg 918199996.jpg
this thing is just too friggin cool~ IT slides along the stall!! yee haw

918199997.jpg 9181999991.jpg

Too cool! She stops and watches it for a prolonged moment

9181999993.jpg 9181999992.jpg
Comforting Touches

9181999994.jpg 9181999995.jpg
Toggle to regular fixed barn cam...... hay back pack

9181999997.jpg 9181999998.jpg
Eating lots of snacks .....................Look at all the Press People~!

9181999999.jpg 91819999991.jpg
The Press Hall!!!!...................... Carol is getting us a drink! So THIRSTY!!!

91819999992.jpg 91819999993.jpg


(I have a lot more of the drinking scene, but I didnt get them uploaded before I maxed out my pics for the month )

GOT EM!!! ;)
91819999995.jpg 91819999996.jpg

91819999997.jpg 91819999998.jpg

Lets go OUTSIDE! Its a Beautiful Day! 5:35 PM

918199999995.jpg 918199999996.jpg
The smell of other elephants, probably... check out the trees, the fence foundation....

918199999997.jpg 918199999998.jpg
Lets go have an adventure! This place is HUGE!

918199999999.jpg 9181999999991.jpg
Me... and my .... Shadow..!

9181999999992.jpg  9181999999993.jpg

Lets follow Scott.. he is Nice and has TREATS !

9181999999994.jpg 9181999999995.jpg
WOW! Look at the POND!!! I cant wait to take a dip in there!

9181999999996.jpg 9181999999997.jpg

Long Pause at the Pond

9181999999998.jpg 91819999999991.jpg

Ok, Scott really wants to show us around...

91819999999992.jpg 91819999999993.jpg
Im diggin this tree...

91819999999994.jpg 91819999999995.jpg
I like it A LOT!

91819999999996.jpg 91819999999997.jpg
Hey! Is that Misty over there?   --- Its so big.. press people following..

91819999999998.jpg 918199999999981.jpg
Big, Beautiful Sillhouettes... Press people follow

918199999999982.jpg 918199999999983.jpg

918199999999984.jpg 918199999999985.jpg
We have waited our whole lives for this..... DAMMIT MAN - Doncha hate when that happens!

DONT Miss our next parties at these times with these girls:

Queenie and LizThursday, February 2, at approximately 12:00 noon, CST - Hawthorn Arrival PARTY - 2- QUEENIE & LIZ

Debbie and RonnieTuesday, February 7, at approximately 12:00 noon, CST    
Homecoming Party for Debbie & Ronnie
Ronnie-&-Debbie-Day Grabs

Billie and FriedaThursday, February 9, at approximately 12:00 noon, CST - Final Arrival Party - Billie & Freida

Come join us on

 Elephant Lovers
 765 members

For these parties! Relive our party today here:
*look* Hawthorn Arrival PARTY - 1- LOTTIE and MINNIE

Watch this video about the Hawthorn elephants from HSUS

Live EleCam!!
Tons more photos from the EleCam here:
Ele-Cam screen captures from a viewer's website
Including the homecoming of Lota and Misty.

Check back on this share - I will add more info soon! ;)


NASHVILLE, Tenn., Jan 31 (Reuters) - Two elephants explored their new
sanctuary free of chains on Tuesday, the first of four pairs to arrive
as part of the most ambitious relocation effort ever mounted for abused
pachyderms, organizers said.
Minnie and Lottie were the first of eight female Asian and African
elephants to make the 12-hour trip from northern Illinois inside a
custom-built truck trailer to their rural refuge, the Elephant
Sanctuary 50 miles (80 km) southwest of Nashville. The elephants
came to the sanctuary from circus supplier Hawthorn Corp., which
settled U.S. charges it mistreated a dozen elephants by agreeing to
send them away. Hawthorn has denied mistreating any animals. The
elephants were chained at Hawthorn and at various circuses when they
weren't performing. Some of the sanctuary newcomers will have to
be quarantined for up to a year because of exposure to tuberculosis,
sanctuary founder Carol Buckley said. All were deemed healthy enough to
travel, though one elephant died last month. One of the freshly
unloaded elephants, which has spent much of its life chained or
confined, was startled when a sapling it grabbed with its trunk snapped
back. The eight newcomers will eventually join 11 other rescued
elephants -- including two originally from Hawthorn -- who live on the
sanctuary's secluded 2,700 acres (1,000 hectares) near the town of
Hohenwald. Buckley, who founded the preserve a decade ago after
adopting a baby elephant torn from its mother, said the relocated
elephants will enjoy "a glorious reunion ... as a family to live out
their lives in freedom." "We had to build a new barn and new
fencing and be ready to house and feed guests who eat an awful lot and
are coming to stay," Buckley said. The sanctuary raised $3
million for a new barn for the elephants and estimates it needs $2
million a year to look after the eight.

It takes quite a bit of supplies to care for these girls and their medical needs. PLEASE, PLEASE visit the Caravan to Freedom Emergency Wish List to see how YOU CAN HELP!

These Girls made CNN Too!

*wow* Check this out!!! All the new girls made CNN's Paula Zahn show with a wonderful, heartfelt segment!
And thanks to Wolfbaby, you can watch it online now!

More from Yesterday:
918199999999987.jpg 91819999999998812111.jpg

91819999999998812111111d.jpg 91819999999998812111111e.jpg
Headed back into the barn for dinner....... *yum*

The Next Day:

1.jpg 2.jpg

3as.jpg 3as1.jpg

Making a Bed on the Bank

4.jpg 5.jpg

6.jpg  8.jpg

7.jpg 71.jpg

I love TREES! TREEES! TREES !!! *treehug*


81.jpg 81a.jpg
Barrels of FUN!

81a1.jpg 6111234.jpg

6111234a1.jpg 6111234a.jpg
She picks it up..... . .... And tosses it over and gets some thing
out of it... TREATS perhaps...

Wow, It ROCKS to be FREE!

To help circus animals like the Hawthorn elephants, please join us at:

Boycott Animal Circuses

(the photo above is Tyke - one of the most tragic Hawthorn elephant stories.)

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