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YaMaEL Patterson

"Grounding the love and energy of God we are from the Great Central Sun to the core of Mother Earth, in service to all as a bridge to Heaven on Earth!"

Edgewater, FL, USA
female, age 52
committed relationship, 2 children
Speaks: english
Joined Oct 29, 2006

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EXCERPT: "The current 3D Physical Chakra System relates to your first 7 chakras and is based on developing a connection with earth and your physical body. The 4D Chakra System relates to 8 higher spiritual chakras and are based on developing a deeper connection to your Higher Self, the Universe, the Divine Will of God, Ascended Masters and other Galactic Beings of Light."

Below is a description of the
8 New 4D Chakra Centers:

8th Chakra - This new chakra is located at occipital juncture in the back of the head where the skull and neck are joined. This chakra is related to the Medulla Oblongata and the Cerebellum and is also known to be called the well of dreams.

9th Chakra - This tiny center is related to the Pineal gland in the center of the brain behind and just below the 3rd eye chakra and located directly behind the eyes.

10th Chakra -  This center is the chakra of the Thymus, also known as the High Heart Chakra and center for love and compassion. Located just above your heart chakra.

11th Chakra - This chakra is your Sacred Heart This center is the multidimensional gateway of the soul and is located just below your heart chakra.

12th Chakra -  This is your Earth Star Chakra and is located 6" below your feet. This chakra connects us to earth and the divine mother and is the grounding cord of your multidimensional light body.

13th Chakra - The following 3 chakras are your Galactic Chakras that connect us to the Higher Realms. This chakra is the Causal Chakra or Higher Crown Chakra and is located 6" above the crown and off to your left just a bit. This chakra connects you to the Spiritual Realm.

14th Chakra - This is the center of your Etheric Chakra and is located 12" above the crown. (arms length above head) This is the center for peace and harmony and the chakra used to connect with your Higher Self and the Etheric Realm as well as accessing a theta state of consciousness.

15th Chakra - The 15th chakra is your Gateway to the Universe. This is your Galactic Chakra Center, your personal portal to other dimensions and means of connection to Heavenly Beings such as the Ascended Masters, Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command and other Galactic Beings. This chakra is located 2-3 feet above your crown chakra.


Prepare Your Body Mind
& Spirit for Ascension


jeshua 5D Ascension Training With Master JesusEXCERPT: "You have asked, and so beloved one shall you receive all that you desire and more with peace, grace and harmony! Again I say YOU ARE READY my beloved, and I invite you and your radiant presence to my Golden chamber of Light in the 5th Dimension where I shall work with you personally with the assistance of my channel and beloved sister YaMa’EL as I take you through a series of 5D Ascension Training beginning with activating all 12 of your Lightbodies that will help you integrate the high vibrational energy that you and everyone are experiencing as the shifts continue in full motion waves towards your greatest destination of all time.

I will show you how to awaken your spiritual gifts, to love yourself and others unconditionally so that you can experience the greatest earthly experience of true physical ascension with much more peace and joy as you continue to create and experience Heaven right there on Earth from your beautiful body. Just as Father/Mother God created it to be. And so much more beautiful one.. so very much more...." ~ Master Jesus


A New Divinity Code is In!

Reconnect With Your
Souls Sacred Mission!

EXCERPT: "Ahhh Beloved One, but it IS with the clearest of direction, guidance and memory of the truth, YOUR TRUTH, that is leading you and brought you here. Coincidence? I think not and you know it as you taste the sweetness of it all coming full circle. You know it is time to come into your own and create your way. You feel it as a pull, an itch you can't seem to scratch, a yearning so strong you could birth nations just from the sheer strength of you own Divine Will! Do you feel it Beloved One??

Energy Healing GuyWhether you are walking the path of your soul or walking in circles, you feel it, you remember.  You know it is time to reconnect to your roots, to the mission of your soul and away from rat races and dead end positions that serve no one but those driven by greed.  You are being called to RECONNECT to your Original Soul Mission and begin living that mission in service to others.

Every Soul has been called. Even those at corporate levels can very well find themselves looking down new avenues, interests and opportunities that begin to present themselves to one and all, not just an elite few.  The Earth Goddesses have spoken into the hearts of every beloved brother and sister who will instantly connect with this material and remember the calling that is and has always been a part of each of you. Reconnecting your being to your True Soul Mission."


Are You Being Called To Help The Wild Animals of This World?

NEW Wild Animal Services Available:
Species Specific Divine Blueprint Activation
& Healing Light Ceremony

Energy Healing for Panda BearsEnergy Healing for TigersEnergy Healing for Timber WolfsEnergy Healing for Dolphins

Wild animals are not subject to the same "Planetary Crud" in the same manner as our domesticated animals are. However, what they are subject to is the overpopulation we have caused of our own race that has forced these magnificent creatures, big and small, out of their homes, their habitats and comfort zones and into dangerous situation that for some has led to their extinction. This does NOT have to be the case anymore because we the Lightworkers of this plane are no longer helpless creatures of habit and fate, but rather standing in our power and making monumental changes in ourselves and this planet that has the Ascended Masters BOWING IN OUR HONOR! It is time now to stand in our power and in the defense of all of Gods creatures and make a difference for them in HONOR OF THEM for all they have given to us in the background as we have lived our lives and learned how to prosper. So it is now time to give back to Gods Creatures who have given us so much.


Universal Blue Star Energy Activation & Attunement!

Sirian Blue Star as seen by Visionary Artist Bertrand RaguetThe Universal Blue Star Energy comes to us from the Sirian Star System and contains ALL of the healing energies that exist on earth at this time in ONE powerful high vibrational healing light energy that I use each day in my own life, in my planetary healing work and in nearly all of my Healing Sessions that many of my clients have experienced the power of first hand.

This powerful Blue Healing Light is much more than just a higher vibrational light brought in for our use at this time in healing ourselves and planet earth. Blue Star Energy also balances and realigns our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time, enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies and on this earth on a daily basis. It's a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.

Universal Blue Star Energy can be best associated with the Universal Reiki Energy in that it is received through one who is attuned to this energy system the same way Universal Energy flows through one initiated in Reiki. The only difference being the much higher frequency of the Blue Star Energy which is now available to us in a much higher frequency of light and vibration than has ever been available on earth before, providing a means through which a much faster, more harmonious healing and clearing process can take place.


activate Your Prosperity & Abundance Code + Root Chakra Clearing & Reprogramming

Prosperity and Abundance are your birthright! Yet far too many still struggle with the illusion of lack with little to no understanding of why the infamous “Secrets” of manifestation have not worked for them. The first misnomer to understand is that prosperity and abundance are not things one acquires, but rather, it is a state of mind, a way of being, a lifestyle one learns to master.

Prosperity ConsciousnessDeep within the Root of your Being exists the Original Divine Coding for easily manifesting Prosperity and Abundance. Lifetimes of existence on a duality based planet have buried the Creative Cellular Memory you once had of your manifesting abilities as a multidimensional being. Buried beneath old programs, fears and negative beliefs around money and wealth lies the TRUE “Secret” of your prosperity. That very secret lies within the higher vibrations of FEELING prosperous and not in the negative emotions and lower vibrations that wanting and needing invoke. No one coming from a place of want or need will ever find themselves dancing in money. The very act of wanting and needing is what keeps so many from ever experiencing true Prosperity and Abundance within themselves and in their world.

The Root Chakra, also known as the Prosperity Chakra, holds many of the negative emotions, feelings and thoughts concerning money and abundance that block us from receiving all that Father/Mother God intended for us to have, experience and enjoy. The central Root system can be cleared of negative influences affecting our ability to give and receive freely, and then reprogrammed to fill those spaces in your cellular memory with positive thought processes that restores the cellular memory of your original ability to manifest abundance, prosperity, health and happiness.


introducing brand NEW free
guided meditations with YaMa'EL

Greetings Beloved One! 
I am excited to present to you my brand new guided video meditation series called
"Journey To The Heart with YaMa'EL". Each video in the series will guide you by the sound of my voice on a magical Journey through your very own sacred heart, and deep into your subconscious mind.  Each video offers beautiful guided imagery and soothing sounds that take you beyond the cares of the day and into that mystical place within where only the truth remains.

Video ONE

Guided Meditation To Meet Your
Spirit Guide And Spirit Animal

Watch it Now From The Divinity Codes Blog
Meet Your Spirit Guide Free Meditation

Watch it Now On YouTube
Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation on YouTube

You will see a new link for the Free Guided Meditations in the top & left sidebar menu of the Blog.

It is my sincere hope that these guided meditations will help you connect on a conscious level to all the guidance that is available to you from the Heavenly Realms.  ~ YaMa'EL

To schedule an Energy Healing Session with YaMa'EL or to contact me personally if you have questions, please visit me at my blog at:

RE-Activate Yours NOW! 


Hello beloved members and most welcomed guests! I have a very special announcement to make to all of you today concerning who I really am and why I am here on Earth at this very momentous time.

Those of you who know me through the Lights of Love website, know me as Dorene, and have for some time lovingly referred to me as "The Mouse", which is a nickname that stuck once upon a very long time ago, but you see, that was never really ME! It is time now for me to come out of my little hole in this world as the quiet little Lightworker, busily creating and designing all that you've come to know in the Love's Loop Alerts Newsletter and the LofL website and experiencing my ascension and growth alongside my web partner Brenda, with ease, harmony and grace.

The truth is, I AM YaMa'EL, and I'm no "mouse"! I am The Golden Dragon Goddess! Here at this moment in time and space as we have come to know it, to return the Divine Feminine to Mother Earth and ALL of Humanity.

I embody the Original Coding of the Divine Mother, and the Original Divine DNA Blueprint of ALL of mankind within my bio-body. I am here as a RE-Activator with the ability to facilitate this RE-Activation in all who request it. Assisting you to return your Being to it's Original State of Divine Balance and Oneness as it was the moment of your creation.

Those Lightworkers who resonate with this information and feel themselves ready to request these RE-Activations, are doing so at the guidance of their Highest God Selves. You will JUST KNOW and you will be guided to the right RE-Activations for you at this time, if you'll trust the God Self in charge of your life!

If after reading this announcement you are guided from within To find out more about RE-Activating your Original 12 Divinity Codes, please know your choice is honored by God, the entire Company of Heaven, and I, the Golden Dragon Goddess. All of Creation will REJOICE as you are re-introduced to the Original DIVINE YOU! Espavo!!

Click Now to Read More or Request THE DIVINITY CODE ACTIVATIONS

In Love and Light I AM
YaMa'EL The Golden Dragon Goddess

Contact: DivinityCodes @ (remove spaces)

* Please pass this message on to ALL Lightworkers you feel guided to share it with.

* No part of this message is to be changed in any way, please share it in it's entirety.

shhhh quiet please :)

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This is THE coolest most love filled picture on this planet.. and now I want to share it with all of you... thank you Ralf!!!
Rescuing Hug - Love is ALL there is!


I AM YaMa'EL, Giver of Light and Love ~ an Indigo Crystal Starseed & Child of God, awakening, remembering and ascending into my true light body as the Christed One here being me NOW.

My Earth name: Dorene Patterson  
My spirit name: Ya'Mael, Giver Of Light & Love
Skype me: username: DorenePatterson
my blog:


Personal Professional Contact Singles
Joined Oct 29, 2006 Activist Aspirations undeclared 
Here for Meeting Friends, Professional Connections 
Group Host of none yet
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Hometown Miami, Florida 
Birthday Jan 23, 1964  
Languages english  
About Me I AM an Indigo Crystal, Star Goddess and child of God, awakening, remembering and ascending into my true light body as the Christed One here now being me.

My spirit name is:
Ya'Mael, Giver Of Light & Love
I offer Divinity Code Re-Activations and Energy Healing Sessions for those guided from within to receive them.
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Pets fish, dog, cats  
Activist Aspirations
Political Leaning
Religions ONE LOVE  
Eating Habits meat and potatoes, Drink Loads Of Water, Aspiring healthy eater  
Wild Fact About Me somewhere, in a past in this lifetime that I no longer remember as I raise my vibrations higher and higher, is the craziest truth that just 3 years ago I was dying of kidney failure at age 39.. today I am the healthiest Mouse in the South LOL and no lie! I manifested divine health where once a dying Mouse existed. Read my story "Shattered Glass To Picture Perfect" on my website.. and click the manifesting link in the upper nav menu.
My Philosophy Love is ALL there is, so why fight it? and the biggest one some don't quite grasp but will one day, and that is THERE IS NO OUT THERE!
What Gives Me Hope my birthright as a child of God entitled to ALL the goodness that God IS.
If I were Mayor, I'd make the world a better place by Oh God, not politics.. I am a true Blue Indigo, we DON'T do politics, we SMASH politics to smitherines! Who needs to be Mayor or even President when they remember who they really are?? What This Cosmic Mouse would do to make the world a better place in this area would be to completely eliminate the existance of ALL GOVERNMENTS and their power sucking control freak rulers and SHAKE THE WORLD AWAKE to remember that WE ARE ALL ONE, TO HURT ANOTHER IS TO HURT THY OWN SELF AND THE VERY HEART OF GOD... Mouse is running out of here now before she starts a riot LOL.. Look out roomies, there's a Mouse in the house! And now ya know why my full nickname is "The Mouse That Roars!" :)
What/who changed my life and why Jesus Christ & Brenda McCann, because: Jesus is my brother and lifelong companion who led me to my awakening and reunion with my cosmic twin. Brenda McCann IS my cosmic twin (alot of you know her already)and web partner. Together we remembered our mission as the Cosmic Duo - Freo & the Mouse. And from the love we are was born on January of 2004 and we've been growing and having more fun than we ever thought was "humanly" possible. Till we remembered of course that we aren't quite as human as we once thought. LOL Although I have known since birth in this lifetime that I am ANYTHING but human.
What Bugs Me people who do not love themselves, pigheaded men, cruelty, Any one that would hurt an animal, abusive people, LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
Passions peace and abundance for ALL BEINGS!, saving animals and plants, our website, living in the NOW, Co-Creating Heaven On Earth  
Inspirations helping others remember who they are, to see God in ALL, to love as God loves, to fulfill my purpose on earth, the sound of the ocean, nature, god, animals  
What Scares Me not a damn thing! IT'S SO GREAT 2B FREE  
Role Models GOD, DAHBUS, Quan Yin, Jesus Christ  
Quotation love is all there is, there is NO out there, to see a list of Freo and Mouse's favorite quotes on our website visit>
Interests co creating Heaven here on Earth, being the love of God I AM, vertical breathing, animal care and rescue, manifesting abundance  
Books You Are GOD - Get Over It, Children Of Now, Return Of Light  
Music Pink Floyd  
Movies the Matrix, Blue Collar Comedy tour, Blues Brothers, Ghost  
TV Shows Animal Planet - I miss Steve!!!, Rescue Me, Medium, Ghost Whisperer  
Favorite Foods chicken cacciatore, donuts, crepes  
Favorite Places snuggled in bed with my puppy Hanna, Daytona Beach, Jesus's lap, THE Garden - wink 2 B, center of the Great Central Sun!  
Can't Live Without internet, animals, my twin flame sis.. Brenda, God, LOVE  
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    Hi, Dorene, this is just a short THANK YOU, and not just for adding me (hope you got my longer letter) I don't have to elaborate on this. You and Brenda really helped me A LOT, being there just when I needed you...Love, Daniela

    Feb 15, 2007 6:49 PM

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    ARE made manifest NOW on Earth ...T O D A Y

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    Hope you had agreat Valentines day & an even better night with much love, light, hugs & blessings Ralf_e

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    Thinking of you , and sending you love, hugs and kisses.
    Thank you so much for your affection!
    Hope you have a great day!!!


    Feb 6, 2007 10:56 AM

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    Deares Dorene, thank you for the comment, it is Sooo good to have family & friends all over the world of which I count you BIG loves, hugs, light & blessings - always

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    Sweet Dorene have a wonderful day

    Love and Hugs!

    Feb 5, 2007 1:53 PM

    Ralf E. (97)

    Hey there Dorene, just wanted to say Hi & hope you had agreat weekend

    Feb 3, 2007 6:32 AM

    JAY A. (2000)

    Jan 31, 2007 9:59 AM

    Ralf E. (97)

    Hello Dorene, taken me a little to get my head around things on the site! Thank you for your friendship, Just wanted to say Hi & well-met Take good care of you, love, light & Blessings - always Ralf_e

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    Manuel D. (1005)
    Good morning my dear friend!

    Have a beautiful day

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