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Alert: class action against cps for kidnapping babies to sell  
Focus:Civil Rights
Action Request:Petition
Location:United States


We are organizing a class action lawsuit against the County of Riverside, the State of California, ALL STATES NATIONWIDE, and all parties involved in unlawfully detaining and holding our children against our will, and without cause.  We have documented the deep, imbedded corruption in the “social services” agencies in California.  We have filed three lawsuits so far, and are looking for other families who have also been annihilated by this evil.  Email us at or go to the link at  to join the fight to save our children. We have also just started a petition that we ask you to please sign and distribute to everyone else you know to sign:  "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST CPS/DPSS/DFS/HRS FOR KIDNAPPING BABIES TO SELL".   Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join us in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 5,000 signatures - please sign here:   Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.


·                     CPS manufactures multiple nonexistent/fictitious abuse case scenarios to offset true statistical abuse case information.

·                     CPS concurrently processes these children from foster care to Adoption, in order to obtain perverse monetary incentives in the form of bonuses.

·                     CPS provides a market to neighboring agencies and the courts (Judges, psychologists, visitation monitors, court mandated behavioral class instructors, court appointed legal counsel, etc...), in order for them to financially benefit from the foster care/adoption system they themselves perpetuate.

·                     CPS victimizes innocent financially challenged families, and draws them into a corrupt system to utilize their children as pawns for this corrupt child commerce.

·                     CPS is utilized by family court officials and attorneys as an adverse tool to extricate children from one parent to the other, with reference to "parental alienation syndrome," where in truth, the CPS caseworkers are the ones initiating the alienation of these children from their own birth parents.  Caseworkers are never allowed to testify in court under the cloak of "CPS Authority" due to possible misuse or conflict of interest related to right to privacy laws (Very convenient)

·                     CPS utilizes unlawful & coercive measures to persuade vulnerable parents to submit to statements of nonexistent abuse, forcing desperate parents to "plea bargain" to a CPS fabricated crime, for the return of their children from foster care.

·                     CPS fabricates false allegations and most of their "investigations" to purposely mislead or misdirect a case.

·                     CPS intentionally fails to prosecute Parents accused of child abuse, since in the majority of cases, no initial crime has been committed.  However, CPS continues to claim a crime has been committed, as THEY abuse/neglect the children.

·                     CPS knowingly abandons children into the foster care system, conscious that some individuals in these homes physically and/or sexually abuse those in their "protective" custody.  CPS ignores crimes committed in foster care through failure to investigate.

·                     CPS fails to question these individuals for their abusive conduct, whereby, if it were a birth parent or not a foster care parent, these individuals would be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in criminal court.

·                     CPS represents themselves in positive personas by omitting, altering, and falsifying documents, so as to mislead the public and or government of their true actions as listed above.  Thereby publicly grandstanding, displaying an inaccurate social martyrdom for the well being of children.


The Police should determine if children need protection from their own parents, since child abuse is a Criminal offense.






Dr. Shelley Susman = OB/GYN who knew mother had no drug history and confirmed her health, but allowed this abduction

WILLIAM MICHAEL BILES =  NEWBORN BABY SNATCHER AT CPS - physically threatened mother and child with serious harm

Nurse Heather = DRMC Supervising Nurse, present at child abduction and backed up serious harm/threats to mother and child

Ms. Flores = DRMC records dept. supervisor, stated we have NO access to our child's records or birth certificate [since CPS illegally abducted our newborn and adoptive parent's names are on birth certificate]

Valerie Bedore = Banning City CPS newborn baby abduction cohort, on 9/20/07admitted baby had negative meconium [no drugs in mother confirmed back to 16 weeks gestation pregnancy]

Karrene (Kay) Phillips = Banning City CPS baby abduction cohort, harassed parents repeatedly at visitations

Ben Brandon = next CPS caseworker, threatened to stop visitations when he brought child late to visits, demanded Parents sign a "case plan" in attempt to prove innocent Parents guilty, when parents refused "case plan" threatened to stop visitations

Shawnee English = Moreno Valley CPS assistant who ripped newborn out of mother's arms at visitation when child was sick and parents were demanding medical attention; she refused medical treatment & parents had to call "911" to get help

Judge Christopher J. Sheldon = Juvenile Judge on Oasis Street in Indio, made mistaken rulings, refused Due Process to parents, refused Evidence and Facts in this case, finally recanted his rulings back to Jurisdiction Hearing, case transferred to Murrietta

Indio Juvenile Court Clerk = refused all submissions and legal filings from parents, refused to take amendments to case, refused to take any Evidence of parent's innocence to fight the wrongdoing by CPS, handed back all filings of Evidence by Parents

Modesto Rios = First attorney assigned to father by Judge Sheldon; Rios refused all calls and refused to communicate with father, refused all requests of father, failed to submit anything for defense of father, failed to state he had contact with father from the start of the case, admitted it finally in court as the transcripts prove  = fired

David Weisen = First attorney assigned to mother by Judge Sheldon; Weisen refused all calls and refused to communicate with mother, failed to submit anything for defense of mother, failed to state he had contact with mother from the start of the case, admitted it finally in court as the transcripts prove = fired 

Karen Cote = 2nd attorney assigned to father by Judge Sheldon; Cote stated that father could do nothing to help in this case, refused to submit anything for father, and stated father was to "do nothing"&"just wait" until Jurisdiction = fired [she refused to give father her email, refused to do her job, refused to work - last words to Father were "go F*** yourself and DIE!"]

Maria Soliz = 2nd attorney assigned to mother by Judge Sheldon; Soliz insisted on hair follicle test of mother, refused to give test, and then she refused to get hospital "sealed" records to disprove this misinterpretation 


Riverside County and CPS adopted out our beautiful, healthy, infant daughter, completely AGAINST OUR WILL, and against the law when she was only EIGHT HOURS OLD.  They already had it all set up with their KANGAROO COURTS AND THEIR TURN-KEY ADOPT-A-WHITE-BABY COMMERCE SYSTEM.  Neither parent had any history nor usage of any illegal drugs, and our daughter was born with an APGAR score of 9.8, with absolutely NO DRUGS in her or her mother’s systems.  The Palm Springs Desert Regional Medical Center staged a urine test that was tampered with and was wrong, and they refused to use the mother’s blood or re-test her at all.  The one urine test was the ONLY basis for their illegal abduction of our newborn infant, and it has been an illegal "legal loophole" battering of our daughter and our Parental rights ever since.  On August 8, 2007, our newborn daughter was illegally and forcefully taken by William Michael Biles of Banning CPS, with the help of eight others at Desert Regional Medical center, with no court order nor warrant, and no police present.  He physically threatened mother and newborn with the statement “Give me that baby NOW, or you and her will be physically hurt!” and we have fought for our daughter since.  CPS contrived multiple hearsay untruths and presented falsifications to the court, without our knowledge.  Judge Christopher Sheldon approved the criminal ADOPTION, then granted us a "Contested Jurisdictional Hearing," and then suddenly, the case was transferred to Southwest Adjudication Center, where Commissioner Fernandez declared he lacked the power to render a Judgment on another Judge's decision to have the Contested Jurisdiction Hearing, then Fernandez took it off calendar, where it stands today......we have been denied our daughter in this illegal kidnapping, and we have located proof that the County of Riverside and DRMC routinely set new mothers up this way, very often to take newborn white, healthy, drug-free babies to sell them on their own twisted underground baby market.  We have been violated entirely, and we will keep fighting for our daughter. 

Thank you!

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Blog: "It takes a WHOLE NATION to keep a bureaucrat off a POWER TRIP".  
 Mormon Manson's daughter subjected to 'question' due to Mormon history. I matter and the government thinks they can butt in to my religious beliefs. But I say, "Injustice In The Name Of Law & Order!" & "It takes a  WHOLE NATION  to keep a bureaucrat off a POWER TRIP". Let the will of the people say, "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  CPS REFORM NOW! TYRANNY IS NOT DEMOCRATIC!!! One hundred and seventy two petitions authored. We have raised the pen against despotism. Please raise yours. My name is Marilyn.  I'm here for one reason. To send an SOS into the world regarding CPS reform. This is the best solution yet. Please read it. testimony, "Injustice 'in' the Name of Law and Order" posted on as well  b-LAWg ,  We need to address political reform of RULE 53, which is in the best interests of 'Liberty'. The judiciaries of Polk County are out of control. WE ARE NOT A POLICE STATE.......POLICE --P-O-W-E-R WAS NOT legislated to be 'THE LONG ARM OF THE DHS'.  Please read:  THE BEST ON OUT THERE!  William Dixon, UCCMAN, recommended a well written affidavit as a place to start when looking for a way to defend my Due Process rights, and gave me some insight at to legal interpretations of the following UCC laws posted at the following site in order to help me seek relief from CPS:  "Without Prejudice" UCC 1-207: Sovereign Covenant: By William Dixon  If you did not learn this stuff in your training you need to step back and wonder why!  About the content of William Dixon's book:  This treatise does not contain fancy words, only the tongue of the "serpent" and to be "as wise" you must Know it, for the words are soothing to the old Dragon's lobes and your Grace is Peace. This information is Scribe of Black's Law 5th Edition and Thee King James Bible.  Personam is your individual God given silk purse, as free as your Creation. You give up your silk purse each time you sign an agency sow's ear contract, because you waive another contract, Thee Bill of Rights and New Covenant. I have all my purses in silk; mine are just dirtier than yours should be. You will be collecting many ears as you stutter through this material, and it is my prayer that all your Covenants are silk purses with pearls.  To become 'subject' and 'made liable' to Article I Legislated and Article II Executor/Admiralty is as easy as signing your children into pre-school. Enrollment office will show our proud flag, Admiralty. The signing of the corporate birth certificate, the Child's assignment of SS#, is where the birthright switch is made from "entitled" Rights to 'subject' civil Liberties. Under the Common Law a parent may contract a Child's name to an instrument, seeking faith and fairness, but agency has not the power. This activity does not take much practice because we sign contracts all the time. The W-4 instrument was by far the best Dragon lobe I ever pinched, because it was the most obvious and worrisome 'devise.' .......

We collect the 'engraft' sow's ear by agency fiat of 'unconscionable' contract, license, and enrollments. The signing at UCC 3-104.1, which if "unconditional" at UCC 3-104.2 gives agency police power to access your property by executing negotiable "dishonored" instruments of "promise" per UCC 3-104.3. This power does not extent to the shopping mall, because not all Citizens are contracted in the same permissive manner and street citizens wiggle more than contracted children with parental consent to use "public policy, " as protective 'devise.'

No Citizen may sign an 'unconditional promise' without waiving Rights and becoming in personam to actions of non criminal issue. 'Without prejudice' UCC 1-207 turns the sow's ear instrument into a silk purse for the state Citizen, because all Rights are reserved and in personam is restored to personam. A resident alien gets the sow's ear whether he wants it or not. He must assent to his master, as we must Obey God. God's silk purse has the Choice. We must give credit to 'civil' Law of man at Article I and use our 'reserved' rights to God's Judicial law of Article III and Separation of Powers to complete our work via Acts 22:25 and avoid Article II altogether......

Marilyn LeBaron

dogettydonggonedo <-- non accused mock tried at non criminal lawlessness’s
 Thank you, 

Marilyn LeBaron

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