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My friend lives with an abusive man. He has been very abusive throughout the 11 yrs she has known him. He has been physical mentally an d emotionally abusive as well as toward the kids. He tries to turn the kids away from th emom. He has killed the family pet recently or done something it disappeared and she knows he couldn't ahve dropped it off it was the middle of the night and she would heard the car and the garage. He has been very abusive to their past animals and his own. Also abusive to her he has been physical and when she called the cops for him choking her she had tried to get his hand off her and she she had nails and scratched him so the cops seen that and ignored the marks on her neck and took her to jail for misdemeanor dome abuse. She gets cut down by him by him telling the kids who they want ot live with and that she don't want them and she dont' love them and she dont' want ot see them. She stayed at work 3 hours longer one day and she is the only one that works and she is on disability for bipolar which doesn't affect the marriage she is on meds she works well with everyone and has lots of friends. He told them she wasn't coming home and all that other garb. He choked her so bad she thought she was going tohave to go to the hospital and get checked out. If she kicks himout he will come back and destroy everything even with a po and he will steal her car to go back to okla they live in arkansas. She is on housing and has to be on it one year to move or transfer and that will be the end of  august. Also we found oout he might have molested her niece while she was sleeping just played with her boobs. but she must of woke up a nd he backed off cuz not its coming out in her dreams. They are giong to have her hypnotized. SSHe has four kids to worry about and a 15 yr old coming down this summer with c cup boobs. He is a boob man so we are worried she said when she comes down she is going straight to okla not staying here. So what do we do please help.     

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